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okay here we are in North Georgia beautiful North Georgia some of our gardening spots in our yard that we've had we've actually lived here on this piece of property for about eight years this summer and there's still a lot of things we wanted to do here and plan to do here as Lord willing here's some blueberry bushes that we've got they've been here a few years this is our best looking one now it's got a bunch of blueberries on I think we should be able to harvest this year some of our raised beds that we put here with our lettuce different greens Swiss chard kale collards bok choy also some herbs here here which our son likes to come out eat when he's out in the yard playing here is some potatoes that we have growing which we do fairly well with this is the main main thing I want to show in this video we bought this property this section of our yard was completely wooded and probably would actually probably had about 20 to 30 down trees just piled up just a thick wooded mess and so we spent weeks in here chopping all the trees that were here cutting the trees down that were here so we could make room for this gardening area that we have and we were very inexperienced gardeners at the time didn't know much about it but we knew we had to clear this piece of ground so we could garden in it and we garden like the typical gardeners did most typical gardeners do in America today we'll talk about the Scarecrow later let me finish this okay and so we literally we raked the ground we scraped every bit of mulch every bit of topsoil off of this piece of ground and we were left with nothing but red Georgia clay basically and that's not the best kind of dirt to try to grow anything in so we got the tiller out every year we would tilt it up we would add all the amendments the lime all the different minerals to try to make this ground suitable to grow in and we did that for probably for about four years until this video came across our path and I want to show you this it's called back to Eden simple sustainable solutions if we watch that video about two years ago and we're just blown away by what we saw basically its woodchip gardening or mulch gardening and I spent last summer loading up mulch in my pickup truck hauling it about 30 minutes up the highway and dumping it load by load into this place where we're standing right now and we did a lot of that and some time last year there was a pirate crew company cutting power lines right on our Road and we went out and talked to him and they gladly dumped about three or four giant loads of mulch on our property so we didn't have to do the hauling by the pickup truck thing anymore which were grateful for and so that pretty much gave us about six inches of solid mulch on this section of garden that we have here and it's been working beautifully for us and I you know I show all my friends what you can do with the wood chip gardening and they're just amazed stays moist always you can look it's breaking down it's creating beautiful beautiful rich rich brown and black soil and there's worms everywhere in here I mean literally so we're very very pleased with this and so far what we've what we've got going on here is working beautifully these are beans are running up the the poles are cabbage some of the greens are onions here and a raspberry patch back here in the back which is gonna give us a great yield or raspberries this year we've got a lot of other things planted in here we've got peppers cucumbers some melons strawberries

and should have my wife out here with me while I'm doing this cuz she she plants most of the seed in here I do most of the hard labor and she does most of the tending to the garden which she enjoys doing but it looks nice keeps the weeds out you get any any straight weeds you can easily they just pull right out by the root just throw them out and it's amazing how backwards we have gotten in this country when it comes to the process of farming and gardening and I think the one main thing that Paul brings out in the video back to Eden is it when you go out into the forest and you look around in the woods it's all growing perfectly fine without men bringing tillers in there and the chemicals and the pesticides and the amendments it's the way God designed the covering of the ground is what breaks down and gives the nutrients to the soil keeps keeps the ground moist so you don't have drought issues and water problems this creates a perfect environment for growing so that's what we're trying this year this is like I said we started coating the covering the ground with this mulch last year and so this is really our first spring it's summer of actually growing a nice-sized garden on this piece of ground but so far it's actually looking better than it has in the last six years we've been doing it the traditional way by just scraping the ground clean and tilling up the earth with no covering on it having a water like crazy having the weeds just invade the garden every year and have to spend days and hours every week keeping the weeds out but uh like I said I encourage everybody that wants to be self-sustaining who wants to learn how to grow nutritious healthy organic food definitely this way the wood chip gardening it's just wonderful and here we'll also we've got some wood shift going here with our little mice flower gardens and her bushes that were working on now and these bushes have just taken off like crazy we were never able to grow flowers in this part of the yard before until now don't ask me why but I have to say these wood chips have changed the condition of this ground kept it moist have enriched the soil now as you can see we've got flowers growing here all of our bulbs are coming up which would never do before it's the work we're implementing this everywhere that we can as far as things we want to do on that property so hopefully I'll show some more videos about our garden and things we're doing on this piece of property up here in North Georgia a little while later so until then

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