Maharagwe (Kenyan red kidney beans) in coconut milk

by: Stella Adhiambo

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hi and welcome Estella's Meza on today's episode I will show you my family's recipe for maharaja which is this red kidney beans cooked in coconut milk it's quite simple and very delicious but this you're gonna need some red kidney beans and if you go to my blog I'll show you how to prepare it before you cook this recipe so make sure you check that out it's WW Stella's Meza spot calm now you also need some coconut milk and you need the heavy coconut milk don't skimp and go for that light coconut milk you won't be the same you'll need some cooking oil you will need some Tomatoes I use some cumin tomatoes you can use just regular tomatoes you'll need ginger-garlic paste you need some cilantro chopped some minced onions you will need some salt and here I have curry coriander cumin and red chili powder and for this recipe I'm going to be using my pressure cooker you can also use a heavy bottomed pan right to start off you're going to put some cooking oil in your pan and then you're going to add your chopped onions and you're trying to sweat them that means not browning them but just drawing the moisture out of them until they look almost transparent after which you're going to add some ginger-garlic paste to the mix and you want to give it a good stir and keep stirring at this point because the garlic is is quick to burn so you want to make sure you don't burn it just give it a good stir now once you've given it a good stir and the garlic is not roll anymore you're going to add your chili powder in here now you can also use some small green chili peppers like whole ones and if you like your food spicy you can leave the seeds in if you don't want your food that spicy but you want some kick to it take the seeds out okay but I opted to use this chili powder and I'm giving that a good stir to make sure everything is well mixed

and then I'm going to add my pureed tomatoes right if you opt to use whole Tomatoes just use three medium tomatoes chopped right I do that I use a pureed kind that way I don't have the skins floating on top of the beans once I've cooked it so I prefer it this way so what I'm doing here is just giving it a good stir make sure everything is well mixed as you can see right there so what I'm going to do next is I'm going to add the curry powder once I add this I'm going to give it a good stir and then I'm going to let it cook for around two to three minutes just to cook down some of that taste it's not a bad taste it's just Ana quietly some people are not used to it so for those people like my husband I make sure I always cook it down first and then I'm going to add the rest of the spices the coriander and the cumin and I'm going to give it a good stir make sure everything is nicely mix all the spices that well distributed in that tomato mixture you see that and I wish you could smell this smell amazing okay so next we're going to add in there our beans so you're going to pour them in there and you're going to give them a good stir to make sure they're well coated with that spice and tomato mixture as you can see you want to repair your being in such a way that you can pull the white part out without breaking the beam okay and if you go to my blog you see exactly how to prepare it involved soaking the beans just to soften them ask adding some salt to that soak in water to make sure that the skins stay on and if you're using a pressure cooker like I did here I let them come to a boil for a little bit and then I rinse them out and soak them again but you want to make sure they're nicely coated just like that see that it's starting to look nice and thick look at that we're in progress so you're going to add some salt and you add according to how much salt you like just make sure you taste it if you what more salt I added a couple pinch pinches in there if you want more salt add some more and then I have here some chopped cilantro in some parts of oil they call it coriander that's what I have there and I'm just going to add and stir keep adding and stirring just make sure give it I add this to give it some nice color you know some flakes of green and a sea of brown that doesn't hurt anything just make it look nice and also to add some flavor and I'm giving it a good stir there next we're going to add in our coconut milk remember to use a real thing the heavy coconut milk from the first pressing you don't want to use the watery stuff the taste will not be the same you're going to compromise on the flavor so just make sure you use the whole coconut milk like I'm doing here and you want to give it a nice stir make sure everything is well mixed and then we're going to let this come to a boil on high heat see that it's not nicely bubbling and then we're going to reduce the heat to medium we're going to cover and then we're going to let it cook for 25 to 30 minutes if you're not using a pressure cooker if you're using a pressure cooker mine only took 15 minutes and as you can see here's a finished product look at that look at that feed your eyes people who they're not if you press the beans between your fingers they're not too mushy just right not hard not mushy just right and that's the importance of soaking beans before you cook them or you're going to end up with some pretty looking beans like that but when you bite into them they're gonna be hard now what I have here is some chapati nice layered flaky chapati look at that ooh and that goes perfectly with the beans you can also serve them up with some white rice or any other starch like kugali you can eat it with now to get the recipe for these chapatis make sure to visit my blog it's under the chapatti post or check out my chapati video on youtube and i'm gonna not be mean and let you have a taste look at that see ah anyway thank you so much for joining me this time I hope you join me next time as I take your taste buds on another culinary Safari thank you and

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