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well hello boys and girls welcome to the dream gym lessons we learnt on well I think actually I recorded a really aren't kind of out this chain uh like a few weeks ago or something folks um yeah I think I did I don't know for sure but we are online right now this isn't same folks it is 8:32 p.m. okay now there's only I should be in bed right now okay it is 32 minutes play many but no wing it very rarely okay like I said I think we maybe did a couple weeks ago but we very rarely play ant this time ladies and gentlemen up here so the people who are on right now as you can see all the people who are on these are like a different crowd of people we we should maybe again do we have any more ender pearls up here yeah you know you don't even run now okay Wow okay this is this is a junk this should be and illegal there should be a federal crime I guess you know whatever 12 ender pearls you know yeah okay but yeah the people it's a whole nother group of people who are usually I am not playing with so get brown has you gotta go find it what is this okay okay wait is that does that say okay okay why is my name you know you know fellas I'm caring you know fellas I know I don't know what kind of people okay I really don't it appears to be a rated big swing area 51's shell area 51 okay actually a jam girl Reina ball thunks should we brief it we good if we won Jim oh oh wait can you not shift on this oh wow that is your minecraft tip of the day ladies and gentlemen you cannot shift over like hold shift you go down you won't shift here you don't go down Wow feather that's who's gonna save my life and the future folks I did not know that okay I mean maybe I'm a Minecraft now I don't know but yeah if you did not know that like I didn't there You've yelling arrow you are much better at minecraft see if you could watch into that I guess that's okay but we have to invest ocean spouts we really I mean we gonna do whatever the heck we won't go anywhere oh okay you don't even you don't even want to know man okay you don't you don't you don't want to know okay I helped do it why is that you know you know what actually folks okay actually I'm removing it okay that is not abhi else okay you don't even want to know what's on there folks okay not abusing I am doing community service folks okay I am doing community service right there I'm sorry folks we'll all the stinking people apparently aren't blaming folks I actually uh I've heard this from somebody folks and this was the first time that I had ever seen somebody complain about the road of the night claimed down food okay but apparently sounds rude okay that is like the main road all right as you can see we're on West Road right now the top left you can see there but sound thrilled that's the road where when you first spawn it's fun if you just run straight vanish South Road folks okay so obviously it would make sense the back road would be like the most popular um so maybe we should check a trip on over to South Road folks um but yeah somebody somebody was complaining then I didn't build my base and a shell throat well helps I was like really this is this is where we're getting to you at this point okay I'm having people complain that I did not build my base on their preferred minecraft world like just imagine okay you know man you know just thinking back ten years down the line you'll be looking back you know be so sure damn I checked out some kid because I didn't bill down the road he wanted me to himself you know there's always that folks okay but a let's get the spawn [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay folks so we have now made it to a Sun which oh yeah we're you're gonna go down ass out there looks okay I was like what are we doing so yeah as you can see like that's Swan right there so then people this is just they run this wing oh okay that is like s wine sale there I mean that it's legislate okay that does let me just I'm sorry yeah we're gonna go on a little lap hurry so Perry um we probably don't need to drink up on the in business okay uh we'll just wait it until we like get you a thousand where they're the bases start being flukes park job all right yeah let me let me run [Music] okay folks we are about a thousand now so we're gonna go ahead and drink that potion up just because now as you can see people if you don't know you cannot claim basis for and the first 1000 blocks but we have now made it into the area where people can claim it hasn't been yeah okay you know all you little boys else you say South Road is popping on how common is it okay hey popping off its sound throat okay I'm not training crazy PvP battles going on I'm milk train any PvP by on the holster okay so I think on your boils Amazon cane or show me climbed into a pair don't care you can have the stinking round [Music]

Parker now exceeded James um I don't know what anyone in jail folks okay this students gonna see me he's out of the base for anything know what if you just head out right here like like I'm getting rights I'm kidding no way lon what who the heck would be withering me right now um okay that was an interesting to say the least caring hideout now fill in the world would be withering and can you wither like that there appears to be a spawner down there I hear a fox okay well I don't know can you wither freakin spiders somebody just come up see what the problem offense folks we honestly might want to take our room and just go for an anvil jury honestly why are we shifting oh I guess you're alone lower when you shift we're gonna do that okay we're gonna go for the invisi rain folks okay one zero three four and you can put you up linear we're gonna go for that folks because it's just gonna be easier we cannot we're not gonna be able to um wait let's run away kind of so I can folks there's only one little percentage point down but we just want you uh get that out of the way okay but yeah we more chill actually attempt to get into the they're all up here now folks okay they're all up here oh my gosh okay oh my gosh look at them okay yeah come on over here okay come on out lame a Nigerian okay see the problem it's all gone spokes he just saw me he just saw me 100 yep he just freakin saw me Brown yeah yeah he just freakin saw me full-blown okay he just say now my cover is gone okay my cover is sinking down now you've gotta be kidding me you have got to be kidding me right now okay oh my gosh dude really okay see that base it's kind of bad it's all glass all around okay so it actually is a very very difficult you know to get in there folks okay yeah okay I don't know if Parker wasn't trying to get into that trap focus what actually is down there um let me take a little gander folks what is down here okay all right we're trying to be only got two minutes left on this guy though thoughts okay if we were gonna stand in people always see the jump okay does that hold that actually Wow I don't see any of them oh my gosh okay yeah well get some now umm but yeah okay jumping folks all right we won't do a little jumper in here but the problem is we get in there they're all in diamonds folks we aren't gonna be able to pull anything on um but we'll get a girl okay we won't give it you got two minutes here let's come in we're gonna stay here for two minutes folks at least until this envyus girls here and that takes time okay that guy is audience and good stinking by iron golem 500 see that kid just play that username alone folks it sounds like he has an iron suit on and he's easily droppable okay that is a new word I just made it up quick droppable okay add it to urban dictionary and credit me okay credit me I am the creator all right um so yeah Parker he came out of this sign so I think the odds of him coming out of this side you know barely being you know it's possible her let's ya know did he fall into that trap and hit the ground too hard no no like he must have he must have I don't I don't I don't see him dying now I gotta give them a call yeah I gotta give them a call please wait a second we're gonna call them out okay we're gonna call them out oh my gosh

yeah yeah okay well well new I won't say that okay I won't say that well yeah okay well get to work can get to work okay all right hanging up listen came here hang up on him all right oh okay yeah well I got 24 seconds here yeah I did not know he died okay I did not know that um but okay well I guess sounds a mission right there is just simply no that's going to go according to for you oh is that in there dude Oh what's up 45 giggling say okay what is going it I'm rejecting your call loser okay I am rejecting your call I am recording hey shut up okay shut up I am recording [Music] freaking Road bro okay this kid is done freaking around forty five gigabytes okay come up here immediately okay come up here immediately employment okay F shell forty five gigabytes he's in faction looking message 45 come up here and fight me Chad okay okay alright let's see come up here and fight me kid I'm above your brain cell GB he bears me half K though that is the he's moving folks he has movement oh my gosh oh my gosh she's freaking here he's actually here to freaking fight me oh my gosh

that curb welcome oh my gosh I did I did I did I did I did he's getting rocked he's getting rocks oh oh oh oh oh my gosh oh my gosh we're done I'll skin him we're gonna masking him oh oh oh no you're not going anywhere okay I'm not blown into your trap either I'm not okay now I will not be getting into your trap kid oh oh oh you're getting demolished get out you are getting absolutely demolished oh oh oh what by hit is it a father is it a fall or no it's just a water it's just a water trap folks so ever owned Oh oh he just paroled two thugs he just hurled chill oh oh oh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh no this is just like last week folks is just like a lizard dumansky no he did not get that per long no no no no no no no no no did he did he did he oh he did he did see dead now nananana you little chicken you little chicken loser okay you little chicken Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok you little loser oh gosh that could've gone downhill that could have easily gone down here oh yeah we can win we can win he's getting he's getting absolutely Rock come on come on let me in there bro let me in there come on in granny ma ya know I'm on your roof yeah where did I go where did I go he doesn't know he did not know he was up here folks oh my god oh my stinking goodness we're actually demolishing them thunks my and mines um alright I think the sad thing is he just went and got my more health punch folks okay that is what he did yeah walking what I was just jamala Shing him okay I was absolutely you went running a kid out okay yeah yeah yo he doesn't know him here he doesn't know I'm here I mean I'll show them all of them alone alone okay let's say let's see he literally has a glass bangs he does not know I'm here I don't even need to be shifting folks he's just a full-blown Dumbo okay what's going on kiddo what is going on here come fight me oh yeah oh yeah I wonder if I scared and I don't know oh this kid called me a rookie okay yeah who's the rookie oh oh oh okay okay no no no no he's going hard down he's going hard oh oh oh oh yeah oh yeah how do you like it how do you like it kiddo who's the rookie who's working oh he's appears to be running very fast bounce okay like very very fast okay that was a little little overboard now oh yeah yeah oh yeah nice pearl CAD nice pearl oh oh okay he's I'm pearl cool down now found some pearl cool down okay he's panicking folks huh oh my gosh dude we could easily kill this guy folks yeah anyone who says I'm bad at the game what is wrong with you okay what is wrong with you okay look at him looking folks oh I don't have a bow I don't have a bow so chuckling well pre-parole on him flowers real pretty for a stump again that's innovate Oh bleep uh bleep oh okay oh dangerous dangerous that was right on the kind of sparing right and look at smelly mm do you want to come out fair warning came in yeah Jeremy Lin Ping nice drink and he really gosh dude I feel bad for this guy folks cuz he is just getting rocked I know if I go into his veins folks 100% he's just gonna Tramp me okay so that is really not it Oh oh my gosh dude I mean I am literally I am this is getting ridiculous oh my gosh folks we message 45 get rocked Oh oh my god f shell up shell 45 gigabytes oh my oh my I think he might be bout getting a new set on folks I don't know I mean we had wrecked this guy again I mean be my guest my man be my guest money blind if he wants to come back for more I mean goodness I feel bad that I'd be taking another cent from him goodness gracious I don't check I don't want to do that much damage to this guy's career ladies gnarly dude no Parker is on his own he sent me some stupid screenshot of Geass oh okay I am recording a PvP let's play Parker okay he just can't relate because he's trashed at the game okay he literally can't relate okay dude I just realized the guy's base is open okay I just realized that yo let's pre-parole let's see does this take you down oh oh she had just trapped you okay it just traps you yeah yeah all of them what if he comes up I just starts smacking him right when he starts coming out oh my god he's literally gonna tell I was she have is that I was am I was not shifting so it's not good Oh what what I just heard it what was that was that down there oh oh oh gosh oh gosh that could've been bad yo if we double off this guy again folks okay yeah I dare you to close me in there Brown okay yes come on Eric Jun will get two kills on this guy folks okay we literally will okay we will kill this guy again okay we well okay this guy we already did it once folks will go for two okay we all deal for Channel okay this guy is garbo okay he is straight up trash okay okay okay okay oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah we'll do it we'll do it 100% okay 100% okay okay all right he's doing a little better he's checked off down flaps okay he's like a rattlesnake alright he's checked now oh whoa whoa there cowboy oh there cowboy okay I think this guy he might have downloaded certain folks okay he ain't might have downloaded a little something-something right there I think yeah yes now this is not the same Gary yeah oh yeah oh yeah how do you like it how you like it can out how do you like that oh yeah oh yeah soon yeah okay alright go ahead I'm about okay no no we can we can do it again folks we can do it again 1% oh oh oh oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah where we going kiddo where you going kiddo oh yeah oh yeah oh oh we can do it we can do it we can kill this guy twice we can kill this guy twice 100% oh my gosh oh my gosh he's getting rocked folks he's getting rocked we just need to not click drop folks and we will be fine okay we literally are about to kill this guy twice okay I really I don't want him in the water folks okay it's hard to get a get a straight line hit on him okay okay he's gonna he's getting ready to purl back on flounce okay oh we might die here we might die here oh no nope my bum up note meanwhile I only want okay we very easily could've died okay oh okay okay okay let's get him far away from his base if we can get this guy far from its all yeah he's scared folks he's scared he's gonna check one whom he's gonna check on him he's a little scared he care he is a little scaredy-cat oh yeah oh yeah I need to fight up her need to find apart now I'm not letting you check on her my panic Oh sounds the worst all I've ever seen okay the worst one Oh Oh No oh yeah yeah I'm going in bro I'm going in on him I'm going in on him okay I'm doing it no no no no no no I'm not letting you start me a thing I'm not letting you track me kid oh my gosh we're gonna oh my gosh okay oh my gosh okay no no okay we can do this folks we can do this I'm the best PD appear in the game oh okay okay no we won't wear as well okay we don't want to find him we don't want to find him okay we can do this okay no no perfect girl okay idiot idiot dude full-blown buffoon full blonde perfect pearl folks now that's that that was that he had the perfect pearl and mine sucks okay he's just going down there dude honestly we don't we can let him refill okay we can let him refill hey okay ma'am okay it is a African king okay I don't even here I don't even care if this kid gills and refills okay we will still kill him folks okay I get I'm gonna kill this kid okay I'm gonna kill this kid even when he freakin refills okay you just asked if I got food is he asking that cuz like he doesn't have enough oh my god this dude doesn't have food okay how do you know he was right there bro he was looking at me oh oh oh yeah you're gon can't you are freaking gone okay my finger is getting a little tired here if I'll tell ya oh yeah you're gone okay we're demolishing this guy folks okay we are absolutely demolishing now he is getting rocked okay he's gonna hide you want to hit him in there no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I'll go in I'll go in on him plants I'll go in on him okay I don't want to trap in here I don't want to trap in here huh oh no no no no no no he just closed me he just closed me and he just closed me oh no daddy no no message 45 that's very fine message 45 no no let me in kid fight me like a man okay let me and he just broke that stupid could've just gonna okay you can come fight me to the death okay fight me to the death okay he says chance no no I'm not doing it see this is Soak this is so stupid I shouldn't have gone in here okay [Music]

okay folks I literally join team Smith there there is no 45 gigabytes in teamspeak he'd seeds dude are you an idiot arcane chance you are not okay okay see now they waste my time joining teamspeak okay and the kid isn't even in teamspeak he says this kid man okay this frickin kid unbelievable okay un-freakin'-believable okay let me see if he's gonna join okay let me I bet you he's not even gonna let me in still okay cuz he knows he's gonna die alright dude how long does it take okay here yes smoke syria's oh my gosh okay kid let me in right now right here okay hello hello yes let me in brown let me hello hello yes let me in to the banks like you said you why are you gonna one of you one yes what if I just killed you right now okay dude let me in so we can find okay don't be a little chicken you're to take in what I want to fight you well who's in my chair right now dude just let me in okay let's fight it out like moon nothing and if I win can you give me a bell okay I'll give you something if you win okay I'll give you something thank you hurry no I don't remember you do just let me in okay are we gonna love you on yes I want to 1v1 but you won't let me in all right hold on okay you if you're gonna kill me then just kill me wrong okay stop being a little idiot all right let me you okay are we gonna fight you're good yeah yeah okay till you miss reach are you getting your little fast no okay yeah give you literally oh my gosh okay you're literally getting your faction members on line to fight me okay that's embarrassing okay there's to be in okay I would literally be so embarrassed you can't even fight me around the package yeah yeah yeah wow look at this look at that some of these shards look at these trailer so cheer open up why don't you open up just let me get looser okay yeah why don't you do that why don't you do that wow this gym how do you call in reinforcements to fight me folks okay that is embarrassing okay that is embarrassing ladies and gentlemen he and come let me say okay if I was bad at the game would somebody have to call in reinforcements folks negative sergeant

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