POOL PARTY KILLER! | Minecraft Murder Mystery

by: Gizzy Gazza

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hello everybody my name is Kizzy today we are back with murder and my god you guys loved the first episode so we'll bring it back episode 2 but we have a new cast off people not really we just have one news is still here but you can't see me yeah means yeah me and Sam like a bad snow they won't leave so Wow just kidding yeah me fans please don't hate me yeah my funds Wow no ground well if you haven't seen this already the basis of it is everyone go wooden sword and one person is blessed with a diamond sword and they got the banner up and they've got try and kill everyone without his team we've also got chat hidden so he can't see yes if you die you're dead we have Ryan here too Nightwing give us give us a hello Casper place suburban as the murder chooser he has chosen upon us the murderer he's like God you think today I'm gonna be you're gonna be the murderer today love God hello who's that it's the young me yeah yeah bees the meadow Shirley hello be careful with that oh hi Izzy Lucy no one's seen nametags I'm current guys 3 a.m. come on what is she this is a residential simple actually yeah it's me stop being so PC dizzy gosh because that is my my thing I'm a dinosaur oh you're really no yeah you notice oh no one really gets that it it kind of looks a bit weird is it because like a it looks like a scale Thank You ghost is who's my stomach with default oh gosh wow that's nicely that looks like an infection - yeah that's something a man would have yeah wait a minute oh just exit em in the other but yeah I see well it would be but guys I got it still wanna call me a murderer now we all have what decided well shut up a lot to prove - I'm gonna go knock on Tammy's door to see if he wants to come out and play swimmin with us so I'll be back okay

with the mayor I give just people's stake no I'm you know I don't trust you look at you you see what are you doing down there house is a pretty hip I'm not gonna lie yeah that's actually my house so you won't find Timmy in there this rainbow dr5 the round ones mine welcome your doors thanks much definitely into it good this is a nice TV look at your speakers as well okay this is an intervention everybody sit down you stealing my speakers My yes you'll get them back Sam sit down please sit down oh sorry this is an intervention I know who the murderer is it's you it's you the murderer is Timmy because that's let's tear it out let's pro/5 one is not here you're accusing people who only even is Timmy you're a man he's the one hiding he's the one hidin okay slowly ease amid the run Timmy's the murder yes correct so surely you are 40 so he's dead no is there anything he's hiding we're saying the waves Timmy I did I just said that see it's all about your friend who's apparently hiding your friend huh good show listen hey I have friends okay okay yo you know instance Timmy he's the killer legal notice we didn't go find him okay Maya Queen 7mn Timmy I think it is hospice because hey I'm fine I will I'm gonna go find Timmy and kill him so Wow let's go have a burger oh it's right sick it's pretty everybody having Mickey D's in food please no oh hey please please Donna mailer I do what goes to the Donald yes this is time out time out drive-thru what you think doesn't even wake calm down you don't open a door with a punch yeah I'm a-comin look at this dark room oh that's really suspicious that's an exit only Oh which way is the way in oh it's this way I think what subscribers off it I'm gonna wind up here Linnea wait what are you oh come on this way in the dark room why don't you want to learn is into a dark room that's a real suspicious she's good oh this looks really cool Wow like a nice place wait what are you guys there in sight

who's the killer way are you dead are you Oh dad no no my friends where are ya

I thought it was even Leo a Leo Sam so yeah I wanted to I kept quiet so you wouldn't think it was me you were too quiet oh yeah yeah where are you mom whoa okay

are you any good at PvP Gizzi oh you got me a little bit also about - I've no friendly neighborhood dinosaur who is that voice she um she was here I'm just at my house I wanted to lay down hello dizzy you'll have a mare though so I'm in the moment the public pool hello y'all meet Bianca residential pool hello friends are you doing guys the water's too deep

free friends they free me let me eat them Australian accent notice cows accent yeah I can't speak okay he wants to be in the water to be honest with you it's I I have I have some chores to do at my house no thank you have a lay down I'm a little bit tired noise woke me up ah what anything oh you know I love you yes because you're probably but you know figure is the killer I don't know about this gone your house got a burger meat it's delicious oh my gosh take my my this is my don't come in don't don't run away from me wait dizzy dizzy he's gone he was right behind me I swear dizzy where's Kizzy go to house yeah me stop I was with you shit don't even mess about I was with you I know us too he went to go you know help Leo out at McDonald's what happened was it McDonald's I thought we should go to get what's up you haven't take your ears off and get ready to battle take them off get rid to battle oh my gosh why are you forcing me to do this fake your ears off and get don't want to get years like all muddy you sure up you madra I'm not a murderer I don't know actually thought that maybe it was still giddy and he was keeping quiet so we'd think he died I thought it no I died like perfectly oh you could have easily just blabbed and lied your way out of it like no here I know it would be like it would have been very you is very very close if you don't know a little bit earlier I just showed up at yummies yeah do you know this game is all about timing and how good of a liar you are I know I could lie about mine I could tell because you were you a giggling like I always laugh I'm sorry well we know if in a real-life situation if Leo ever becomes a murder I would know but it all we have to do something a laugh yeah yeah oh you know but anyways guys that was the murder in Minecraft you did enjoy this video I should probably get out okay thank you go if you did enjoy this video please make sure to leave a like and check out everybody linked down below any final words from the murderer themselves yeah me and Leo um chicken nuggets chicken nuggets and whatever Leo said thanks for watching guys see you later

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