clawd cheats once again- pinkparisstyle13 dedication stop motion

by: popsicles4fun

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oh hey Venus why do you look so fancy today oh um I'm just going to a party scare is having look at the time I've gotta go bye oh hey Claude where are you going oh I'm just later somebody thought

sorry I'm late I got stuck with Draculaura oh don't worry it's fine


hey how about we go rollerskating okay let's go hey Abby do you want to go rollerskating we can weigh our ice skates and we can ask Frankie if she wants to come and she can bring her roller skates all right that's cool

look there be cloud and Venus Wow it does really look like them but it may be one of Claudine's other brothers and that girl at school that looks like me yeah but that's a little weird let's skate near them to get a better look

you look it is Phoenix what are you doing here rollerskating why are you with Claude um no reason stop cheating on me haven't you learned your lesson thank you more away

come on Draculaura you go take a hot bath and we'll call Claude fine I'm going to call Clawdeen instead of Claude hey Corinne is this you yeah what honey well I was cheating on Draculaura again and so we thought you might want to do something that um yeah I'll be over in just a second bye she'll be here soon don't worry hey guys I'm gonna go get Claude he's a nine

Claude why are you cheating on Draculaura again I'm sorry okay good luck getting her back this time this is all my fault who could have done Venus this is all my fault Venus what's wrong I realized I ruined everything for you and Claude now you won't be able to trust Claude and you won't be able to get that together I broke up with them but I'm sure you're not my friend anymore of course I'm still your friend but I think we should take a little break from Claude for a

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hope you like it pinkparisstyle13! :D thanks for making this my MOST VIEWED VIDEO! :D check out my new ones too, theyre much better! 2014 UPDATE: I took off the music, so now this video should be able to be viewed everywhere and not get copyrighted. :)
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