The Mystery of Rh Negative Blood

by: John Ripka

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I greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator event is coming soon YouTube channel cheers the latest Intel the mystery of Rh negative blood what does the absence of rhesus monkey Factor mean no solid scientific explanation exists as to power why rh blood came about it is presumed to be the result of a random mutation have you ever felt you were weird or different it may be due to your DNA 85% of humans have the monkey gene our age plus and 15% do not Rh and maybe have an alien gene instead our age people are characterized by higher IQs sensitive vision lower body temperatures sensitivity to heat and sunlight psychic power ability to stop watches and electrical appliances in having extra vertebrae of the human blood types o is the most common it is a universal blood type blood types are further broken down into two groups negative and positive this is called the Rh factor the Rh factor is the rhesus rhesus is in monkey blood factor if your blood tests positive for this you have the factor in your blood if you test negative you do not have the factor in your blood the Rh factor is a protein found in the human blood that is directly linked to the rhesus monkey when blood type is inherited from your parents it is known that this factor element of the blood is the most consistent human or animal characteristic passed on to the offspring there are very few aberrations it rarely changes most people about eighty five percent have Rh positive blood that could support the idea that humans evolved or were derived from primates 15% of humans have Rh negative blood if blood type is one of least mutable human characteristic where did the Rh negative come from this question has puzzled scientists for years there is some evidence that suggests the Rh negative blood group may have appeared about 35,000 years ago and the appearance was regional and seemed to originally be connected with certain groups tribes of people northern Spain in southern France is where you can find some of the highest concentration of the Rh negative factor in the Basque people another original group were the eastern oriental Jews in general about 40 to 45% of Europeans have the AR each negative group only about 3% of African descendant and about 1% of Asian or Native American descendent has the Rh negative group due to the larger European numbers it is a safe bet that was where it was introduced into the human genetic code could this also be where the Caucasian was introduced is the introduction of Caucasian related to the Rh blood factor if the Rh negative factor is a normal presentation of blood then why is there a problem when a mother of the Rh negative blood group gives birth to an Rh positive blood group baby this hemolytic disease actually an allergic reaction can cause death when the two different blood groups are mingled during pregnancy when the antigenic substances attack the negative blood group it can destroy the blood cells so why does the human body produce antigens to this blood type is the blood group alien the only other time this occurs in nature is as an example when donkeys and horses are crossed to produce mules this is not natural because left alone in the wild these animals would never crossbreed only with intervention would this happen was there a crossbreeding of two human-like beings similar but genetically different people with Rh negative blood group have certain characteristics that seem to be common among the majority here is a brief list of the most common diuresis extra vertebra dye Eris's higher than average IQ diuresis more sensitive vision and other senses diuresis slower body temperature diuresis higher blood pressure diocese in two currents of psychic intuitive abilities die eros is predominantly blue green or hazel eyes dye Eris's red reddish hair dye Eris's has increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight dye heiresses cannot be cloned dye air assists alien abduction and other unexplained phenomenon so what does this mean what can be concluded the appearance of Rh negative blood did not follow the usual evolutionary path in fact evolution would seem to be ruled out as a possible cause of the anomaly it has been proven that blood is the least likely to mutate there are no other blood mutations the introduction of the Rh negative blood type was not a naturally occurring part of human evolution this would lend credence that the Rh negative factor was introduced from an outside source could the source be from human-like beings from another planet or maybe we are just as alien as they are in that we are a product of their manipulation and interference could they have come here and manipulated life-forms already present on earth to create modern man many ancient texts including the bible do support this theory many stories in the ancient texts especially pre-christian texts do tell about a race that from the heavens to the earth came and they created man and their image man saw them as gods living long lives and performing miracles flying about in the sky ships and shooting fire and creating your shattering booms the humans watched as these gods built massive and glorious houses and created beautiful cities for themselves from man's primitive point of view they were gods but that was early man's point of view who were the gods the ancient stories tell us a lot about these gods they obviously had advanced technology capable of space travel and air travel they knew about aviation metallurgy the universe the cosmic progression medicine and evidently genetics they knew about atomic energy and weapons and used them evidence of this can be found on earth they knew about agriculture and how to create more nutritious grains and other food staples all of the basic grains of humans rely on for food have been determined to have all appeared at the same time spanning roughly a 10,000 year period a very short time geologically speaking and no new grain has since been developed our ancient texts tell us they began to take humans for their spouses the Bible says and the gods looked upon woman and found her pleasant to behold and took her as their wives they had children many children but not all humans were a result of infant breeding the first human was a result of scientific research combining primates with the God's genes the first humans were not a product of infant breeding but small portions of humans are a result of this interbreeding in their blood type can support this in the first part of this article I describe to you what happens when two species who similar but genetically different interbreed they produce hybrids the example I gave was about horses donkeys and mules mules are the hybrid the product of a union between a horse and a donkey however mules are born sterile because there is no genetic relationship between the horse and the donkey when humans were first created they were a product of two genetically similar but not related species the combination of the DNA of the primates and the gods was produced artificially in a lab if the gods have the technology to create a new species they would have no problem overcoming the problem of the hybrids being sterile a little genetic manipulation and it would no longer be an issue three prototypes of humans were created each one successively more advanced to types by design and the last by chance Neanderthal man is suspected of being in early humanoid created by the gods but grown man man was definitely a product of their intervention the next type is whom we call pre human and then we have modern man modern man was a result of interbreeding between the gods and pre humans this infra breeding for the most part created no problems in the resulting offspring except for a line that inherited from their godly parents the Rh negative blood type this is supported by the fact that these humans did not inherit the protein found in the blood that is directly linked to the rhesus monkey they did not inherit it because one of their parents did not have the monkey protein this protein is present only because combining primate DNA with DNA from the gods created the original human prototype that carried the monkey protein so in conclusion I suggest that man is a creation of a highly technological race of human-like beings that from the heavens to the earth came I suggest that these advanced beings are still among us today and are still very active in the affairs of man to what end I can only suggest global blood suppliers managed to infect or kill 90% of hemophiliacs in world by providing them with tainted blood if hemophilia is the Royal disease woe to generations of boys who could not be king worldwide over 120,000 men women and boys a true genetic Holocaust are now infected with HIV worldwide due to tainted blood transfusions at least 25,000 have died in some areas the Rh negative blood factor is referred to as blood royal or royal blood for centuries European royalty have been inflicted with hemophilia or bleeders disease apparently Queen Victoria was a carrier of haemophilia and gave it to all of her children who then endure married and infected the bloodlines of very throne in Europe during the 1800s and 1900s as a direct result haemophilia became known as the royal disease to keep this in perspective only about 5% of all royalty have Rh factor negative blood dot which means less than the general population that would indicate that the vast majority of rulers and monarchs are not rhesus factor negative is this by chance or by genetic engineering called arranged marriages for all practical purposes the cultural group with the highest rates of Rh negative blood are the Berbers of morocco in an earlier meme i indicated that the highest concentration of Rh factor negative was from iraq it seems that the Berbers may actually have originated thousands of years ago from the border of Syria and Iraq if European royalty are no disposed to intermarriage with Rh negative a voided the Arab bloodline let's not get ahead of ourselves it appears that the Basque ArtRage neg factors come from ancient Berber seafarers as early as 8000 BC perhaps many of the cave paintings may be attributed to strangers of great artistic ability that migrated into the area is hyper creativity a symptom of Rh negative blood artists entertainers who knows dot but a few European royalty refused to marry into the Rh negative blood line it means one thing dot our each neg people are a competing royal line how do you get rid of it once and for all although the British would love for you to think that Victoria was the world's first carrier dot don't be confused it was he had spurs disease was Victoria Habsburg the unofficial model of the Habsburg family was Bella gerund Ally to felix Austria newbs where others must fight wars you fortunate Austria Mary it's curious that marriage can be a dynastic undertaking but it can also be a perverse form of bio warfare or genetic warfare in fact the disease was much more ancient the father of surgery was Al's or higher a Lucas 1013 to 1106 al bukas is described a family where only males died from blood loss after the most trivial of injury his full name was a bull Qasim Calif even al abbas al zara v he was born and brought up in zara Zoro the royal suburb of cordova arabic Kercheval the capital of Muslim Spain as we know from the history Zara competed in grandeur and magnificence with Baghdad al-zahra VIII served in the capacity of the court physician to King al Hakim ii of spain after a long and distinguished medical career he died in ten thirteen see as an inventor of many surgical instruments Al's an Ravi is famous for developing instruments for internal examination of the year internal inspection of the urethra and for applying or removing foreign bodies from the throat he introduced such new procedures as cauterization of wounds crushing stones inside the bladder the vivisection and dissection he applied cauterization procedure to as many as 50 different operations in addition al-zahra VIII discussed the preparation of medicines and the application of such techniques as sublimation and decantation he prescribed the use of diuretics sudol effects purgatives the absorption of pure wine and hot baths alizée Ravi was the first to give detailed description haemophilia and was the first to use silk thread for stitching wounds so you begin to wonder if the good doctor was treating an Arab family in Moorish Spain for the disease then you begin to wonder just where a supposed blue blood like Victoria got her Arab royalty disease was it a disease of Spanish royalty in other words was marriage to Victoria's daughters a way to kill or weak in future non Habsburg Kings Dotson's mostly males only contract the disease from their mothers still haemophilia was in royalty long before Victoria Victoria's daughters passed the disease into the Spanish German and Russian royal lines and threatened the thrones of all of Europe's major powers it would appear that Victoria is actually a direct descendant of Ferdinand of Castile who retook he city of Castile in 1236 where the surgeon of all kisses had counseled King Hakeem ii about a family whose sons died easily what's the connection between haemophilia Rh negative AIDS and royal blood as you can see the vast majority of Rh people come from the Basque people of France and Spain and then Europe has the second highest percentage we can surmise that the Rh blood type originates out of Europe and has spread over to other countries that contain European ancestry heritage the Rh recessive allele ease plus slash make up approximately sixty percent of the basque people and forty percent of the europeans so that means that a higher percentage of rh+ people in europe are carrying the genetics of the Rh factor in their DNA no one has tried to explain where the Rh negative people came from most familiar with blood factors admit that these people must at least be a mutation if not descendants of a different ancestor if we are a mutation what caused the mutation why does it continue with the exact characteristics why does it so violently reject the rh factor if it was in their own ancestry who was this ancestor difficulties in determining ethnology are largely overcome by the use of blood group data for they are a single gene characteristic and not affected by the environment the Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh negative blood about 30 percent half are are Rh negative and about 60 percent carry one are negative gene the average among most people is only 15 percent are each negative while some groups have very little the Oriental Jews of Israel also have a high percent Rh negative although most other oriental people have only about 1% are each negative the Samaritans and the black coaching's you also have a high percentage of Rh negative blood although again the Rh negative blood is rare among most black people the vast people are also known for having the oldest language in Europe and the origins of the Basque language are unknown the language is in neighboring countries in Europe show no resemblance to the Basque language so this has become a real mystery to the linguist the Celtic people of Ireland and Great Britain also have high incidences of the Rh factor and it has recently been proven that there is a genetic link between the basque and the celts this research proves that the celtic people came from the basque regions of france and spain and a group must have migrated over to the islands of great britain with this research i can surmise that my family got this distinct blood type from our french and Irish ancestry roots genes link celts to Basques the Welsh and Irish Celts have been found to be the genetic blood brothers of Basques scientists have revealed the gene patterns of the three races passed down through the male line are all strikingly similar researchers concluded statistically indistinguishable he and his colleagues looked at why chromosomes passed from father to son of Celtic and Norwegian populations they found them to be quite different but we also noticed that there's something quite striking about the celtic populations and that is that there's not a lot of genetic variation on the white chromosome he said to try to work out where the celtic population originally came from the team from UCL the University of Oxford and the University of california-davis also looked at Basques on the y chromosome the celtic populations turn out to be statistically indistinguishable from the Basques professor Goldstein said why are people calling Rh negative blue bloods well again a peculiar thing happens between an RH mother and a second rh + baby as you may remember in Rh mother builds up antibodies against the rh + baby and this means that the baby's blood will start to agglutinate before the rock am shot babies were born blue and they needed to have blood transfusions to survive blue blood is an expression from the Spanish phrase on greys all indicating noble birth or descent this is said to derive from the fact that the native Spanish had fair skin which displays veins more prominently than people of Arab origin after the Moorish occupation of Spain intermarriage occurred the result seems to have been that the aristocracy particularly certain families in Castile who would not mix with the Moors showed rather bluer blood vessels in for example the back of the hand than the ordinary folk so the phrase blue blood came to refer to the blood which flowed in the veins of the oldest and most aristocratic families the phrase was taken over into English in the 18th by the time Anthony Trollope used it in the Dukes children in 1880 it had become common thanks for visiting our YouTube channel please enter our subscriber appreciation $100 monthly giveaway this is our way of saying thank you for supporting us the link to 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