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for those of you don't speak English translation would be later later also you have to they have to give up a team one recites with Somali fast and we try to make sure that we speak English later for your convenience I shall attend I'm so happy to see a lot of people here I'm coming tonight so happy so dressed up but to maximize over winter is coming also the pot is raining and snowing I don't know the way that is country so five mala I'm so confused what's the matter with this country who has discovered this country Columbus he has found a so terrible place I know American Dream to me I think it's like a nightmare to me but I hope this country the food stamp is working for me

let's O'Malleys you come in this country they are two of them some will come Ali and some who come late so the one is so calm alia are different from other people Ayatollah nightsky with - I see it's you know timing I'm sorry about my language if I say something that's not good but I'm trying to make you laugh so that you must make sure you mingle with me this area tomorrow put the numbers there it will build up to the never have hashtag I had to follow another example tagging thanks cookie histogram allele a leave all the time he should have my buncha times it wasn't the optimal can see we're gonna walk Danny shank amiable attended want a knuckle wash this Somalia Oh six-pack natural scaling up over over and Jamila Ali Laurey that meant machine in Somalia you know gym membership you don't need it you just walk from here to Rochester only a gas station you don't need nothing you don't know food just drink it out water you just go in ahead of lions afraid of no Tigers because i may be a tiger back in the days in my country if a man wants to marry a woman he has to go to the forest and kill alive to make sure it's a little fun I'm nothing a baby live on seemed a lie and that's ten years of getting nothing we don't happen I have to kill a lion face to face like a man Kamiya I go walking to copy out with a sphere you gotta sneak around you just have to give a live man to man come here and if the lion kills you your brother would value the woman because you have died for its human Google money open kill alive for open America just and about that all the line is IJ in the zoo I don't know why you would not nothing is organic in this country the food is in the fridge you better hide so much you try to go to Jean Yawkey see in my country we don't even have insurance cover in your car insurance young never hit my car with a machete bocalee shall kill you negotiation there is nothing like that you marry a woman you have children you have jota's there is no law there is nothing there's no play there is no movie nothing like that everything is organic your father will go to me you're my doctor give me that money give me them camos then you take my daughter like that there is nothing like you love him you like him nothing you have no choice in Somalia but so much in Somalia it's okay that you can mingle with girls I can talk to them and whisper them Facebook them it's all right but I believe in a voice of money tradition you come to me one my daughter you'll be killed with ak-47 59 bullets in your body like that man chuckles Oh Monica so tell me how the Kurama all oh honey honey / - de nada otherwise I would with an item in our

solonian together which is chemical cleaner for unknowable this is Oscar you know so many tradition we are so open people that you meet someone in a train or a bus at the end of your destination you know that way so from top to down this is how it happens you are ranking a passenger sitting front of my house in product what's the name my name is John John are you married excuse me what is that I just tell me about it - yeah married I just hope that yeah yeah I'm married oh yeah penny how many children do you have your work how much money you make your for for a day however that Dallas so you wants to multiply that money to them all talking back that money at the end of the month excuse me so at the end of the day you know that question up and down Somalia the next time you see oh that's my friend that's my friend at the one Somali mom coming back tomorrow when I shake a stick at a via never rk1 have secretion is not an official animal Kimmy hey this is God happy happy

you see what you do this is culture and stem boosts it has like like three mayor's like this stem playing with me that's all more than happy to buy one or should be only five emotional checkers are you machete a known animal

this under my pillow my exit a half a dendogram on at the core come on come to the gas a lot of the chimerical add a yellow thing but a lot people who you are you will always be somebody no matter what we do every day honestly the only thing I was like exactly our Ghana from fatty hatches all right time you live Sam they were never never have a Booya right how should i buy big affinity of the entry 6000 I know my style like a machinist - 5 iPhone 5s para deliver with Bella which two people were smart I'm great at the one time ha ha ha me how do we have to my route I got the edge on my hey mondo here I will find away from this country to my country now I'm doing the Polka Hawaiian would not drinking vodka let's teach all of it today one tomorrow on put your money in the Malo coming on

all in Somali where I don't know it hello G what the western Nevada get the sodas on Amazon right now Watson but it'll never to Japan Shanghai woman in Hollywood right proximate got some candy jelly do I have to call dr. handsome technoboy how language are check out number two watch it here what a jacket olive oil is enough with you cachaça adorable night Mahabharata yeah why us so are available we will all die hi Emily with chicken doctor I think you can see gamma Berea somebody I talked in available evocative love and I can evoke managed by tomorrow no matter what and recipient availability loop style have a Somali dialect we have ninth Alex of Saudi Somalia 9 Alex of Somali I speak all of this so happy happy from white so we do know hated yeah what a mentor is also anyway hey guys I'm Rudy you got some warm pockets of glue all over those puppies Michigan is not like the school diploma but it's graboid dimension divided is always plenty by Omaha but in Kanagawa but I've got a lotta stuff but I like this bar Omega s Nikita in a pod everyone good girlie when I look at the arrow between keys boy a samurai Ali Marcus Mosiah condemned in Oaxaca you Sora our Tasha are kawaii Casas a well and this high never been here before I say we kind of attack I'll also have a hat that gonna be like

mixing about fluidity and I hammer ones I think a hammer - you are - I do not know - you know

man which cousin is in you can see what a melon do you can after that another 9g janitor Joe Alexander Lisbon I'm gonna set that knows that 911 I wanna go we can have it and we go happy right actually what I'll push you may become one again you can change the who do volunteer Instagram also English I give shout out to my shut up one happens only black madonna apparently I understand a foolish one member shamrockin a Lhasa hello Shanna piece into that account on are you can you know lot of yeah naughty nautical Hollywood American idea foolish tempo in your hand I recovered in the ship tomorrow sometime come with me sometime when I like module 11 oh yeah I know what a multi-vehicle work with my hat value today with the fuzz off of it my hand to touch such une semaine so maybe this at the night and they say like with oh you know how I let me session then stops wouldn't say that says a black woman is whiter than it's worth

an autumn I only have anybody cigarette I've got another one area marea baja coupe Nakata so Natalie in a Somalia Busan / oh ha ha

mr. Khanna put a little canola French

after hatching with even doing no seeds there the no save of philosophy beauty


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