CCL 2 Final Chennai Rhinos Vs Karnataka Bulldozers ING-1, OVR-20

by: Celebrity Cricket League (CCL)

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so many people to the ground they wanted to watch the film stars in action I wanted them to play cricket most popular sport in this country and they've enjoyed every moment of this we started this tournament in Sharjah there also we had a huge turnout and the crowd has build-up for the past three or four weekends it was a yellow flag structuring more support here for the Rhinos we are at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad coming life for this final match of this tournament last 3 overs 23 runs conceded and they've gotten up they've got a wicked she's not so bad for the bulldozes managed to restore some kind of parity to the proceedings here

it's important they've done the hard work so far 490 no it's very important how they finish it off now whether they finish on 160 165 that's the key or whether the bulldozers restrict them first one goes um and I want to my god I needed to throw it too much sooner but in the end they get two runs in the bargain Pradeep who's operating from round the stands this is good world girl run after long golf choke him in very sharply but pretty wasn't aware if he had thrown of the strikers end he could have easily effected a run-out Judy doesn't like it at all he's telling them to be more aware of what is the need of this stage haha it all asked his excitement the sort of drama on the field and there in the 20th oh wow the classic of 92 can he get his hundred

was over the top of Madonn field uh the long office coming he's done well to color collect that ball well so much of drama out there and so much of noise also Sabah no one can hear anyone out there in the middle kept Amador inside the circle and he's bawling the full name deliveries or the good lentil deliveries that's helping Ramona to hit over the top and the process is collected for runs the first two deliveries and now they have pushed him back

I need to get some more Fielder inside they're only two at this stage they need one more inside the circle only three so far I was going to sweep a cover inside then the square leg inside yes it's bowling fold and deliver it makes sense to get the fielder from deep squat leg inside the circle

goes back again but this time it's straight to log on and it makes no mistake the fourth wicket or the Chennai rhinos hold elective delivery and he swatted out but long gone in place and he makes no mistake the blue flags of lying


the captain Vaishali walks out to partner with cron who's a 92 captain office isn't that I know too well with the bad but he's laid aside quite well fielding has been brilliant he's there because of this ramen I wanted to go over the top manages to find Rajeev in the deep I ran into could take that catch

last three boys left

both things happening one of definitely going to bowl up crossing delivery Oh terrific shot he strikes it well but straight to the fielder he wants the second run he goes for it and then miss it and he gets it in the end it's all happening out there in the middle

they're working in the nose of the bulldozers you ran the first one card he was waiting the troll was a slightly wayward and Vikram went to the second one he under on the roads at shooting to wiki keeper he misses so then I smash two runs of that delivery just six runs here from his terrific three figure Mark Vic Randy's on strike I'll have to wait and watch whether he gets it or not excited it straight to third man and we'll just get him one run

unless there is a delivery so the last one coming up here 157 for for what I innings for the Rhinos have done very well they won the toss and decided to pack first and that put up very decent score here for the bulldozers to chase this is the finals they've got huge support here from people of Hyderabad we're all here for the Rhinos each all that will work for them when they when they come out and defend we are like a cauldron for the bulldozers final delivery both will inside edge he'll get some runs that goes to the fans things have gone winos where today in the end in the 2000s they managed 161 for for after the last delivery inside a

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