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hi everyone I'm Poonam welcome to my kitchen making yogurt is a simple two-step process heat the milk add culture and put it at a warm undisturbed place and the yogurt is ready but why do it at home when we have so much variety available out there in the stores when I make yogurt at home I get to choose what milk I put into it whether I'm using whole milk 2% 1% of fat-free whether I'm using organic or regular here I have 3 cups of whole milk in a pan I went to the pan before pouring in the milk this prevents burning of the milk at the bottom I'll switch the heat to medium and heat the milk I usually do this in the microwave it takes almost 4 and a half minutes for 3 cups of milk to get to a temperature around 190 195 degrees from that is the temperature at which the proteins in the milk alter their nature so that they can coagulate in the presence of the good bacteria that we introduced by putting in the starter culture the milk seems to be ready now I can see steam coming out of it and I can see these small bubbles at the edge of the pan so this is an indication that the milk has reached a temperature of around 80 degree Celsius I'll switch off the heat for now and transfer the milk to the pan in which I plan to set the yogurt the milk is cooling in this bowl and I bring this down to a temperature of around 40 to 45 degree Celsius or 110 220 degrees Fahrenheit but how do I know that the milk has reached that temperature that is when the comfort food comes in and insert a finger in the milk and counter fight if the milk is too hot and I need to pull out the finger before the counter fire means I have to wait further for a few minutes before it comes to the appropriate temperature and if one inserting the finger I can go beyond the count of five it means that the milk has cooled more than what is required so I'll need to heat that milk again maybe a few more degrees so at that moment I'll add knee culture now what is the starter culture the starter culture is nothing but a yogurt from a previously made batch but if you are doing it for the first time you don't have any previously made batch of yogurt you could use the culture from a store-bought yogurt we just need that good bacteria and once we have put in the culture we are going to put this at a warm place and the baqia gap get that right temperature to multiply and the proteins will coagulate to form yogurt so let's see if it's done 1 2 3 4 5 yeah it's perfect I can put in the culture right now the culture is at room temperature and I beat it lightly with a spoon so that there are no lumps I'll stir in three teaspoons of yogurt in this milk 1 teaspoon for each cup of milk and give this a good mix I'll transfer this to an insulated box this box now goes in the oven the oven is not heated it's just that it's warmer than the rest of the house now it will take around five to six hours in the oven and then I will take it out and transfer the bowl to the fridge this will be a very sweet yogurt if you want a little tart or Tsar yogurt you can let it stay in the box in the oven for almost eight to 10 hours so now here I have a yogurt that I made yesterday I'll show it to you how this one would look once it is set this is the yogurt that I made yesterday and put in the refrigerator it's very thick and creamy since I made this out of whole milk very little ways they're very thick yogurt now I'm going to make strained yogurt out of this to make strained yogurt I need muslin cloth or cheesecloth then I need a strainer and I need a bowl a bowl big enough so that when the strainer is put on the bowl it does not touch at the bottom to make strained yogurt I have taken a piece of cheesecloth and doubled it I'll put this on top of the strainer and set the strainer on the board I'll transfer all the yogurt on the strees cloth the way will get separated and go down into the bowl and thick yogurt will stay on the cheesecloth the way has already started separating if you plan to make Greek yogurt allow this on the strainer for at least eight to ten hours or say overnight on the kitchen she'll and start with sour yogurt if you want sweet yogurt allow the yogurt to strain for two to three hours and put this whole setup in the refrigerator here I have yogurt that has trained three hours ago I have thick yogurt on top of the cheesecloth all the way has collected in this bowl this way is very healthy one could wring this or use it to need those four different Reds I have transferred the strained yogurt and I have got one cup of strained yogurt from three cups of plain yogurt thick creamy strained yogurt so guys this is how I make yogurt at home hope this video was useful for you if you like the video do give me a thumbs up and remember to subscribe to my channel Unum sketchin see you again very soon with a new recipe with a new idea till

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The count 5 rule is an easy, foolproof, and time-tested method for making plain and strained yogurt. Making yogurt at home turns out to be very economical and gives ample options for the kind of milk used. Ingredients: Whole Milk (3 cups) Yogurt (3 tsp) Notes: 1. Make sure that the yogurt(culture) you use has live, active culture. 2. The amount of culture required varies with the temperature of the place where you set the yogurt. So, not everyone will need to use 3 tsp for 3 cups of milk. At my home, a temperature of around 70 deg F is maintained in the house. The kitchen tends to get warmer because of all the cooking. The oven is warmer than the kitchen because of the heat from gas stove above the oven. And then, I put the bowl in an insulated container. This is how I maintain an optimum temperature for setting the yogurt. One may enclose the bowl in a warm cloth, like a shawl or a woolen sweater and put it inside a cabinet. This method is often used in India where a constant temperature is usually not maintained in the house. In such a place, the amount of culture used varies drastically with the outside temperature; varying from using a few spoonfuls of whey in Summers to tablespoons of firm yogurt in the Winters. 3. If you are setting yogurt for the first time, start with little quantity of milk and use 1 tsp yogurt as culture for 1 cup of milk. If the yogurt is set but is not very firm then use that yogurt but 1 1/2 tsp as culture for the 2nd cup of milk. If in the first attempt the yogurt is set very quickly, say 2 hours but gives out lots of whey or is sour, then use lesser quantity of culture for the 2nd cup of milk. Now repeat the same for the 3rd cup of milk. Using this technique, figure out the amount of culture required for setting yogurt at your place. Only then increase the amount of milk and use proportionate amount of culture. Once this is set, you adjust the amount of culture only if the temperature in your house changes ( if a fixed temperature is not maintained) Like me on Facebook!

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