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by: MomMe Chidjun

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Today, we play at KidZania Paragon. Life starts to get money. 50 Kidzo.

How much money? Eight. Eight?

What are you doing? Where are you going today? Chino. Today, chitha in Chiang Mai.

Here's breakfast today. Mommy is preparing milk for children. But today is very special. I have to. Concentrated protein Miraclas. This is Mira Pro, this is for we kids. Five years old. It's just a tear and mix with milk. Ready to eat. We will help kids high. I'm very concerned about it.

Because of Chino small in the class. I do not have a lot of friends.

We must be added.

Protein is known already. It will help to create a growth hormone. Children will grow up to have a lot of growth hormones.

What's the taste? Delicious. Delicious? Mommy think delicious. Actually, adults want to grow hormone.

If boys are not high. Look like not handsome. We do not give up.

We will go to Bangkok. Where will to meet? KidZania.

Today we will take kids to explore the world.

Here, children will learn a lot. Who are we with?

Today what does we do? There are many professionals here.

Bite people.

Today we give kids. Learn to work. At KidZania. See how fun it is. Here we go. Very hungry.

Check in, buy a ticket, then we will wear the wristband. Wear the wristband. right? Get by family, right? Yes. If not the same family , can not return home.

What's this? It's a map of here.

Everyone. Start life , how much money ?

50 Kids. If you work, you can keep money. A lot of In the bank.


Kids get money. Get Money? How much? Wow.

What do you want to do? Make hamburgers?

Chino makeup artist.

So beautiful. Beauty salon.

Chili let's go.

Done. Our makeup process. Then we will have all the money. 8 Kidzo for the makeup. Get money that side. Chili is very good.

Who gets the most money? Get the gift.

Apply Now Wait fifteen minutes. Ok wait fifteen minutes.

We have to do that before?

Wait fifteen minutes.

Today, thank you for coming to work.

OK very good. Thank you. Hello. Welcome to the imagination of the KidZania City. Today everyone is an assistant dentist. Good? Listen to your doctor. People will give us to treat it. He is James. Do you know why he toothache ? Because they eat a lot of sweets. Because they eat a lot of sweets right? Make caries. We are ready to see? We have come to see.

Thank you. Thank you. Get a lot of money. How much? 8 8 ? How much do you have? Chili. Have a lot.

Chili. Daddy thirsty.

Lost money. Help. Have money . Buy water for Mommy and Daddy please. Do not buy for Daddy. I will buy lollipop.

Kids are going to be firefighters. To help rescue. Fire, kids need help now. We are helping. Firefighters have Women's wear?

Let's go

Chili. Do not spray flowers. Injected windows.

Injection window not flowers. Second floor chilli. Second floor. Chili Fire.

Chili has money? Deposit Mommy? Keep kids's money only. Because my kids has a career. And then money for Mommy. What to do next? Make milk. We went up to see. Oh! Chino.

Where to go? We go to see above. Above has milk.

Kids do not pay. If do this shop., it must pay. Because will get something back. But they does not lost money. Because today, they make very difficult. Right? Chino, where to go? Chino. So we went down to see the police. Do not really do this right? Would be fun. Chili is okay.

Chili Pay.

To milk. Have to eat.

Go into.


Let me

We are a police. Will come to the suspect.

This person. You. No You

What are you doing? Take money.

Thank you. Are you funny,Chino. How much do you have money? 8 What you got. Milk. What is this. Do yourself. Taste a little milk. Tasting What is the difference? How many? We will count the Chilli's money. Mommy count. Chili deposit to Mommy all. Eleven twelfth. Thirteen. Eighteen.

Nineteen. Twenty. Twenty-one. Sixty one. Seventy one. Seventy-one Kidzo.

Chili used that money. Yes,Chino how much do you have? Eighty one. How much do you have? Chili. Seventy one.

This for work today.

Kids will take their own money to buy.

Buy souvenirs for Chilyn.

Money made all this. Can not buy this one.

I work for money to buy toys. Expensive toys. See also.

Come to the activity here. Kids are learning. Keep working. It is not easy to make money. Know how to save money. The obvious is the Chino. Do not want to pay. Do not want to lose anything. And know the value of money. And know using money. The money is not enough to buy a toy. Today's work is not enough to buy toys. What did you get? Keep well. This is a money. Do you know this ATM card? Can be used worldwide. Worldwide? KidZania other countries. Korea Japan and Dubai has it. Anywhere has too. If you go to America, it's has. If you go to America Chili to get this money.

Come to KidZania.

Very fun. Bye Bye.


Fall money.



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