TaoTronics TT-DL16 LED Desk/Table Lamp

by: UnexplodedMinds

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Amazon I'm really impressed with these I did a little bit of research the the lamps that we had in the in the bedroom on the on the nightstands were the older halogen type and they eventually gave up the ghost so I if you're gonna get some newer halogen or some new LED ones and these are really sharp look and they look nicer than the ones we had you can get cheaper ones that are that are made out of plastic like for the the arm here and the lamp part and the base but I'd spend the extra 20 or 30 bucks and and either get this one over or a metal one these just look fantastic and they're nice and solid a lot of people on on Amazon and other places that I was looking complained that you know the lamps all the lamps that they had worked fine but you know this part here was really creepy and kind of cheap feeling whereas these look these look nice and they're and they're really solid this particular model is the TT DL 16 from Cal Tronics it's about four and a half pounds so it's got some heft to it all the hinges are nice and tight all the you know gaps and stuff are really nice nicely done there's no like weird bins or anything and everything it's really well constructed as far as functionality goes it's pretty simple it's got a backlit power button that's kind of important to me because a lot of them don't don't have a backlight a backlit power button and searching for tonight can be frustrating so it's lit all the time press it it comes on you can either drag this to to increase the brightness or you can just press and hold one side and it'll dim like that and when you if it's all the way up and you turn it off you can see that it slowly goes down and when you turn it back on it ya not won't work you can see that it slowly goes back up it doesn't just instantaneously come on the on the side here I'll turn this part off on the side here they've got a nightlight and you just press that moon-shaped button there I don't know if you can tell on the camera this is probably a little on the bright side for just leaving on all night it's gonna eliminate the the room a little bit too much at least for my taste but if you just want a nightlight for for getting up in the middle of the night it's more than bright enough and it looks sharp my only complaint might be they might have wanted to put it on the other side so it's not right in your face because it's gonna be sitting this way on your nightstand and it's gonna be shite and shining right in your eyes unless you do that before you go to bed which is an option but I think they should have put it on the other side but it looks nice and it's it's bright enough for my taste I would have made it not quite so bright but it works firing in and it's bright enough they've also got a a timer feature that will turn the lamp off after a given amount of time there's different light modes turn that on first the camera may may or may not pick up these different modes right now I think that's reading mode this is they call it coffee mode it's a little bit warm or light and that's pretty that light there's probably similar to to what our halogen lights were this is a little bit wider light for reading and that's your just your favorite setting it stores the the the mode and the brightness level that you set and really that that's all there is to it and the other thing I wanted to do was show how really how well packed these were wouldn't it when they came from Amazon so I'll go grab the other box and just pull that out real quick and show you what because not everybody packed stuff that well so I thought I'd take the time to just show that this is the the box that they came in of course that I bought to so was shipped in a larger Amazon box it just comes in a box that and of course you've got the usual Cooper mo when I was impressed with was number one I didn't have to assemble anything it's already preassembled and they did a pretty good job of but packing this because all you gotta do is pull those off in here and you're in business so I was I wasn't just impressed with the lamp itself I was also impressed with you know how how well they were packaged and shipped so I'll probably be buying more tell tronic stuff in the future just just because I'm impressed with their their quality control and and their attention to detail when they when they ship stuff because not everything comes so well packed it does use a wall wart adapter it's the usual fare I would have prefered they had like you know they kind of have a cord and then a brick and that sort of like a laptop one but that will work and the other thing I thought I'd show real quick is just they give dimensions on on the Amazon site but they give it in height and length and it doesn't really make any sense I just thought I'd measure it and show you yeah with the lamp and its normal configuration it's just under 18 inches tall if you were to you know stretch that all the way out

fold it all the way down you know you're still looking at about 17 inches I guess but are you two inches so yeah I'm very impressed and very pleased with these they look nice there there plenty bright enough for for a bedroom even a living room they're they're pretty bright one of the other things that I liked about this lamp the and again I looked at a lot of them before I made a decision on these was the the actual diffuser on the the Bank of LEDs that they have in there I noticed a lot of them just had bare LEDs or they had a clear bezel this one really nicely diffuses the light it's not that you don't have a bunch of hot spots like you would if you if you had no diffuser at all or if it was clear and if I turn that on and I'll I'll point it at the camera I don't know how well it's going to react but you can kind of see how well that that works I'll turn the the brightness all the way down the diffusers it really nicely evens out the delight comin outta there the the coffee mode is pretty similar to what you'd get with some of the fluorescent and incandescent and the halogen ones you know it's a much warmer towards the red end of the spectrum the the reading mode is is definitely a whiter light that's kind of my preference but this definitely has a warmer hue to it that the coffee mode but to each to each their own you can save your preference in the in the favorites it'll save your your dim level and whichever mode you chose which is kind of cool they come with the usual goodies a cloth to wipe it off with and a manual that I haven't even looked at and there's a okay step it over again besides the lamp and the the adapter it also comes with a cleaning cloth and the manual of course not that you really need it and it looks like to be a card in here for a six month warranty on the lamp that you probably have to go yeah you have to go to their website and register it so that's about all there is to the lamp

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I recently purchased two of these to replace two older halogen style night table lamps that recently died and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and how nice they look.
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