Doug Williams - GodSpeak Interview - 2008 JMAA's

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hello everyone I would Doug Williams of the Williams brothers how are you this evening though I am great how are you doing I am wonderful wonderful a great time here to Jackson Music Awards and having a lot of fun just have a great time I know this is not your first visit no we've been here for minute minutes as many years before and just but it's always the blessed to come back thanks fun to come back tell me what projects you're working on this year actually we're getting ready to go to the studio here in just a few weeks we're gonna be working on a brand new wave of this project which we haven't done one in almost five years I'm still here with the very last wave bus project that we've done so people have been asking what are we gonna do another waves for this project so it's getting ready to happen it'll be out before the end of the year all right good what would you like to collaborate with people like J miles to run the Clark Cole I mean those some of my favorites just some of the great people in the industry though but those two particularly in particular okay tell me how your faith has shaped your life in your career well actually my whole career my whole life is based around faith I mean everything that we've done from the very early stages of our career love it to where we are now has been faith-based I mean we put all our trust and faith in God and if it wasn't for my faith that I would have given up a long time ago so it's all about faith right right what would you like to say to your fans well of course I always want to say to my fans that I really appreciate you god bless you we thank you so much for your support over the years how you purchased our CDs my albums I cassettes from way back you know apples were back in the day you know people that start out with us like 40 years ago we still have a lot of those same fans who are still supporting the Williams brothers so I just want to say god best we love you and we really do appreciate your support and oneno leave us with your favorite guys speak the one scripture that always goes with me everywhere I go is that I can do all things through Christ which strengthens can't get any better than air thank you so much for stopping by

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This clip is form the 2008 Jackson Music Awards in Jackson, MS The TV show "GodSpeak" hosted by Tonya Gray was on the scene with all the celebs. Be encourage and bless by these wonderful words. Enjoy.
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