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[Music] hurry over finally the season finale three parts whoa first thing is I reckon two is a dance project yeah this is the first and only dance practice this season yeah not yes I feel cheated that's true I want more dance for next season request thank you okay bye this is group is called dreamcatcher this is their song you and I guys however if it's a dreamcatcher before dreamcatcher is known for their a really nice and smooth choreographies so I've never seen green a dreamcatcher choreography

I'm looking for moves I can use at parties right that was one drop spins like that this is really smooth their moves really they really flow well with it yeah they have very very good timing oh she went right through there does she have rug burn are like floor burn right who did you see that snapping it all turned when she did that that was cool oh I like that one with the Bob oh yes I also love the song this is like too early if you guys is like punk yeah that's what I reminds me of like dance has revolution yeah how could you do this dancing jeans too

[Music] oh yeah I liked that scarves I love when they use proud yes Bob girl bob girl the Wiccans sink tools we give out the towels what where did that come from wit

that was whose carry you're like she was never holding him worth wouldn't go no that was slick okay well I'm actually curious where that stick go woo c7 is a good number to because it's odd and then you can yeah intertwine I could windmill arms yeah those are fun this is a definite zumba dance workout yeah you're right yeah they're tiny looking really really good it's just all very like consistent kappa bob girl is the kill minute wait what is your fiance sucks to suck [Music] we got those cool it was very graceful I like trying to figure out who's singing at what point like they mouth when they sing I love that mirroring they always look so nice on groups to hear okay that's actually really cool yeah love that I love the scarves they're wonderful yeah me too this is actually pretty fast really a girl group dance usually they're a little bit more simple but like the movements aren't too hard but the timing is like pretty difficult so nice so any Jase the Hank oh the dancing was wonderful I enjoyed that I definitely it reminded me of like a group of witches but like fun cool witches that like you want to be friends with and they're like putting a hex on someone did you see those vines yeah and I loved it yeah they really could have put a spell on so they put a spell on me and definitely put a spell on me with those scarves yes stick that came on we're gonna where'd it come from I'm like these people I need to know I love it I think okay so I've tried to figure out how she like gets it I think it's one of them's me like press a button and it comes out and she has like in her pocket and she holds it where is it oh she throws it in the back room okay so I was like it just magically disappeared she's a person magician what is their thing the fact is I really liked it cause like they incorporated props like not all the k-pop groups incorporate props nowadays so there's even with like there's they were like really synchronized and like what I know this was that even the towels are like synchronized it was really cool I really liked the choreography I think the 7 is a good number for a group so when they intertwine and stuff it looks really good yeah yeah I really liked this dancing it was like interesting to watch especially I don't know I usually see like a lot of girl groups tend to have like more simplified dances like they're usually like and very like they always have like that point that point dance um like yeah but like I thought this was like very very graceful and I like some movements didn't seem too hard but like the timing was like pretty difficult I would say um yeah and they were just very very graceful what's your favorite dance were that they did this there was one where it somebody dropped into like oh that oh the legs and the legs and they were like and I was like yeah and they got stuck until like vortex don't letting moon yeah yeah I like that move they gave this one well what's your favorite dancer that they did like I really like the chorus we're like they're really gone you know yeah yeah I liked um that part where the two were on the ground and they were mirroring each other I I always like I'm a sucker for that I mean I think group does that I'm like that so cool especially cuz their timing was just so good so that was my favorite part then what was you rate it out of 10 I give that a nine point five I enjoyed it 7.5 I give it an 8.5 what was that for 8.4 I'd give that a time cuz it was like it was really impressing like how the timing was yeah like performance wise I'd give this like a ton

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