Sleepy Malo & Conejo - I Pose A Riddle

by: SixTrece Rider

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it's like this fools out here worried about what our next move is trying to solve the riddle bitch pose but ain't no batteries here we from the streets so we just do this tell me so my safety record and so my say we pose what Big Show in the street

the shame is trash I'm putting work with the paint just the same as blended hanging out the window spitting shots that never again let's connect drop drops and cross miles leave the game with yellow tape and chalk lines are down my cell phone and lacking others going over like this go with the jacket I stay active keep an ear to the sidewalk the single-bird push its way like a slush I don't wear damaged resign if you can't manage all right till I call with my bad habits my homie homie the truth gonna set you free that's why the goals have a hard time is raising me help me down forward thinking in the dark side or my face when I look the madness rise like boulders a riddle to protect all the innocent and all the dead till the street or begins again so every time I lose feeling the whiz just to call my life and then you see into a memory trace that the white girl first is so proud baby with your bitch I don't - between the waters guys beam I light a candle for the deer while the fuck is that I kept again you ain't trying to track the route shit - a giant oh boy what trouble are here wanna put mine into the bare feet without a weak-ass shit - right there asleep the name was like a man when a my question mark all these motherfuckers claiming they get somebody in done I behind-the-scenes living high in the castle and I have no keys living life in the streets repeating again if you went back in the three or rely kids fucked it up as a virus you know that I got selling dope when it's hot because I can write block don't confuse the contracts to the am and you call me great what I would wanna guys you you win acted Cold War landmine till I step try to blow up at the right time I inherited stream ran talented it's in my blood through my veins like I'm slamming it I was a riddle to protect all the innocent and all the day until the street war begins again home so real mr. Cole my life and then you see the memory trace that the bottle Club was it so proud wait we do get a double crossers simple get out between the parts - bleah I line up camp before the dam on the holders that I can't again

you gotta do what you gotta do ain't no stop but after sauce get it done hit it like a can walk on soldiers friend or foe therefore these tutorials times and everyone around me is doing crime it was raining and long overdue that's why CPM had to bring it to you and under the circumstances I'm on the blackboard there will be taking my chances I said under the circumstances I'm on the blog post I won't be taking my chances that's right dumb little understand this is enough breaking free so you got to upgrade it's even trying to step up

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