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what is going on dudes welcome back to a video that I have not done in a while we have not seen a lot of Gary Barry action but here we are dudes with the Gary Barry himself I want to thank all you guys for tuning in you guys are watching this while this is live welcome if you guys watching it as it's a video makes you guys tune in every day I plan on going live 5 p.m. PST which is 6 7 8 p.m. est all right yes yeah so yeah my I might even go live earlier I plan on doing that today but then we ended up recording some some fortnight for the second channel and already do the donations are rolling in yo Walter thank you so much the two dollars through the super chat if you guys do want to support the stream and the channel you guys can do so by hitting that super chat button in the chat box the little dollar sign or you guys can go the extra length become a solid member of the Javas gamer family and subscribe or become a member today become a member of the Jabez gamer family dudes hit that membership button it's like subscribing on Twitch put on YouTube and I don't I don't stream on Twitch so dudes subscribe today cuz I love you and you would love me and plus it's really cool to have that option now on I never had it on before so without further ado let's get this day off to a great start as many of you guys know things have changed in the city last time I was live we had some we had some interesting people that we've sent away to jail if you guys did see the video it was a little crazy it was a little crazy just like Romeo's donation a little crazy $2 thank you brother thank you so much for the 2 bucks right now we're running to work dude we got to go on duty we got people to save and people to stop from doing crime no it's gonna be great it's gonna be great dudes it's gonna be great and of course if you guys are new around here or frequent viewers say hello in the chat get to know one another and of course you might even get a shout out from me because dudes I'm so happy to be live and oh my god Walter Walter what you doing button back to back donation from Walter today Walter is crushing it boys Walter is crushing all right let's get on duty let's do this boys duty zero let's take out our gun BAM it's gonna make our stun gun in our flashlights the presets BAM what up by the truck is Gary Barry's in town alright let's go and let dispatch know that we are now on duty you guys ready for this dispatch go four five six ten forty one boom boys done so now the fellow officers know that we are on duty it is time ten-four four five six when you're 1041 Oh 30 and four there we go boys now they know any current actives he's firm I have one 47 with me right now transferring a pillbox medical witness claimed that he broke into the life of either offices and then swallow the pill or something like that or dark chocolate or whatever it might be a pill though and for the additional negative time hey alright so apparently someone's terminan suicide dudes bunch of weirdos donation from Jesse saying let the donation war begin with the $5 donation now right now the highest donated yo Thank You Jesse for the 5 Aramis Williams coming in with the one Thank You bud preciate it alright let's see what let's see what kind of stuff we can get into today

a what

hello hey uh EMS still show up on our GPS or no and I don't know I'm just a volunteer I don't know if I should be or uh are you able to pick even to help people up I could yeah I've been driving a call and you go over there to that wall or take that worried me awake four five six that doesn't work I heard that if I sign off and sign back on it might bring me up yeah give it a shot yeah I better go over - come on - OH - let me know if I appear on our radars I've got a guy in front of me that's a volunteer that can help people up to their feet but isn't appearing on my I in computer GPS yo holy the donations oh my god Romeo dropping a six bomb Resident Evil dropping a 20 bomb wot holy fat Panda with the one toxic tangy with the one what is happening dudes Walters what have you done dude you started a war I didn't even drop it a 20 bomb holy geez brothers the stream is just getting started Oh Kevin Lopez dropping the one oh my god dude wait what Walter dropping a 25 what is happening right now what is going on what no thank you you guys by the way for those of you guys watching whether this is a video afterwards or you're watching live right now guys please know that you don't need to donate to be recognized here in the community I just greatly appreciate those of you that are coming out of pocket to show that extra bit of love and if you can't support the stream via donations or memberships you are still an equal member of this community because you guys showed up and I love you equally all like thank you guys so much I appreciate you guys even being here so this is this is starting off crazy so thank you guys for that I appreciate it people are claiming that you're going behind a life invader bringing down to the free station lots of guys over there lots of crazy activity happening over there dudes my goodness

so team yes I do thank you

Jesse Jesse is now on top of $26 donation dudes oh my god what is happening tonight like should I have a thing at the bottom that shows like the top donator of the moment oh my god toxic tangy dropping to romeo saying this is my allowance money bro guys holy thank you guys so much i my goodness my god this is crazy my goodness Oh guys you don't oh geez I don't even my goodness thank you guys thank you this is crazy we're gonna be the lookout for some calls we're gonna go over the apartment soon people are up - I see people running around over there I'm gonna park my car and we're gonna go ahead and see if we can get some some information see if anyone's talking about crimes you want to commit and write that stuff down we got a lot of bikers lately we got a lot of bikers lately in the streets which have been really crazy just that bench let's go and see what's going on here dudes

nothing there's nothing happening yeah wrote meto thank you for the to man appreciate it I appreciate the doe knows guys thank you so much we're gonna see what we can get into the Gabri the think it's like we could go let's do this let's go to life and meet her first well go there we're gonna pick up a paycheck and then I also got to open up my other monitor there's a thing on police called the standard procedures and I got to make sure I follow that oh my god there's so many prostitutes here you know real night with dropping a dollar thank you man I appreciate the love

oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa brother guys luckily he's a local I can't I can't ticket him or anything I can't do anything about him taking that red light you guys saw that why is there so many dudes there's so many prostitutes on this road it's like they're working extra tonight did you guys see that they were like everywhere that was intense that was crazy that was a lot of a lot of people that are working the night shift if you know what I mean dudes they're all working the night shift I know for a fact that there's like a lot of uh I know there's a lot of like criminal activity happening but

I don't know where it's at you know what I mean like as a cop you gotta just find the stuff that happens but you can't make something happen do you guys what I'm saying you guys get where I'm coming from so at the fight I have to respond to crime that is happening but I can't be the instigator of said crime so I can't go up to someone like hey dude it would be cool if you robbed the bank right now I would definitely lose my job guys I would definitely definitely lose my job like that that would be an easy way to lose my job actually to be honest it'll be a quick ticket out of here

Radley Hill dropping a 50 bomb

brother thank you so much holy like seriously Wow the support this stream has been nuts oh my god dudes I'm speechless dude holy

thank you so much guys seriously Oh guys ran a red light dang it dudes oh my god can we get out first can we just get I want to say thank you to everyone that's been donating like this stream has been like super supportive my goodness thank you guys so much this is nuts thank you guys I have not had this type of support in forever like on streaming like even even in my like this is like this bring me back like my twitch days they when I shaved on twitch like these these donations are huge numbers guys thank you guys so much

thank you guys holy my god okay I really can't concentrate count Blacula I'm sorry I'm just I'm I'm so blown away all this is happening it's crazy

[Music] okay let's head back to it holy Bradley Hill dropping oh my god listen guys if you guys can afford to go to a donation war go for it but listen you guys don't need to be doing that man that's a lot of money guys it's fine if you guys don't I see a lot of you guys saying I wish I had money I don't have money it's okay dude I just want to thank everyone for just even tuning in it means a lot to me you got it even here hanging out with this Gary Barry stream I'm doing good meet Bob Prince how are you yeah I know mark its it oh my god I missed the light

Top Gear's you're not feeling well going on man

I'm doing good I'm doing good thank you for asking guys it's been a pretty good day today we record some for tonight yo Walter coming with the - thank you bro Walter you should put some messages man Walter you've been donating a line you ever been say anything let's put a message up in there man just that's for ten coming back tonight appreciate the love Walter there's nobody here it's crazy

what I don't have any money rip rape we all how many you like throw me out already okay I'll make you guys this cool deal all right a lot of you guys are saying I see you guys in chat feeling bad that you can't donate dude don't stress it it's fine you can't donate just show up to the streams drop the video like that's it that's it that easy that easy though I don't get paid for likes but it shows me you guys want to see more streams so if you guys wanna see more streams you guys love RP and support the channel the best way you can yo yo sativa Lord our first member boys names you pop up right here in three two one hey wait hey yeah what hello yeah okay listen them yo Rocky Balboa dropping the three Thank You men awesomest videos ever thanks rocky appreciate it I don't know why your name I don't know why this thing that the sponsor didn't work I don't know why I didn't give a notification on top that's so weird it should have like oh yeah it didn't even come up on that's so weird and even like say that you subscribed you like became a member hey there we go it just took a while I don't know why there we go stevia the tea before 20 Lord thank you for becoming a member of the jobless gamer family committing the family I appreciate it bro dude now look at that look at his name in chat look at the team of Lord's name in chat oh my god if you guys become a member your name becomes green wow that's so cool oh can I customize that oh my god you gotta admit dude that's dope that is so cool I'm gonna call for a kill that is freaking cool Oh green light for 10 - OH - direct go for - OH - hi yeah I talked to Bob recently he wants us to get radios so we can contact them yeah ten-four I'm gonna try and pick one up after this

but up up up but up up up up up but a bit how do you become a member I don't know uh sativa how'd you become a member but I think it's like let me see I think I know how to do it slash jobless carrot and then slash member no that's not right I don't know dudes I have no flippin clue I got no clue it there's not even like a good area either there's no oh here

uh I see wait what you know I'll try I think she's a dollar bro you guys got to use YouTube gaming that's so lame you have to use YouTube gaming in order to do it chat the only way you can do it

there's a green button either YouTube stream that says join you gotta click that apparently it's next to subscribe button on desktop I think I think it's I don't know if it's there for everybody yeah there there should be it's either this is either a sponsor button or a member but I don't know dudes they change a name and like they've changed everything about the things I don't know what's going on you to radio a radio how do you use the radios that's pretty dope that's pretty dope I to be honest you guys I hate waiting in the red lights but I have to it's a part of the new rules oh wait like here yeah Morrison's meal deal does yo bro what PC do you recommend I should get yo Matt just subscribe for 15 months as well thank you Matt and make sure I appreciate that well what PC do you recommend I should get and love the vid and stream keep the good work Morrison for what for like gaming or for streaming or what what's the question here regardless I highly recommend you go ahead and look into either building a PC yourself if you don't know how to do it picking up a PC you could just pick one up on Amazon man you get a prebuilt when I bought one recently from one of my editors like seven months ago now I think we're Christmas and it was amazing it was like it was great yeah you can get a great PC for like a thousand five hundred bucks Gaming Eagles donate to first ever donation keep it up hashtag Frank smells hashtag Frank smells chat show gave me Eagles that support thank you bro over the love twitch main things for the sub oh so many new people with its family yeah Rocky Balboa oh my god oh my god what up dude welcome to the family he's now a newest member of the Jabez gamer family dudes he's just subscribe he's just become a member Thank You Rocky to love man your name should pop up here I don't know why but the memberships are really really delayed like really delayed it's weird it takes forever yo Jesse what the five he says how long he assumed work I'm gonna be studium for another two hours and then after that I got to go because I'm picking Leah up from the airport so that is that and there's your name rocky came up what am i doing chat I don't even know I'm doing here I don't like I don't even think I got so distracted the thing is I've been getting so distracted by donations and memberships and all this stuff that I've been being lost on what the heck I'm doing


hey Samuel coming in with the new membership

hello the local he just you just ran that did he ran that red light so weird

a Morrison's meal deal is as Frank smells Frank smells Frank smell Springs smells thanks for hopefully uh hopefully you enjoy the stream and appreciate the love this special for our secret abandoned vehicle on Hawick Ave and meteor Street late

Donald black and call this person or one five eight nine nine four nine seven zero right on tax I don't like how do I just call someone call

okay maybe not maybe I'm doing this rock is you know Resident Evil coming in with the new Saab dude appreciate it man the newest member Resident Evil we got samuel Smith Rocky Balboa thank you dude thank you guys so much for all the support and the top join here for the day is Bradley Hill thank you bro thank you I appreciate it four five six to 202 Direct cute dude in the peeking of that radio I got a abandoned vehicle over here ten-four I picked up up and I picked up a radio turned into the Ritter Channel five I'm gonna ping for a tow but wait for the tow to arrive I'm not sure how it works here in the city yeah yeah yeah you could do that where me and I Ripley have gotten real channel 5 I believe that strip masters tow service does you pick up a radio you can be on there too and basically contact them through that they'll tell you when they're arriving and when they're in Ralph you want to just let them know really quickly that you got this abandoned vehicle be great I'll go over to torchon pick one up copy you're on how it can not work in meteor yep one of the apartments

all right dudes what'd I miss did you already use the phone to ping for a tow ten-four

yo only one John Wayne later the sabra appreciate the support

hey hey and it's just calling the pavement yeah that's the one it's all yours okay I'm kind of boss all right you have a great one we dispatched over four five six back to me hey Gaming Eagles been watching since day one of our peanut leaving now gaming you'll appreciate the love man oh yeah oh yeah they're Jade's all their stuff how's it going officer thing all right yeah good evening boys everything's great thanks for thanks for asking you guys have a great one you know he - oh my goodness oh my goodness dudes

going on here scars left on run plate t aubrey lake we give a brie lenka call nudes four one five nine zero four five nine two one [Music] holy Jessie coming in with the sponsor membership Walter coming in with the sponsor membership row thank you brother guys seriously I appreciate it what thank you guys so much the love this grows uneven in the city you might be afk what's going on there

raising his winner what a crazy day like you see like I should

you leave the cab though that is true

we should go ahead and call a tow here too

let me check my phone what's going on in the phone there yeah lately yellow pages looking for seven for the premiums


ah for easy dudes

raise D crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy I

called the tow to see if they could fix it up maybe I don't know what they can I don't know what services the tow truck can provide oh you never know you know maybe they can fix it up the person that owns that taxis not picking up their phone oh it's a little bit rough they don't actually Smith have a good one maybe co-member he just click the member button it does cost money to become a member ali but being a subscribers free so it's subscribe lots of streams support oh god I always miss this life

there's swap patrols no there's no swap patrols by the way has it been daytime at all

has it been dating at all dudes they wouldn't notice I don't think I don't think it's been day to him at all Ossie belt thank you guys for five or six to 202 Direct

has it been a extended period of darkness in the city for a while right now I must have just blanked out and just forgot it was daytime I don't remember it'll probably be sunlight in another couple hours I sound like I'm on drugs disregard thank you - OH - I said I must sound crazy my fellow officer right now tunes I'm just asking this stupid is it daytime today or what like it's been super dark Oh God

it's just been so dark dudes like I just don't remember like even when we start our stream is nighttime

it's been like it's been a lot weave has it been daytime at all

for ten the show me watching the carjacking and progress all the Street Lofts lagunes yeah he's gonna be taking off now I'm show me the ten to get 38 stopping in front of the cervical you sir how a caveny requesting once every seven told you

paintin yeah at 10:40 Brooke the winner 'right infirmity got inside it make sure you angle your car proper move out of the way bud yo Larry Jones dropping the to say I'm gonna sub next year well I look forward to it but borg on dropping to five struggling you how do you how you doing gay I'm doing good Morgan thanks all that support Lily minute I'm gonna break this is how you do all right what the hell no no no no he's taking off anyway this might be a local I I gotta see this dudes yeah either form the filling is definitely a disregard that okay hang on one second come over here hey Z is it that is it this

crazy dudes crazy here what's going on with that duel I don't know dudes Abdul is going through some stuff I think in life

Resident Evil dropping a hundred bomb $100 Oh what is happening the stream dudes oh my god Resident Evil oh my god dude thank you so much pop donator of the day is resident evil with a hundred bomb bro thank you so much holy Jay Master coming in with the sponsor or a membership what is happening today dude oh my god like this has been amazing dude thank you so much for the support I swear the Java Sea Air family is the best family on the Internet I'm telling you dudes thank you guys so much like holy like I know my channels been struggling lately and I've been having a really hard time with some stuff of my life you guys like literally every time I go live you guys make me so happy thank you guys so much for that my god oh my god thank you dudes and for those of you guys that are subscribed I'm gonna make I'm gonna try to make it so that anyone that's subscribed gets a blue name and mod your green names I think that's how it should be crazy dudes crazy crazy crazy nuts nuts nuts nuts my Amazon delivery just got here dude I just got an Amazon text thing your deliveries here oh my goodness my god seriously resident evil thank you so much bro resident evil sponsored the stream dropped a hundred bomb like Resident Evil bro thank you so much also drive $20 before Thank You Man is it 120 dollars no $130 today well thank you yo've Oregon coming in with the with the sponsor I just took that lite brite I can't like I can't even play because I'm just I'm in shock my body's not working I think you think you've worked out for the for the becoming a member of the job is getting a family man welcome to the stream bud holy geez dude what is going on J mats are dropping a 5 oh my god dude there's some extra love Jesus thank you bro for the extra love in the lot to be met serious you guys

raisi dudes what a crazy what a crazy day it's been I thank you guys so much seriously hey what is happening there's a host train happening there's a follow everyone a bunch of new members a bunch of new subscriptions thank you guys

oh my god Michael Jones with the dollar bro thank you man I appreciate it hey Morgan dropping a 20 what is happening today what is going on I'm I'm just driving around the city looking for people that was talking pull over into you gotta donate like great dudes what is happening what is going on Larry Jones dropping a dollar dudes I don't even my headphones just broke like what is going on thank you guys and this light this light turned green already and I missed it or what seriously it's like you guys could you guys could tell I would man you guys must have like some sick sense here dudes

Elite Broadcasting Network dropping a - I love the vids and streams keep the good work thank you man I'm gonna keep the streams going I told you guys the next week minimum we're gonna stream every single day here on YouTube and mixer also getting that Facebook love in here and there dudes I'm doing my I'm wanna be live as much as possible dudes and I want to give that to you guys cuz dude you guys support me like through thick and thin guys I'm telling you guys just oh my god I've said a guy is so many times in the sentence holy geez dudes gay me Eagles might go broke only 13 but you deserve it thanks for the $2 man I appreciate it you know earlier you mentioned that you're using your allowance and your lunch money I appreciate it work on dropping a5 saying I love you dad dudes what is happening oh my god what is going on like I don't even know anymore oh my god Gaming Eagles oh my god grant guild dropping a - dude I don't know I don't know if I can do this this is crazy this has been nuts for ten show me out traffic meteor Street Elgon the bicycle this has been nuts dudes gonna be a Hispanic male oh my god

thank you guys so much seriously I got a I gotta make a life invader accounts while I'm here I'm gonna do that real quick Oh oh my god worgen dropping a ten just can't stop won't stop what is going on dude what is happening today this is crazy oh my god Josh hunt dropping a five bomb what guys top donator still resident evil with $100 donation dude I my god I don't even know don't even know little life invader make a new account real quick do it let's do it brothers all right uh connect sign up user name Gary Barry cynical coming in with the family membership welcome to the family cynical appreciate the love you guys notice now cynical has as a guys I don't like at a loss word this is crazy he now has a badge and chat that's him that's everyone know he's a member this is nuts uneven Seth what are you doing chef dropping 20 bucks says cashless Seth gasoline to get Leah thank you bro I got to get Leah an hour and 30 minutes and dudes this has been crazy Morgan says I will always be with you no matter what ten dollars Seth thank you for the donation but you know you should not be donating Seth I know how things are all right now in your life dude dude I appreciate the support this has been guys I don't even have words the best for ten shut me out with a 10/10 we got some being on someone here Morgan says you deserve it for $10 what did he just say ten nine that 10 10 how ik meteor you know 77 about 10 10 great pooper scooper guy billions a physical fight you know gaming Eagles things with love bro everyone Chang first man has dad I do man that where's my car the other side no let it go at ten and four let me talk to this guy over here there you go

huh weird wasn't Sayid just here dudes alright back to what I was doing what's that a new membership Lord DJ thanks for the sponsor Morgan saying $10 you deserve it then I missed that news my brain is now all jumbled okay let's sign up real quick count details use your name be uh Gary Barry email address gaming with Gary whitey the real password dispatch for ten show me off traffic traffic verbal warning issued Gary oh you guys can't see my password hey what is happening King Dimitri drop it in a $1 call $83 porygon drop another ten to stop getting off track and play the game Josh hunt dropping $2 and seen every RP never stop please I'll try my best man I got my the notification thing that tells you will donate is breaking on my end it's it can't keep up with the donations apparently holy city name I'd be Gary berry bio city's best pop ah just do best looking pop in the city city phone number oh shoot oh my phone number four one five two seven six five eight ninety five all right hold on chat let me me get my phone back up do what

I've got to redo everything okay okay holy Lord DJ says hey Garrett I'm from the Netherlands I watch our videos and it's now 335 of the night all Lord DJ I love you thank you for the $5 and I love the Netherlands it's really nice Netherlands are nice I stepped that - you from the Netherlands I can't oh wait there we go create account Gary berry gaming with gary YT @ make that my password berry berry world's best cop boom Oh what did anyone I got it hey sit in my YouTube chat four one five two seven six five eight nine five boom alright

Oh cherry berry boom right dope dope dope dope Walter drop another to violently Walter you're saying some best he says best youtuber Thank You Walter you shoot it bore gun drop for another two two is bring back gt5 viewer lobbies we actually did some yesterday we did some viewer lobbies yesterday dudes you know Resident Evil Oh dope wait what you can use my emotes now they uphold those that is awesome oh that is so awesome dudes you can use my hype emotes if you subscribe oh that's so cool dudes that is so awesome look at this we got the Astro emo and we got the freaking hype emo oh that's so cool that's so cool I just made to make it

yeah we made a life invader account dudes let's cool Oh pony that's the guy that fish is like crazy owner ear itches like crazy

in lots of positions available alright let's get out of here let's get back to work let's get back to work dudes I don't know Hugh I hope so the thing is YouTube has a long way to go on YouTube gaming before it's any good it's pretty not great yeah GTA 5 live streams every day dude every single day dudes every day you know mr. mark dropping the to see if you love your videos I'm watching for a few years now and Thank You mr. mark I appreciate the support man I appreciate the love and support that you've been given to my channel

you don't think we might let me go off duty and a little rough let's go to the courthouse real quick I need to get a gun license wait what why are you revving your engine but don't my seatbelt put it on my seatbelt there

but um but I'm bottom bottom by BATS

J mats are dropping a 15 bomb this is for Astro Thank You Man he's been in my office right now but I'll let him know that J master tent $15.00 his way we actually do buy him a new toy you guys want to see what he did to his toy let me get this toy real quick let me show you let me take the green light real quick the next red light I'm gonna grab his toys do you guys didn't see what he did to it last night that guy had took off [Music]

first off here's the insides of his toy so you guys can see just where I'm going with this

and this is his toy so this toy used to have a side of his face he used to have ears and well he's now destroyed Astro like yeah she put a whole thing's ear so I had to throw it away so we had to buy him a new toy yeah and these things are tough dude this is like made of like Kevlar or something what does it man have I remember reading it it's like super like tough material not Kevlar but you guys know I mean right [Music]

you know wash my hands and I do touch that toy and yeah Lord DJ jobs that are five inches what are you coming back to Netherlands and if you're here to hire do you want to Greta tricky yeah well next time I'm in the Netherlands don't tweet out if anybody wants to meet up I'm down for it bro I always so whenever I travel guys like when I was in New York I let all you guys know it's like a guys I'm going to Times Square so like I'm always keeping you guys loop and Lee and I are always down to meet you guys of course I'm not gonna go to your house and like hang out with you guys and play games and stuff but I'm down like if we're like you know if you're up a to see you're like 21 or something like you're like hey do you want to go get food maybe Lee and I will consider depending on our plans are so always dig if you guys see me be more than willing to say hi and stuff you know yo Josh I'm dropping a dog thank you bro for the dollar

with the bear


everyone's fishing right now tis

senator love different

can you become a firefighter no you can't become a firefighter in the city of molasses here what you do it another vlog soon yeah we actually have a vlog I'm doing I got two blogs coming up soon I want to show you guys one is a li and I got a new bed it sounds weird but it's a sponsored video so I show off this new bed [Music]


what the huh

I'm so confused or this happened

I have no idea what just happened there dude that was so weird that what was happened um was I saying dudes what was I saying oh I got a mattress yeah so I got a purple mattress pretty dope I got to make a blog about it show it off and then in that vlog Lee and I go out into Seattle and we explore we go to the beach and we do it we do a bunch of stuff so that vlogs you be coming soon once we do it and then we have another vlog it has to be a lot of fun that Lee and I are we've been talking about doing it for a long time we just never got around to it and that is a vlog that showcases Astros like like not gender but like his history so like the different types of dogs in Astro if you want to find out what kind of dog Astro really is and like we've always known he's a husky but we feel like he's more than just a regular husky you feel like he's like he may be mixed between like a husky and another dog but we're not sure so we're gonna do that like test what his astral getting his own channel dude honestly dog channels do really well on YouTube I think it would be pretty dope if Astro at his own channel and then we got another dog would be Astro and you guys can give some name suggestions for another dog but it has to be space themed because Astro is like was space themed because when we named a store a fun fact we got his name from a friend whose dog was named was Nova so we got the name no one thought okay let's think of a space-themed name and network the name Astro team Andrew games is what's up Garrett I'm a huge fan of the much man how do they going Andrew what are some good names you guys would think muskie plus wolf equals Astro maybe here's the same liberal people are saying that okay I have friends like real life friends that swear on their life that Astro is not husky four five six seventy six days ten through two on Spanish and Hawick where is that

all week is here

Spanish and a hallway oh it's right here

I read the amination boys that's where to deal with the situation how did that just happen how did I skirt so long 10:23

22:10 23 I don't anyone here right now four five six seven traffic did it be anything no garage the person could be but uh I just spoke with the owner of mr. Sam and he said he didn't see anyone waving a gun around hey my Chin's you guys hear any shots over here no in those shots didn't hear anything I also told you yes huh so weird yeah yeah Hispanic male black bandana blue jeans red and I think like a running gray flannel shirt yeah he was pissing on my property I went out pursue charges for vandalism okay let me go ahead and get some information from you and let's go further though let me let me write up an incident report sure you might where can I park my vehicle here in the spot it's a fine Anya where anywhere in this pot four or five six owned six in the area I'm gonna take a report from the owner of the car shop code for detail all righty first things first sir can I see some ID yeah yeah all right so I gotta bring up like standard procedures at once I'm here I've heard I have no idea what I'm doing a chance to be honest

horton documents ace files VMs work ease all right mr. al sab nice to meet you my name's officer Gary bear the Santos Police Department badge number four five six you reported me that recently had an individual I came to your property and urinated can you go into further detail about that yes yes and he made a lot of threats against us alrighty I'm gonna go ahead and jot down some notes really quickly so you whenever you're ready you can go ahead and speak freely you know working here at the shop it's a Mile Island the shop yeah my generally a voice he also witness what happened and a gentleman with black bandana Hispanic Korean red flannel shirt blue jeans game over here sort shit-talking us threatening us and then he took a piss of the property and he's fucking went for a hike

alright let me just run this back to you proper description um in black bandana and gray and what flannel grain red flannel shirt right long yeah yeah shorts blue jorts you know those IG shorts move gourds alright yeah towards Hispanic approach your property say anything what da fuck out don't kick my ass okay I don't do shit to you what's that man sir if you looked I wrestle sir oh I an additional twenty seven sir 20:38 at the tow garage I need you to stop right now sir sir sir yeah that's fine they look creepy as fuck anyways hey what ya Delta Charlie Andy beat some rubber than Delta Charlie ordinate take a look at the injured person sir what happened here what okay hang on I'm gonna take a closer look at him the doc dog your coffee my coffee sir can you hear me you can't em how do we how do you look up wood wood this was just like before hate you

got to be either mr. commander Coolio mmm I can find out about the first one I'm not sure with this commander guys let me see if these individuals want to press charges that was interesting that was a first yeah I mean I know who that is he's not the type of person that would do that deliberately so pretty much probably if it was him he'd probably be back on the train a few minutes huh weird very strange do you guys have any idea who that was what oh that was just um hey janitor is clone I got somebody fell asleep and he was just over here okay weird yeah it's weird it's weird it's really weird okay but it wasn't a person that just like me was voiced over there that's his - when I guess you could say okay I would that was all right sounds good hey um Oh what the fuck Dean I dropped this guy and he all mine god knows what just happened - sips dropping 15 Bobby does hey Mimi why'd you come for a long time thinking with awesome content I don't think I've ever laughed so much LOL yo mr. Chu sips oh thank you so much love bro thank you I appreciate the love man dog is dead by the way no it's fine where you talking about Oh what in my eyes is just like on his knees huh you don't see him up you don't see oh my god that was so weird I think we just had some voodoo magic just happened he was rolling around for you too right don't get back to the reports are going to mean on that's all I got really that's what happened ain't no name you don't know it never seen him before never met him my entire life this dog seems to really like you for some reason okay so I'm gonna take this report I'll be a little going for this individual did your fellow co-workers see anything I mean voice was with me that's pretty much it okay go talk to him he's right behind you this is supporting witness to what you're saying happens that we can go ahead and you could talk to them awesome this guy right here that's it right there yes sir hello how can I help you how can I get a 77 in a vehicle yes sir can you pull your bike over here for me discuss some things yeah come over here let me inspect your bus real quick make sure it's okay oh my bike home in my back is fine that there is mr. dick shucks motherfucker my name is Julio call me dick suck if you want but sure out thank you so I don't think you should call me dick suck homie alright sir I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the other day about the man who was selling guns the kids you recall that incident

shit to sell guns to little kids honey yes sir we looked into it turned out the guy that you reported was actually judge selling gun licenses come again it was a judge that was selling gun licenses there was no selling of guns the kids if you could step off your bike we have some questions in regards to names and that happen here the tow garage no he's all yours boys laughs did he took off shower you know Ashley Taylor mm back to the left here continuing southbound POW Power Street he took off yo shout-out to Ashley and chat for hitting that membership button this guy is

then for long vigil Horton I'm having issues mmm look like it was right up there stopping I know who that is of his ID from earlier

ah well there goes mr. dick suck though easy I'm gonna call that UTL did you see that his name is going to read I believe it's Julio dick suck negative you got that change it's Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya del Rosa dela Rosa Ramirez what the hell did he change his name did you guys Dinah's Dede his name is so long only four five six to you for ten direct four five six go will you be able to cover the the warrant tempore then for yeah did he expect me to ride it like I can't copy down his name was Phil bucks garage writing a warrant and six there should be disobeying a peace officer debating I guess that this we could potentially pursue false report that judge selling a weapon flies the thing but that's never gonna stick in court so I wouldn't bother with it yeah that's rather just make the charges make sure they stick rather than risk it you also probably didn't know as a judge was just confusing the circumstances of the sale that was did that happen so fast John's Ashley the latest member of the Java schemer family get that hashtag love in the chat for her you guys are a member makes you guys use those emotes they're super awesome more emails to be added soon I don't know how the emote system really works to be honest no clue dudes not a clue I have no idea how it works I will figure it out though dudes I will figure it out I promise that's good disagree life

what was that noobs

hey what we're going to coming in with another two bud this how do I apply for this RP server it's a little bit difficult lately but I consider the information on discord Morgan if you want


play some tunes in the car boys

play them tunes boys play them tunes Jarrett Astros a white German Shepherd no I know for a fact he's on a fool he's not a German Shepherd dude he's a husky something makes sense


that was such weird timing you know and a crime design coming in with the newest member of the jobless gamer family can we get a hype in the champer and a crime 15 brothers

it's bad show four five six seven six layers and forty seven and ten fifty

we got what's going on here boys

or five 623 he's right in front of hospital

all right there's a roadblock

all right this scene is blocked off please do not cross allo sir can you hear me Oh freaking of wood careful sir you almost hit you there brother they just

okay sir I'm gonna go no way we're gonna get you this hospital right here it gets red of the road sir hey out of the way I cannot feel my legs volunteer EMS negative you go run the plate the car he was in over by my car all right sir stay with me I'm gonna go ahead and perform some medical procedures on you on your left you just pass it it's not the engine to the freeway I should be a Mini Cooper there saw the pant pant Oh

all right sir you've got lots of things going on here oh goodness sir you're gonna need some serious medical I'm gonna help you your feet looks like you got your your pinky might be broken sir your lower lip Oh God all right sir stand up with me all right stay still if you can take a seat I'm gonna I gotta go ahead and do some medical procedures here sir you dude go ahead and check into this hospital real quick I think there's something they're working right now and for that spelled egg okay um a-and for yeah it's you got lots of stuff going on there sir how you feeling I was trying to cross the road and I got hit by it Brooke come over here for me I'm gonna go and you got some stuff I gotta get take care of sense still I'm gonna go ahead and help you with your with your left thigh it looks like you got some scrapes there yeah I'm gonna have to fix that up for you how you feeling sighs I feel better

turn looks like the medical field is currently treating patients without insurance and your charge full price and not given service but I've gone ahead and handled it for you free of charge on my behalf so I'm gonna have to take down some information from you where can I find it your ID I think I might've dropped it by the road there if you want to walk with me sure don't get hit by a car home you dropped your IDs son your pockets I didn't see no idea when I was placing my berries all right come on let's go okay all right

this is a busy road I will say yeah Bob McDonald dropping a 10 bomb there's gate Gary and do more live streams and all show you the best youtuber I've seen Thank You Man I appreciate the love Bob Morgan sir probably need to be nicer I'll get you after the stream of Oregon after the stream you can just look up no pixel man to be honest

all right it's the sink to me were you just in a car right there no sir I was crossing this road right here to get the boss people to get my prescription no no like this no that was wasn't there a car like what did you just walk towards you sat down yeah maybe I'm crazy all right

did did a little bit of something else but all right huh thank you sir dude was Indra I can't tell if he was driving that car or not Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya what oh yeah race is my name of sir

that car just slammed into that Pantone oh if you saw that hey can I get seven warrant check on an Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de Rosa Ramirez that the individual that was at the tow garage hey ferme currently wanted and he had the same clothes as his different clothes right now flannel stand on the pad just some just some precautions as the recently there's been a lot of crime in the city and wanted to ask about your whereabouts the last 15 minutes sir it doesn't matter itself his ID and I ready voice ID'd them and I also saw these woods being closed the traffic stop from earlier means he's bringing different clothes now but you're saying you got his ID earlier yeah just run through some things with my fellow officers to make sure that everything checks out here it seems like you were crossing the street you said and what happened you got hit by a truck doing what there's no one here but me and you was a cop right behind you sir what're you talking about [Laughter] no they're communicating to me I'm just I'm just listening I wasn't communicating with him I was another officer was communicating sir this officer so mr. Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de Rosa Ramirez or your whereabouts the last 15 minutes sir from a guy named Richie from the airport to here stomach aches and you weren't by chance driving a panto just now and maybe weren't wearing your seat belt slammed into the back of another vehicle and went flying out it's a type of vehicle sir regardless it's a small little car a little bit like a Mini Cooper it was there a second ago it looks like yeah like a smartcard it's on the other side of that truck right there it's on the other side of that truck I don't know I don't see a car here officer I think it's behind the truck it's a tan and color yeah my truck regardless sir we're gonna go ahead and skip a part of the the car in front of the hospital is already been towed away if you could move this car here we're gonna probably have this pan Toto in a minute here but we're need you to move this out of the way for just a little bit all right sir mister let me look at your name again Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de Rosa Ramirez here's your ID back sir unfortunately you are wanted for evading and disregarding a lease officers requests as earlier by the tow garage my fellow officer positively ID'd you as the person that was there apparently he gave you a ticket earlier so if we go and put your hands up I'll be taking you in we can go ahead and just comply for a moment yeah we'll go ahead and get all that up to comply you sir I'll get this figured out ok put your hands above your head do it right now Burt don't don't do it I'm running heard the dog will bite you if you got your hands above your head the dog will bite you get a you got a dog on him get it there on him oh are you okay he's still you made it apparently run across the freeway Oh God okay I'm gonna grab my car keys to get hit by another car dude oh god he's done for what all the dog all the dogs on him dudes Oh God what the heck dude how is this happen you know Aaron 8-k dropping the sponsor bud Thank You Man appreciate it

so let me see some hands hands Oh three I'm gonna tase you sir taser taser he's rolling on the hill I got caught him for some reason I can't don't move you got put your gun down it's all stake all is that different pays me motherfucker there we go beat on your side it's got to be by your side that used to be different anyway sir you are now under arrest oh man oh man dude you know bobbing dog dropping the heart with the - thank you for our preachers love I'm Barry this one's gonna be yours and for you want to walk me through want to do it with me yeah I'll supervise with you just to make sure if you have any questions

oh wait

dudes what a mess

can you pull those can you pull over there I don't want to be doing this in another road

all righty sir you uh you a vago by chance are you a vago what the fuck is up Baga homie you never been a genius to

sleep you're throwing thicker tongue out whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I'm just gonna get this out of the way all right yeah the regiment's IVs against you two in the court of law you have the right to have an attorney present during questioning you can afford attorney won't be provided by the state there's one available DA is there it's a read to you I understand the rice homie I know you're a Donald Trump supporter do despite doc fucking laughs you dealing you were reading me my rights for me what do you have against Donald Trump anyway I mean he is hair colors matches your shirt big Bidwell is there this guy is like probably personally hired you to fucking work for the police force homie [Music] suck my we're boot though he works with the White House that's federal stuff I mean what is happening right now dude what is going on local hemisphere city officer Dov meatball I know I am what I'm saying are mister Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya dela Rosa Ramirez do you have anything on you that I need to know about and anything that's gonna stick step up we probably I think I got your wife's panties in my back pocket might have it and not too sure about mothers or my sisters or any other pennies for me not sure if I heard you wrong did you get the what you get the gun from that registered to you sir oh god of course it is homie the fuck you think the Xena

all right gonna be taking these lockpicks off of you mister uh one of those guys it okay what's that lockpick I don't know what that is ice what you had in your pocket don't know what you're talking about hang on

see this right here here no no don't smell it look at it that's a lockpick some people call bobby pins I noticed but that's a lockpick oh that's that I think that's a tool that your wife gave to me to kind of finger with their pussy reminders they reminds her of your dick she specifically said me homie she's not gonna believe him the airport what I remember did you say I'm sorry who is this again my wife or my sister or my mother your wife your sister and your mother homie at the same time that's impressive I'm having fun with him I like him no I've already processed like some goddamn respect homie all right I I'm sorry sir I will treat you with the LS respect did well while you're here can you get on your fuckin suck on my wiener dog and well while we're here you want to quickly tell him how you knew who he was that you can yeah you gave me your ID earlier

you generalize me as a fucking Mexican that's your problem but like you think we don't look alike that's it so you tell me you're the same exact t-shirt and pants everything you know you're telling me wearing a hat homie and I think I'm working out yeah now you are khaki pants with me might be I'm sorry I you know I have okay listen if you had a first and last name I would maybe say okay maybe you have the same name as somebody else but the fact that you were in the same clothes and you're your name it doesn't go first and last name it goes with like six different names like it when it goes Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya dela Rosa I got the message directly we're going we can't be doing this all set that's right you better listen to your higher up homie unless the book dog give you $5 right now you're fuckin up with this card or let me rent whoo $5 Wow you know what that's a very compelling offer listen homey but a fuck or for the police officers Department pay you good but you better you'll give me lights around by the way Barry dude give me at the airport okay into me sir what you drove right into me so you're saying you're gonna what you know give me five dollars and you're gonna dig suck car tell me I'm gonna dick suck Arthur you fool you get that fucker special dick suck homie cuz you got a cute now but earlier you said I wasn't cute the toad run so there's a little inconsistency here huh but I looked deep into her eyes just now I noticed that she was your kind of cue you know it meant me that means a lot to me they appreciate that don't go to the police department homie you ever get to me my cozen worn in the penetentary I'm good I don't want to go back right now you just got this country listen I'm gonna do you a favor man I'm gonna drive by it and we're not even go all right keep going just keep going I'm just kidding stop the car yeah he was carrying a common man a new session and for a firm how do you open the back gate check the registration now you just drive up to it

sorry about that sir these cars automatically drive forward when you open the gate very odd all right sir watch your head seems like you've had quite a bit of a head damaged in trauma today vehicle unseat nearest you 48 c 48 all right sir follow me inside the jail okay I'll be there in a minute when I can fucking move my goddamn legs you didn't just chuckling I was outside homie this should be unshackled sir you know what I'm not even gonna run the risk here sir that's a smart move on your I'll carry you right inside nice and gracefully besides you gettin arrested today sir how is it going song while you do homie I think you carry me in sight singing a song no sir I don't want to want to do that my dear oh honey ah a Ripley or lost them

be out front

where are you I was in the back fell through door crack we have there and just poof gone with the wind where are you now I was I'm in the garage

all equipment ready you just go how strange I got the door Ross holy thank you so much man my god Jay also with the 10 Ross with the hundreds what floors oh my god thank you so much guys holy God thank you your roster personnel holding cell number one okay homie

our hang time here Billy can you check the radio when you get a chance okay perfect hello sir I can pick up where you left off do you have to go Oh homie all right I'm gonna go and you just appear behind me is there anything you'd like before we continue water food how you feeling sir I don't want you inside me homey for be honest all right sir I'm gonna go ahead and check on the computer real quick and I'll be right with you you dudes it's Gary I don't know my password is outstanding warrant you're gonna add that later on but I guess we'll start with the things that were not on the warrant so uh disobeying a peace officer resisting arrest possession of a firearm you want to check him for licenses as well since you can't have a combat pistol won't want to see if his licenses mail or not I don't let me ask you something let me ask you something where'd you where'd you get the firearm from yeah I doubt that where'd you actually get afraid sir all right his name of justice are you familiar with it I'm pretty familiar with that yes sir okay it's gonna be charged at you go and get hit with if you don't want to tell us the truth about where that gun came from sir all right so yo flaming hot day for the one dude I'm sorry I put that gun to my bucket this morning when I was talking about what does he have what did you have a reckless evading from police is this endosteum yeah back at the scene before you search please do he has baby cartoons and when I saw my motel it took a stretch I went downstairs and I rented this one guy was wearing a black head our black sunglasses are fucking coat the color blue let's see her black boots in her black pants you know here a little scruff on his chin like a beard but a fully grown Lucas he's kind of ugly he's a white guy too you know uh-huh I think he had a logo on this on the shoulders of his jackets too I couldn't see it he's describing the cop by the way I can tell criminal possession for about five dollars that's like $1 yes sir I'm done okay you bought a $5 piss link it's either you can go to you can go to like Burger Shaw get yourself a hairy so breakfast meeting where you can go to someone else and get a gun for the same amount of money I can take that gun that was in your pocket call me Julio 4x6 anemia his player adidas this an ID yeah okay Julio I'm gonna take that serial number I'm gonna run through the computer there and I'm gonna see who owns that gun now who's that name gonna come back to justice the charges as well

justice for fucking billing good throw me you know what I'm gonna do right now homie get me unloaded down here you guys are busy my fucking rights that I know it homie I'm not getting it with no sorry we can't corporal Ripley you wanna get all that done we can't hit it with the truck just take care of this I don't know if this is right anyways all right um well get one to you right away then you got a girlfriend or something or kind of cute' incident idol I can tell you comic you today sir you know your your cute guy a nice nose thank you you like my nose I think it's cute yeah you want to put your nose on my dick slut no I'm okay okay homie it's in sable all right but a call out we'll see if any public defenders come forward all right so far - OH - I got reckless avengers are being a peace officer evading resisting arrest and crucifiers class oh my god there by doing some make criminal ready had no right no yeah what what's his prior or what's is it a different things I put up I don't think he has a prior it's just an empty folder yeah exactly okay he needs that you need to get my shot no fingerprints tonight can I add the Mojo afterwards I submit this and then added after yeah but you gotta take the mug shot first that's finally can I submit them this criminal report yeah yeah you can submit the report later after you send them to jail and you can ticket them later you just want to make sure that you have all the information you need before you send them because it's gonna be impossible to get that information after he's in Bolingbrook you got the fine make sure you got the charges the month by month is of his CRF number his first and last name and an image all right sir have your ID another copy down okay let me get my idea oh my fucking big toe okay give me a sickie okay I don't know if I'm that flexible but I can drink these are fucking abusing my rights on me I told you I can take a piss or shit I'm not sure which one and I'm still hiccups here and I can't move the fucking stores for thee it'd be good sir I gotta pee yes sir my fight for me um the fucking expect me whip on my dick I mean I've heard reports so that you're pretty good at whipping it out and doing things you shouldn't be doing sir poor boys a fortune he took away his weapon correct pay for him I still have it on me hold off Cyril never came back to or he actually came back to a Jed Lincoln ooh all right okay I'm saying this is so weird dude this is I gotta go get leo dudes I gotta go get her all right perfect sir he's on his way in the meantime fault me sir no um nobody answered there's gonna be no public defender I'm afraid we're going through this door right here and then through this door sir I'm gonna go and take your picture Oh bang again smile and look how queue for the camera homie dear sir whatever you want all righty can you get that cute officer to be in the photo with me and maybe give it to me well I mean I've been at them Theresa I have something to look at what I wanted to do was take my happy thoughts you know sir maybe anything's possible go ahead and take off your hat and glasses for me okay let me use my big toe to take off my fucking hat on my glasses homie you got some fucking handcuffed foot though well I'm gonna go ahead and take them off right I'm gonna need you to do that for me so we're going to reach on your head and take off your hat now

you vitami have to actually think of them I don't know if it's working I think it's glued to my head all right sir for the fish all right don't do anything stupid right you were in a Saito police station and everything we are gonna go in and cuff you may be stupid get yourself killed tough guys to shoot the kill when you see somebody like me okay yeah all righty sir

all right homie go ahead and cuff me again that's fine you can actually know what fuck you who me you feel you're bringing down sir suck my dick homie there's a picture like this for me take this homie do it great the machine won't work with that type of profanity I'm gonna need you to just go in there you go oh don't turn back around stay still put your hands on me I need one more look at me sir yeah right there Oh sir come on all right sir put away your penis please seen enough I [Music] took his picture I gotta go get Lia dude this is like time crunch all right picture has been taken but off cuff you sure you can turn around you go around for me there you go you go and put this file picture on the file MDT

new post I gotta get going dudes are you gonna process um jail and take it yep we're gonna find your ID sir thank you guys what'd you say we're gonna find your ID it's fine between my fucking underwear mm-hmm my stomach homie oh actually you know what I don't need it thank you sir okay you're lost fool I'll give you a free pass to touch me but if I have to take it so and 5-1 and 48

a kid MDT then ticketing is not slash ticket anymore it is you need to add a number after just Padilla never does matter okay uh date automated citizen ID 848 first Oh contents is seventy huh one of you copy down his first I'm so long that's the fun part MDT God dang dudes what was his name

oh my god this is so long that's why I hate doing this it's just his name and how did how did ticket in headsail

8-feet name you know I just realize you have tattoos Ripley let's notice that - $30,000 that's not right I never know still now is the fine right $30,000 red that's so wrong be afraid the fuck up here or what homie I got is a long process gonna be a lot bitch with your name hey buds I forgot to copy the freaking thing um spelling your name is correct yeah we wouldn't want to miss a single letter you know don't want to be come on to Montana now don't you okay

in oh my god this is so much work just thinking this dude is so hard make it one boom this is like real work okay Babs number four five six four five six Gary bear Berry penalty amounts $3,000 MIT boom all right sir you got a ticket now issued to you the price of three thousand dollars three thousand foreign bases I swear to god that's what you bear me honey fuckin three thousand dollars get the fuck out of here but I am NOT gonna pay that sheet Donald Trump's already a goddamn billionaire homie what the fuckin him after thousand dollars for I understand you're upset just till you aware of the charges reckless evading this will being a peace officer evading resisting arrest and criminal possession of a firearm at this current time and moment looking at D less thank you sir for pleading guilty this is not a court though you're looking at fifty five months sir fifty five months at least I get to see my cousin Wanda in the penetentary so it's kind of okay that is choose motherfucker I haven't seen him in a while you know you know what I motherfucker killed both cops in this fuckin exact Police Department officer wow that's a pencil homie Wow okay interesting sir thank you for that prior information I did not know about make sure you have very scared of the dick-suck cartel if that's true I'd be scared big slick card tell me we don't fuck around do whatever the fuck we want last Raza just slash jail get the fuck up these cost right now kill each and every single one of you good day sir lucky number above the head and then the number of months it's a minute you probably want to uncover slash jail I just think you've done the radio to slash jail and then the number of other said and then the number of months above his head Oh ill number above his head is 48 number of months I'm gonna give him pretty five excuse me are you there right insert oh there he goes the additional photos the additional photos sir thank you sir appreciate it he went away for 35 years sir I'll be have a great stay boiling book penitentiary visit your family right there I'm not your boyfriend and cook for your wife no I don't have a wife sir I'll come for your girlfriend then let me out cook for something that you'd love and I will kill you what an interesting fella edgy all right so now the ticket I didn't actually get a chance to double-check it you sure you did that right so you do this the ticket and the number of above his head and then in the top right of the ticket you have to put his C ref number in after the - I mean let me double-check

make it one top right where it's got his name it should say citizen ID and name the citizen ID is not the number above his head the citizen ID is that his number after the - and his seat ref number 95 1 correct okay yep I got it I resubmitted it for ten four five six direct what you want to do is like jail and then for eight and then however how many ever much he got he he's already oh okay so yeah that's it so I got his uh fine time submit report in terms of what he the crimes I can't write up an incident report though they gotta go I got someone at the airport that's landing in 20 minutes so okay cool and then for the picture what I do with that yeah just shoot me the link and I'll put it in the in a file perfect all right Ripley thank you so much Sam for good work thank you once you do a couple of these becomes real easy yeah I think the first I mean this is only like this is my second time and eight days so yeah tell me you didn't here with with I was in here with assistant director Soze breathing he was breathing down my neck like how you doing there Ripley boy oh and I was like um really good ders assistant director I don't know what the fuck I'm doing maybe you could help me out he was like oh okay it's fine yeah show you how to use it here boy ain't no stress training with nice you know but I think we're getting it as kind of a surprise yeah alrighty thank you so much on my 1040 to amend everyone this crash four five six ten forty two you guys have a great one all right chat I gotta go disconnecting I freaking gotta go super short ending to such an amazing she I want to thank all of you guys for tuning in some of you guys showed so much support and I want to thank you guys each for all that love biggest donators by far Resident Evil on magenta draft thank you guys so much Resident Evil donated over a hundred and twenty five dollars so thank you for that appreciate it I gotta go get the love of my life at the airport and hopefully you guys understand my I have to end my stream if you guys want to see more streams makes you guys drop the video like spam hype in the comment section if you're a brand new member use the emote of me saying hype it's super dope hopefully you guys love it on top of that I want to thank you guys all for the continued amount of support you guys are all awesome and without further adieu guys I will see you guys tomorrow with a brand new stream cannot thank you guys enough this has been awesome I love you guys and I'll see you when I get back alright

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