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hello everybody my name is brick I hope everything a wonderful day today and today we have a different video for you in his terms of characters that I normally play now before I start this is a video sponsored by Ubisoft the last of the three there were three sponsored videos one on the every character nutshell one on the most recent la bring a woman and now there's this one and these are all three sponsored by Ubisoft marching fire nothing special going on there it's just it is sponsored I am getting paid for this video and I am also playing the game and that's pretty much all that's happening so with that being said I was rolling through my roster and I'm gonna go ahead and get into a queue for a duel here while I wait but I was wrong to my roster and I realize I'm a LA bring your main through-and-through a holy boy and as a holy boy I thought I would be kind of fun for me to try somebody else out but I was trying to think of who I should play now originally I was considering shaman because I thought how hilarious would it be to play probably the most opposite character of the law bringer a short angry forest midget that is hyper aggressive and pretty good versus a very low tier giant armored holy what might not even be a human inside of there it could be a big suit of armor but instead I chose to fight somebody or playing somebody who is more soul offering her style which is the Raider I was thinking really strong punishes some kind of like pretty low on the tier list I don't think Raiders as bad as lumbering her is but still definitely a a more lower tier character and I thought how fun would it be to go ahead and try something like this out so that's what I did and we're gonna try this a little bit I played the Raider 3 for its own God 3 4 times in my life maybe possibly I don't think I even know how to do stunning tap so this is going to be very interesting fighting a rep 30 Highlander with this but I thought it'd be kind of fun and so that's what I'm gonna do okay that didn't work out already all right bad start I try to uh rate he's able to parry out of that oh wow this is getting weird okay this is gonna start hurting damn it all Oh Highlander I almost said la bring her that was funny okay yeah why not man um sure so this is new to me I keep going let's keep going part of me doesn't feel like it will be oh that was the I did stunning tab I just realized that stunning tap oh no oh wow oh dear oh my stop it Wow okay that hurt look I oh my god I got ye 'td so hard dang it I kept trying to do a light attack it he kept on bakken or bopping me with his little but this is little bakken he bakken to me that sounds like a swear free bakken that sounds like a slur or something but he kept on bonking me with this little hilt and it started to hurt stop it stop it stop it I said stop it how is he able to go wait how is he able to swap that like that isn't is it when he's in what's it called wait that doesn't count oh no I thought that was I thought that was a free hit this I'm so sorry but this is this is worth it this is fair I'm not I don't play Raider this is acceptable can I jump off oh this is fair I just I just served this I deserved that win before I I worked hard for that I have an idea watching this oh I'm so sorry first uh-oh though for some reason I assumed that Oh No I deserve this okay really wait that's not what I wanted to do what just what was that

[Music] Wow Oh No Oh No ah ah ow that the execution always looks really painful um I I was surprised that that side unblockable hit me it was it looks like I was completely saved I was very I was very surprised and I dodged it and then it was like a weird late register or however you would say it look like that like that damn it I could've sworn I could have I could have messed him up like that Oh what the hell this is weird okay that's cool Oh oh wow that did so much stamina

okay III thought I dodged those up I thought I'd answer okay that was felt a little wonky maybe I'm just not used to it because I don't really dodge those too often maybe I'm just not used to it but I could have sworn that I had aya dodged those but you know what I got around in and I feel pretty good about that you know what I didn't completely get blasted and I'm pretty alright with that I feel pretty good about just actually being able to take a round against the rep 30 Highlander yeah I guess the Highlander in general everything is so blurry I've had so I've had too much to drink but taking it up against the Highlander that felt that felt real good that felt real good absolutely you know wait traditional Vikings salute oh that's what that is wait which one's pure force then ow which one's this one oh wow things have kind of changed ah I still really like this execution I don't know why it's just super satisfying to me I mean of course we do have this one and you really can dislike that one but it's still pretty pretty neato damn I damn I really maybe maybe my timing was off I bet my timing was off on those on those Highlanders side uh side and blockable z-- I know that doesn't a side dodge for the Raider isn't it like a little faster or is just the GAR break window he has I don't know oh no I had a stamina myself a lot - that was one of my bigger issues was that the amount times I out of stamina myself and going out stamina against the Highlander is basically death like you really have a hard time fighting a Highlander when you're out of stamina because it turns this little kick kick caber toss combo into a true one or the other kind of like 50/50 type thing you know cuz sometimes you can mess with it when he's not when you're not stayin out like you couldn't try to auto-attack out of it if you're playing an assassin you can generally do like a dashing attack and I think backlights work for certain characters not all of them I don't think the lurks for Allah bringer but you know if you're playing PK or something it's a lot easier to deal with because just sigh - and do the attack but when you're out of stamina you're pretty Sol and and I mean it kind of should be because you're out of stamina but it becomes quite a quite a problem but Raider radar as strong as he may be in terms of like pure damage I'm not saying he's strong but I'm just saying like you know the amount damage he does it can really turn the tide if you do if if you land like good parries and stuff which I did not wait so how do I do stunning tap so it's forward a and RB but how do I do a stunning tap cancel any a heavy attack or Raider fury start up with a light attack so I do I just press light attack during the start up then I guess that might be it yeah rushing guard break is a thing this is what really messed me up back in the day it's one of the reasons I found Raider even though he wasn't that great to be sometimes pretty effective against people like Conqueror and warden and even loved ringer as well but people like that because you're able to dash out of the way of their attack and then guard break them and rip before they could deal with it because sometimes they would have enough recovery frames to not matter but not with the not with the radar the Raider would really mess you up with that that's one of the more saving graces of the Raider right now is because of how strong that is and Stampede charge is pretty good but you know that's the thing huh chop and poke way really here is a RB RB RB combo I had no idea and a wild soir yato eat and that's not ito alright let's give this one another shot maybe something will work outs this time maybe I'll take at least one more round Orochi okay this will be easier than a Highlander I mean I think he could totally take me to the cleaners but this would be easier than a Highlander because one Orochi is not as powerful and two Orochi leaves more room to Perry and I'm decent at Perry's at times that is oh I'm sorry well don't I feel like an asshole now oh and he can parry too apparently Oh what the hell hmm all right wow that delay this guy's not even ever gonna do a light attack is he whoa whoa what was that

so that's how that works

Wow yeah I agree buddy Wow I can't believe I won that uh yeah I agree Wow Wow Wow I all right Wow Wow Wow I I can't tell if he's saltier just confused cuz it could totally be both oh geez that's unfortunate that was that was pretty funny I think I think he might be a little I think you might be a little salty but uh that's funny damn I also really good start to well with the Stampede charts and stuff I didn't get the the break off though but oh dang yeah I wasn't sure if he realized I was gonna do that oh you can cancel that into a break real hallway this doesn't count does it oh dear oh no oh that was fancy oh he is kind of salty okay I didn't really shouldn't ansel the this is a cold storm rush no riptides right no what's what's that called I don't know what that's called but whatever that's called I didn't realize you could cancel that into a guard break that's news to me all right what'd I do ah damn I got stoplight attacking ah damn oh there we go oh oh my goodness gracious that was so much damage wait really that didn't actually take them down I thought my work hey nice sweet hey we're gonna take this to the to the best-of-five we're gonna go we're gonna go right to uh to the fifth route yeah we're into the whole thing oh my goodness if I if I fall back into this lava it's gonna be so silly all right ah damn I thought I could maybe try to be cheeky yeah I'm not gonna do anything I would I was stamina myself Wow all right fair oh really I thought I blocked that I blocked those nice what does that that uh stamina me already

damn damn okay well maybe I'll be able to stop him maybe but I got a solid guard break or something now oh whoa damn I thought I could get a Oh out that zone attack oh I was in the middle of my heavy startup I was going for the big heavy site attacking it he caught me in the beginning of it ah darn I'm not too bad I wonder if I would have won that if I had oh I would have won that if I didn't fall in the lava boy I wonder if like the lava part wasn't there and we went to another round I wonder if I would have been able to snag that one but uh either way I'm perfectly fine with him with this I'm perfectly fine with the two to three and a one two three thing against rep 30 Highland you're in a rep eleven Orochi that's not bad I feel pretty good about that I honestly do for like fourth time give or take third time I don't know when the playing Raider that's not bad and I got a bird oh it's sorry I got a raven well if I have a raven i won out I want it visible is there a service spot I can put my Raven can I put it down here that's lame for tattoos well I put my oldest shoulder oh wait no it's not all right it's going on chest it's going on the chest anyway thank you very much for watching this video everyone this was of course sponsored by Ubisoft and if there's any other heroes you might want me to try out cuz I'm kind of alright was just going around trying people a funny enough I was originally gonna try a roadie for this one as like a total opposite along with a shaman that was but we went with radar it was actually kind of fun you know it's kind of cool fighting of people as a totally new character trying to learn while fighting really high rep players well the 30 Highliner it is 11 Orochi is it's decently your high rep it's my art my aurora muchos 11 reps but either way thank you very much pleasure having you here and I will see you all later bye bye

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