Galaxy S7 Edge official accessories - Unboxing wireless fast-charge base, S-View and Keyboard Case

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hey guys cam here from 9 to 5 Google and when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy s7 edge they also showed off some official accessories some of them we've seen before others have been redesigned to fit the galaxy s7 edge so I decided to check out a couple of them to see if they were any good now first up is the well received wireless charging base now unlike most Qi standard charges this one is equipped with fast charging technology the box is a pretty standard affair featuring a transparent plastic lid with just the wireless charging base and a Quick Start Guide there's no USB cable or power adapter with it but the idea is that you use the adaptive fast charging one that came with the phone now the device itself kinda looks like a plastic UFO with a transparent rim around the edges and using it is very simply just plug it in and you'll see an LED strip light up place your phone in the center and it will charge now what I really like on first impressions is that the phone doesn't slide off there's a really nice grippy ring around the top of the base to stop it from doing so even if you try it it's hard to do now if we move on to the S view case and the packaging is virtually identical inside is nothing but the S view case and a guide essentially it's a transparent plastic hard shell with a soft cover attached which covers both the front and the back and opens like a book thanks to the clever use of magnets and an NFC chip the phone knows when the case is open or shut and when it's on when closed the lock screen appears through the square window in a square cropped form where you can still swipe notifications or launch apps and drop down the notification shape what's more the phone still charges wirelessly through it on the design front it fits the phone really well and has a nice soft texture it's pretty subtle but it's hardly the most premium thing in the world still I like it it feels comfortable and doesn't look too bad onto the keyboard and if you're hoping for something to soothe your BlackBerry withdrawals this is not it it's packaged in the same way as the other accessories unlike the s view cover uses an NFC chip to tell your phone when it's attached by default the keyboard is attached to the back of a hard plastic which has a textured finish flip it over to the front and the screen adjusts to fit into the top half shrinking some of the on-screen content in the process now the keyboard is completely free and it isn't permanently attached at all so you can just use the shell if you want to and attach the keyboard when you like although I do worry that it can get lost quite easily the keyboard itself has four rows with buttons for home back and multitasking sadly on initial testing the keys seemed way too cramped and spongy there's not enough feedback and there's not enough space between them they're not nice at all and some Keys had to be pressed so purposefully and slowly that it would have been easier just to use a software keyboard now if you want to buy any of these you can buy them from mobile phone in the UK who kindly provided these for me the wireless charger there is $34.99 UK pounds the SVU case is $29.99 and the keyboard case is 42 ninety-nine in the u.s. you can order them from Amazon where the wireless charger is $50 the SVU case is just $30 and the keyboard case is $55 let me know what you think of these and if you want to see me review them more in depth let me know in the comments below or grab me on Twitter I'm at cam Bunton and I will see you

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When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 Edge, they also showed off some official accessories. Some of them we’ve seen before, others have been redesigned to fit the Galaxy S7 Edge. I decided to check out a couple of them to see if they were any good. UK - Mobile Fun Wireless Charger - £34.99 -

S-View - £29.99-

Keyboard - £42.99 -

US - Amazon Wireless charger -

- $50 S-View -

- $30 Keyboard -

- $55
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