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by: assimalhakeem

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questions first of all she's asking about her children watching cartoons and as you know unfortunately everything nowadays has music or music instruments in it inshallah with the exception of hooda TV and this is why we have to support Hooda because they're trying their level best to be on the Sunnah and to avoid sin and to provide the Islamic alternative for other channels it's a difficult job to do but with the grace of Allah it will happen as long as the people have the intention to support for the cause of Allah as ojun so she's saying what to do when we have these cartoons and music first of all you have to be very selective in what your children watch so if you allow them to watch NBC 3 which is a deviant Channel and it is based on a lot of westernizing ideas and it's Haram totally to allow your children to do this then you're making a mistake maybe space dude maybe but still it has a lot of cultural and it has a lot of ideology that is different than the Muslims in a lot of terms so you have to filter what they watch and I would recommend that you watch it with them so that you can have a sense and an idea of what you're watching but hypothetically speaking if they're watching something that does not contain anything Haram in the content no God with one eye pouring water from a clouds this would make the children were four or five years old think ah this is rain it's from God because yesterday it rained and I asked my father and he said this rain is from Allah and now the cartoon we say see this huge monster or giant with wedding shorts I don't know why monsters and Giants wear shorts but Subhan Allah this is life and he's in a cloud and he's pouring rain in buckets the four-year-old child would definitely relate yesterday's answer of his father to what he's seeing in the cartoon and this is some it's a breach of al-qaeda this is the most important thing in your child's life to bring him until he'd on knowing Alonzo jail and now you destroying it so that you would have half an hour or an hour or four hours of peace without them nagging and making problems this is a problem hypothetically speaking everything is fine but there is music I have the land remote controls have a mute button so either you keep keep it with you or keep it with them so that they would learn whenever music comes they put it on mute and then this they grow up with

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