Nordic Musically Compilation

by: CK Wolf

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it's really hot oh sorry I get it cause you're like because of climate change what's your name again I forgot it starts with a D doesn't it is it a dumb stupid bitch you stole my life I heal and I'm glad you will see the person who I am Oh bodies are the brandy go back to mom and dad you should put the flavors on the YouTube gamers here you only last six seconds long what a girl complain it's enough for your mom anything you can do I can do better everything like today why throw them out why you better mind anyways fuck yeah mmm what the heck was that just silly kiss silly did you ask for permission No

[Music] Kitana welcome under it and I'm told I want to be keeping you from I got the right temperature picture that you're from the song I gotta write that thing to turn you on and girl I wanna be the bug by you

[Music] official up shake got me going crazy baby if you want me to take you Bethany we don't say rising in Slough there isn't it the idea of the fall okay this is actually a secret but I'm planning to create a cyborg army to invade Norway you look like a fucking pineapple [Music]

here we go again I feel the chemicals kickin it's getting heavy and I want no good and i mattr topper to Lance's tells me worship in there we only have enough attention I was born sick and me to be with is found God Fellman Walker when Jeff Alton they say and you can so cold a shake-up ounces of old found them in lava

keep loving photograph we made these memories for ourselves where our eyes never closing hearts are never broken times forever frozen [Music]

[Music] like the Huns face wrong oh sorry welcome to my school they don't like the Thunderdome hold your breath and count the days we're graduating miss you meet you where you been I could show you incredible things magic madness heaven sin saw you there and I thought my god look at that face look like my next mistake

the Bible this one to be alone I can't take them on my own my own oh I'm not the one you know you know I have killed a man and all I know and you make love to my refrigerator I can't make love to anything baby it's almost Christmas dude it's September yet but it's only 90 days or until Christmas are you kidding me so I have to put up with Christmas songs while it's still sunny outside we wouldn't be perfect for each other except for the fact that we're not gay why don't love you lying say my name big brother you're goddamn right baby probably closer


[Music] Wow


absolutely hey I got grocery list what did he need uptick or form in a knife for you why not fall behind you this time share the fraction of your slot for a fragment of your son into the calc work that would be this is gospel for the following summer assembling their philosophies pieces are broken memories [Music]

this is so dumb the IR I am the better I can say you can you can flush no Gregory I am searching is far away you and me o is for the only one I see hey everyone thanks so much for watching make sure to LIKE and subscribe and I'll be doing other one needs Italia compilations I just need to know everyone ships because I'll be doing a stripping one yay so make sure to let me know which if you want in the comments and I'll mention that in the video alright thank you so much for watching hope everyone has a great day night or whatever kind of our

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