Amy's Dutch Baby Pancake

by: AmyLearnsToCook

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- Amy learns to cook on the show today we're gonna make a Dutch baby pancake now I made a few of these and people always ask me what is a Dutch baby pancake basically it's a German pancake that's similar to a popover except it's baked in a nine by nine baking pan it puffs up and it is unbelievably delicious so let's make a Dutch baby pancake

okay so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to be taking this nine by nine baking dish and we're going to put 1/3 of a cup of butter in this baking dish and we're going to throw this in a 400-degree oven and get it nice and hot and melt this butter so when we put the batter in here it's just going to explode right so let's put it in the oven and melt the butter so now let's mix up our batter we're going to take our blender and we are going to put in 1 cup of milk then we're going to put in 4 eggs this is a very eggy batter so we're gonna crack these into a separate Bowl in case we get a little shell in there that wouldn't be too tasty on our Dutch baby pancake now would it and we'll put in our last egg okay so now we're going to put the four eggs into the blender and now we're going to put in a cup of flour we're going to level off the cup and we're going to put this in the blender and we're also going to sweeten it up a little bit with a tablespoon of sugar

and now we are just going to blend this okay so we're going to blend this up

and I sort of decided I wanted to put a little vanilla in there I think that would taste good so go ahead and put a half a teaspoon or so of vanilla in there and stir that out

now for the fun part we are going to get our Baker out of the oven and we are going to put our batter in here and this is going to go really fast so let me put a couple things here so I don't burn my counter and we're gonna take this out it's nice and hot and we are going to put our patterning it's all nice and combined go ahead and pour it in it's kind of liquid Eva that's good and this is gonna go straight in to the oven and it's gonna puff up really nicely you are gonna be shocked sort of like a popover does it doesn't have any level and it doesn't have any yeast or baking powder just the blending action will get this to puff up really really nicely so let's put that in here and in just a few minutes we are gonna have a Dutch baby pancake okay so it's time baby out of the oven and it looks really good it has puffed up beautiful and golden and you're gonna be surprised what it looks like whoa look at that Wow oh my gosh that looks so good we're gonna turn the oven off that looks so good it's amazing without any leavening or anything it just puffed up like crazy it's beautiful so we're going to put a little powdered sugar on this and look at that it's so nice and it is going to be do licious okay now let's take a taste it looks so good it's so eggy and it's light mmm turn the power to sugar another bite mmm mmm Wow tastes like a popover it's a little more edgy than a Popple over the powdered sugar is great on it you could make a little fruit compote for the top and it would be wonderful the Dutch baby pancake if you would like this recipe please log on to my website at please subscribe

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Join Amy as she makes a Dutch Baby Pancake! This is made in a blender and is very easy! It is a version of a German Pancake that puffs up like a popover. It is really tasty and makes for a dramatic presentation. Try it for breakfast or brunch! Want the recipe? Click here

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