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I promise you this would be the realest of the realest video I have a rope I have a spoke jay printz so you pretty much put out an APB call now for all the real niggas all over America to go get the chain of this little rap dude that's running around perpetrating my image of a gangster no one that he's not perpetrating a lifestyle for gangsta in the streets you went some you lose some but nevertheless I don't even wanna address young boy I wish him the best of luck in life he's still gotta live his life I want to address you jay printz i want to address you you callin for all of the rail to unite to get back a chain a chain

in the hood in the streets countless amounts of people done been murdered by the enemy hey you ain't did nothing I've heard stories about you for decades I'll tell you our and personally at 54 years old you 54 years old and you had all these years on this earth and you ain't did nothing for our people with your strength not a Trayvon Martin not a Sandra bland not a current gangs I could keep on going on I won't even waste my time countless amounts of our people I'm an executed I've been done wrong and I never heard your name mentioned in those situations where you you feel and you taking account of personal that a young boy that rock yo Shane got wrong

at 54 years old this is who you is and what you got to offer to us I have no respect for you and I would personally fly out to where you where you pay for the ticket I'll get on that flight and tell you dead to your face in front of your whole crew just me by myself that I have no respect for you and I tell my song Fred the godson Remy Ma everybody else name you mentioned in that text they get that chain bat that if they even act on that I have no respect especially you my son I have no respect for your movement on anything if you even act on that cat would ask old last nigger that's sitting up there trying to send all these soldiers today death / shame for all our you've been murdered and executed in these streets like it ain't been nothing huh what I said again that's words of my dying mother in the hospital fighting for our life with all the pain and all the stress that I've been through in my life I wouldn't personally let you pay for my ticket to go all the way to your hometown to spit dead in your face for the disrespect that you utter an out of your motherfucking mouth towards our people over Shane say world to whom that you would actually use your muscle in 2019 when the New World Order is in position of power and destroying the rap industry and you playing your part because y'all took blood sacrifices so you playing your part the remains sound all real shit but you're willing to use your muscle to get back a change I see through you dudes this industry is so fake ain't no love in this industry you

bought it a 1% anyway

my thoughts my anger when I sit back and I analyze jay printz you hear stories about a federal brain when it comes to Tom and the point where you dealing with a 54 year old negro well you have to act yourself what are you fighting for what's the point of you being tough when there's no benefits for your people i sat back and watched a little bastard of a sudden that you raised J pins J Prince jr. tell him that Takashi sick Takashi snitch 9 there he got to check in that's what you raised and 54 years old this is the message that your son is sending down a rapper that ain't even tough got a check-in but we being executed all over America the feds is running up in households all over America in neighborhoods all over America snatching 50 to 75 people at a tongue and all you concerned about is getting ashamed to uphold your reputation to me your reputation is it's mud you don't deserve no respect you ain't no different from the average nigger

I'll say it again to me you ain't no different from the average nigga at 54 years old your money you got enough money how they say money gets power there was the time well Assata Shakur was broken out of jail she was a revolutionary there was police that was laid down from the Panthers and these soldiers asada Shakur was broken out at the penitentiary broke Negros that believed in the cause you put out an APB for a chain for chain from a young boy from what I heard allegedly that was running around and robbing the jumpin people and it came back and this is what you fighting for at 54 years old you a sellout a sucka you ain't worth shit [Music]

I'm reading this video from the bottom of my motherfucking heart and my son if you answer his call you a coward work that my mother wrote that my mother for chained i sat back and now watch dudes out there died only street corners over sickos over wallets I even watched a brother die on his his his own not as what at night this is his engagement is his own bachelor night the night before his Miami may you rest in peace Sean Bell much from all over America and I ain't hear you say shit jay printz not nothing nothing but show muscle put out an APB for a chain you a problem example when they say we dealing with the last of a dying breed that bright that dying breed that dying breed was Malcolm X

the Panthers Martin Luther King Geronimo Pratt I keep on going on for you you let 54 years out of you how do you that in this world you live 54 years for nothing the serve satan the shaitaan a bliss Lucifer the lead in yourself and your punk-ass ego that's word to my mama I wish I could tell you when your face you ain't shit but if you wanted to pay for that ticket I ride right out there by my motherfucking self to tell you you ain't shit and all these rappers that you requested to step up to the plate to get that change back I spoke to my mother I tell them bang shit me buddy baby participated in this shit but they stand out in these motherfucking corners

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