Tyrin Turner on Losing Boyz n the Hood Role, Does Tre Styles Crying Impression

by: djvlad

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all right well suddenly we got tyrant Turner in the building so what's up light what's up with it you know what the the person responsible for one of the most iconic characters in movies of all time with Kane Wow you know I'm saying I mean this is how many years later 20-something years later in some yeah yeah 20-some years later and you ask any hip hop kid about you know menace to society or Kane or old dogs for that matter they know exactly exactly what it is man just bless man is that the character this really transcended to like it's like it's like it's kind of like it keeps just growing like yeah I don't yeah man whatever accusations thank you so much man so original you grew up in South Central grew up in South and jail like 50% over okay now that was a gang area at the time but you never got into any of that no I just you know a lot of my lot of my friends I grew up with gang wearing gang and stuff like that I never really wanted to be involved in it but I always had the street element like I wasn't affiliated but I had to do some of the things I had to fight I have it you know all the things that you do in the neighborhood okay what you never joined yourself never in life but what area was that um the Hooper's favored over Chris over Chris yes okay and did they try to recruit you at all because you're living there you know they trying to get their numbers up no I never really got recruited I would just you know it wasn't like that I was just in the neighborhood no one ever came so you need to be from whooping I was never that because we kind of grew up with the guy that I kind of grew up some of the guys that were over in it just never came along I mean she'd join the gang it was just they were from Hoover I was just me I feel you I feel you now your mom actually caught you stealing at one point oh man it that was crazy I was I was like ten something like that and we was at it was as odious you know how long ago that blueberry's OD so my boy went got these vans they would like world cousin he went into the Saudis and it was so fresh and so white I was like and he and he came out with a my life and that was easy so I tried it I went in I went back in with him to try to get me some and I'm somebody a lady or a clerk or something walk me into another room and that was the police department okay and then on from there on they snapped a picture of me I didn't know what was gonna happen so they they drove me home in the police car they run me come on mom my mom would answer the door with it almost crying she didn't know that my baby's dead they come to tell me that hey can you come through the body or whatever that you know how they do it so um they led me to my mom my mom just told me to go run some water I ran the water he put me in the tub and he just you know it was it was a beating took in place with extension cord sticking court why extension cords because it burns things and it is at the same time are you going to get a burn it is everything in one why are the bathtub on death so I would never because it made me I never want to do that again why why would you have to be wet while you're getting look like that yes why why what does the witness add to it just asked it adds to the thing oh really yes when you wet is things more oh okay right yeah so she was just basically she would just basically don't you ever and your life do it again I just whoops yeah this would be us and passing the cry style passing the cry stop right after that you were good after that I was good I'm like I'm cool you stopped stealing I stopped stealing I just again I just you know I think eat a candy in the supermarket I remember I just had a candy in the market I said you know eat that every now and then just to walk by but you know let major right other than that right laugh or cry was right great up for you now you had a kind of a different story when you lost your virginity mm yeah but it was different yeah um I was like I was like twelve years old like twelve years old my homeboys on the loose on uh I had a swing I had a BMX bike it was white and blue my boy pick me up on my own bike got on the handlebars a yellow this girl around the corner you don't think she's letting a bite you know fuck you no I'm saying so I could cause right here let me bite here she's like 16 so we went around the corner with you how old I don't like well when she was 16 16 16 17 so when around the corner we went to the window and my homeboy was hitting or whatever and I was like I couldn't wait I couldn't wait to hit next or whatever so I when I get on it I seen all his hair on her coochie right so that scared like up my world cuz I hang on them I'm here on mine yes I don't know what the fuck they were like what's it look like an SOS tears I don't know what so I'm like oh shit so I panicked a little bit so then my other homeboy went and then I kind of waited to topical okay I guess is cool going there so after he went I went see you at third I had third sloppy thirds so I had sloppy thirds okay and that was the first time you know and that was that was the first time I had sex and then I remember I liked how I felt so I was trying to obviously to ride my bike around there but the door wasn't open no more it was it was it was the weirdest thing I never I never could get it again talk I like 17 okay did you ever see the girl again I see no when I got a look when I got a little older okay yeah I've seen her again but I never it wasn't like something I want to hit it wasn't like it was just it was whatever at the time but yeah I guess yeah I got that little connection or it's like yeah I we just not going to talk about yeah I know you know I didn't know yeah I didn't seem I've never seen my hair in my life thank you so again what what did you actually want to act um my cook I've always was a class clown and stuff like that or whatever and I remember my uh my cousin had went to this acting workshop or whatever and I was like I want let me go so I went we went to the acting workshop and we were just you know I guess he made me do like some kind of commercial thing on paper or whatever and on they need to have enough room in the class at first or whatever so I did the look commercial Skippy peanut butter bowel and whatever the hell and um she was like she was like wow you're a natural so from that point on I just fell in love with just you know the art of just making people laugh cry smile you know okay so are you starting to take acting lessons at this point or yeah yeah I was taking a little classes but I always always had a naturalness about myself so I didn't want to lose that I want to kind of like learn a little bit but kind of keep my naturalness because sometimes as act that people start acting like they're acting and I never wanted to lose the realness okay now you end up being in the Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation video right which you know for those that I remember you know for those that are like little too young to remember this was like the video of its time right it was like at the height of Janet Jackson it was high budget it was like cuz Michael Jackson had already kind of stopped sort of Rango doing stuff so Janet was like next the next big artist I think Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced the album and it was like you know I mean this was like a huge huge album and writing the main song off that album and here you are you're like you're not it's like you're one of the stars right the video actually how did that come together um caught the bus to this audition they had this guy named Josh Miller who was supposed to play the character I played they already have him capped or whatever thought come in and I was like they was like we already got person we want kaswell's like okay well it will if you you know if you want to you can still give it a try wherever so I went in I give it a try and then they were just like hmm they just kind of like oh but there's no speaking in the role right yeah there is a speaking role is a longer version oh okay I never saw that yes so there's a longer version with dialogue in it okay yes so you didn't see them so so um there was a longer version so they was like wait a minute we want we want Janet this we want Janet to see you we want Jenna to see this so Janet came in or whatever she sat down or whatever then I did this little thing why I had to cry and all this well and I want her over okay you guys speak it off you know what I don't remember because her voice was so hey you know it's just so light it's like I don't know if she said hi or like it was good Michael it was it was a a Jackson moment okay and then your actually part of the filming of this video this was probably like a million dollar video yeah at the time right super high budget right I was experienced that spirits with great it was it was I remember I remember like hugging on Janice or whatever and like just like I felt like I was falling in love like I was like man I'm and I don't know if she feel it but I feel something different right cooking up the times I was a battered chicken again Ryan Jackson right she was like the Beyonce are you know of the top of the time that's actually a great a great comparison it was a Beyonce alright yeah so I remember I remember hugging her and I remember you know we had a scene what we looking at each other I I'm like why she looking at me like that like I'm taking it the wrong way like why I'm because I'm I'm gazing her I like this is real you know what I mean you know I'm young and you know hormones you know I'm real okay so you end up doing that we did a good paycheck or was it just the explained it was like it was it was good for the time thing like 7000 some but for the time yeah that was your biggest check yeah yeah it was cool so after that you actually tried out for boys in the hood I tried out for boys and hood I did the whole spiel when they met John sing with him you know I remember like yesterday I went in there and it was the scene where uh you know when a cubed got it he got a damn okay you put me right there you put me right in right there and I did that a little bigger John Singleton saying oh you got it in the whole nine and that's when I learned Hollywood is they'll just say you've got something I mean you really

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