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yesterday Cricut had returned to the WCG both sides entered the arena with renewed vigour and optimism for the upcoming season but this day would belong to firstly Gavin Merrifield who rescued Brennan's 11 from early peril blasting his way out of trouble laying the platform for George paneros to continue carrying Brennan's Elevens burst innings towards the hundred mark it much the same fashion that Merrifield did hammering the Paul to all parts it was then their turn to do it with the ball De Niro's picking up Johnson in the opening over and in the final over of the day Merrifield removing the debutante Jack Sullivan to have Brenna's 11 well on top as I entered a - welcome to day two of the opening Test match of the season right here on WCG TV that's 11 having a tricky day at the office yesterday and they will need a strong start to get themselves out of early trouble after bowling Brennan's 11 out for 86 they had a torrid last 5 overs and a all for 20 with Mark pastor field at the crease that's the field negotiated the last two deliveries of last night's final over will face up first up now so let's start needed to get Matt's 11 out of this early hole 8 to Hancock football the first over Earth Day - he's in there to mark customer who leads it then League side and has an animated response from Brendan's 11 all that would have been close and cockt has to field again now and he's padded up again and he passed the field there's an appeal but it's given not out I think there's more - pitched outside leg yet as comfortably not yet now Kerry there's a more conventional back foot drive this is better Michael Carberry yeah dangerously down the ground is in the air for a long time oh he slammed it midnight at SATA end of the middle and that's a good counter it late fight back here from mark pasture field near us with ball now oh and it's cut back and it's nearly taken that off stump likes to hang that bad out there as well honor hasn't missed by much either all 440s Benares will continue oh and he's nearly snuck through the defenses of pasture field again we're delivering here from premier us on the back leg saves pasture court while bail bashier into pasture field now files only hasn't played a stroke there's an appeal for a big w I'm not sure what this is here yeah I talked the arm standing tall this pasture field don't bash you're charging into pasture field again I only played it on to his no it's just missed the leg stump well the luck is favoring Matt's 11th at the moment oh that's a close call that's a nice strike short there and really before nothing more than a push but a good movement at times he can get caught moves on to 19 pasture field it's for 444 there's broad bowls again it's for it's been hitting down the ground again but it's hit the stumps unfortunately for pasture field why don't we go to touch on it I was hitting the stumps anyway moment this is wonderful bowling [Applause] five 444 bats 11 as Trent McKechnie the substitute walks into that not renowned with his ability with the stick there's to be a test for him so Leonard charging into McKechnie it's full when wide outside off stump and it's left alone last call of the Leonard over he bowls to McKechnie again oh and it's just missed a leg stump living a charmed life is the substitute close call [Music]

darling come on has that ryan lochte KP mom he writes batsmen cry gets the ball up there gives it a chance big period of the Test match now as Matt's Elevens captain walks to the crease with his side at 6 446 he'll be facing up to his opposition captain we a big battle the captain will need to step up for his side who still trial Brandon's 11 by 40 runs as Scott comes in to ball to what Owen he's gone through him he's bold in first delivery can you believe it that is a huge moment of the match it's an in swinging delivery and it's through the gate it wasn't a big one but he failed it and there's seven 446 that's 11 steel trowel Brennan's led him by 40 runs Pat McGregor the last batsman in walks to the crease he'll have to do a big job for his side and Scott no less is on a hat-trick he comes in to McGregor oh it's in the air old it's been dropped I wonder if there was any bat there we're about to find out no I don't think there was Adam monk near balls to McGregor it's short it's played on the offside but he can't beat Merrifield at that cover region here they're up here Brennan's 11 they smell blood in the water just one more wicked remaining in the match lemons innings they still trail by 39 runs smoke football again short again and again he cannot beat Merrifield he's a wall in that position on top bowls again to McGregor it's full and it's played over the house is it no it's come back into the field of play that'll be six runs well that's the slice of luck they needed Scott goes up to celebrate and realizes it's come back but it's too late [Applause] skip the why that's for that can also be the danger when you get straight to trot tips away for for it's beautifully out of the middle Harris looking for the edge 30 might have Hannah the Peterson cabinet was grateful like that was an exclamation but Jed's we hit welcome McGregor 20 not out that's 1170 468 as hydrofoils again and he's headed over the fence he's frustrated with himself and so it should be McGregor that's the end of Matt's 11th innings that's Elevens 1st innings has come to an end on the stroke of lunch of day two they've been bowled out 468 in their first innings they trailed Brennan's 11 by 18 runs Pat McGregor top scoring with 20 mark pastor filled with 19 and there's very little after that with four batsmen scoring naught great bowling performance from Brennan's 11 they were led by their skipper who was the Pick of the bowlers with to four of his two overs and paced spearhead Ravel's Basha didn't concede a run and took one wicket off his two overs for other ball is taking a wicked eat in a great collective effort so Brendan's 11 we'll take an 18 run lead into the second inning when they resume after lunch they find themselves in a great position to put even more pressure on Matt 11 and set up a big target that's 11 will have to be fired up after lunch - peg Brennan's living back see

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