Conejo - Riot Coming

by: SixTrece Rider

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violence is a constant threat amongst again and when it happens no one can stay out of the fray right from me so I grabbed my Shack I said it smelled bad like a septic Jack what does you need a cataclysmic event I'm on the reservation and my TP with - go on the rampage and my tsunami you dreamt or this world here brothers going now knock down send the party demand with a career listen I felt a drive something put before me in prison I pursued and he barely you're like a bird Exorcist when I'm scared be young i'ma get away MC that you don't wanna bail on his fantasy rounds see the Cajun scatter they live with me your killer when my leg was the mom the g's finally so they could learn from across him suppers in Macomb Jack wasn't need me keeps of survival for me and my people master plan she's wrong on the man he a bad motherfucker put that one fee gang set up cookin cops to get wet the jack I said mr. Elliott County with the hood on his back I was born and she back in October last time I remember that I was sober I learned to conform with what I got the shit kept me focused with the static on blocks never stop more sidewalk martyrs homie tricks on my mind make me sleep with the burn a million soldiers it's an outdoor venue stick up girl television when it comes to the edge new drugs new drought the streets is round I'm graceful rock we're single fast and sit back up so these up on the landing apparently we people and we still expanding but it's drunk in the parking paparazzi are now the cameras get robbed the type of hook I must live in the brook fuck trying to grope I'll accept Pacific Ocean pilot bridge coming in fast Oh shopping get my footage for beers and rock up to the corner when I dropped by seals and we know but they're feeling fool Sonia my soldiers come doing some dog affairs response to ward and by this motherfuckers watch your back the bottle down right the fixated on aggravated assaults on society a superstar into your cook and your lady ain't shit what she deal with this pic i put her 1 accrual enough she bringing it in got a call from the stand that i sent to the bed and he was wrong pussycat control I see as if honest signal the yard erupts Hispanic gangs attack a rival african-american getting 200 inmates

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