WHO HAS THE BEST FANS?! (Scrap Mechanic)

by: Jelly

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mechanic time hey guys yes jelly you explained all right today we're featuring our logos our creations from our fans all right that's right so so we're gonna see who has the best fans all right it's gonna be the battle of we need to show our logos all right and then we show our logo with cars like whatever yeah let's have a look at dirty oh my god that's the same one it's not stupid I'll get out of it I'll get out of it

[Music] just close the door you're gonna fall out Josh oh my god that's how we do these things dirty dirty has you oh god let me check it out okay actually we have to look from this side because now it's the Kade the other way around it's not the game it's a reverse yeah Oh

dirty remove this piece of shit okay let's remove it I think Josh should show us your slogan and logo creation how do you turn it on looks like it's supposed to move Josh I think you can get in it yeah you need to get inside of it Josh okay under there there you go I mean

what the hell this is no nice move guys

what is this it's a slug obviously you're getting really slugs don't have legs well maybe but I like a break then I like to say so a little hold on the backhand way back it's super loud as well I know it rodeo that is silly we don't even fucking Spain for fuck sakes come on I know it did not last long

delete it all right guys come over here okay it's the jelly logo this is what terrible it's more than that it's more than that let me just let me just show you

it's the sliding jelly you know I'm jelly slides they tried to recreate that oh that's a tree job you can't go backwards it's okay oh wait maybe I have another one maybe that one's shit though that what shit guys wait wait for it all right come on this side guys

it's the dancing jelly move on to cars all right time for some cars oh my god what is this what the hell this looks really strange Oh machine gonna talk to it this is huge right away Oh God what is the range for stabilization oh I might shoot dirty it's through shooting a birdie I think you're calling your father

how is this thing not without the engine all right now shoot me yeah shoot us Jordy all right nice car Jordy but thank you I don't think it's the best one all right guys this is called the jelly Pathfinder guys don't do that I just put that chair down so I could uh I could join on on the ride up oh great it's a bad sign it finds the bad did you just follows work but this is the all road car you can drive this wherever you want or even up this hill yes okay I'm in the back I'm too heavy it's my you know saying he would go up any paths as I said it would do if you would be able to go on any paths all right guys it even happens if you remove the middle bit oh wait go to the right Josh go to the right I thought journey would go to the right as well okay guys I want to see tardies car now I'm on my own we already saw Jordan I mean josh is Jesus Christ to screw up the names all the time all right guys all right Josh

are you fucking kidding me Billy wait for it insane guy supposed to put a chair down while you're driving away didn't he come see us what's going on guys listen I've noticed something judge what's this made for you or did someone steal no to someone so on tonight this nope just you know why what's going on Jordy look at this wheel it's orange yeah yeah yeah yeah get the other wheel it's white red or orange no no and then this one is red I'm colorblind well you know what I don't care I'm out of here I think so let's show this car and painting it reg would never steal right right can't even go up hills we will never do strips Navy yeah yeah and like Joshua is doing great without wheels absolutely great yeah it doesn't even go down wheels back up oh my god yeah put the wheels back on they're still not working but some more wheels on there it's a work in progress okay I think it's a I think it's time to control all delete listing all afford did we move on to their loss I think we should all right time for the Jets baby time for the Jets yay alright so this is my money your flame plane Josh what is this well this actually looks pretty cool I'm gonna give it to you

wait well I'll give it a try there you go holdin on I'm holdin on I've got a helmet on it's fine guys it's fine why did you delete my seat okay well that's a great way gosh nice wings to bow down to your slug Overlord

I think it's enough this is the public option it's only partially Orange yeah that's very orange yeah come on we don't know and we go in there hey hey I'm inside of a guy's what are these birds for oh I don't know you click on random lines and airplanes but oh god it blew out guys please come and pick me up

okay look I'm a nobody this is AE a buddy made some holes in there by Jody he was screwed up eating you fuck it was nice knowing you oh it is definitely crashing I think we should just wait here jelly he'll be back right guys are you ready for the last one

there we go the jelly rocky Jordi Jordi wait no Jordi it's mine Dilli get in there Jordi good boys John open it in there John hey I won't leave you guys come on you come in guys just don't don't delete stuff oh you fucking kidding me go fly who the fuck deleted the certs let me borrow say it's totally fine working that way Josh you don't that's not how you do rocket listen listen it's me I work at SpaceX

oh six at night and eight there's some orange no that's that's not okay there's just no Orange no it's just a jelly slow go man car there's no orange juice a little bit there's no orange on this car thing we all know that my big has been the best thanks for watching let us know in the comment section which which one was the best we have to be with you how do we how do we kick Jordi from the

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