Changing Your Vibration Blueprint to Detox the Body Guest: Robert Marking & Lisa Thomassen

by: Wendy Myers

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Lisa Robert thank you so much for joining us on the heavy metal summit great to be here yes so we're gonna talk today about how to detox bio energetically and this interview is gonna blow everyone's minds and I continue to be fascinated by this subject and by the results that I see personally and professionally and with other people in the capacity for their bodies to detox in ways that we may not be familiar with so our and our conversation today is gonna go much deeper than just about detoxification so hold on to your hats so Robert fun yes you developed a pendant called the pure harmony pendant how does this pendant work and how does it help one to detox their body that's a great question the pure me pendant works by harmonic resonance it actually works with the eight major vessels energetic vessels that actually pass through the body that are upstream from all the other ones so their upstream from the chakras all the meridians and when it does that when it aligns with these eight energetic pathways it sets off a frequency that matches the core vibrational blueprint of the body so through that we create harmonic resonance it's like two tuning forks you to the same frequency you strike one and two harmonic resonance the other one vibrates and the result of that is always a very very powerful vibration so by creating harmonic resonance and amplifies your core vibration blueprint so all the lower vibrating systems especially the stressors in the trauma that have impacted you throughout your lifetime are released energetically so we're resetting that core vibrational blueprint and so it's it was it works is great and so the concept we're talking about here is where your body has an energetic field we have a physical body obviously everyone knows that but our body actually primarily works an urge ethically that's where a lot of our communication takes place in our body and it's a very interesting concept that our body vibrates at a certain frequency but metal and chemicals and toxins they have their certain frequency that they vibrate at and when you flip that switch when you harmonize or correct your body's energetic field you can neutralize toxins and infections and other things in your body that really aren't supposed to be there can you elaborate on that a little bit yeah that's a really good point we talked about different stressors in the environment or even past trauma you've been exposed to so we actually have physical trauma that could be a car accident or a bad fall for bicycle or surgeries or burns or even dental issues so we have um you know we have structural trauma we also have chemical trauma obviously a vaccines heavy metals toxins infections parasites mold and so chemical krama can really impact you negatively we have emotional trauma obviously we all know about that and the impact that that can have on you as a vibrating system we also have EMF or electromagnetic trauma from cellphones and Wi-Fi smart meters and high power lines and so so and so forth in patching negatively we have spiritual trauma and also have one category that Lisa and I have really been working on that I've been focused on for like the last 20 years and that's really it's kind of a in the electromagnetic spectrum but it's really kind of unclassified and just some phenomenon in the environment they can impact you negatively and really caused a cascade of problems throughout the body so any of these stressors or trauma can cause a cascade imbalances all the way through the body good biochemistry but what it does oh wendy is it impact and traumatizes the mitochondria the DNA and also the chromatin in the DNA and the chromatin in the DNA actually emit photons and this photons is really what controls your biochemistry it's light you have a light metabolism and what happens they have coherent light transmissions when you're healthy but what happens when they're traumatized by one of the stresses I just mentioned it causes incoherent light transmissions so what happens you have a hundred thousand biochemical reactions happening in the cell every second and if you have incoherent light transmissions but those hundred thousand biochemical reactions become chaotic see how the cell biochemical chemistry becomes chaotic but then you have a breakdown from cell to cell communication which all of a sudden parts your body not communicating properly that affects the it causes chaos through the whole bio photon field and when the bio photon field was chaotic the autonomic nervous system senses this this stress and moves into a sympathetic dominant mode fight-or-flight it's like the emergency light goes on we have a stressor there's a problem here and people switch into that sympathetic dominant mode you have chaotic light transmission it's kind of like when you go sympathetic it's kind of like think of your laptop computer you're working on if you freeze up your lap laptop computer and it goes sympathetic on you kind of like butter flight you can't upload it into programs if you can't download any programs it's frozen ok and that's kind of what happens when you go sympathetic the blood goes to the brain it goes the heart goes to muscles you're ready for a fight but you can't detox you can't run your detox programs you can't run your metabolic programs you can't run your hormone programs yeah methylation programs emotional programs all that is kind of putting the back burner until you handle this stressor this is causing that sympathetic dominant mode so what we want to do as holistic practitioners is look at all these stressors that could be impacting your chromatin your light transmission your cell-cell communication and your bio photon field that is controlling by light your all your biochemistry and all your programs and if we can get tuned the source on that and basically eliminate and remove those stressors then we can re-establish coherent light transmissions out of the cells we can re-establish south-south communication we can get your bio by a photon field regularly properly and then all of a sudden all your programs come back online it's kind of rebooting your computer your parasympathetic mode now now you can download your new programs you could upload and run your detox programs you can did my computer and it's just and it's just you feel great - it's amazing when you get these stresses on the way about how your body can regulate and take care of itself and so it's just exciting to talk about yes today so thank you yes so let's talk about heavy metals so people have you know aluminum mercury cadmium other metals in their body how are those metals neutralized so to speak once someone you know wears a pure harmony pendant and we'll explain in a minute how the pure harmony pendant works but let's just help the listeners understand how heavy metals are addressed and of course you mentioned a lot of other things that the pendant addresses but specifically how heavy metals are addressed in the body with the pure harmony pendant sure well when you're traumatized by one of the stressors we talked about and we've gone through that type of trauma that trauma energetically leaves its blueprint or fingerprint on you as a vibrating system so you're no longer in in harmony it's kind of like somebody throwing you're born you're like a grand piano somebody throws a brick in your grand piano you still play but you're no longer in harmony yes structural trauma so we throws a bucket of paint in there that's chemical trauma you no longer play so what we need to do is release that trauma and remember till I talk about the chromatin omitting those incoherent light transmissions well through harmonic resonance we can amplify your core vibrational blueprint and therefore these lower vibrating trauma that's impacted to use a vibrating system are released energetically so we're correcting that incoherent the bad light transmissions and correcting that and making that coherent and regulating your bio photon field normally and what happens when we take that stress off the autonomic nervous system that was stuck in sympathetic dominant mode fight-or-flight and we can move that into parasympathetic where it's resting and regenerating now your body can start utilizing you start detoxing one of those detox programs and so your body actually is a much better ability naturally to detox even more so than taking binders taking mobilizers it's uploading that program and getting it up running your deed just a programs so you're actually digesting nutrients also your programs are using the photonic energy from the Sun to power the mitochondria because it takes more energy to probably detox than it does to get toxic right so you need to get your mitochondria back online we give them fire it up so you can metabolize the nutrients you can actually get higher and better cellular energy then basically your body can't detox and it's pretty amazing how fast things start moving when your body gets parasympathetic me but for the first time in years and how fast can you really start detoxing so it's really exciting yeah that's a huge impediment to detoxification because you need to be in a parasympathetic or a relaxed state and your nervous system to to rest and to detox and to digest your food as well and so it's a huge impediment to detox because so many people are stressed for all the reasons that you noted above and that in and of itself will prevent people from detoxing even though they're do you know throwing everything at their body so Lisa can you tell us exactly how the pendant works so for instance say someone gets a pendant how does that work in relation to harmonizing the pendant with your body and and wearing it so I explain that a little bit for anyone that is unclear about that when a patient comes in basically I put a pendant on them right away because I want to just kind of open them up and see what's going on because without putting dependent on them I'm not getting good clear information so all of my patients are harmonized so basically I just go in we have a point that we like to use for harmonizing and you know I have them so quietly they close their eyes they turn their brains off I get them harmonized and then I can start to get to work to see what's going on I do check them before I harmonize them to see what do they have good regulation are they regulating between sympathetic and parasympathetic most of the time they're not usually they're neurogenic Lea switched so they're not you know there have issues with switching so we're not getting good information there their polarity is off sometimes they're autoimmune so i harmonize them so I get that field clean so I can kind of see what's going I know once I got them open now I could know I got good information they're regulating between sympathetic and parasympathetic so this was originally when I started working with Robert he said to me here why did you try these pendants and see if they're keeping your your patients regulating and that was my biggest challenge as people would come in and I would give them lots of supplements and and work on some problems but they were not staying open regulated they would come back and now they're blocked again so I have to go through the whole procedure again see what's going on what is there's big stressor today and then deal with that they come back again same thing they were always blocked so when I started using the pendant the one thing I did notice was they were staying regulating they were always open they were not switched they were not autoimmune so the thing that the pendant was doing was keeping their regulation so they were able to regulate back between sympathetic and parasympathetic you have to be a little sympathetic when you get up in the morning so you can function so you can get up and move and work but you should be able to sit down and relax and go parasympathetic you should be able to lay down a bed at night and go parasympathetic so the biggest thing dependent is really doing is letting your body properly regulate throughout the day between sympathetic and parasympathetic and as soon as your body is able to do that it just starts detoxing on its own which has been the most incredible thing that we've seen and it seems like such an easy thing but you know we didn't realize how many stressors people are having to put up with every day and one of the biggest things we found is that sunlight has been a huge stressor for people because of the indoor lighting and has been so chaotic on the body the body doesn't like all this blue light it doesn't like this artificial light it doesn't like the compete screens the tablets the phones it has become sensitized to light as soon as you step out your door you're going sympathetic and that is completely shutting you down it is hard to escape light so you're stressed when you're inside you're stressed when you're outside and you know that coupled with EMF stress from the phones and wireless and everything else going on putting more stress on the body keeping the body sympathetic so as soon as they they're harmonized and their bodies are able to regulate it's like a miracle you know and all it is is that the body is functioning the way it was meant to we're getting the stress off of them from sunlight and interior light and we're getting the stressors away from the cell phones and I think that these are the two really big area that have been hard to escape before and this is why so many people are not doing well and are not able to to detox yeah I thought it was interesting when I first learned from Robert that when people's energetic field is dis harmonious that the Sun I can actually become a stressor for them which is very interesting because in the you know holistic health community we're all told go in the Sun go in the Sun you need that for your mitochondria charge up regulate your circadian rhythms but for many people they go in the Sun they feel exhausted they feel terrible and that's why their body is out of whack it's a dis harmonious energetically so just to clarify so I have I'm holding a pendant here and it's the pendant I do not take it off and so so you have a pendant here and it looks kind of like a little a razor blade like a dog tag with eight holes in it and so in what you guys are doing now is holding it over your forehead and and you hold it there for a minute maybe two minutes and that explain what that's doing when you do that okay well it has eight holes that align actually perfectly with the main eight energetic pathways that pass through the body and by doing that it sets off harmonic resonance between the pendant the core vibrational blueprint of the bodies is Ashley channeling working through those that amplifies our core vibrational blueprint and so what happened the lower vibrating systems that trama been exposed to that's impact you energetically this harmonious energy in the environment which is constructive interference which is actually helps build your vibrational blueprint helps build it up you have destructive interference that actually impacted negatively as disharmonious so we want to do is amplify your core vibrational blueprint through harmonic resonance and this is absolutely the newest clearing point like master clearing point that Lisa and I over seven months have going through different types of infections and parasites and heavy metals and motional trauma kpu neurological issues we found out that different clearing points that would actually clear almost all the majority of them and we found that this recent one right between the eyebrows is the most recent one that really does if I told you probably wouldn't even believe it but it's a massive clearing point that really helps release the most even deeper to trauma and then basically gets that coherent light transmissions up emitting through the chromatin once again to help get your rate your bio photon field regulating and it only takes like two minutes you just focus with darkness your eyes close your eyes don't think any thoughts for about a minute and a half and what's nice is we can quantify through autonomic response testing through muscle testing we're seeing that that shift from sympathetic parasympathetic we're seeing the polarity being corrected we're seeing the neurological switching who also have seen it with the heart rate variability before and after to quantify it we're seeing a major shift as well from sympathetic to parasympathetic the bio well testing we've had implemented tests we've seen major corrective shifts in the chakras and meridians just by getting the stressors in trauma off you as a vibrating system they just restrict rebooting your computer is what we're doing so yes pretty much was it explain that word polarity for anyone that's not familiar with that and it's necessity in the body yeah very good I mean you're an S practitioner you know and Harry Massey and that's really believed in the same philosophy and so does dr. clean heart before you can actually get anybody well you have to make sure that their bio photon fields are really regulated properly they've got the stress or you know off the cells off the chromatin so the meeting coherent lie but also when people are traumatized each by a photon field that I have now counted 13 of them they make up your whole entire body field by a photon field there's 13 individual ones each one of those has an axis and like for example there's a nest talks about the gravitational one who goes to the top of your head down to your feet you have one through your shoulders here what happens through trauma or stress the poles can flip so you can the plus can become not minus and minus we come plus okay when you have polarity switching issues it's which energetically ever when your kid you take them to maintenance and you put the pluses together and they resist each other what happens when you get a polarity that switches and one or more the biophoton fields your body starts rejecting what's good they start except it was bad so it starts accepting toxins and rejecting maybe nutrients certain nutrients so your body when you get that switching going on so getting that polarity corrected and getting them by a photon feels Reagan properly really the first two things that you have to do according to even s health doctor clean heart and Lisa myself as far as to get to then move you can springboard off that to get person great momentum getting well okay I hope that answer that yeah absolutely and I know you can get a better polarity by grounding by walking on the beach and getting it's you know it's one small part of it now just as people can relate that that concept a familiar concept with polarity so Lisa one is not completely out of the woods with just using the pendant as far as detoxification is concerned can you tell us about the use of binders to absorb metals that are released once someone harmonizes with a pure harmony pennant and what type of binders do you like yeah I mean it's really important as part of your daily regimen and your lifestyle to have binders in your program binders basically are negatively charged ions that are in supplements to basically neutralize the positive toxins in your body you need something to neutralize them so my favorite is really a combination of green clay diatomaceous earth and activated hardwood charcoal three binders in one I get a broad coverage metals chemicals pesticides herbicides and biotoxin so I love it as long as my patients are not prone to being constipated because it is a drying agent for the colon they you know you have to drink a lot of water with it if they do not tolerate being on clays then I will put them on something like chlorella those two are usually my favorite I also like intestinal metal detox from Quicksilver Zeo buying from bio pure I like pectus all and peck to clear from eco new genex I test everybody to see what they like the best I do work with a lot of clients who are on a budget so the clays work really well they're very inexpensive I haven't found anything better that works for biotoxin for people suffering with headaches from you know die-off but even you know when people have been on the pendent and they're detoxing really well you know you really need to be on a binder we're being exposed every day to chemicals in the air aluminum and Mercury and your food and your you know your water you know everything it's again or water the chlorine and everything so you have to be on something this is just part of your daily routine and when people come to me and they're ill and I and they're like well how long am I on this I said this is a life this is a lifetime you know the world we live in is very toxic you have to have something to just keep binding this stuff up so you're not storing toxins you know it's really important and and the one thing that I did see you and I started people when they were harmonized was they would come back to be a month later and you know I would look at them and you know and they were kind of showing me symptoms of actually having like a heavy metal overload and I'm looking today had been on stable programs for over a year and you know they were they were kind of like bloated up and they were kind of Raschi and I'm looking at all eyebrow you know it's like you're detoxing a lot and I'm like whoa what would happen to Mike wait a minute just harmonized you a month ago yeah so had to kind of pick up on the binders make sure that their immune system wasn't having an allergic reaction to the metals because it suddenly was just being inundated with so much metal so quickly sometimes the body will actually have an allergy to the metal or go autoimmune to it so I had this only happens with a couple patients but they have been on very set long term programs and I was like oh my gosh all of a sudden what happened well you got harmonized so their systems finally we're like okay we can let this stuff go and now their bodies were detoxing and since the original one we this was before we found our good master clearing points so we don't have that happen anymore but in the beginning it's how we knew that the people were really kicking up their detox you know this was a very clear indication to me that after a year detoxing suddenly within a month of harmonizing like they were dumping a lot of stuff yes yes yeah anyone listening if you go out and get yourself a pure how many pendant make sure you take minders okay and so can you give us some tips on taking binders how often how much it's said I know I'm sure it depends on the type of binder but how often should be one one be taking a binder throughout the day well it depends on what the rest of their protocol is if they're pretty much just taking binders all my people I'm like look you got to take them in the morning before breakfast you take them at night when you go to bed especially at bedtime because that's when you're detoxing that's when you're gonna go parasympathetic and your body's going to be working you want those binders in your colon so when you get up in the morning you know all that stuff is going to be in your colon as soon as you eat your breakfast and you start pumping bile into your colon all that toxins going right in there that you have been processing all night so you want that bind in there especially at bedtime that's the most important one of the day and that way you know in the morning you're covered so when you start to eat your you got your coverage for that if somebody is having a you know if they're they need a little extra then sometimes I'll say why don't you just put some clay your clay mix in a bottle of water and you can drink that throughout the day and get it in small amounts throughout the day but pretty much all my people I'm like please take a binder in the morning but please please try to remember take it at bedtime because that's the most important one of the day yes and vegetables are nature's binder so eat your veggies as many as you can and you got to get your veggies enough fibers yeah and fibers you know yeah that's it cuz fiber is very important in binding metals and eliminating them from the body so let's talk a little about sulfur metabolism sulfur is something the body uses to bind a toxins to eliminate them out of the body a lot of people have genetic issues with sulfur metabolism and an inability to process of garlic for instance they feel sick after the garlic or sulfur containing foods so what other conditions such as crypto pyrrha Luria or kpu CBS genetic mutation root canals and cavitation that a person could have that could negatively impact detox and why and have you found that the pendant can be helpful with these conditions I mean these are it's a huge issue and never realize how much of a problem sulfur metabolism has been I can't tell you how many people between teaching autonomic response testing and then my own patients when I try to test them for a binding agent they don't want them and I'm just like looking at them and it's just like this is always a teaching moment for me for my students and I said look at this I said none of these binders are testing I said do you think this person is not toxic and they said no and I said no everybody's toxic so what's the problem and usually it's because all of the binders contain sulfur so so when you're you say testing you mean doing autonomic Bonz testing to see what substance their body responds positively to or negatively to I just want to clarify that just for anyone not familiar with that correct response testing or missile testing in the muscle testing when somebody is not well we assume they're toxic because that you wouldn't actually be infected if you weren't toxic you know so and with everything going on if they haven't been on a tox you know talked to the elimination protocol they're going to be toxic so we are assuming that they are and if you ask to see you know we're testing somebody to see you think what kind of detox agents do they want they don't want anything well it's not that they don't want anything usually it's because their body is like I don't want any of that because it's actually being stressed by it so and I say to people like look here's an example and then I'll show them how it is blocking their regulation it actually will put them into a very sympathetic state when I introduce that detox agent something that should be good for them should not make them go sympathetic and so before or dependent I would actually have to do basically a an allergy reprogram for sulfur and then reintroduce and see now what kind of things would they like but the problem is going to be if they are not able to metabolize that sulfur because they're always stressed and they're sympathetic they're going to go back allergic to that again we're going to still be stressed by it because if you are not parasympathetic at least when you lay down and go to bed at night you're not going to be able to detox and so if your body is inundated with a lot of sulfur and your body is too stressed to utilize it then the sulfur is stressing the body and you know the issue too with the cavitations and the root canals which is a really common problem is that those are toxic sulfur compounds that are coming out of those that also is stressing the body and then the body see sulfur it is like I don't want that you know this is bad for me and then that is compounding the sulfur problems as well as the genetic mutations and the kpu which is making you you know lose you're peeing out all your minerals the minerals that are needed for sulfur metabolism and sulfur is your natural binding agent that is what you're supposed to be using but the real reason we're not utilizing it is because our bodies are not staying in a parasympathetic state so we can then use it for the detox so that's that's what we're finding is the biggest problem you're longing to hear that here folks ask you've probably not heard that anywhere else when they will internet as it pertains to detoxification one point not to make on top of that if your body can't use that sulfur because you have kpu or a CBS genetic mutation that sulfur then converts into ammonia and so we're seeing people take a lot of ala in AC e MSM garlic milk thistle just name a few or eat a lot of broccoli cauliflower kale spinach but they have a sulfur metabolism issue and usually what we're finding but jewelry people are chronically ill have this problem all that sulfur is not being used for detoxing so they're building up toxins but it's converting into ammonia which is causing a very bad inflammatory response so I even for myself I had this issue severely it because of the Y mold so I couldn't figure out why on my blood work my IgG my food allergy testing Susan it wasn't coming up but my muscle testing there's all this these sulfur compounds and finally put two and two together so this is very huge so a lot of people out there listening right now they if they're chronically ill and they have a lot of issues of detox ain't really to look into this it could be a huge breaking for them yeah so Lisa how do you guys been able to quantify or measure the benefits to show that the pendant is making an impact on people's health so I I know a number of you know quantification techniques that you guys use can you talk a little about that about how some can be measured before harmonization and then we measured after harmonization to show some pretty significant changes and as parameters yeah the HRV is probably one of the biggest ones and it's an easy one to do so you can have your HR be tested before you harmonize your heart rate variability and then after you harmonize and you know we're seeing significant shifts from sympathetic comparison but then again that is pretty huge because it takes a lot to change an HRV test and so yeah that is the HRV just for anyone that's not familiar with that term yeah I mean it's pretty commonly used in like cardiac because we want to see does the heart rate vary or does it get locked in and then you know when it's locked in then there's no variability that's bad you know you want to have a heart rate that changes you know so so that's what we're looking for so if you're you're not changing then you're pretty much stuck sympathetic if you have one that does change and it's variable it goes up and it goes down as you're being active and what you're doing then we know that you know it's you have a good nervous system it's healthy and this is a pretty accepted you know tool across in regular medicine as far as looking at cardiac care and things like that so that one is probably the the easiest one and we do see this pretty it's pretty consistent so in a controlled you know as long as somebody is not in an environment where they're being stressed obviously but you know in a controlled situation we've got we see very good results having them do a testing first and then doing testing after and I've been doing heart rate variability you know at seminars for years and and it's a way that you can look and see what kind of therapies are beneficial for you and I've never seen anything that works that fast usually you know you have to do a whole lot of meditation and you got to do a whole lot of you know different things to get to switch from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic excuse me so that's one of the easiest ones to do and we also have done some work with bio elf to see how it's actually impacting the different systems of the body how it's aligning working with the chakras you know so that may not be as available for people as heart rate that's another one that we've been using and then it won't tell us like what the bio L system measures just for anyone that's not familiar with that system yeah it's testing all the meridians through bio photons that are related to all the meridian systems and they can actually look and see how each meridian is being affected and they also then to also look at the chakras and see how are the chakras aligned and they can show you a little printout of where the chakras are before and after and how does and and your energy levels and things like that to how well you know how much energy did you have prior how much did you have after a therapy you know so it's actually pretty comprehensive they'd have a lot of different categories I've only just started learning about the bio well I'm not as familiar with that but I did have it done recently and they explained everything to me and I got to see all the printouts in the pictures so Robert might know a little bit more about that but it's it's all about testing the meridians using the bio photons and to see how that's being changed yeah the word ampere therapy yeah we were doing that Robert and I had a booth day Vasari's bulletproof conference where we were trying to show people let's that we're gonna prove to you that you are having some pretty dramatic changes physiologically when before and after you get harmonized with the pure harmony pendant and that was a lot of fun and so let's talk a little bit about infection tests so you've been working with you know hundreds of clients with the pure harmony pendant talk a little bit about what people's test for infections like Lyme and other infections look like before and after a harmonization yeah I've had some clients come in one of the most significant I had a patient coming in and specifically she had a really really serious hip pain and she had kind of asked me prior she's like you know I got this hip pain please tell me it's not Lyme and I'm like well my testing yet it's Lyme and she was like please I can't I just cannot face this again done all these protocols and I said just come to my office I'll put you on a nice little herbal cocktail you'll be fine so her husband brings her in I I put her down and I test her and and she must have tested for 4050 infections it was like too many to count it's like it's to be ridiculous tonight and her husband his head is I could see it is it's just you know he's down and he says because he can see this you know I'm working with slides and CDs and I got a big pile of positives and and he was just like oh my gosh we can't do this again and so I harmonized her and he was watching me he's familiar with the testing and you know we got done harmonizing her I went and rechecked and there was not one infection that was stressing her she got off the table and she says my pain went from a ten to a two and four months later had not returned and none of those infections were still testing and this is pretty routine a lot of them it's like once dependent we get them harmonized we remove the terrain that these infections like to live in and we take away the environment that they like and they basically are no longer an issue we're no longer stressing the body and it's not just that day I mean these people come back and you know month after month they're not testing and I've had some people come in especially had someone she was trying to get pregnant so she didn't want to take any herbs she had previously been on an herbal program that was excellent for her cleared out tons of infections for her but she's like I can't be on anything I need to be you know not on herbs right now I'm trying to get pregnant and I'm like okay there's a couple viruses in here let's just harmonize and let's see how it goes those viruses were dealt with they no longer testing there were no longer stressing her body and you know we're happy report she is now pregnant and she's doing great and we're not gonna have any issues so it's been a real it's been really good as far as as forth that goes I mean I sell a whole lot less herbs now I'm sure a lot of our patients are very very happy about that

flu season but they haven't tested for anything I said I'm not telling you you have to take these and they're like yeah but I like to take a little bit I'm like okay take a little bit but most of my people now are really just on binders some people still need a little bit of thyroid support maybe a little bit of adrenal support I have some people that I do give them lithium orotate because you know we're really lacking minerals you know and so and minerals too but they're all very small programs and they're staying really healthy they're happy they're very relaxed they tell me you know I feel really good and I feel really relaxed and my sleep is great and I'm not having a lot of issue with people who are really getting sick so it's been great I know I'm happy I've got a happy little camper since I met Robert harmonized so let's talk about some other stories of healing that you've you know witnessed after people have been harmonized with the pendants so Robert you at work of the UFC fighter until there like a really interesting story surrounding that can you relay that to the listeners sure I first started working with athletes when I first developed the penet back in 2011 and I worked with some MMA fighters recently UFC fighter but way back at South Dakota State University Division one school I played baseball there and as in town visit my parents and I had one gentleman training for getting ready for the pro day for the NFL I helped him drop his 40 by about two tenths of a second by harmonizing within about three weeks from out of for six to a four-four which is insane but if you can think about it if things are not firing right throughout the nervous system and the autonomic nervous system is in fire right and they buy a photon field is not engaging all the muscles properly you get some hiccups in there it's gonna cost you in your speed in your agility he wouldn't the pro day and had the fastest three cone time in his foul he's six three which is but anyway long-short record so anyway so the athletes really really just a hand eye coordination agility just turns on all those circuit think about trauma kind of like you're blowing your circuits okay you have some circus blown and you're a fuse box so nothing's really firing properly if we can go in there release that trauma and get all those circuit breakers flipped on therefore you're gauging all the muscle muscle fiber your judy's better coordination is better I had a gentleman on named Gilbert burns about a month and a half ago I think September 15th or 16th somewhere in there he fought the UFC but about ten days before the fight he came over he's a jujitsu guy he's Russell's so I went through all of his kicks his punches and his right overhand punch was really weak and so I tested it I showed him how weak it was so he's the pendent be harmonised that I turned that on he started throwing the punch here in my living room and almost had no snapping and he goes Wow so he went in the fight ten days later he's never knocked anyone out in the UFC ever he usually Russell's get some ground in jiu-jitsu and one punch or the right hand that was weak knocked a as pointed out and he could even believe it and so you know some of the testimonies like that the athletes just been unreal as far as the increase in the vertical jump dropping they're the forty times but also I had one gal that her dad is a naturopath ND and I believe is an MD as well he was at doctor glean heart's immersed in a week and he got called home because his daughter her legs were pretty much so much pain she could even walk even to the touch could even touch the legs could not figure out what was wrong and went to a number of doctors couldn't figure was wrong and can crawl who is a autonomic response testing practitioner at immersion week had called him up to follow up with him to see how his daughter was doing and wasn't doing good so Ken put me on the phone with with the doctor and we talked about what's going on it got her a pendant and we found that she had a number of energy imbalances or things that were we talked about that stressor that other cat unclassified category that was causing a cascade of imbalances so we harmonized her she had had been able to even stand her feet for you know a week or so over a week and that night she took one step in two days later she I got a photograph she's walking school shed and crutches five days later as a bulletproof with you I got the text that she's off her crutches and within about ten days she's about to normal so it it's pretty amazing when the body gets traumatized and some of these different type of stressors when the impact can cause us to cascade of problems if we can remove those that deep-rooted trauma and stress or help the body reset its core vibration blueprint cuz reboot your computer is amazing how the body can really help take care of herself so as a couple of couple of testimonies there some stories yeah and then we were at the bulletproof conference we harmonized hundreds of people and then saw them throughout the remainder of the conference is a three-day conference and people were just coming back to the booth the next day just beaming and so happy what is this oh my god they felt amazing and and really couldn't quite understand what was happening to them and how it was so easy and took so little time and I don't know about you but I know listeners but I like easy I like to feel good easy cuz many of people listening just like myself have worked for years on their diet their supplements the detox exercise asleep and all the other things that we do to try to improve our health and and you can be missing this key component which is working energetically in your body where your body mainly communicates you're missing that point all the other stuff it's just gonna be you know I mean it helps but it's gonna be far more effective if you are working and energetically in the body as well and so let's talk a little bit about you know how one gets harmonized so obviously you're gonna work with Tichenor like Robert or like Lisa but can one harmonize themselves if they participant from your website or an Amazon or whatever it will be in the future can you harmonize yourself without a practitioner absolutely that's reason why I first developed in the very beginning is because I was able to pick up this harmonium balances with some of the athletes I was working with I could pick up that a sore shoulder whatever and he said who told you you know I had a sore shoulder and I was able to hit pressure points that I discovered to help release that trauma so the pen and I developed in a way that anybody could actually just take it and put it on the body and just really it's kind of like meditating just close the eyes look in the darkness your eyes not don't think any thoughts about a minute half and to really set up that that harmonic resonance so an deepa can do that at home very easily so what's nice with Lisa and myself is we could kind of find out what these stressors really truly are if you have some emotional trauma or if you have some hidden inflow level infections causing imbalances what are these stressors are we can actually find these as practitioners we can then help the person harmonize and then we can release that trauma and as the stresses and trauma release we clear up all these other stressors as well so not testing any longer and it can actually follow up there with our patients to make sure that this the stressors not return and it's what we're usually seeing which has been great but yeah you can just do it at home because order a pendant follow the directions also online my website has a really nice video series of really walking people through how to harmonize and even how to do some before and after tests at home just kind of quantify the benefits as well so it's pretty easy yeah yes and so how often does one need to harmonize to maintain its benefits so for instance you harmonize feeling great and then sometimes people can record you know a day two three four or five weeks later that they're kind of not feeling as good let's talk a little bit about now you can just do something once and expect a miracle you we are constantly you know in you know as exposed to various stressors in our environment by diet EMF what would have you and that that can throw our body is you know bioenergetic blueprint out of balance and the need to reharmonization already but can you elaborate a little bit more it's a really good point though Wendy because what happens is we can release the past trauma that's impact to use a vibrating system this cause that disharmony however we all have a volitional on responsibility to truly really try to peer ourselves as best we can in our thoughts and have the right thoughts the right words the right deeds and the rights associations and also you know if you want to be Supergirl you know and I want Superman yes then you really want to avoid kryptonite on a daily basis and so what Lisa and I can do is practitioners is really going to somebody's environment with their home in office and find out if the air they're breathing is is harmonious a lot of times people have mold issues in their homes that be kryptonite we have water issues what are you bathing in what are you drinking you know and that's really probably the most important things for cellular energy is getting the right water into your cells right to help you hope you have battery charger for your mitochondria number three would be really what's the food you're eating you know the supplements the condiments the oils or spices you know what what are the foods are kryptonite food allergy glues nativities we have chemical what are you putting in your skin okay what do you brush your teeth in your skin care hair care your detergent fabric softeners your Cologne you know cleaners chemicals in the house some of those so it's really not death by one cut it's death by a thousand cuts what happens we can actually strengthen the biophoton field and we're seeing that these stressors the magnitude or the impact or making that people have or really reduce almost on to nothing by harmonizing getting the bodies by a photon field empowered and where it should be resonating but we would still want to do a good job of being detectives removing these kryptonite out of the out of the day to make sure that were in like iam would be another one would be another one as well so we're actually doing the best job that we could take it off blow it off our system to help us perform the best we can at each and every day okay I'll let that answer that yeah absolutely raid and so let's talk a little bit about just to clarify that each person needs their own pendant this is something that I found a lot of people had confusion about so if you buy a pendant you would need one for your husband one for your dog a different one for your child because that's harmonized to your body's vibrational blueprint and it holds that harmonization it helps it'll last longer so to speak so you just to clarify that so let's talk about decibels so should couples or even whole families each get their own pendant and get harmonized and what happens if they don't absolutely you know I think this is one of the biggest impacts that the pendant has is on couples and relationships and families you know let's just say you know Lisa and I are married and you know through my lifetime you know I when when were born were kind of like a grand piano both of us weren't harmony we have nobody I suppose a lot of trauma yet and somebody throws a brick in my grand piano structural trauma I have a bad car accident I can still play but that bye-bye bridge blueprints been impacted negatively and I'm no longer perfect harmony somebody throws a bucket of paint and and lisas grand piano that's chemical trauma I was a vaccine damage or something like that she still plays but no longer in harmony so our vibrational blueprints have been traumatized or biophoton fields aren't regulated properly so when I meet Lisa me love the way the things he values or personality but there may be that stressor that's affecting her eye getting her presence my biophoton Phil's picked up this stressor becomes a stressor for me so I may not really feel like I love his person and death but it may not feel that closeness or that deep rapport with that person because of the stressor something's telling me I just can't get comfortable you know I just can't open up you know something there's something there it's like an invisible wedge so in our field by a photon fields chaotic and mines chaotic so they're not really communicating well okay he's not picking up if we can get her by a photon if you'll get this trauma released my trommel release get hurt her grand piano and harmony my grand piano harmony weren't harming together result of that is a very powerful vibration called harmonic resonance but if she's out of tune I'm out of tune you two bring two pianos together that are disharmonious it's called this course it's really bad okay so we're seeing this through our autonomic response testing we can actually have a person a big guy 230 pounds strong guy he'd be a strong muscle but he puts his armor on his wife that stressor of his wife is actually stressing the autonomic nervous system and you see this big strong arm go weak muscle test so we can clear out that past trauma reset their vibrational blueprints get them in harmony and now you have harmonic resonance the real result of that is always a very powerful vibration so actually building energy off each other and now we can go back and muscle test and now the man will put his arm around the woman and his arm will be super strong stronger than before because now it's building so we actually had that family that we did at bulletproof with I'm riffing to remember and sure enough with the muscle testing with the children it was actually causing his dresser with the parents and we harmonize them all together on Harmy now is a unit you have five grand pianos playing together the result of that is a very powerful vibration you know also they're flowing together it's kinda like when we had dinner with dr. Mercola dr. Lee cowed and myself and by the flow it was almost we were just it was amazing because we're all kind of in the same flow and that relaxed parasympathetic mode it was he's incredible you'll see that the couples and in families and it's just kind of a cool experience I guess Lisa had actually had a really good comment about her children harmonizing her children yeah my kids are autistic and they're doing really well but they still kind of like to sit you know they don't really want to be he hugged and touched and and interacts a lot and you know once we were all harmonized it was like I was drawn to them to touch them and hold them and just wanted to cuddle them and tell them that I love them that it was really kind of bizarre you know I would tell their people I'm like you know how much I love my kids and my whole life is been devoted to to helping these kids and and helping other people and I said but once we were harmonized I said I just couldn't keep my hands off of them I would just go up behind them and give them a big hug and a kiss and I said you know mom loves you and you know it was I felt so much closer to them like our vibration was just so much better and I said she's kind of bizarre I said how much you know I just wanted to kiss and cuddle them you know so you definitely feel that on that and I have my dog walking around here and she just wants to be kissed and cuddled - and she's harmonized so you know she's like all over me all the time yeah it's amazing when families are harmonized for sure yeah I had that same experience too and I just got really emotional because I had that same experience when I got a harmonize and I came home and I was much more in tune with my daughter and wanted to hold her more and engage with her more and had felt very disconnected or you know it's somewhat disconnected Breyer and I felt much more connected to her and it was just it was really interesting it was a really profound experience for me and also with my dog oh for sure yeah I'm a little dog Jezebel in a 5-pound I'm very you know attached you and and we I had to harmonize her as well because when we were in each other's presence I guess we're a little repulsion going on and when we got to harmonize than it was a lot better we have a much better relationship now pick up that stressor in the owner and it makes them nervous you know and and and so dogs really and even Lisa's worked on some horses as well so animals pets really respond well as well so it's really great points there's a great great question a good good topic here for sure so how can one in this protocol as a practitioner I'll at least answer that yeah we're just starting to put a program together actually we just met with some people last week at ACIM and we had rented a room because a lot of people are drawn to this and they want to do it you know I had a couple health coach that I was working with and I was you know I had harmonized her and some of her patients and you know we she saw the work that we were doing and she's like I want to be the first person to learn to do this I'm gonna be the first person to sign up you know and then another person you know told Robert hey I want to do this I want to sign up I want to be the first and I want to be the first you know so Roberts like hey let's just do this you know Robert and I were just going to get together and just hash it out and talk about what are we going to do let's put a program together and then we ended up actually putting the program together while we were training people you know so we actually did our first training last week in Orlando we trained four or five six people I think people is kind of wandered in didn't know just wandered in and it kept coming back and and you know they got hooked so I don't know we we actually did train quite a few people yeah but I think that happens is we really the system is so simple there's a lot of assistance of applied kinesiology as Bambi's and bered all systems and dr. Bryn will has his system and dr. clean heart has his system through autonomic response testing what we're finding is really a way to streamline it and make it so simple for the practitioner to really go in to detect if there's regulation problems in the autonomic nervous system clarity issues and then basically how to correct those with the pendant and it's just really we feel really cutting-edge out there in front that anybody can do it so and the results have been amazing what's nice though is is we're moving so far past addressing the infections and almost neutralizing them almost the first visit first organization so now well as practitioners what we really focusing on now is getting the mitochondria back online again you know getting them out of Kandra fired up and how to help increase that mitochondrial energy to help them get back to a normal life because we're feeling that we're really getting the parasites and infections and the heavy metals really dealt with very quickly and it's just something that has just been so amazing that most of time you just focus on and trying to keep alignment or control instead of just basically energetically clearing it out so it's been pretty cool so why don't we talk the listeners a little bit more where they can find you where they can get a pendant and even if they can work with you in person absolutely guessing exciting things going on here in november/december you people all kashi visit me my website at pure harmony to order a pendant and you'll find a lot of great informative videos there on how to harmonize the benefits how does it work how does before-and-after test at home which is great so pure harmony living calm lisa and i will be working together we're actually have a bio energy a center opening up in orlando florida called be a champion USA it'll be be a champion us and we actually will be having some of the the very best of the best tech in that office for bioenergy medicine as far as really helping the mitochondria perform at the highest and best levels with oxidative therapies with white therapy vibrational medicine there's gonna be really nice but we'll have two divisions there we actually have one work of the elite athletes triathlon triathletes golfers you know you name it any athlete anyone form at a higher level we have it's gonna be world-class for those those type of athletes want to take their performance to that next level then we sure will be really the anchor for our chronically ill people that really needs some help of that area and so working on that Center in Orlando Florida so you reach us at be a champion and you can you know booked appointment online there if you want to fly in to see us also even from international destinations orlando is a great place so we're coordinating an app that will be open December 1st 13 2017 yes thank you and also Lisa can be she's in Philadelphia also part-time working there so we seeking if you can give your information as well if you like to in Bucks County and it's in Newtown Pennsylvania it's actually a holistic day spa and it's been a Sarah dot CEO and you can find me there but probably spending half of my time in Orlando which would probably be a lot more fun to visit Orlando right yes patients can also work with both of you remotely over the phone correct you don't have to visit in person correct that's a good point you know I actually can book consultations as well they have 30 minutes 60-minute consultations they really want to make sure people get their pendants first we can harmonize them during that first consultations and then really what Lisa and I do then is really trying to discover once we've got that trauma removed release that consultation me through the first harmonizing processes really help them discover the Kryptonite that they're exposed to on a daily basis at work or at home and to help them move forward and get well yeah any closing thoughts Lisa I think where were you know the the coaching program and working with basically almost like a health coach so people can figure out once they're you know finally finished with this chronic illness that they've been suffering with how are they gonna live a healthy lifestyle you know this was the thing another practitioner it said goes oh my gosh what do I do now he's like you know normally we spend years chasing these infections chasing this toxicity and we never get to the next level we never get to you know fine-tune and to then help them you know actually live live healthy live a long life live you know and be happy joyful and feel good and you know and that's basically where we're at now is helping people to you know what happens beyond when you're done with the illness you know how do we get the optimum out of their life and get their performance to be the best and you know and people want to learn how to you know live healthy and take care of the planet and connect with people and you know so that's basically where we're heading right now and it's it's very exciting because it's so much more fun than having to chase the same spirochete around and around and around and around for you know the years on hand and it's like oh my gosh it's back again you know so this is this is a whole new adventure it's a lot of fun it's like you know so much more fun than dealing with that same chronic illness month after month after month so yeah Robert III you know suffering with Lyme and mold illness my entire life and not even knowing til about four years ago there was a problem my sister was diagnosed with it so it just wait to be suffering people out there today and there's a lot of modalities a lot of tech and you know I think that as a foundational what really helped deliver me up out of that what was oppressing me it's something I had to go out and discover on my own and I just know that what the pendant can do as far as releasing that past trauma and getting about that biophoton field regularly properly so your body can really has ability to take care of itself and to heal itself it's just kind of getting some of these things out of the way and I think that that first step in that movement of the new you is that pendant and then it's so much easier once you get things regulated properly the polarity issues your body gets that parasympathetic mode that your body's just really starts responding in ways that I think will really blow your mind in a way and it's amazing how well you can actually maintain that as well once you get harmonized you're pretty much harmonized if you get reposed to some trauma you can reharmonization get roots in you but usually your bio photon field we're seeing Lisa and myself is RIT regulating and resonating such a high level that it's almost going like a bulletproof vest or a bulletproof shield you have on it's like all the holes in your armor have been filled up where you actually resonate you can resist disease and illness much better so just give it a shot I think you're really pleasantly surprised that we're gonna have a lot of great informative videos on the website as well on pure honey and just grad we just had a chance to get together and have this you can tell we're all been harmonized because we're all but when you thank you for thank you for having us it's been a fun experience thank you so much yes thank you Amy yes and listeners you know I've been profoundly touched and my life dramatically changed by meeting Robert Markey and getting harmonized with the pure harmony pendant and that's why I wanted to have them on the summit too to just expose all of you to something that may sound really weird and really foreign it's something you may not have ever heard before it's quite unique it's incredibly effective and all I can say is after I got harmonized I met Robert at a nest health the bioenergetic training in Tampa Florida it's Harry Massey's company he's also talking on the summit and after I got harmonized I felt so good I felt better than I felt in years and I did not let you out of my sight there are no ways we had like breakfast lunch and dinner like four days I got anywhere as I got a you know what is this I'm gonna figure out what this is and I think a lot of people want to get harmonized or they meet you and they work with you they they have the same experience like they just you know they they're just really really pleasantly surprised and so seeing is believing so I just highly recommend that people try it and try not to overthink it and go into analysis paralysis it's just so everyone thank you again for joining me for the heavy metals summit this is a fantastic talk if you want to listen to it again you can certainly take it home along with all the other 35 talks just by clicking on one of the banners on this page you can purchase the entire sumit and my name is wendy myers of meyers detox comm and my hope with the summit is that you and your family experience abundant health through the power of detox it's the missing component and a lot of people's health regimes so thank you so much for listening today and i just remember that detox can literally help you get your life back thank you so much for

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