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and always been sick I am ready for the challenge oh these are mine

all right passengers here's the deal my goal this year is to save more money by putting myself on a very rigid grocery budget it's like the first two weeks of January and I'm like so I have $200 for the next two weeks I decided that I was going to make a wonderful breakfast this morning and it turned out to be almost a family feud fortunately I do buy in bulk and I have a lot of food staples stacked up like a whole pantry of cereal and bags of oats and so I'm hoping that that helps me reach my goal I'm looking at this more of like a game so can the passengers go two weeks food on $200 this will be an interesting game so sherry I want to know did you buy that book set last night on Amazon yeah Constitution look at the shambles in this room when you get home from school today you are cleaning your room can't clean my room it's impossible I have nothing to put in my closet I own your room is an exception because we took your closet out down I cannot like get your Jerry we're going in the car goodbye do you ever just get a feeling that your family life everything's like a mess and in shambles I kind of feel like that's what we're living in right now it always been sick and the first few times she threw up on the rug we like cleaned it up and then after a while we're like this rug is not fixable we're just gonna have to buy a new rug so she's temporarily living on some like makeshift covers bye hon love you she's just getting so old and some of the things that she used to do are making her sick now like she'll overdo it she'll like get excited and run around and then she crashes and throws up okay let's go get your homework done let's go what you makin crossing are you making a book so how come when I buy you hair bows you don't wear them but when Santa Claus brings in to you you do is that the secret it can't be from mom okay keep working I don't want to get in your way [Applause] I am ready for the challenge $200 and two weeks I want the heavy whipping cream but the half-and-half is a lot cheaper so I'm gonna go with the expiration date is like exactly two weeks out so I'm just going to buy my two weeks worth right now and then I don't have to come back and be tempted to buy other things while I'm at the grocery store to buy Oreos okay if I can actually do this I'm gonna reward myself I buy myself an entire package of Oreos that I will not share with the kids okay maybe a local grocery store wasn't such a bad idea after all because now I get to save a dollar on my milk he's gonna be good I'm gonna save like $3.00 on the milk and I'm gonna stock up on bread for two weeks how many loaves of bread would that be a loaf a day that's like 14 loaves but I bet I could make bread one day so I'm gonna do 10 loaves of bread and then freeze some hmm just a little over $50 so just a little less than 150 to go for the next two weeks so me and Julie finished cleaning up the kitchen the dishwashers on we're getting oil set we're having a little dessert a pretzel covered in white chocolate good yeah it's very good yeah listen white chocolate sprinkles really good you can't forget the party oh yeah are delish story time I like the most meet Susan Sally I'm sorry to say if there's anything you want to get rid of as you're going do you wear these shoes yes okay so why don't you inform everyone while you're throwing everything out of your closet money 8:00 in the morning tomorrow's video we will do like a closet makeover I'm not gonna have anything to film tomorrow because it's all gonna be out huh like it before so here's the before I guess I'm just see the re do you'll have to watch tomorrow's video and that should be fun we're also redoing Chad's closet as well we've just been using these drawers from Walmart just I think there's a better use of space because we're there's this all this empty space right here that we could be using them so it'd be nice to get that done and these drawers are only deep enough for like two shirts and then you're like stuffing him full so it's just not very practical looking for those Oh Abby and I know she's worn this like three times and it hasn't been washed no wonder everything's always so wrinkly oh one whole drawer for marbles and yarn Oh My heck that girl cracks me up all right guys to be continued tomorrow I wanna go pay a surprise visit to chat he made the junior high basketball team at a school and he's the only 7th grader on the team and their first game is like in three days and so they need to practice that crazy because they just barely started so I'm gonna go sneak in and see how he's doing I started teaching classes in three days and I'm a little bit nervous because I'm teaching two classes this semester that's a lot of classes to be teaching but I will find out in the next five months if I get to keep my job I'm going up for tenure so basically what that means is I have a guaranteed job as a professor until I want to retire which would be really really awesome because I really like being a professor I like teaching kids comment down below I want to know what your new year's resolutions are one of my new year's resolutions is to get in shape and to build more confident about myself Ruby makes fun of me because I'm spending so much time in the gym this year and she thinks I'm trying to get my 18 year old body back that's a lie I'm not trying to get my 18 year old body back I'm trying to get my 40 year old body which I think could be better than my 18 year old body it's the same as an 18 year old body but with the maturity and wisdom of a 40 year old here we are that's cool wait a second it's a bunch of girls where's chest on the stage in school girls are over there I hear boys over here it's nothing Chad was built where there's Dean on this side of the gym [Music] so I'll practice and the movie doesn't start for like an hour so we gotta cut time so we are at G CW's and we're gonna get some good fast food mom and I are gonna go out on a date after we drop you and sherry off yeah you are yep so I'm just gonna get you a little hamburger cuz I know you're hungry right have you ever seen a drive-thru like this there's like three rows of the cars it feels like a parking lot wall that teacher okay so I mentioned eaters and we're gonna watch my Monty again so what you never seen before [Music] [Applause]

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