Andy Mineo - Saturday Morning Car-Tunez Season 3: "Uncomfortable" Ep. 4

by: Andy Mineo

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I'm not

I want this album to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed and II can have fun like the best cinema I mean he was pretty overwhelming to me in the beginning he like he would pull the stuff out of me that like I thought was burning as a kid just like it's going to blow up and shoot me up in the air you know cuz you're really big and I'm really spooling let's get it on vine it's like it sounds like fun now he's growing and this music is going with him he went from a young man to a man you know he got married that's a big growing process you know because of certain certain things you don't get you get a kid when you get married when you're dating you know you see each other for the highlights you see each other for like date night and romantic time and you guys go off into your separate worlds you know but this is coming together and you're doing life all day around the clock you know like the fun times which is like daytime and hanging out and then they're not so fun times like cleaning the apartment together yeah I left them out for you to do 100 so marriage is really good it's challenging it can be uncomfortable at times but later you will win couldn't put a handle you like this you were writing this out when we got married and then after we got married removing and trying to live with each other and so it didn't go the way that you thought it would I think that just helped us both of us mature Oh mom how life doesn't go the way you think it's always gonna go she has a totally different life experience than I do up as minority and a female your experiences have been like tremendously insightful and conversations that we've had I think you hear a lot of that I'm attracted to oh yeah for the benefit of other people he'll fillet himself he will put his insecurities out there really what he's doing is he's saying I'm not perfect and I wasn't unveil my the things that are uncomfortable for me for your benefit and I'm growing and I want you to grow with me I love how Andy and I have grown together during our marriage and I love how he's been able to share that with the world and influence other people

they to mediate day here in New York City just had my interview with MTV now we're gonna head over to hide new hip-hop and I gotta go to this is fifty so baby stuff what is go one interesting thing about Andy and something I've come to appreciate I think he cares just as much about the rollout of his music as he does about the creation of his music it makes the process easier sometimes but then it does put us in a position sometimes where we have so many ideas we don't know what to do with but every time Andy picks up the phone it says he has an idea he's gonna pitch it to you as if it's like the best idea or and it's the same presence he has like in interviews so we just met with vibe played him in the record they seem to enjoy it so I'm not mad about that Andy such a people person and you know he develops these incredible relationships with guys in mainstream hip-hop and tastemakers of our culture yeah I'm filming two men you're on camera now I'll get out of here this day any minute you're moving yeah this is Santa Monica loons Oh relationships love something about politics oh I'm dying to hear what your views on politics then y'all don't need us at the same time either you know y'all able to make your money and you have did you sellout audiences and I'm still trying to figure out how do y'all do get I think it's the Internet so I need to figure out what site you sending your stuff to now I'm sending my stuff to you because many males know and Andy's had this way of like forging this genuine relationship with them and doing it in a very natural way his preconceived notions about what it means to be a fake-face they don't mean you ain't been through it you make mistakes and we all make mistakes and I think we all have faith so he wasn't just maybe scared to pronounce it I think Andy showing us that we can build relationships with people and let the message of the gospel be explicit in that relationship and we can still make great art that's appreciated by everyone finally made it man I finally made it man I've known suede longer than Andy's known suede but Andy has forged just a deeper don't bond with sway and sway knows what he's about it knows what Edward and he's coming from the way I think Andy's music affect hip hoppers it forces us to tell what a part of life that most of us were privy to before we decided we wanted to become rap artists a DJ and so it feels like after we achieved a certain level of success you almost forget what it was what was the view that got you to that place in the first place and Andy's music is the kind of music that reminds of was really important could be your key to happiness the gang needs and even beyond rap bigger than rap you serving a good purpose man so congratulations man you killed that five thing as a death sway in the morning yeah we can even track on top of the pianos as well just next generation I have people want to do it now but his voice grows out the chemicals of calories and what I end up saying through all the verses essentially like the artists are the ones who have the power because like we have we speak with arts of people more than government ever could

a lot of people been asking that question likewise is the last season the Saturday morning cartoons and it just feels right feels like it's the right time like just retire it let it be what it is let people enjoy it and remember it for what it is and let's move on to more creative ventures and then even sin now I'm in my second album and you know the second album being a total new season and chapter in my life feels like it's time to put it up you know it's time to start exploring other ventures you know we got minor league that just popped off and that's kind of been on the hush because you've been putting that together quietly internally minor-league is really a creative collective of you know cats that I enjoy artistically and I feel like they need a platform to shine you know we got words played willow Stevens who's featured on the album Frances della Torre and me and him working on films and short stories we got a lot of artists that are super dope you know I don't want to just come this far and then not turn around and reach back and grab some other artists and people that I love and I believe in and not give them an opportunity the way that other guys like Lecrae reached out and gave me an opportunity so as next for me really is going out on tour in this album this would be my first headlining tour this is the first time I really get a chance to craft a whole night from top to bottom even in creating the set for this tour I was able to step in and we were able to craft a really dope live stage that allows people to have a really unique experience from the audience perspective you know feeding my creative juices we've got a show let's go it's on the way be I'm telling you right now you never seen a show like that I think I did a great job on this album finding a new sound but that journeys not over and so you know after I come off a tool I'm getting right back in the studio and we work and I think I've grown as a songwriter I think I've grown as a producer I think I've grown as an executive and I'm just gonna continue to grow and keep on putting it all into the music see what time it is so it's 1107 albums getting ready to drop in like an hour I was really nervous about this project coming out because it's so much different than the other records it's available right now is it yeah feels like freedom look Christina just text me I just got my whole album on iTunes of course she did be honest I just feel tired too yeah like straight up I'm just like race to the finish line but the Saint even the finish line is like the beginning of the tour about the star and like I've been wandering around all day tour it's like before the start of the race right we're running to the start which is the tour and then the race starts yeah I am really grateful but there's just so much going on it's hard for me to even to sit and enjoy the moment like I still feel like there's so many people I gotta reach out to and thank because so many people contribute to an album but only one name goes on that album and it's mine you know and it's I took so many people to make it happen so I just want to be able to sit for a minute and think and be grateful to the Lord for like all the people he's put around me to help see this project you know seriously yeah so the yeah they ready all right about to walk into this interview but the response being dismantled people been enjoying it so far all I see is flame emotions just leave it behind

why is it so hard to love you why is so hard to love you you make it easy but I make it hard oh my god you taking play well not don't deserve it I break your heart then I do it again [Music] it'll give me patience would not keep you waiting I don't know why you call me a favor


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