FNaF Plush: The Clone War

by: TheDerpyZ

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it was a beautiful day Hey wanna fight you love wanna fight you too Carl yeah what you guys are all today Dennis settled three o'clock today we're gonna have a battle break your own are we holy crap thank God I finally get rid of you come try come try the arm inator gives you your own army of yourself yeah this is a machine that makes basically clones of you and gives you your own army they'll do what you say how many would you like how do you what Cody clones how leg just one all right just uh it's hot there dude get started all right or I should be working on whatever I just look inside well look there's two of you it does a surprise I wanna kill myself oh yeah baby waah let's go Freddy foxy yeah let's go psyched up Arman a terminator to give you your own army something I go to da what is this I hear are manator gives you your own RV of yourself well I want to Allah all right she'll be working now Oh girls look aside while two of that muscle surprise I want to kill myself poor gypped my own army come on guys let's go fight Carl foxy yeah let's go fight them yeah they're stupid idiots I want to die Armin a terminator gives you your Darby what's this I hear oh my god I'm gonna give you your own RV how many of them would you like I'll die three at me please alright should be working down come on up I don't think it worked as that working poof poof I thought of that three poof let's look inside well that's a surprise I want to kill myself should be over dude sorry well I own our we have three come on let's go it's done let's go destroy a car laughs ready yeah yeah let's go too Oh Armand a terminator looking like a nominator hi right Tyra hide in here so they don't see you and when I say attack you jump out with surprise them they'll be like what Carl has a clone yeah I just say leer sighs duh say okay okay attack okay okay that closes all right you guys could hide behind there and when I say attack you'll jump out at Carlo pee blood well prettiest clones stupid look at my parkour whoo-hoo all right you three I hide in here so when I say attack you attack and then they'll be like well to use cloud what what are you guys doing here same thing you're doing here

whiplash I see none of you guys bring your own army I sure didn't maybe

that was illegal to head close what did you guys just go to this blooper guy that said carbonator yeah yeah hey foxy see what three two oh yeah even cow Carl and Freddie how do you have to oh no oh do you have three why do you have two how do you have one yeah do you've worn cover myself once yeah can I call speckle car labor labor oh damn you're a cupcake they were a couple now Kyle Cup and I talked to go Maria look up take my breath here whoa bro weevil I still a 2 or 3 on 3 9 3 2 1 I guess there's I guess dr. Ranta reason oh wait a minute that's night night daily count bro oh hey we need one more dude funk only made three cupcake buddies I let the cupcake form for an f1 can't make that whatever I fancied to San Shi chica you don't have it wait you cost something to give it 3 2 1 what I take players missile enter all right you wouldn't ready to lose no boss to win yeah that's what they all say three two go yes what's a lecture yes wait what wow that's a little rough yeah Oh everyone okay yeah I'm good sup cuz biloxi lavake speak to me block see blue foxy are you okay big bro say something say something something you did this sorry my fingers left oh we don't have it yeah my handle slipped that was on purpose good bad guys can't kill my friend get away with it I'm gonna beat you up there oh you want us to use missile launcher no no please anything with that are you sure yes pressure nothing that I got that three-tail haha guys miss me ha oh did I cure it all of us yeah how do you do I don't know retreat ah yeah let's go hi kiddo Wow goodbye - destroyed foxy but you do Ellis yeah what's an exotic butter sandwich that's a good dub good oh but um we actually had a fight oh god yeah oh well he parried me so her parrying yeah wait a minute only uncovered wait a minute pink stung me that was a parry what yeah oh honey bury me I'm not pink everybody's up that voicecrack huh what what's going on darn you Ted everybody stop what they're doing is wrong we should have fight we should all just live in peace and harmony just like how we do on juicy butt oh yeah juicy butt you see boots I'll explain later yeah guys what we're doing is wrong I have to admit that yeah why do we start fighting in the first place yeah we should all just live in peace I know some people don't like other people but we don't have to fight yeah in the end it was Carla's idea oh poor poor Carl yay oh my god triangles let's go -

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