Full Shade Succulent Arrangement

by: Laura Eubanks

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it's Laura designed for serenity veneer succulent tip of the day and obviously still here in Mesa but wanted to show you some succulent choices that I made for this trio of pots up by the front door in the shade these will give it zero direct Sun lots of bright light so kind of like a house plant I guess it kind of situation so I chose some things that have worked for me porcini plantings we're going to start with our filler or our big item this is an aloe it's called green audiences it's maintained its green Verde green color in shade this is one that has worked really really well for me we also have agave Barak diosa this is another shade loving succulent now many of you have asked me recently to identify your edge of areas stop I don't know I mean there are a million hybrids out there it could be anything these H of area are hybrids we're gonna call them give a flora hybrids from now on it's a very typical or a hybrid if you say that to anybody they're gonna think you know your stuff so just don't even stress okay just remember that most echeverria with the exception of the cultivar sahara really prefer some protection from the sun and i think that this is going to get enough bright light to keep them from any lady or from reaching will see I'll come back in a few months and check on things and I will bring you with me but for now this is the selection with I've got my allo staged remember always left or right of Center and it's really important when you're doing pots to know how your plants are going to grow and if you don't don't stress trial and error you know unless you're a professional designer then you better know but if they're just doing this for you you know don't worry just go ahead and plant and learn and watch and observe I am going to pull in a couple of crassula like a pointy one remember this bun one from the video the other day this is one that will tolerate the shade as well and it's a wonderful filler plant in a pot I love the texture on this then I'm going to pull in this is another crassula X Z cos oysters that I can never remember how to pronounce this one but it is a it's actually kind of a succulent vine isn't that interesting can you see the tendrils on that so this is one that can grow up too if you want it to it is another shade loving succulent so I want to plant this right in front of and off to the right of my oh like a 40 or 80 s and this plant is going to act as my Spiller in this then we'll have still this way because I want to pull in this edge of area before

remember it's okay to push off a lot of the soil it helps you get leverage so that you can pack plants and closer together and this lends some color so I know that this light that this owl is going to grow the fastest and the highest then the like appointee IDs is next this edge a very give a flora hybrid is pretty much the schools in here and this Silver Dollar vine is going to spill this way over to the side so now I've got some room to fill around the side of this pot so I'm gonna pull in some of this caudal leaving for color I'm not sure exactly how this is going to perform in the shade I know this is a really really tough plant so I'm gonna give it a shot and see how it does and this is gonna give me some really good pop of purple in here I know how it grows so it'll be fine off to the side behind that echeverria

right it's looking so good now it one of the things that I do when I got some little gaps like this you know they're not really big enough gaps to cram entire plants into but they're big enough that you feel like you need something so this is where pretty much any variety of craft supplies will come into play

this is crossies compact rasuluh crosby's compact just the toughest little jade known to man if you stress it out in the Sun it turns really really red but it does great in the shade too it's not going to color up much but this is a great one for tucking into the gaps and you are designed show you what I mean so I'm gonna take a piece and again I'm not gonna worry about hardening off the callus because this is dry soil and I don't plan on watering for about a month anyway so see see here we just we've got a little you know it's just up it just looks a little messy so I'm just going to tuck this crassula right here in that gap and see how nicely that fills in the spot and I'm gonna do that all the way around the back of this pot so this is a great choice if you're looking to create just some little fill ends in your potted arrangements [Music] oh look it's Greg and he's got a new shirt let's see let's see Greg's new shirt okay take off grid oh my okay that's cute that's so funny

oh yeah this is just the perfect thing to fluff fluff it up

ooh-wee look at that whoa law love it out one more quick thing blooms when you come home see these these are these hot elite they're done they finished blooming so I think it's time to cut these I often will cut blooms too because I won't be back here to check on these pots for a month so if I see a blue on its way out it's best for me to take care of it now oh right that is awesome this has been Laura Eubanks of design for serenity reporting from La Mesa California with your succulents for the shade succulent tip of the day show me

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