Streaming Sunday #15: Vitamin E capsules on the skin, acne & dairy, Latisse, taking makeup breaks

by: Veronica Gorgeois

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hello everyone and welcome back to another streaming Sunday happy st. Patrick's Day to everybody kitten as usual occupying my chair before I sat down had to have the usual battle of the cute haircut started anyway welcome and in case you missed it my patreon launched this week thank you so much to everyone who has signed up and we do have a bunch of patreon questions to get to so let's just jump right into it I have a question here from a Veronica and another Veronica I says hello I recently started using vitamin C my skincare routine at a pretty low concentration only 5% every other day but she doesn't think her skin is quite liking it says she has sensitive oily skin but it seems to be drying her out and she seems to be noticing more pimples after using it that's a very uncommon reaction so my question would be what is what else is in the vitamin C because that's a really uncommon reaction especially for something like 5% vitamin C that's pretty low like I've definitely heard of of people having maybe a little bit of dryness cuz it is an acid if you're using a Nellis korvac acid serum that I've heard of people having dryness at higher concentrations like if you get above the 20% mark and you're just using a straight l-ascorbic acid then that's quite acidic and it can have a little bit of dryness but at 5 percent I'm I'm not sure if it stops when you stop using the product then I would say maybe it's not for you but I also might just recommend that you try a different vitamin C product because I it's a very uncommon reaction although if you do have sensitive skin like a type sensitive skin and your skin reacts to things a lot then it's possible that you're just highly reactive I have seen people who are so reactive that they can't even use hyaluronic acid products because that causes problems for them so it's not unheard of that a type sensitive skin could have reactions to something as benign as vitamin C it's just very very uncommon so yeah just see what works for you would be my suggestion how's everybody doing let me say hi to everybody a hello to June Ali Museum is there a connection issue tell me if everything's working ok it looks ok from my end I'm able to see anything but if if you're having trouble let me know in chat hello to me up a man's work Edwards Alice in Wonderland blueberry pie Jenny's Crosby amber you know Leaney and yeah hello everybody welcome I just saw Captain Marvel last night that was pretty awesome I mean any of you seen it it is by far my favorite Marvel movie so far so if you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend going to see it but I was kind of making fun of Sunday Riley for having a limited edition Marvel themed packaging I still think it's tacky but the movie is pretty great okay so everyone let me know if the if everything's coming through ok YouTube did change our live interface a little bit since the last week so fingers crossed I'm still using the same program from my into stream but fingers crossed that it's not actually ok blueberry pies says connections good ok good and we got a super chat from Jay Sean thank you very much Jay Shaw I don't see a question with that but thank you so much for the $2 Canadian superjet okay so let me see we got another patreon question here says ok so this person had okay so a couple people asked about using vitamin E capsules like straight vitamin E on the skin and I wrote down a bunch of notes about that so the question with using straight vitamin E is what the what the source is like what the base oil is because when you're using vitamin E like nutritional vitamin E versus a vitamin E oil that is a skincare oil you could be using an oil that is not particularly skin friendly so let's see what did I write down here it's it it depends on the oil and like sunflower oil is a decent source a lot of skin care oils use Africa kernel oil for vitamin e but you want to avoid things like wheat germ oil soybean oil I think and like the heavier things that you would consider to be kind of like cooking oil type things although you can cook with Sun for sunflower oil but yeah with the Cape's tools that some people like to like pierce with a needle and then apply directly to the face there's a couple of advantages in vitamin E by the way is an antioxidant it works best when combined with vitamin C and other antioxidants but vitamin C in particular and if you use a vitamin C and E together it helps prevent free radical damage from sun exposure so antioxidants I always say your best use during the day if you're only going to use them at one time of day I would use them during the day if you are going to be exposed to the Sun but also antioxidants are these the category of skincare products that actually can help with blue light exposure if blue light exposure is high enough to cause problems in the skin then antioxidants would be the ones the ingredients to help so yeah vitamin E as an antioxidant is fine using it straight out of those capsules may or may not be well tolerated it it's just not one thing so there are conflicting reports as well as to whether it's really very beneficial from like a wound healing standpoint or anything like that but vitamin E is a good antioxidant so if you're using those capsules I would just look at the ingredients and try to find a version that is skin compatible as possible if you know what I mean but yeah they are fairly economical and one of the benefits of having them in those little capsules is that they are sealed and don't have exposure to light or air let's see let me check in with Chuck by the way OOP the videos like button because this will be a regular video later on so go ahead and Boop that like button now so you don't forget you can always undo bit later if you change your mind and there are instructions in the video description for super chat super chats are a great way to let me know that you appreciate my time and also the way to guarantee that you get a a question a question to your answer no and answer to your question because I I've never had time to get through everyone's questions sooo if you have a burning question that you want to really wanna get answered today send me a super job okay so another question from a patreon contributor a patreon patron that's the word okay so we talked a bit about Shaving last week and this person had some follow-up questions so she wanted to know how I shave unwanted hair and basically go over the things that I recommended to help reduce irritation was shaving but kind of more on a step-by-step basis like when you would apply certain things so she has specifically if you can use something like an oil because I talked a lot about using shaving oils for men because that's something that I've experienced second hand working well so yeah you can definitely use any kind of oil on the body anywhere that you shave that's totally a thing you can do if you get a lot of irritation from shaving you can absolutely use any kind of oil you could just buy a bottle of inexpensive hobo oil and use that on your legs or even on your bikini area or underarms wherever you like that's tolerated the thing you got to be careful of is for if you're doing that in the shower you wanna make sure that you're not getting oil in on the tub or on the the floor of the shower so that you're not slipping around because that would be unfortunate but yeah the the good thing about using oils with shaving with razors is that you're giving a nice smooth you're reducing friction and you are also not adding a surfactant you're not adding that soap you're not adding sodium lauryl sulfate so you're not stripping as much oil from the skin you're not stripping as much moisture from the skin so with everything else it's it's the same sort of thing I'm sorry if I seem a little hyper today I didn't get a lot of sleep and I get I get a little hyper when I'm sleep deprived so pardon me if I seem a little all over the place but the same sorts of ideas apply to shaving that apply to everything else with skin if the skin is too dehydrated it's more likely to get irritated if you shave it so if you're using something like an oil or a lotion or some people like to use conditioner even and you can even use body cream you can use pretty much anything to shave that will allow a razor to glide over the skin so that helps to reduce stripping of the skin helps to reduce stripping moisture from the skin so that can help with irritation preemptively and then the other question was that I suggested using salicylic acid but she's not sure what like that would look like in a routine so when when would one apply salicylic acid while shaving and this goes for any area of the body so salicylic acid is particularly good because it can help reduce inflammation if you're using it at a low strength you don't want to use high strength salicylic acid after you shave but if you're using it at like 1% that can help reduce local inflammation and it also can help with ingrown hairs because salicylic acid has a particularly good mechanism for exfoliating the skin kind of inside follicles so the way you would do that is you would shave and then if it's on the face you would incorporate the salicylic if kind of in the toner step or in the serum step you would want to use it early and early on in the routine and you wouldn't want to have a form of it that is buffered well enough to not cause a lot of stinging so you wouldn't want to take like this you wouldn't want to take like a strong salicylic acid product because it is an acid and apply that directly over freshly shaved skin with other areas of the body that are not on the face we tend to more use salicylic as a spot treatment for ingrown hairs like it's not tremendously practical to use salicylic all over the legs necessarily but you can get South silic acid body lotion which is one of the things I recommended for keratosis pilaris treatment because it's really good for that some people like alpha hydroxy acids better for keratosis pilaris but what i found works better for me personally is salicylic acid so with like the legs and Keeney area and the underarms you don't necessarily need like go through an entire skincare routine but one of the things that does help is apply moisturizer very very quickly after you get out of the shower so that the skin doesn't dry out because once again dehydrated skin dry skin can get irritated more easily so you would incorporate salicylic acid basically at any point after you get out of the shower if it's on the body if it's on the face you would probably incorporate it early on in the routine so you would want to do you know cleanser toner serums and you can incorporate yourself silicic acid at that stage okay that was clear I feel super hyper today oh and it's also really hot in here it became it became summer overnight it's it's like it mid 80s today and it's it's hot okay we got some super chats thank you to Arielle otic I just wanted to say thank you for these helpful chats you are welcome and thank you for the super chat and Denise Crosby says hey hello $5.00 super chat had a beauty mark on my cheek for many years I would get a zit presumably under or in the the beauty mark last time I messed with it it never came back the same only faint do you mean the the mark the beauty mark itself never came back should you be concerned I not really I mean if it's if it's kind of like a small mole and you had a an inflammation in it like because you can sometimes get a pimple inside a mole because they were still hair follicles in moles what's probably happened is that there's scar tissue in the same area so no I wouldn't worry about it that's not like a cause for alarm says by the way had a blue nameís removed once interesting so that's a birthmark colored blue so yes just texture now I googled my skin badly I think just gave me those okay so yeah I wouldn't worry about it it's it if it's like just a small mole and it's gotten it's lost its color after being inflamed and then Oh wouldn't worry about it so amber herring sent me a question by a patreon it says hi Veronica I have very sensitive read prone redness prone skin with some broken capillaries what is the best way for me to exfoliate or do I even need to exfoliate well it depends what your goals are so if your goal is to even out skin texture then yes exfoliation definitely helps an exfoliation can help with with overall a health of the skin like dry skin in particular it seems counterintuitive to exfoliate it sometimes but exfoliating it can help other products function better it can help remove buildup of dead skin so what I would generally recommend for sensitive skin is low strength Chemical exfoliants so low strength AJ and BHA I keep talking about this how we're in this era of like companies selling 10% plus chemical exfoliants for daily use and I really disagree with that so I would look for AJ's I would look sub 5% I would look for maybe 2 to 3% AJ just to start with if you have type sensitive skin and your skin is prone to becoming red in response to various products that you put on it then I would try to start as low as you can because there's no harm in starting slowly you know this is mostly just for cosmetic reasons so you there's no harm to be done just by starting slowly sunscreen is the only product that you really need to use full strength right away but even with sunscreen you don't necessarily need SPF 2000 generally speaking if you apply an SPF 30 sunscreen correctly that's enough protection for a normal person on a day-to-day basis unless you're actually gonna be standing out in the Sun and like playing volleyball or something but with other products like Chemical exfoliants you or with retinol products cuz we talked a lot about this recently - there's no need to jump in real quick like it's not a it's not an issue to start slowly and work your way up so yeah that sensitive skin can often benefit from low strength salicylic acid because it does have an entire Vittoria property to its but I would stay on the lower end I would stay at about 1% to start with and with a a chaise I would stay below 5% and just use them as tolerated generally speaking with 1% salicylic acid that's plenty low enough to use every day but it for type sensitive skin you just do some trial and error to see what works and yeah stick with it long enough to see if it's working for you but if you have an immediate reaction then it's the sort of thing that you can stop and there's no like there's no danger to stopping it you know a sip of water real quick how's everybody doing how was your week hmm I have my Star Trek group tonight having a very nice sci-fi full weekend okay Ohan Bree says thanks for your effort with chats and your knowledge that you share with us hearts thank you very much oh that's a cool name I'm blueberry pie says the like button is booped thank you very much for the Boop okay let me scroll up and see what questions we have enchants um let's see be Nalini says hi Veronica how are you I'm a little hyper today cuz I went to bed kind of hyper I was getting hyper when I go to two movies for some reason and I didn't get out of the movie until like 12:30 ish last night because I thought 10:30 movie so I went to bed kinda hyper and I woke up a lot so now I'm just hyper that's the answer so the question is what are the benefits to skin and going makeup free on a regular basis so that's kind of a question of Tolerance like how well does the skin tolerate wearing makeup since makeup is not one thing that's a pretty broad thing to try to predict for a lot of people the ingredients in base products in particular can be comedogenic and can often lead to small or even severe breakouts and there are certain pigments in in particular blush and bronzer products that can lead to comedogenic breakouts so going without color cosmetics for a little while makeup for a little while can sometimes help with breakouts for people that's the main thing and also if people are not necessarily washing their brushes frequently enough then that's gonna contribute to it that's why it's kind of hard to predict because there there's not just one set of ingredients for makeup so the things that I generally look for when looking for comedogenic breakouts from cosmetics are what I call bronzer line breakouts bronzer and blush related breakouts because I very frequently seen like just strips of pimples on people's faces right in this area for people who are makeup enthusiasts and that can be exacerbated for sure by not washing brushes enough but there are particular red dyes that are Comino genic we only enough so I talked about that ages ago in the community honesty video that I made but the red pigments that are in certain blushes not all blushes but certain blushes and bronzers can be quite Commun genic so if in theory if you have a group of cosmetics makeup that your skin tolerates fine there's no real benefit to not using them but the benefit would be if you are having problems as a result of wearing your makeup then taking a break could give your skin a chance to heal breakouts that you currently have and it could give you an opportunity to maybe do some trial and error and figure out if things are giving you problems but probably the best thing to start with if you are a makeup enthusiast and you just want to wear makeup a lot or if you feel odd not wearing makeup then I would start by making sure that your brushes are clean and the thing that I've been doing with brushes now is just washing a few every night just kind of as part of my nightly routine I have a bar of clear unscented glycerin soap and a little like scrubby thing that I got it like as a gift with purchase from some website somewhere but it's like a little brush scrubber so I just put a little bit of I run my brush under the water put put it in the glycerin so scrub it on the thing you rinse it out and then I have just some like recycled napkins or you can use clean washcloths or really anything and just squeeze the excess water out and put it back in your brush holder I have switched to using only synthetic brushes partly for this reason because they're a lot lower maintenance if you have very expensive brushes than you probably want to be a little more delicate with them than I am with mine but since I'm only doing makeup on myself I kind of don't care you know so I just yeah I've tried to make my brush cleaning routine as low maintenance as possible and I find that doing a just a handful of brushes at a time is a lot more manageable so that's something that I would recommend for people who potentially have problems with makeup breakouts especially if you see them around like the hairline or in the the blush area you know cuz that those are common areas to see community breakouts and also with foundation oh and there's a question that it relates to this from patreon with foundation it can be the case that you get more breakouts in the areas of the face where you have more see bones so the t-zone basically but in particular around the chin because that's where there are so many oil oil glands so yes glycerin soap Chrissy is asking me about glycerin soap glycerin soap is just a like clear soap you can I bought the one that I got at Whole Foods just find like a bar of unscented soap because if you're using something like glycerin soap as opposed to some people like using really really harsh things to clean their brushes and beauty blenders like there's this thing called Zoet which is a type of laundry detergent in a bar form that's a little extreme I think and there's a lot of fragrance in there which can stay on the brushes and that can irritate the skin so any kind of unscented soap especially if you're using synthetic brushes any kind of unscented so it's fine like you could use unscented dish soap and it would be fine because they're they're just plastic so yeah that's what I do so it's just like a on a daily basis oh that the question I was trying to answer let me see if I can find it it was a question about how quickly comedic breakups break outs come up and the answer is quite quickly so let me see if I can find this question okay so yes Tyler from via Triana asks I am wondering if you apply a product to your face that ends up being comedogenic and/or causing a breakout how much time does it typically take for that breakout to show up it can be quite fast so Tyler applied a product pure lanolin as a lip balm and then the same evening felt a pimple coming up around the mouth so this is kind of what I was just mentioning the chin area in particular and like things areas on your face where you are more likely to see your pores where you're more likely to see shine building up throughout the day those are the oilier areas of the face so those are the areas where community genic breakups are breakouts or are more more likely to show up and yes they can come up pretty quickly so what probably would happen in that case or probably probably what happened in that case is there was already some congestion in that follicle so putting it's probably not the camino jenessa T of lanolin that caused it but rather putting an occlusive on the area although everything is like a little bit comedogenic to some degree but when I make the new video about communities community I want to address kind of what that broadly means and how it's determined and how it it's it's a guideline more than anything because it's not so well researched and it's not so uniform that it can be used to predict things with 100% accuracy but human sebum we do know is coming genic obviously so when you put an occlusive over an area like the chin or anywhere around the chin it can definitely exacerbate the problem of being oily in that area so what I would guess in that case is if you had a breakout come up after you used something like lanolin which is very very nourishing let's say it's a very nourishing ingredient it would probably happen if you also use something like shea butter maybe even petrol autumn so any of those heavier occlusive type ingredients can exacerbate pre-existing clogged pores and generally speaking we all have some degree of clogging around that chin area because it's a bit oily even for me even with my extremely dry skin my chin still gets comedogenic breakouts on a regular basis so let's see when Tyler woke up the next day the spot was raisin inflamed and now a small cystic pimple it seems like an incredibly quick turnaround time yeah that's that's generally the case though with comedogenic breakouts that tend to to be quite quick because if you're introducing something that is directly clogging a pore to the degree that it's an issue then that's gonna happen fast whereas with the natural build-up of sebum and skin cells that's more incremental so it's not uncommon for it to come up quite quickly and they also tend to resolve pretty quickly fortunately so I would guess that if it's that severe it probably already had something going on but yeah that's what things like that benzoyl peroxide are good for is when you have things like that come up you can use benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment we've talked about about sulfur and sulfur masks using clay masks is very effective if you've gotten a lot of comedogenic breakouts recently or if you are just feeling very oily on the chin you can do just a little mini masks on the chin you can do like mini versions of the clay mask boot camp on the chin that's something that I sometimes do while I'm brushing my teeth because I generally brush my teeth before I wash my face if you weren't here last week we talked a little bit about how toothpaste can exacerbate problems around the mouth it could cause or contribute to perioral dermatitis or breakouts around the mouth because there are irritants and sodium lauryl sulfate is in a lot of toothpastes and sodium lauryl sulfate is quite comedogenic so I always brush my teeth first so that I am then washing off as much as possible from my oral care products but also it gives you a little bit of time if you want to apply a clay mask to your chin or to your face you see a little bit of time I like to multitask as much as possible okay got some super chats um uh yeah you y'all have great names today a lot of a lot of people with really cool names is LED light effective for anti aging yes so red LED light is the spectrum of LED lights that is more beneficial for aging and it tends to be the case that it takes a little while so it's not it's not as straight forward it's just having like one treatment it can help like having one treatment can help with wound healing in particular LED red LED light can help with collagen stimulation so yes definitely there are a lot of devices going around these days that are advertising like every color of LED light for different things I keep getting emails from companies wanting to wanted me to do sponsored videos on their LED masks and they they all advertise like having a different function for every single color i I'm not I don't know about that red red LED light and blue LED light red light and blue light or opposite ends of the spectrum so they do quite different things in skincare like blue light is used for antimicrobial purposes and also I believe is it blue light that dermatologists use either blue light or red light on precancerous lesions sometimes which is something you would obviously need to speak to a dermatologist about if that is something that is interesting to you but they do different things and so this idea of taking light from like the middle taking like yellow light or green light or some other kind of light that's in between the two and saying well this is gonna be good for brightening the skin or whatever I'm a little iffy on that because that's basically just in my in my opinion that's kind of just like taking a warm light bulb and shining it on your face I don't know if I don't know that's me just being skeptical but I've never heard in our industry of anyone using yellow light or you know anything but red or blue because they're you know they're the ones that we use professionally let's see there any other super chests I think that's it by the way if I don't get to anyone's question from patreon I am super sorry this is my first time taking the questions from patreon to to the live streams so I'm doing the best I can but I'm like I'm a little worried that and someone may have submitted a question last minute and I didn't get it okay so let me look in through Brailler chat we are halfway through the live chat everybody just so you know if you have a question that you would like to get answered today go ahead and send me a super chat instructions are in the video description and if you just joined us Boop that like button for me please and after the video wraps don't forget to leave a comment on the video because that helps with engagement and this will be a regular video after we wrap if I didn't say that already which I'm sure yeah by the way how are we like in the green the st. Patrick's Day I felt obligated to do some kind of green Oh blueberry pie says my blush was the worst I stopped using it at the advice my esthetician in January and not only have my butt bumps that I've had her two plus years vanished after my facial but have yet to reappear that's good yeah it's it's an actual thing red pigments in particular that are used in blush and bronzer can cause pretty severe breakouts but don't don't go throwing all your blush out just yet that if you go check the like the cheat sheet on the community video it tells you specifically which pigments to look out for and just a note on community in general it's not universal it's just it's not a guarantee that a certain thing is going to cause breakouts and absolutely everybody like all the people who slather coconut oil on their faces should be proof of that but it's a guideline just to help people kind of learn how to predict and maybe do you some eliminate elimination testing that sort of thing okay got another super chat from Lex Luthor super chats I'm not even sure what currency that is are five dollars where's that from hello Veronica you've been using milk of magnesia as a deodorant with great results for years now without problems but some say it's not good as a deodorant ah if it's working for you then I don't know that it's any worse than any other kind of deodorant we don't advise that people put it on the face because it's so alkaline and it can lead to irritation and overproduction of oil it can kind of lead to the exact thing that people are using it to counteract which is why we tend to advise that people stick to more neutral things like clay masks that are not too basic bentonite clay is on the alkaline side which is why people like mixing it with apple cider vinegar because it gives them that little chemistry experiment feeling of combining an acid with a base and getting the bubbles and all that but it's not tremendously basic whereas milk of magnesia I believe is quite a bit further it's more it's it's compromising what we call the acid mantle of the skin but we think when it comes to things like underarms I mean that kind of goes back to acknowledging that a lot of this is we're just talking about things for cosmetic reasons like talking about getting a certain cosmetic result with skincare as for like the health of your underarms whether using milk of magnesia is healthy for the underarms skin I mean probably not it's not the greatest just from a skin standpoint knowing that skin prefers to be at an acidic pH but I mean there your underarms so you shave them and that you probably shave them a lot of people do and that leads to a confrontation and it compromises the skin on its own and then using mainstream durand and and antiperspirant products is pretty I don't know I mean there's a lot of things that we do to the underarms that are not particularly healthy just from an objective skincare standpoint but we also kind of don't care because they're your underarms so like what I say that milk of magnesia is great to put on the skin in general no but I'm not gonna like lose sleep at night because someone's using it as a uterine you know what I mean like it's just it it may not be worth freaking out about until or unless you have an actual problem with it Sabrina's birdy says hi Veronica not related to skincare but I'm thinking about changing that way I start out my days may be adding more journaling or exercise not sure yet just curious how do you start your day off lying in bed delirious while I try to wake up and reading all of my emails my mountains and mountains of emails that is like half of my day every day is emails because I I work at home I communicate with people remotely so I just start reading through everything and sometimes I'd like go through Instagram it takes me a long time to wake up so I am NOT anybody's role model for how to start a day but I wake up very disoriented and just I nothing makes sense to me when I first wake up so it generally takes me about an hour to really get my bearings but generally if you can exercise shortly after you wake up that is a good thing but I I would probably just fall over because I just I'm so out of sorts when I wake up all right let me scroll back up and see in case you've ever wondered why I'm constantly losing my place there's this thing that happens with the the YouTube chat screen where it it just jumps to the end of chat while I'm reading sometimes so it takes me a minute to get back to where I was okay so Edwards has a question about cleansers what would you consider a good cleanser a wipe off cleanser over the counter so do you mean like a cleansing wipe or something like cold cream like a cream that you can massage onto makeup and then wipe off that's kind of an old-school way to clean the skin and generally speaking people are more into rinse off products these days because something like a cold cream is very very heavy and leaving the substances on the skin that can be used to clean the skin is not necessarily ideal so as for wipe off cleanser that to me in my mind makes me think of cold cream but you may be referring to something else - let me let me know in chat if that is not what you're thinking of if in case you're referring to makeup wipes I generally don't recommend makeup wipes because they are a bit too abrasive especially for removing eye makeup it's better for the skin to use just makeup remover actual liquid makeup remover and cotton rounds and regardless of what you use to remove your makeup the best way to do it is to just put either the wipe or their preferably the cotton rounds on the makeup and let the actual makeup remover dissolve your mascara eyeliner whatever you have and instead of rubbing a lot you want to just give it some time let it sit on the lashes in particular because mascara is really the thing that's a pain to remove most other things can be gently why washed or wiped away but you also a double cleanse is advised so in case you've never seen me remove makeup before I do a preliminary cleanse with just any cleanser at all just to break up whatever's on the skin and then I do two cotton rounds saturated with waterproof makeup remover let those sit on my eyelashes and then I very gently wiggle them I'm going to demonstrate this in my skin my evening skincare routine video which unfortunately I did record but got corrupted so I'm hopefully gonna record that in the next few days but yeah the gist of it is to let the product do the heavy lifting for you which means leaving it on mascara long enough you start breaking it apart before you educate the area because otherwise it's a lot of wiping you know uh CJ shot says Veronica is dermaplaning-- safe for sensitive acne prone skin can it help remove dry flaky skin yeah removing dry flaky skin is kind of what derma planing does that's like its its wheelhouse as per sensitivity because derma planing is I mean it is an aggressive exfoliation but it's not it's not aggressive in the way that microdermabrasion is aggressive you know what I mean because with microderm there's a certain amount of irritation that goes with the friction whether you're doing crystal microdermabrasion traditional microdermabrasion or like diamond tip microdermabrasion there's a certain amount of friction involved and with derma planing it's a rounded edge surgical blade so it's just you're just shaving basically but you're shaving with someone's shaving you with a surgical blade and it yeah it removes flakey skin like no other it's whether it's appropriate for your skin though I would check with whatever aesthetician or practitioner you have locally the concern with acne versus acne prone skin is that you may have active active inflammation like active pimples which you can just go around but that can lead to an undesirable result with derma planing it's kind of I wouldn't I would leave that to your discretion but also the discretion of whatever practitioner you would go for go to for that but yeah it's definitely good for removing dry flaky skin one thing that can happen with any kind of intense exfoliation is that it can lead to some breakouts immediately after just because of the mechanisms at work it can in the short term exacerbate some breakouts which is normal we talked a little bit about that last week but I have noticed that that can be an issue so if you are acting prone I would definitely have a conversation like a real conversation with a practitioner about this about what to expect and they would probably want you to use products after the fact like salicylic acid at low strength salicylic acid to try to prevent that from happening alright so let's see what else Jenkins says should I apply my moisturizer over or under my sunscreen sunscreen always goes last in the skincare regimen the reason being that you want your sunscreen to establish a consistent film over the skin you want it to be as even as possible and you want to apply quite a lot of it and during the day depending on how dry your skin is and what kind of sunscreen you're using you may not need an additional moisturizer kitten is crawling around behind me I'm sorry if you hear some crinkling but kitten is up to some shenanigans yes I know I know you want to be I know you want to be the star of the show but people people have questions getting so yes sunscreen is the last step of the skin care regimen and when you apply foundation or any other makeup over sunscreen you just want to give it time to dry and to set so that it has established its it's film and its thing and yeah so just moisturizer oh I don't what I was trying to say is that you may not need a separate moisturizer during the day if your skin isn't so dry that you can't find ss-sorry I just saw kitten attacking my my backdrop can you sorry can you can you just just for one day just one day not be such a distraction he's so cute I can't stand it anyway so it can cut when a step out of your routine is what I'm trying to say if you can find a sunscreen that is moisturizing enough for you during the day that's what I was trying to say okay let's see Nataly um mari says is gluten bad for the skin well that depends if you have gluten sensitivity Jenny says I think kitten is hunting your draperies yes kitten is a kitten is just trying to steal the spotlight he's a he's a bit of a ham if you can't tell yeah he likes he likes attention and I can't be mad at that because he's he's so adorable okay so is gluten bad for the skin that depends on if you have a gluten sensitivity gluten allergy celiac disease etc then if you do absolutely it can absolutely manifest in in the skin if you are eating any food that you are allergic to it can result in some pretty significant skin symptom symptoms one of the really strange things that I've seen is like years ago when I was kind of at the height of all these bizarre food allergies that I have if I ate pork products I would break out specifically on my back and nowhere else whereas if I eat honey which I figured out that I was allergic to like long before everything else I would get eczema around my mouth so it's these really specific reactions to specific foods that come up and what I've seen in a lot of people who have there's undiagnosed celiac disease or who have celiac disease or some other gluten intolerance who know that they do have a gluten intolerance but still eat wheat products it can result in pretty severe cystic acne the body is one entire system you know it has discrete systems that do all do their jobs independently of each other but taking a more holistic approach and acknowledging that the skin is not operating in a vacuum can be helpful and for some reason this is still like a controversial thing acknowledging that diet and and food allergies affect the skin is still some regarded as controversial by some people he's still at it um even though it's been it's a salad it's even acknowledged by the American German German to logical Association like this is this is a thing and in particular with dairy products like there's there's lots of evidence that dairy products and skim milk in particular can affect occurrences of acne got another super chat from in that case hello nutcase how are you doing today is there anything you can teach us about the scalp or the hands or the nails that estheticians are experts at aside from facial skin Oh interesting let's see scalp scalp maybe I don't know if this is unique to aestheticians but the scalp obviously is skin but it's more common to use quite strong detergents in the hair as opposed to the facial skin so one thing that people may not know is that flaky skin on the scalp is not necessarily dandruff flaky skin on the scalp could just be dehydrated skin skin that's been stripped of of too much oil because that's what the skin does if you think it's too dried out it just starts flaking so I don't know if it's specific to aestheticians to say this I think a lot of hair here specialists would say this as well but if you are prone to getting a flaky scalp that's not also greasy because dandruff tends to be a bit greasy then I would look into using probably sulfate free shampoo or at the very least using a nourishing conditioner and kind of working a little bit into the scalp some people are a little worried about using conditioner right on the roots of the hair because they don't want their hair to get too oily but those people probably don't have super dry scalps so if you do have a dry scalp try putting you can even just use a light conditioner around the roots of the hair and maybe maybe I having heavier conditioner around the ends depending on whether you dye your hair or what the situation is the hands and the nails with the hands definitely applying lotion after you wash your hands is a thing that more people could benefit from and I always get on doctor's cases about this because doctors and Surgeons in particular are not the best about applying lotion even though it is a medically established fact that it reduces transmission of disease and bacteria so if you are doing something that strips the oil out of the skin basically which any any kind of hand detergent would then adding some moisture and emollients back to the skin after that is a good idea it helps with the overall health of the skin which is a good thing so that's something that I always get on when I worked with the plastic surgeons I would always going to get on their case about that because they all have just like sandpaper hands the nails and the nails in particular okay so the the big nails tip that I have for people is using oil around the nails and it does not have to be expensive you can just get ho-ho-ho oil in particular home oil tends to be a favorite for around the nail area and if you get dry cuticles dry nail beds hang nails things like that try applying oil around the nails around the cuticle area and pushing your cuticles back with an orange wood stick just like a you know one of those manicure sticks they're not always Orange wood but we call them orange wood sticks so just push your cuticles back with an orange wood stick on a regular basis you know at least a couple times a week people who do nail blogging and take a lot of up close pictures of the neck their nails tend to do this every day and if you do it on a regular basis pushing the cuticles back with oil and something that's not sharp so it's something that's not going to cut into your cuticles it really improves their health a lot and it cuts down on them hang nails and flaking and peeling of the cuticles and do your best not to pick at your cuticles and not to bite your nails something that people don't know about nail biting is that it's not good for your teeth it's really really bad for your teeth actually so those would be my my big tips for the scalp the hands and the nails oh and for the hands also keep a stick sunscreen in your car or in your on your person so if you are a commuter and you drive to work it's good to keep a stick sunscreen nearby so that you can just pop some sunscreen on the backs of your hands I do that when I'm like exiting my garage I just throw some sunscreen from the stick on the back of my hands we rub it together like that there you go that is an easy way to get some sunscreen all right let me check in with current chats uh hi Jim Naomi PR lovely to see you let's see someone was saying something about yes wow that is really specific bodies or wild bodies are wild they're really interesting and someone was asking Oh Alyssa hey Lisa asking how kitten got his name and xxxx last fan gives me some smiley faces says I love kitten and Myrtle so kitten has an actual name his name is not kitten I just call him kitten his name is David pardon me his name is a pod and burbles name is people so they're named Zaphod and people after zeef odd beeblebrox from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy specifically the books not the crappy Hollywood remake movie I'm a fan of the original BBC super campy 80s version that is like eight hours long however long that thing is that is just like so tacky and campy and weird I love that one but in particular the trilogy of six books I'm a huge Douglas Adams fan and so kittens actual name is Zaphod but I just call him kitten because he has not changed at all since I adopted them I adopted them as kittens and he's he's very small and just extremely rambunctious and now he's below me hi hello cat so I just end up calling him kitten all the time that's how that established and then people I call burble because it's it's kind of reminiscent of a noise that he makes he makes these little bro noises kind of like a pigeon he's people is very passive aggressive whereas kitten is very very direct kitten is very assertive he just kind of takes whatever he wants as you can probably tell but he is absolutely the most delightful he's the most of like delightful animal I've ever met my life and he loves everyone and everything except getting his claws trimmed he's not big fan of manicures but as soon as I stop clipping his nails he gets over it real fast so yeah when I brought him into the vet even though he was sick everyone was just kind of mesmerized by him because he's just he's just so delightful so I got I got really lucky my both my cats are pretty amazing Peebles just um he's very stereotypically cat you know he's he's a bit skittish and paranoid for no reason and but he's also really adorable and playful and he loves q-tips and YouTube videos so let's see someone was saying up something about Star Trek we have about ten minutes left and let me just catch up with chat some Denise Crosby says there was a Star Trek group in Baton Rouge that I never went to turn out to be led by a serial killer what well my group is led by a gentleman who works at JPL so I'm not too worried these are people I I dunno fortunately so it's it's a like mostly gay men like a bunch of gay men because the gentleman whose house it is and if you if you've seen a post more tonight but his whole apartment is like a shrine to sci-fi and he has miniature versions of like every ship from every Star Trek everything ever because he's like he has a subscription to this Star Trek miniatures ship kitten Oh could you please just not knock the stuff off of my desk that's like the one thing I just I need you to not do okay let me get back to some skincare um so Chrissy says just ordered aqua for a hyaluronic acid per your suggestion looking forward to your PM routine video also just bought red pig pimento hair growth oil interesting for eyebrow slash eyelash growth any thoughts I have never heard of that red pimento that's that's I have to look into that but I've never heard of it I've actually started using Latisse again Latisse Bay matcha Proust is the generic name that is the prescript serum for eyelash and eyebrow growth so I've never had success with any of the non prescription serums when when Latisse originally came out there were actually over-the-counter products that used the amount of Proust and so I remember at the time when we were allowed to sell such products so companies like revitalash originally had access to the prescription ingredient and then the FDA put the kibitz on that but Latisse works really well it works really well and because my eyelashes have kind of thinned out due to thyroid disease my insurance actually covered it which I was I was surprised by but you can go onto a website if you're interested in Latisse it's if you get the generic it's I think about $75 for for one tiny little vial so it's pretty expensive but go on to a website called good rx calm and you can get a coupon if you're in the United States at least you can get a coupon that should be good at any drugstore they have like a list of coupons for different drugstores and you can just get a little discount that way now that it's now that you can buy the generic version it's substantially cheaper it used to be like over twice that amount Oh Sabrina Bernice's hi ronica oh this I'd answer that one pardon me um Chrissy says also was looking to buy some rose hip oil can't wait for your review on drunk elephant yes Rosa Flores great Arie I actually kind of miss using rose hip oil but I have so many things to to get through and the drunk elephant stuff should be coming up soon I'm trying to talk to Nathan and the reps the PR rep at drunk health and just try to get some interesting information just to include in those videos but the things I'm probably gonna talk about first are the moisturizers because I want to talk about the difference between the two moisturizers and why I liked the protein II so much more than the la la retro whip why can't I never remember the name of that one yeah I have a pretty good idea of how the drunk elephant products have been going I actually really like the the retinol product the the a pass honey retinal product has been working really well for me as long as I don't use it full strength because if I use it full strength it it just makes me peel so much that I get a little miserable and Naomi PR says whoa you use Latisse I follow a youtuber who uses it yeah I don't know why I don't know why more people don't use Latisse honestly because I actually it's probably because like they're they have to put the warning on there about the potential discoloration of the the iris it's such a low percentage thing though and it's a it's a it's a side effect that was noted when the active ingredient was used for treating glaucoma so it was put directly in the eye at much higher quantity so I think it that kind of scares people off but I definitely use it in the past and I've never heard of anyone actually having that side effect develop someone would someone is suggesting that you just wash your face five times a day I mean I don't recommend that but if that works for you then I guess I guess do whatever makes you happy let me see what asked you people want to talk about today I think I have one more email from someone a recent okay that's different sorry if I'm keep looking at my phone I'm trying to figure out the best way to consolidate all of these all of the questions that people are asking Naomi says you think that letís has a bad rep because it used to be over-the-counter but now it's prescription I don't know about that I don't know that people really knew the history of Latisse being a prescription drug from from what I would guess I just think people are not that familiar with like people people probably think that it's a much bigger deal than it is but um the one pet peeve I have about Latisse is that they give you this little eye drop looking thing and like a million individually wrapped single-use plastic brushes to use with it which drives me nuts like it's so unnecessary it's just so overkill and yeah it can be a little irritating not Kay's points out that it can be irritating to people's lids and turn the red it's uncommon though you know I I have very sensitive eyes and very sensitive skin and I haven't had that that problem but there are all sorts of reactions to different substances and it is right next to the eyes and on the eyelid skin which is quite thin Canton oh my goodness I can't I can't have anything on my desk Ginny says I think it's the eye colour change risk I know that alarmed me yeah it's extremely uncommon though like I've never heard of a single case of that happening just because it's such a small quantity and it's not something that you're putting directly into the eye like I don't want to push people to do something that they're not comfortable with I guess the point that I was trying to make was that I have tried the consumer products like rib eye lash and other like peptide serums and I've tried like the castor oil and stuff like that and I've never been impressed I've never seen a difference with them so I don't know if that's just me and my lashes being stubborn or what the deal is but I've never had a result with anything but actual Latisse or you know the matter frost that that that particular chemical nutcase asks if I know of any sunscreens say for the eye area well sunscreens are not necessarily supposed to be put very close to the eye cuz all of them will burn however if you use mineral sunscreens it will probably be easier to use them closer to the eye you want to avoid the immediate by area but I always advise people to put sunscreen in particular in this area like above the cheekbone because it's you know it receives more light exposure than you know something like the crease of your eye you know that's not really gonna be some a super big problem but people are often people often get sunburns like in this area of the cheek and can often get discoloration hyperpigmentation solar hyperpigmentation on this area um someone asks as tea tree oil any good I thought all essential oils were bad tea tree oil can be good if you dilute it tea tree oil undiluted can be quite irritating I'm I would be very curious to know if tea tree oil has the potential for photo toxicity I would just not use it during the day I wouldn't use any essential oils at all during the day and I don't recommend essential oils just as a rule but if people want to use tea tree oil because it does have established microbial properties then just dilute it and probably not use it during the day any earlier questions we are at an hour so let me find a good question to wrap up with and make sure I get all my super chats I believe so patreon launched everybody so link is in the description I will make sure that is at the top after the video wraps if you have been curious about supporting me on patreon that is all launched and there's a very long explanation on the front page about how the YouTube economy is changing once again and what YouTube is doing to us and all that but everything is summed up at the top so if you if you don't like reading a lot of stuff you know you don't need to real o that but I put it there just in case people are are interested onybody says yeah I was when I learned the skim milk thing I was floored that's a really interesting thing for all of you who are not familiar the phenomenon of milk causing acne has been studied pretty substantially but what has been found is that in particular skim milk was more problematic which would lead one to believe that it has something to do with the the sugars in skim milk and sugar in particular in any food can contribute to acne so whether it's lactose in particular causing a problem I don't know but it seems to be the case that skim milk is the most problematic of dairy products when it comes to acne and in case you're not familiar with like skim milk versus whole milk whole milk has more fat less sugar so that would lead people that speculate that it has something to do with the lactose please can you stop he's chewing a piece of paper by behind the monitor now yeah but they didn't find that that that's the same phenomenon happening with cheese for example so yeah there's some some mechanism with with skim milk in particular but milk overall because milk has more sugar than cheese cheese doesn't really have a lot of the milk sugar in it there's something something about skim milk in particular that has definitely correlated to instances of acne okay everyone thank you so much for all the wonderful questions don't forget to Boop the like button on your way out and we will be back again next week 5 p.m. Pacific a p.m. Eastern I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful week and I am off to go see some Star Trek and make sure to give kitten a big squeeze for all of you I apologize for getting distracted he is just an adorable little fluff of described distraction that you know my friend one of my friends who I watched Star Trek with he always asks me every time he comes over how do you get anything done and the answer of course is I don't so with that I leave you thank you so much everybody for watching

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