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what's going on YouTube my name is diesel and today run a brand new game it comes out today on Steam watch out PC building simulator I'm conflicted about this game you know how when you say you go you have a day job and then you don't want to go home and do that job that's what I gotta do what I do at work only now I get to do it in a video game and show you it's not a bad video game at all at all it's kind of like car mechanic simulator meets the PC you get to own your own PC repair business put together some fancy fancy digs and make a fine fine profit there's a bunch of licensed products pretty much everything except for Microsoft and Apple so what do you say we hop on in let's do uh career new game fancy so the back line for this story is is that your uncle didn't really do all that hot fixing pcs got it so he's like ah you take the business I got to go be a vagabond someplace and you know what good for him because you left us a fantastic business and I got a little bit of a background when it comes to pcs so see what we can do all right to begin go to your PC by the doorway and open up the email program on the desktop you got it you've got mail yeah okay so we got our PC here nice said to our emails double clicks thanks for taking over the PC shop for me sorry it's not in the better better State that's too bad a few things the company isn't doing very well and there's no money in the bank account the randon energy bills come out monthly so make sure you have enough money for them I had a job one which I had a job on the go which should help with the rent see the email below remember to use the thermal pace when putting in a CPU always always I almost always forget and the PCs overheat oh so you're just not good just not good at doing what you're doing all right so I think all this everything set up it's your company now so run it how you see fit I hope you do better than I did lots of love I don't MPs I had a bar $15.00 for fuel you know how it is no I don't know how it is no sir I don't know how to grow up all right discard all right I hope you can help me my computer has been running slower than usual I think I might have picked on something I shouldn't have it do I have a virus what site where you want sir excuse me sir what site where you want sir sir sir be honest here he was watching point 1 he was dirty bird so inside your little shop here we have little benches that we can unlock stinking dirty benches and we got all kinds of PC parts now that we have our monitor we've got all of our cables all their doodads whatnots and hand-me-down so when you go into the case it's almost like car mechanic simulator here a little bit you click on it plug in the PC for this job you need to run a virus scan press 3 for a cable button and flip the monitor and keyboard mouse and power into the back of the PC alright so it's been around with your little mouse you can zoom up and Enlil now let's do them up now you can move up and down and then you can zoom in with the scroll wheel that's fancy it's fantastic so we can remove this case here but I don't thing we need to do that I think we need to do that all so now you know install we have our USB Drive you have graphics cards all the things you can unlock as you level up right another tools of the trade USB compressed air Hey Baby it's my it's a PC lovers best friend compressed air cables alright so you can also switch through all of them just by clicking on your keys so let's go ahead and put our power supply in here hello hi oh ok pop this in here let's get our mouse and keyboard I would only assume mouse keyboard network cable and monitor cable all right you need to put the USB Drive into the back of the PC so you can install the virus scanner press one or installed about may so one let's go ahead grab our USB drive that's got our antivirus software on a press P to power button or turn it on actually it's pretty cool you actually have it click all these little buttons here do put some work on it oh my god a little loud it's a little loud Hey all right so it's all of our scanner welcome to Omega OS because Microsoft is not a licensed product the operating system of choice click on add remove programs to install the virus scanner add/remove programs where we adding the programs hahaha our scanner installing installing installing do I have to reboot after this as well do I have to reboot excuse me restart now oh my gosh this is so meta that was the fastest reboot I think I've ever seen any computer ever do we're the best we've already done it we've already fixed it start scanning where we got three hours three seconds a three second virus scan 405 files infection that's a fan at the end you removed all the viruses and the PC is ready to be returned to the client picked up the PC with the right mouse so I can just pick this up I don't have to remove anything joint I'll get out of town if only we could do that place down great now go collect reward I'll do that nice a hundred dollars hundred smackers baby Oh God eight I guess we can discard this Oh No oh my god they call me they call to me all right Queen Britney at real internet coat UK no my graphics card was fraud itself and now I needed to be replaced with the same one please and NVIDIA GTX 970 hey I got one of those maybe one of those Sheen ones machine one machine one so $395 place graphics card sure we'll accept that go to the shop and the PC components you need to have and deliver that at the same time right so we got another thing when remove irises will accept that one as well and I need some more space to back up my files could you install a 500 gigabyte hard drive HDD driver please I'll bring it around first thing all right we'll accept it now when it comes to Pat's all kinds of different parts got a hot one in here graphics card CPUs processors cases cooling tools storage memory it's all good things Oh good things so storage they said they want a hundred say 500 gigs Gemmell 500 gigs I got I got 500 gigs for you it's $50 okay Add to Cart and Elsa to feed need yeah graphics cards where you want a 970 machine one something a sheen I'll see what you tried to try to get into the gaming mm-hmm 970 here we go I guess if he can go ahead and type in a search and boom it'll pop everything up for you Sheena Sheena GeForce GTX 970 game Roisin XL fifteen hour difference you're gonna get them use delivery options to choose the best way to receive your okay Oh Next Day Delivery for you yes next day delivery go ahead well spend the money what I'd done though Amazon Prime I must I got I got a Prime subscription I should get free shipping next day no questions asked via drone all right fine that's fine you're a mega Corp we know that life doesn't always run smoothly so we provide a free overdraft for all the customers you're free over travel no mm else cuz I'm negative 206th and all right all right so we got that going off for us uh it's pretty wild man okay so we have to go to the door we can fast ending the day we can fast travel I'm a fast travel but speed up our day and the day and then the new day has come we got our three computers and a delivery of our Pat's got so many packages so we're so popular alright so let's go ahead and we'll scan this one real quick remove the viruses and oh my god you're so dark who does this I do it sometimes I do it sometimes so let's go ahead and click on this PC install no sound effect don't worry about it you don't need to hear the sound sounds overrated don't need to hear the dusting the blowing the blowing of the satin the blowing of the dust I used to fix computers in a steel mill so I would know all about compressed air and how people do not apparently apply it I actually now hear you can't do too much when it comes to the blow it out the back end I mean you can do a little bit nothing too crazy not to do off the wall because gotta remove this case so yeah I was picking out all kinds of different like shaved metal that would just go flying into the constantly trying to do take all that stuff out but one time I found a peanut M&M like what

there we go now as you can see on the right hand side that is where you can see all the different levels clean out dust we've got green doubt we're all good we're all green everything know I'm saying baby remove viruses I suppose

okay so if I want to install yeah yeah we go get a little thumb screws here boom boom boom boom okay okay hopefully we level up and we can I don't know make that go a little faster let's plug everything in here get the mouse keyboard and the network cable or just a monitor cable because we don't need a network cable the monitor cable HDMI and then we got our power supply okay well I mean I suppose Oh terrible terrible terrible PC Oh perfect how come this doesn't work have you turned it on no all right so add programs oh I gotta put the stupid me hold on put that USB Drive in there now we got our software we have 3d park advanced to music players lighting shop 3d mark advance that's when we get into graphics cards and funding jams beautiful all right so we'll install this let's go ahead and reboot yes

so next level so next level the reboot the reboot next level game is tight sir 416 virus is found good the Lord stop watching so much porn bro pick this up we gotta make some cash let's go ahead take this okay thank you all right Queen Britney she wants the graphics car uh PC boot Lois install five harder to snag this up y'all computer I have is an i buy power paladin edition this is this this is it like the I would say 90% of gamers have some sort mounting this gamers the people on the PCs have something that's like this it's fantastic all right PC PC scam boot install let's go ahead and take this off

and see for our heart or move HDD do it to remove yet and let's go ahead and move this panel here too just in case just in case because you never you never know we get never now open trade drive and let's see if we can stall no no no no storage let's get some cables in here let's plug that Jam in oh yeah

okay detective please thank you

slide that Jam in there okay all right you see Pat's select you thumb you in there and then install gravity you pop you in there look you in with a grin Nate yeah I guess we go tonight I select your cables out cables beautiful it's beautiful its power you want so loud all of you are so loud hey it boots up leave by the door you all right pop you in there scam did that fix memory card all right that memory card graphics card boom now I do I want to show you here real quick we do have time frames this is very kind of drop-off area here so our utility bills come out of our account they get taken out just right away I'm Wednesday 10 o'clock 10 o'clock 10:00 it's the 10 to the Bob wake up wake up pay them right out 25th of the month that's $500 so we have to have at least $500 plus just so we can live that doesn't even cover all of our chips and soda pop there's no refrigerator in here man of course there shouldn't be any liquids around brutally honest with you all right so let's go ahead and we'll take this jam out boom all right I guess we should dust should we dust dust first can we dust spray it down for me hose you down no doesn't mean it doesn't doesn't matter all right just remove the graphics card comp and then let's go ahead and install it drivers CAD got the broken one can we sell the oh we can we could sell all the parts go ahead let's pop you in there nice nice good good good good good pc fats will pop you in there hopefully your power supply can cover it I haven't checked I'm not going to I'm not going to let's pop you here let's do what you got to do right now okay

everyone power supply it's beautiful baby the Grand Canyon majestic guess I should put in a thumb drive I keep forgetting to do their hair it's got all our programs and blood nots like 3d mark advanced edition do we need a reboot

the things about to blast off into space yes go ahead and reboot reached at reached at everything bom-bom-bom 3d mark advanced edition oh my god are we actually running the actual program Oh

for those of you who don't do this often I feel like I'm at work and I hate it I feel like it's not a bad game at all it really isn't but this is exactly the program that you gotta run when you try to test your graphics card like this actually makes me want to go gold mining in gold rush and I don't and then I get bored to tears of that this is this is me all day I'm gonna step aside I'm gonna slip a cup of coffee where every chips got some chips we're gonna go let's go to the break room all right so that took about two actual minutes of my life that I can't get back now all right she's got ourselves a brand new video card don't know how well it's gonna power in them but Amen we're all set and good to go let's go ahead and collect some cash boom boom pay me baby oh look at that that's the start oh my god now I think hold on here just card so you gotta wait for the emails to come in upgrade to 16 gigabytes of RAM hi I'm giving my daughter my PC and she needs a lot of RAM apparently it's a total mom thing she said she needs 16 gigabytes and I've currently got a 2 gigabyte on my gap where do you get like an old HP on my 2007 what's up 2 gigabytes of RAM all right I've created 16 Big West RAM sure will accept that I'll accept you hot and broken PC it's a hot it's a hot mess y'all I'm not very good with computers but mine isn't working properly I've been getting very hot lately oh it's been getting very hot lately and running slower and slower I don't think I can hear the fan anymore it lives on the floor with my dusty office oh my god no I hope it's not clogged up if you do have to replace the fan please pick the cheapest one I can't afford anything fancy that's about every single email that I ever get from like a relative or somebody like hey I heard you a fix pcs like I don't oh we got level 2 so as your unlocking levels you unlock a whole bunch of different fans processors different parts and say we got ourselves some intel core i7s and fraud we've got some processes I three all the way up baby hmmm well done and keep PC building piecing billions simulator team by the way I want to thank the PC build builder a building simulator team for sending me an early access key it comes out today I'm gonna do one more job and we'll call it a day remove viruses complete by the elm with always a timed event a timed event except in transit send transit what do we need Oh what do you we need and ram chef let's go ahead and we'll get something some sweet sweet memory Titan two gigabytes now I mean we got to kick we have two gigabyte sticks yeah we're gonna have to get to eight gigs all right so I'll let you add to cart' again we're gonna get fan a fan cooling do you have a case fan or do we have an actual but just about to cause muscle wait I'm not quite sure I I dunno I do not recall

hmm hmm all right well got some RAM but we also have some things in transit so let's go ahead and end the date must complete job get Ed's Minds over here all right let's end this day all right hop in and go to work we got that time to vent here which one are you upgrade 16 gigabytes whether you replace the air for clean out the dust it's just about stuff for my daughter from the PC ready improve what was the one that we had to get done by tomorrow

email hello man I need to borrow my mom's brand-new PC and I think I clicked on something stop clicking on porn it's gross you're gross when you do that alright so mom's mum's brand-new PC I've created 16 gigabytes hot and broken and this is what we have to do and it has to be helped quickly PC can boot remove irises yeah let's go ahead and let's go ahead and remove all the porn go ahead and move on this is should be called porn removal simulator remove viruses you're a mess can't keep your hands off your ding-dong that's the problem you're gonna watch that kind of stuff watch it on your iPhone jeez install gigabyte stick today thank you beautiful and let's turn this jam on boom you know for a computer that has a whole bunch of viruses that booted up real fast the food is ever real fast but my friends oh I guess I gotta order I gotta get those parts hold on restart yes run the virus we'll get ourselves some cash it only takes three seconds folks I mean it's three seconds usually this takes hours depending on how jacked your PC is all right you wink there you go buddy got your PC less than a day you're welcome shop got two things in our cat let's go ahead and yeah next day delivery we got the cash they called on me some of these emails quickly it's this card to quickly discard you discard enstein no Sheen power marks of control power supply I recently upgraded my PS PC but now it's not working properly the computer boots okay with Dillon High try and bench market or run of a game on computer crashes yeah it's cuz your PS is your power supply sucks bro I haven't replaced my PS you could my new parts be drawing too much power yeah bro what do you think yeah yeah yeah sure could sure could buddy all right intercooler riot and we can discard this because I don't do see that and we're just waiting on Pat's waiting on Pat's that should be coming tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow oh but this hold on this is little guy with a fan what kind of fans you mean praise the air cool yeah let's go check this one out because I forget what kind of needs I'm gonna wear let's go ahead and we'll spin this around oh my god you're so dusty my god you're so dusty dirty naughty you're naughty boy you're naughty naughty the pail you're dirt in your dust doodads and whatnots remove get this case off hopefully when we upgrade and level up we can then take everything off a little bit faster they'll be nice that would be fantastic

sound effects could also help out a bunch I'm just saying I'm not trying to be I'm not trying don't be rude okay I don't know what else you need a lot all right dust has been cleaned let's be cleaned y'all all right so let's remove the parts let's go ahead and unplug them on the board remove the air cooler right so what kind of pass do we have here oh wait the on shap cooling parts I aircore gotcha gotcha gotcha boom I had to cart ship this out next day delivery because we're wealthy businessmen and we need we don't have time we don't we don't have time for these things plus we have to wait anyway because everything else is uh in transit PC could boost 16gb but do I have it I don't think I haven't have that everything's coming tomorrow alright so we'll end the day and let's get to work grab you nice nice nice good good good good good good since we already have this Jam already plugged in and ready to rock and roll let's go ahead and pop in here we'll install some thermal peak Booya and then cooling parts take this pop it in there cables you you beautiful and let's pop you in here nice in the PC boot gotta plug everything in everything in let's go ahead and install the side panel we'll do that I got I got I got I trusted myself I trusted myself that I don't have to mess around with anything I have faith it boots up folks it boots up you Inc there you go there's your computer everything works everything works let's collect our monies boom Jeff Haji off this card there you go g sx g off Oh Jeff ha ha hey Jeff and then we got this one I hope you can help my computer stuff working the other day and now I will now will turn on off please can you have a look for me I think it might be the motherboard if it needs a new one I know it needs to be asked I like socket all right all right you all right buddy all right all right 16 gigabytes of RAM install the power sheen sticks and remarkable

let's go ahead and get our power supplies 600 power shame add to cat view the cat next day delivery beautiful alright so that's that then we have you know I say that I'm like you know I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this you know because it's a it's just like one of those things where you hop in it's I'm gonna work again alright grab the next computer alright alright let's go ahead and do it alright memory clips oh the memory clips to it that's kind of nifty let's take you out and yeah we're gonna need to get my old eyes Oh

all right install still we're open memory memory the motivator I'm here to motivate you okay close close uh-huh install beautiful oh they're just clips on in oh I like that I like that that's nice it does what it's supposed to it puts the lotion on the skin no no thumbs just pops on okay okay okay now I'm sure in later on in leveling you'll be able to just build your own computers and then sell your own brand of computers at the current time this is all we got this is all we got does it boot up there's our power everything's so different

nice you Inc I want her to PC at all I want the PC at all I promise you I promise you this boom boom collect pay me sir 506 five dollars are level we're getting leveled up baby we're getting leveled up we did it this card is in transit go to PC discard you're done I'm done with you and we're waiting for this as well as replace some other horse we got it okay that's kind of late right right right right folks that's gonna be there our episode here PC builder simulator man it's pretty nifty it's a pretty on point also must be level 3 to add our work - other than the actual boot tons and invite her skating attempts which is fine which is fine I do enjoy the real it does have a hint of realism I mean hint it's very it's bringing back that things that I have to do later on today suppose if you want to see more of this video anyone see more of this video game let me know in the comment section down below I'll hop on in well we'll make a beast no Sam you know I mean suppose like I said if you enjoyed this video follow me to that like button helps out my channel there's so much more they know and you feel like in the whole lot go ahead hit subscribe new videos coming out every single day every single week folks have a great day afternoon evening goodness peace a lash out y'all and I will check you out right here again PC building simulator next time oh my god everyone's fans just sounds so awful it sounds so bad [Music]



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