5 WEIRD Idle Games! -- Or: 5 WEIRD Clicker Games!

by: ingeniousclown Gaming

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idle game incremental game quicker games colossal waste of time whatever you want to call them the fact hey wait a minute haven't I already done this video before I swear that I already made a top 5 clicker games list a couple of months ago huh I guess I did so why am I still wasting my time playing these games even though I've already finished the video guys I think I have a problem I just can't stop playing these games in fact it wasn't long after finishing the previous video that I begin searching for more clicker games to waste my time on and I found some weird ones what makes these weird isn't necessarily the subject or art or anything like that because let's face it all of these games are completely helpless when it comes to anything resembling a legitimate story liner realistic scenarios know these games are weird because of the flow of the game play the games that you are about to see are for the most part full of weird and unexpected surprises and paradigm shifts that make these games more interesting than their peers if only to figure out what the hell is going to happen next however for this video even though it sounds completely ridiculous I will be doing my very best to avoid spoilers for these games so much of the gameplay you're going to see on this list is from the very beginning of the game so you can experience the paradigm shift and interesting mechanic changes on your own so yeah instead of playing more Final Fantasy 15 here's a list of five of the weirdest idle games that I found so far in no particular order you are a kitten and a catnip Forrest as kittens game starts these are the only words of exposition or explanation that you're given so what's a kitten to do well you start picking catnip of course eventually that becomes unsustainable and you decide to use some of your catnip you're picking to fill a catnip field to make all the catnip you'll ever need after a while you decide you want to build a village so you use your expert kitten needing skills to convince and refine the catnip to some expertly crafted catnip lugs and then you use those logs to build a hut which attracts more kittens to your neck of the woods as time moves on you'll eventually find yourself at the highly functional fully fledged city with hundreds of kitten inhabitants covering multiple different jobs to make sure that your city constantly moves forward it may sound benign and boring and somewhat normal at first but as your scientific prowess continues to grow start getting a little weird and not just weird things start stacking up and you don't just have a large city filled with kittens you'll have piles upon piles of resources and so many different buildings and technologies that it can get a little bit overwhelming if I'm being honest but it's so overwhelming in a good way yeah let's go with that this game is constantly making you shift your priorities in an interesting way but it is by far the most straightforward of the idle games on this list because the gameplay stays pretty consistent throughout the game for the most part but of course that does not mean that it won't subvert your expectations mind defense is an incredibly crude looking game that hides a surprisingly fun amount of complexity underneath its mspaint looking aesthetic things start out simple enough with just a little dudes slaving his life away at the mine earning gold at a snail's pace but after upgrading your pickaxe a few times you realize that you're lonely and you want to hire some help unfortunately the only creatures willing to help you early on are some particularly large ants who want to help you earn some cash you've got to spend some of your own gold to hire these ants and I don't know what the hell these ants are doing with all the gold but after a while you just learn to stop asking questions you know anyway you might be wondering where the defense part of the title starts to come in well it doesn't take long before you're digging starts to attract some greedy goblins which you must fight away by hitting them with your pick realizing that this is an unsustainable form of combat you eventually start hiring wizards to assist you in defending the mine with their fireballs and that's all just the beginning of the game the game changes so many times before you reach the end that I found myself pretty much glued to the game until it was over excited to see what open up to me next as I push forward I don't want to spoil anything for you so I'll just leave you with this wizards are capable of so much more than combat all right I'm going to be completely honest with you here I've been playing sandcastle builder for a couple of months and I still don't understand what the hell is going on or what I'm building towards or how I'm supposed to figure out anything in this game without a guide and the deeper I get the more confuse I become but that's precisely what drew me to it so strongly this is quite literally the slowest Idol game that I've ever played this game is built on top of a strange xkcd comic called time also known as the one true comic this was a comic that updated by one frame every half-hour for a while then every hour and went on for four months straight with a total frame count of 3101 I'm not even going to pretend to know what the significance of this comic is but game is built on this idea time and sandcastle builder is measured in two units of time the M&P or micro new picks which is each individual tick in the duration of the frames lifetime and the NP or new picks which is the changing of one frame to another you can purchase stand tools to gather sand during every micro new picks and castle tools to create castles on every new picks sand and castles sand and castles as you may have already guessed are your currency in this game you're actually even forced to idle for some amount of time otherwise one of your castle tools the new pick spots won't actually build castle after a while you'll see that some things that you do are controlled in your achievement section which is a really strange idea that I'm still trying to wrap my head around a couple of months into this game and I still feel like I'm at the beginning the whole game is weird and bizarre and confusing in the best way and while I don't normally suggest reading a guide for games it's pretty much required in this game and I would highly recommend it especially for the beginning days of your journey in sandcastle builder holy crap reading back what I wrote for this section just sounds like the ravings of a madman well welcome to the wild and confusing world of sand castle builder at its surface a dark room looks a lot like kittens game from earlier in this list but don't let that fool you the opening screen may seem identical but rather than starting by gathering resources immediately in a dark room the first thing you need to do is get your wits about you you have no idea where you are and you're trapped alone in well a dark room hence the title eventually though you do start gathering some resources and start building a small village for folks to come hide from the elements in but there are so many more dangerous in this universe that they'll be lucky to just survive it's probably the shortest game on this list easily beaten over the course of a day or two depending on how patient you are with the resource gathering but stick with it and I promise you'll be in for an awesome adventure that you are never expecting I've saved some of the weirdest crap on this list for last but that doesn't make it the worst not by any means candy box makes little sense in the beginning you have a constant income of candies and well what do you do with candies you eat them of course just keep eating the candy eat all the candy eat them just gobble them up gobble them down and eventually you get bored of eating candies and you wait and then suddenly some guy comes to sell you lollipop for candy and of course that's just the beginning but believe it or not this game isn't just purely about eating an enormous amount of candy it actually goes much deeper than that you're looking at a grand adventure filled with magic and mystery and danger lots of weird and unexpected things happen in this game that I couldn't help but see it through all the way to the end candy box actually it has a sequel aptly named candy box to this sequel takes everything that I loved about the first game and just makes it so much better these games are definitely an experience that I'd recommend and I recommend playing not just a sequel but both one after the other maybe a small break in between them but still still play the first one then the also this isn't exactly something that I like to recommend but if you do get a little stuck don't be ashamed if you have to look up a few answers I definitely did and let me just say that I'm glad that I did all right well that's going to do it for this list of course there's always more games and more weird concepts out there so do you know of any weird idle or incremental games that I miss that belong on this list I'd love to hear about it I can't seem to get enough of these games so please leave it in the comments section below so I can fuel my addiction and as always if you liked the video please be sure to hit that like button on your way out and if you haven't already be sure to follow me on twitter at ingenious clown and hit that subscribe button for more awesome gaming content here in the future and I will see you next time [Music] you

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