Duratrax 835e comapred to the HPI Vorza

by: JayTee RC

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hey everyone this is going to be a quick video on comparing the HPI boards of flux to the door tracks 8:35 ibague you guys know I purchased both of these kits and I have a couple of videos running videos up if you want to see these two vehicles in action and running I want to do this video real quick as I know there's been a couple questions about which one is better and I'll give you guys which one I think is better in my opinion and I don't excuse me so I'm not gonna too much get into some of the things like radios they both come with 2.4 gigahertz radio s so the radios are pretty much the same specs they have like analog trim knobs and stuff like that on it and several reversing so the radios are you know for what these buggies are good enough for me and the kind of running I do I don't need all the digital stuff and all that put on there but as far as the two buggies go running side by side 4-speed stock out the box when we took these out and we ran the to the Duratrax was actually faster than the bores ax and the board's I had a 17-2 and Garrett and the door tracks had I think it's a 13 stock and I do have a video up of that if you guys wants to see those two running together I was a little surprised about the boys would be a little bit faster especially with the higher pinion gear in it but so the door tracks was faster now with the cars in general as far as with length and all that they're basically the same the height of them they basic gospel sit about the same the voices probably sitting just a little bit lower if you can see their handling wise again it goes to the door tracks when we were out driving him the door tracks did handle a lot better and I know some of the tread is worn down on these but even with tread we were still flipping the board's over which is kind of interesting that we could flip a buggy like this even on 4s just in grass so jumping the cars are about the same weight wise of course the vores it is heavier but that's also due to the thicker chassis that the horse has try and get this up and probably sooner than I do have a car and stuff in there but as far as durability neither car broke for the door tracks when I was driving it the first time one of these screws right underneath in there but the steering knuckles came out and that was a little disappointing but I went ahead and put that back in there and put some Loctite on and I haven't had any problems since I know a lot of people have had that issue I had those come out so I do recommend if you do get this to lock tight put some blue light on the screws and go ahead and screw those it's the screws that's right up in there where my thumb is that so I do recommend you do that but I haven't had any other problems or issues with that as far as some of the shocks stuff like that the boards of shocks do look to be constructive a lot better than the door tracks ones but I still have them like I said had any problems or issues with any of that stuff on any of the vehicles if you can look at the wings there you will see that the door track swing is constructed a little bit different than the Bertha but it didn't make too much of a difference as far as handling and jump and they both also jump well system wise the bores ax comes with the flux system and with that you can run up to a success light bulb which is great actually um it increases the speed of and they can actually handle that type of power and speed which is good which would make for a great speed run car whereas with the door tracks it is limited to a forest lipo so if you didn't want to go to success you'd have to upgrade the system I'm not too sure this motor can handle that but let me take these pins off real quick and show you guys what this looks like on the inside both of these being compared hopefully you can see the comparison in those two constructors somewhat the same motors are on the same side you know pinion are sorry servo is um servos I turn different ways as you see right there but the receiver box is behind here on the versa where it's on the left here on the door attracts the motors like I said they're both 2200 cavies but the castle motor is stronger a lot more power a lot more torque in it and the magnets are stronger you can even feel it whereas the door tractors not but it still ran well the door tracks one is waterproof the this one for this Bora is not waterproof so give or take on that there's a huge price difference as well the boors is like 649 where the door tracks is 399 and you can do some Tower hobbies discounts and promotions to get about 40 bucks off or so and I believe for a limited time door tracks also giving you a $40 coupon to buy parts and stuff with so that's also really good so in a nutshell between these two buggies I like the door tracks better and I like it because of the price point of it it's a lot cheaper it is waterproof and it did handle better it's not as fast as far as if you put a 6 s light pole and compared to the 4s 5 points if you try to max out both cars because this can't handle a success but running both of these on 4s this one was faster the door tracks was faster and you guys can check the videos out with that as well so it's gonna be flipping a coin but it's for me right now it's gonna be sticking with the door track so do you guys have any questions don't forget to comment down below and also

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Just a quick comparison between the Duratrax 835e and HPI Vorza. These are my personal thoughts having owned and run both cars. Each cars has its pros as well as cons, but both are great buggies.
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