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this is your castle must be nice to be home huh well you know something just don't feel quite right why let's go your castles in danger the library

your majesty cronuts walk back you're here your royal highness did you happen to summon us yes there's the king he's walked one surah surah but King told me all about you with his letters he said you're a very brave young man so do you know where he is

whilst on the National oh my so those are the hottest don't worry we'll take care of him I know I can count on you Sora now there's something I'd like all of you to come and see would you please escort me to the audience chamber ah I forgot to warn everyone else in the castle about the danger we must be sure they're hidden somewhere safe okay we'll go tell them where our place how we just gotta split up Donald I'll make sure that everyone knows what's going on wah-wah-wah-wah okay then I'll stay with the Queen damn righty then see you later um the audience chamber right ma'am yes sir let's be on our way

yeah this way let's go just one moment as soon as the trouble started I made sure to seal this room

now then shall we here - I got him

this way let's go come on give me a break

whoa the room below is called the hall of the cornerstone our castle has always been safe from worlds that are evil thanks to the cornerstone of light which we keep down there the cornerstone of light this is the castles cherished cornerstone oh but look the thorns they must be the work of someone very evil I wonder what this could mean huh no way well well well what have we here if it isn't the wretched Keyblade holder and his pitiful lackeys oh good time I promise you'll be able to partake of my vengeance but you must be patient just what are you doing here Maleficent ah Queen Minnie radiant as always I'm here on a property venture I want this castle for my own however it's a bit too bright for what I have in mind I suppose I'll just have to fill every room with my personal touch of darkness you'd better stop right now if you know what's good for you oh how frightening very well I'll stop just as soon as the castle belongs to me

what a hag nothing like this has ever happened before I looked through all the records in the library but I couldn't find a single clue Oh huh we should go ask somebody who knows lots of stuff I mean in any book my Raja won yes that's perfect Merlin just might know something about this mess let's ask his advice we saw him and Hall Bastion right yeah let's go anybody home look castles in danger the love is all that racket oh it's you it looks like Hoover learned a bit since the last time I saw you really works let's plant romantic brand web and keep me one for some Hispanic well inside the castle yup and heartless - no - hogwash what will bargain what perhaps I'd better just cease myself mm-hmm interesting what's happening Merlin this is not good in fact I'm afraid it's quite serious what's that my boy that is a gateway to a special world someone in that world is responsible for what's going on in this castle of that I'm certain oh well we know we could count on you myrrh one then we should go get him wait a moment the perpetrators must be stopped of course but there's something else to do first somewhere in that world there should be another door that's identical to this one I believe our enemies are utilizing that door as long as it remains open the castle will be in grave danger listen carefully Sora you must find that door and when you do lock it with your Keyblade got it won't wear one worse and now one more thing you're heading into a very special world while you're there and nature of that world may tempt you to do something dark you must resist that temptation at all costs what do you mean you'll know soon enough I have faith in you my lads wait look well there's the cornerstone of light

what's going on everything's black and white ciao what's Phi 1 1 oh wow deja vu Wow quince what really have you been here before hey you seen any bad guys around here why got up nah I don't have time do we start Punk's like you so I guess I'll go easy on ya well there's our villain

which win you squirts you got some kinda bone to pick with me more than one gems fighting words oh not so fast what you folks beef with me anyway who who are you you're new around here cut the act whoa you know something doesn't seem quite right here are you sure you're Pete well of course I'm Pete I've become a nasty boat so stop bothering me see so hit the road I gotta go find a little runt what stole my boat gawrsh lady we made a mistake I'm starting to think the same thing he hasn't even called any heartless sorry we attacked you like that captain Pete oh yeah well if you're really sorry they'd go find my Steve boat yes sir you oh my he could back

Hey look oh there's the cornerstone of life

what's going on everything's black and white cow what's the problem Wow BAM Wow please all who wear flip-flop really have you been here before

what are they building

kind of different sometime heartless I knew it you really saved the day now let's get those heartless

how do you like that way look you absolute idiot you've managed to fail at everything and what's more you foolishly thought you could take my place while I was away well as of now you're finished mark my words there'll be no place for you when our time comes useless imbecile but but but I

rap the town shrunk or do you think maybe we got bigger Hey look at the toy cannons what's he saying

hey there heartless

man that was weird

well look so rough Aprilaire Oh for cryin out loud she did not go say that okay I might have messed up every now and then but of a lot more things than useless why when I was starting out yo miss toast good ol T's what I would give to go back in time what I wouldn't give

hey I get back my fire come on he needs our help



well that takes care of that hey fascinating this appears to be a portal to the past yeah it was the strangest thing stop gawking and start thinking of a way we can use it to our advantage okay now perhaps I could give you one more chance to redeem yourself oh thank you thank you you can count on me so what do I do patience my dear what have we here well if it isn't the cornerstone of light hmm now we can take the castle from those fools but we'll have to proceed with the utmost of care

come on we need your help

oh listen well on the other side of this portal they're about to begin construction on that wretched castle but until then their treasured cornerstone of light lies unguarded with all of its power still contained the cornerstone Oh light yes that curse had sphere is the very thing that prevents us from entering the castle oh you know what must be done oh go then time to prove your worth and don't dare to fail me again don't fail her again let's see that's it I just gotta smash that corner stone to smithereens

but first I gotta go get my own bow back it was the after all Wow plug pass still something doesn't seem right hmm the Pete we met here had kind of an attitude but he didn't seem like a bad guy

now that castles as good as ours that's the pewte we know we're fine with the corners don't start now crap moms they're gonna fill my castle with darkness we gotta roaring hey hold it right there no way small fry I finally found a pipsqueak what stole my ski boat why oh right me rule would be of just somebody who looks like me Oh which is it wait shut up your futures or the light Valley should back off and give me the soap compromise clown after him

you mug could follow me if you wanted to

you good part of it


yes you'll pay for this

compromise Wow Donald will come back for it later pleats it inver the door ye you still wet behind the ears then try us

body cake

laughs Oh

about a game

you know Oh


come on it serves you right yeah h-hey out swimmy yeah I know would somebody tell me what's been going on here who was that creep anyways hello that creep was you from flew through soil that's a safe threat secret what kind of secret God never mind sorry I put you guys through all that trouble why I'm just for my hammer oh and to show you my appreciation I'll let you pilot by steamboat best little raft on River my deckhand Mickey's late anyways

I'll bet you the council sleep male guess we should head back down

by George the lads have accomplished their mission let's have an acorn feast to celebrate

welcome back because of your bravery the chasm is safe and protected again thank you so much for all you've done very nice and now boys I hope you didn't do anything reckless while you were there - black hole

crouched right back who Daisy is Donald's very special sweetheart really great Donald you forgot about our date again you'd better have a good excuse this time well gloves oh um I know it's an important mission but you could at least check in every once in a while sorry jeez Donald just warm I went going somewhere oh look

Daisy we need Donald for just a little longer how much longer um well watch him blossom don't you worry Queen Minnie will return please tell the king that we're still looking for him I will say yes think wisely


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