Red alert 2 Me vs 7 brutal soviets (part 1)

by: pimpiiti

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Auctions building

Construction complete building new construction options Construction complete building training unit ready construction elite building construction complete building new construction options Construction complete building construction complete building

roll Construction complete building new conception options

Construction complete my report new construction options first unit ready

Construction complete insufficient funds there's new construction of shame

building you

our base is under attack

unit promoted unit law

you're loaded

you get ready

unit lost unit ready

unit 1 enforcement

unit emotive new technology

building unit ready unit promoted repair vehicle registered unit reporting securing position destination coming in securing position reinforcements ready unit lost already conclusion

unit ready good to go securing position standing

right you

to go training unable to comply building


target repairing outstanding I feel


unit promoting morning Iron Curtain to graduate feed those reinforcements ready target

promoted cancel warning Iron Curtain detected yes sir outstanding unit reporting reporting for minor under attack

unit lost unit promoted

check out the warning

reinforcements select target

unit promoted yeah already worked out standing ready to roll

Claire defeated construction completed unit lost insufficient funds

bonus beer ready


selectively targeting

structured sole unit loss

unit promoted

unit promoter


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