September Favourites

by: Lucy Elizabeth

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today I'm going to be filming my September favorites for those of you who don't know what that is where I talk about my favorites in September usually people divide these into categories so I'm gonna shamelessly follow suit so without further ado let's begin I am a massive beauty junkie hoarder I love adjectives my first favorite is a lipstick and I'm actually wearing it right now it is a lipstick by Mac I know Mac things are massively overpriced but I got this for my birthday so this lipstick is called morons just my accident but when I same orange I just it sounds so common I like to pretend that I'm cultured and sophisticated and I call it morals and by that I mean I walk around my house saying out loud by myself morals my hair is joke my hair is a physical and literal and perhaps even metaphorical joke my next Beauty favorite is a concealer I'm really ugly so I'm always looking for things that cover up as much as possible this is the biz this is the business the bee's knees is that where it comes from bee's knees business oh my god what I'm googling this bee's knees business oh my god it's like the phrase is involved this stuff is so good because it has a and I'm gonna read it off the thing it says anti fatigue effect and radiant glow and fit oh crap oh that's French that's why I couldn't read it this stop is good for anything it's good for dark circles it's good for blemishes it's good for two things my final Beauty favorite this is not cool I need to stop with their quotations stop it is a shower gel by super Glory this is a travel sized version because I like some more things there's a joke in there somewhere does this even count as a beauty favorite maybe I should have a separate set just for washing yourself this stuff smells amazing but there is a step back okay hear me out this shower gel is called clean on me and that's fine but whenever I use this because it's called clean on me I always get one song stuck in my head there you might not use this every day the song gets stuck in my head moving right along if you know where that's from I'm gonna give you ten points I'm a big music fan as is 99% of the population and I'm always listening to music when I'm getting ready when I'm waiting for something I just music goes in Weld goes out I have a question though before I continue and I've always wondered this and I've genuinely never met someone who does this besides myself because I've met myself quite a few times my question for you is when you open up your iTunes library and you have all the tabs at the top so you can organize it by artist by album by date added by genre I have always organized my iTunes music in date added order so the songs over most recently added are the ones at the top and then the ones that I downloaded like six years ago they're very very bottom does anyone else do that because everyone I have ever met has always done it in artist order and I'm always like no that's just no I digress my favorite music this month I have always been a huge Frank Ocean fan and I listened to him a lot last year but I've recently just kind of like rediscovered him again so Frank Ocean I heart you my favorite song of his is super rich kids like me and came in know all the words and we can wrap it in the car cruising down the highway another song I've been listening to recently is Royals by Lorde nothing like Frank Ocean but I really good song and again I know all the words and I do sing them by myself in the shower so I will link that song and my favourite migration songs in the downbar anyone who knows me knows that I'm a big fan of food like I love eating I have recently discovered Bailey's coffee thanks to my friend Emily and it's kind of become an obsession like I will order it every time I go out I'm sorry if you're too young to drink alcohol as soon as you turn a legal drinking age promise me you're gonna try it because it's worth it I promise but as you have watched the Kenan a new CD channel you will know that I'm a big fan of sushi and when I go to places that do sushi sushi restaurants namely they often serve edamame beans um so I made it a mission to find out where I could buy edamame beans in the supermarket and I found them edamame I bought these in Waitrose I think you can get them in Marxist fences I say I bought them in Waitrose my mum bought them in Waitrose thanks mom high protein cholesterol free and low sodium oh it also says you can enjoy these edamame by frying from frozen with the pod intact work in a little vegetable oil this is getting a bit sexy lime and salt chilli may be added when cooking if you prefer it hot this is too sexy I gotta go put these back in the freezer I wanted to successfully trick you all into thinking I had my together because on the top half on the bottom half I'm wearing orange very Bambi pajamas everything you believed was a lie more wrong lean on me lean on me I'll computer screen went off don't know about it oh my god

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