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and what I'd like to do is share with you dr. MacDougall's color picks your book on food poisoning on food poisoning and how to cure it by eating beans corn potatoes sweet potatoes and rice however before I put this color picture book out I wanted to test it to make sure that it worked what I did as I sat down with my six eight and ten-year-old grandsons who live right near us they're Heather's children live right near us and I sat down with them and I went through the 66 pictures in the color picture book and I asked them do you understand this and they said yes grandpa we understand so I figured if they understood it everybody could understand it and what I did is I used the universal signs for go and stop and caution and that helped them understand what I was talking about in terms of what they're supposed to do so if you'd like to read dr. MacDougall's cut this is all I'm not writing any more word books if you'd like to read dr. MacDougall's color picture book on food poisoning and how to cure it you just go to my website it's there and as I say it's probably at 15 languages now and hopefully we get it in 30 40 50 60 languages so people couldn't understand food poisoning you must I think I think these days that's all I look at it as is you must look at this as food poisoning and when you do when you look at it as food poison it all makes sense you know exactly what to do like for example say what was the the book endurance you may read the book endurance about Shackleton's trip to the Antarctic you know I just finished a good book the men's they were suffering from lead poisoning you remember that in the book the the men they were eating what was a tomatoes out of lead cans and they were suffering from lead poisoning these are the explorers to the Antarctic back a hundred years ago and their ship the endurance it's sunk in the Antarctic and all they had was canned supplies and and the cans were made of lead and pretty soon they started losing their hair and their fingernails and they were suffering from lead poisoning food poisoning and guess what as soon as the doctor remembered the doctor on there as soon as the doctor discovered what it was he stopped the men from eating the tomatoes which were in cans that were made of lead and guess what happened in a couple of weeks the lead poisoning was cured same thing with methyl mercury people are suffering from methyl mercury poisoning when you stop the food poisoning they're cured or say you had a chronic staphylococci or Salmonella or Listeria poison it was going on you were poisoning yourself with these microbes all the time the way you would cure it was you would stop the food poisoning yes all right well what people are suffering from and maybe hopefully when I get done with this presentation you'll look at it from the same point of view that I do what people are suffering from in our society is food poisoning it's food poisoning of such a grandiose level it far exceeds any lead poisoning tobacco poisoning heroin poisoning calculon cocaine poisoning alcohol poisoning all the poisons you can imagine in your family in your personal life in your community in your country in your world all the poisons you can imagine put together are insignificant compared to the food poison is going on now in terms of the toll that it takes on you personally your family your community your nation and planet Earth food poisoning food poisoning and and the way you cure food poisoning you stop the food poisoning but you have to recognize it first as food poisoning otherwise you're kind of helpless this is food poisoning two-thirds of people according to Curt statistics suffer from food poisoning in this form they're overweight or obese and of course being overweight and obese that's associated with more heart disease more breast cancer more colon cancer more prostate cancer more that's how you get type 2 diabetes so food poisoning results in being overweight and obesity and the secondary manifestations that you see so commonly in our society this is one result of food poisoning this is food poisoning type 1 and type 2 diabetes is due to food poisoning and if you stop the food poisoning people with type 2 diabetes are cured and people with type 2 1 diabetes are greatly benefited not cured food poisoning 135 million people every every year in the United States suffer from this form of food poisoning in terms of a heart attack its food poisoning food poisoning in my May 2014 newsletter I published an article that I wouldn't have published in the past if I would have written this story you know that I wrote my May 2014 newsletter if I written a 20 or 30 years ago my colleagues would have likely come after me labelled me a quack told me that I was I was delusional I was misleading patients I was keeping them from good standard arthritic care by telling them that lupus rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis our consequence of food poisoning from the rich Western diet and if you stopped it as I reported my May 2014 newsletter I showed you ten cases of debilitating deadly inflammatory arthritis people with rheumatoid Syriana karthe writers who just stopped the food poisoning you were cured ten cases published it didn't get a single comment from a single rheumatologist from a single member of any medical society anyplace because of this day and age folks medical and non-medical recognized food poisoned you know it to be true and realized we have to do something about it so this is food poisoning food poisoning breast colon to prostate cancer are due to food poisoning everybody knows about the purple pill why does everybody know about GERD and indigestion nexium in the purple pill it's because we have massive food poisoning out there you can go into pharmacies all over the world you can see these pills for sale all over the Western world why because people are suffering from food poisoning food poisoning this is food poisoning okay so now you recognize as a matter of fact if you stop and think about it yeah and if you even if you hear there's even any hint in your mind that what I say is true what you're thinking right now is every place I look I see food poisoning all through my family through my school through my business every place I look people are suffering from food poisoning while they are and the only way you're going to fix it is to stop the food poisoning just like shackled and his men did with lead poisoning a hundred years ago they stopped eating out of the lead cans and the body healed and the food poisoning went away food poisoning has been recognized for thousands of years you can go back 3500 years ago four thousand years ago look at the priests priestess pharaohs kings queens of the Middle East of Egypt the mummies you look at the bump mummified remains of these aristocrats from 3500 4000 years ago and you see that they suffer from food poisoning mr. recent report of 44 autopsies so to speak done with cat-scans where they look through the arteries of priests priests ischemic Wiens Pharaohs and they found out of the 44 that they examine 20 had extensive atherosclerosis hardening of the arteries in the heart the kidneys the aorta the legs and so on they suffer from food poisoning 3500 4000 years ago and the aristocrats of three four or five hundred years ago the kings and queens of the past were fat had the gout had diabetes they suffer from food poisoning its back then three four thousand years ago or four or five hundred years ago there were only a few people who are wealthy enough to poison themselves with rich food the difference is is today we have a society thanks to the Industrial Revolution modern technology and fossil fuels we have a society where everybody in Western society can afford to and does poison themselves with rich foods Burger King Dairy Queen Imperial margarine that's why people are sick from food poisoning due to the rich Western diet alright so how do you fix food poisoning this is a revelation that I've had to come through to after 40 years I used to be a nice guy I'm not a nice guy anymore I used to tell people they have to do better they have to be sensible they have to be reasonable they have to cut down nobody ever got better I mean I know you most do you know that I never really did that I was always pretty tough but I kind of I kind of was nicer in the past and it's over the last four decades of trying to help people get better that I have been able to speak more clearly about what you must do if you recognize food poisoning just like the Nelson Twins and Willie their brother and Sabrina and some of you if you recognize that you're suffering from food poisoning that's causing acne chest pain breast lumps constipation indigestion if you recognize that in yourself or your friends or relatives what you must do is you must stop the food poisoning clean it simple you can't cut down why can you not cut down disability Nelson Twins tried they couldn't do it they just told you they had to recognize the problem and do it a hundred percent the reason is there's not because a hundred percent really is required you could do 99.99% if you could but you can't I know you can't that's what I've come to the conclusion about over all these many years is people can't cut down they can't be reasonable they can't be sensible they can't be prudent they have to deal with food poisoning the same way that some of us have had to do deal with tobacco poisoning and some of us have had to deal with alcohol poisoning and some of us have had to deal with cocaine and heroin and other kinds of poisonings what we had to do is we had to to change our behavior as we had to stop a hundred percent believe me I quit smoking October 20th 1972 at 7 a.m. in the morning the only reason I am free now is because every day I get up and say I will not smoke another cigarette you know who I'm talking about [Music] there are very few of you who can be moderate and smoke two cigarettes a day or have a glass of wine three or four times a week if you are the kind of personality that I am and you probably recognize the same thing with food if you want to get over the obesity overweight constipation indigestion etc we want to change your future you have to do what Nancy Reagan told us to do remember what Nancy Reagan said to the drug addicts yeah that's what you have to do there's nothing in between you just have to say no you have to stop doing it

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