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i'ma throw crowbar at you ready [Music] stop throwing stuff in me Oh do it [Music] what's the best achievers look what have here today with me hey that's right none other than the neighbor himself me not see when it's more thinks he's better than me at this game I am I don't think so we don't we are gonna have a race and see who can get to the basement first are you ready my man good that's got mm are you mark it says wait was it got ready hi we're off to seize it with a box I'm going into the house I'm going to grab me hey I'm getting a flashlight too oh oh there I am oh no oh ah minami Hey I mean yeah sorry you're not in there so confusing I'm playing with you but it's not you cuz you're here so he's there when I say really I know I know this is a very confusing he's wearing Mac gonna make me good do any spot wicked oh you got it that's a bad neighborhood let's see if you're still in front ah a dry go it got the magnet good whoa I'm inside you're not so you're not the Robin you're sleeping dude you're sleeping alright I just hurt you snore yeah not fun here not funny I just heard you snoring I have obstructive sleep apnea oh you have a disorder huh more like it did snorter aha it's not astonish okay and oh I got caught you got got baby got caught by yourself I leave impossible do I'm so gonna beat you I don't care about beating you dude I'm just here for having fun back to Golden Apple flame oh well hey you just do this I'm coming - oh no he hears me I had to do this come on come on come on I could crouch down a little bit crouch come on I gotta go like right okay all right right there Oh crouch and I gonna hit this boy I might hit it just go tiny bit more tiny bit more no okay and then I'm just gonna go I'm just gonna jump let go yeah yup a little no at the same spot you kidding me no are you kidding me no more crap oh I got the key key I got that key key jump yes I made all this could be a close game okay I got I got the key through resting spot one go up two or three yeah yes I made it I made it I made it oh hello hello the door no bro yeah excuse me open the door was it really hard alright okay I think yeah we're done we're done we're done in here um okay flashlight flashlight hello Sookie Kazuki God who a got the key code because this guy got the giggles oh alright Oh Roger sorry I'm bragging bars I'm winning I'm winning do I need this I don't think I need that get this chair out of here do I need to something any desk you get it out of here alrighty where's my flat yes did my planets all right right here okay oh you got caught you got caught ah dude I'm so beat you how does it feel to be a Whizzer you know I just loser I mean I just I was just saying don't like loser but it's loser oh he didn't get here to get my straining you don't get my shine man let's go back out here I got everything who's a gun there's absolute trick to open up this uh this little thing right there but that's not why we're here right now we are here to break this hall break it wait how should I break it I break it like this costume yes to the consensus is in break it like that and then out of here and let me see yeah here's a ladder or care you ask oh no if you're making a hole were catching up you are mustard here I go and wait I can't see anything I can't know anything no I wasn't supposed to do that I keep getting myself oh man I felt I felt I felt I felt I feel I fell I fell what's wrong with the door kid you're through oh yeah like I can't get this sir bear trap don't put a bear trap here why can I get a quick gonna get killed there's a letter ring box down what someone's right here Fox in the house okay something's wrong there I go okay get my box back yes thank you sir up the ladder we go wait why are you doing dude look at the door ah dude yeah it's not funny do you your door frames like messed up okay I know oh here we go bottom right I think we know who's getting in the basement Falls okay right here and then I would do a little oh no this women first jump yet and I will crouch now I was just jump and then I will crown all I felt as though I fell place it down and then longer shorter okay watch this watch this I will just one hmm three Rico okay and now crouching yes alright I'm here where are you at I'm still here dude I know it's a your door frame that's what I'm saying it's a glitch it doesn't matter if it's a glitch what's all fair in love and war just to be clear I don't I don't love you but this thing will get started I'm just gonna throw something out this window dude yeah it's pretty much over at this world no I thought I saw slavery good it's pretty much over I'm just leather just give up I'm not broken laying off giving up won't we what just wait hello okay switch Chris make you gun okay boom mugs quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly I got all of them I got out of themselves okay now this time Boise that was cool I gosh I'm just gonna run up i gosh yeah you got me yeah okay it doesn't matter if you got me in the game yes it does it matters in real life if you can't do more outside I like that I'm just going to go straight in put the key card in got it coming at me okay I'm one step closer okay go quick I'm going quick I'm going quick I'm going quick yes oh no hoping all the way open all the way oh my god you a master tool man oh okay pretty far it's pretty much open oh closed ok ty one don't you just want to quit no new look here you are oh come on would you oh yeah watch this i'ma throw a crowbar at you ready I'm throwing stuff in me oh dude yeah in a game it didn't actually hurt you you never you never do something with a king who punches people okay digitally seventeen okay this can you go really cute I'm gonna run around you I'll back you up so you can catch me you can't get me in the gingerbread man sink you're a bitch go haha I got you oh okay I'm just gonna see what you do I keep my flashlight off I get a kill here Watch you cuz you're just here now you haven't gotten the key card yet no it's so bad at than shortly shut the door you shut the door you monkey's uncle what my uncle's a monkey okay so you were coming are you sure you that's just an expression I know your monkey I know you're Elmo's not really a monkey no he actually did here ah I didn't know how you found out so should be a secret dude this is like this is really entertaining just watching you fail so bad at it you know you're pretty rude you're you're pretty rude got my no idea just how weird you want I'm yes do your nightly chose do you lightly chose and okay I think I have enough time hahaha break this window yeah like this I would do doing okay whatever no right here I'll just back up and roll music I'm just toying with you oh that was just a figment of my imagination although Jesus you're trying oh yeah so room and cry and cry Ruben Kruger says that no time I can is itself a fetish all right so everybody's doctor no get away colonel get away you knock it off just shine that's what you like see they've already seen hire you places everybody knows you're a crybaby turn it off the screen Hey Oh now that you here can I ask you a question don't tell me who what is this guy who is that guy you're from rise of the Guardians what over the dark guy are you kidding me from rise of the Guardians yeah you don't remember pitch you little bitch that's bitch good no that was page from rise of the Guardians Oh another question otherwise in other words what what is what's the qr-code about that's my coupon coffee where I keep all my coupons this is your coupon closet that's what I said that's weird Oh smell you keep all your coupons in here not all okay I'm sorry I know you're playing stop distracting did you stake me who I can't play them still at the part where I'm the Crouch into the hole in my doing I'm so do free I have a hole in my doing I don't have one everything clear repeat it you might as well just stop why you lying to continue you I'm not eating about let you get a chair I'm not a quitter yeah nobody not a quitter I gotta get into your own house better than you do it's pretty sad knocks I anyways we're done I'm going to bum-rush you three that's why I'm crying what yeah look I never really is on the right side you get the kid still see I'm still playing it still see that I'm gonna show you could still see something on the right son I just do hello looks like I'm gonna win oh look you can still see through that's cool I didn't know that man anyways not even now we're going away you're just you're just gonna stay here and play up well I'm out guys thanks so much for watching subscribe peace out but I'll out that out get out of here stink anywhere you stink you stink like be Vinci my favorite movie I love that movie elf I'm just gonna stay here and play see I get the crowbar this Kings not so hard look at it Marty pot odd collie go getting the nails out look ah again our key card no oh all right here we go ahead get it just took me a couple extra minutes but beating well thanks for watching peace out usually pop will above this table is black let me just get my own that table nah nah nah nah nah nah it looks like the turntable half table turned my ears you're so not pointy yo yo DJ B man here

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