The Trauma of Being Ashley Judd

by: Edindro Whitehall

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so before we get started I just want to take the time to address a small issue with my last video what they don't say when they're typing isn't like one minute after they type that their moms like get upstairs and take out the garbage why is the garbage upstairs thank you to the commenters who reminded me that she was talking about losers living in their mom's basement I live in Florida we don't really know what basements are our losers live in their mom's garage but speaking of losers apart from being a normal boring Wednesday for most people today's the day that liberal arts majors and baristas everywhere I went on strike for freedom blocked traffic and went to jail what a bold statement thanks girls for standing up for working women everywhere by making it harder for them to get home after a long day of doing something with their lives Ashley Judd stupid fucking slut oh look it's what this video is going to be about


you can't sue someone for calling them a cunt if you can't handle the Internet fuck off whore okay so so far I agree with this completely I wish Ashley Judd would die a horrible death she is the absolute worst Ashley Judd you're the reason women shouldn't vote oh that's kind of messed up but are you sure these are recent I mean I'm pretty sure Twitter didn't exist around the time you lost relevance did you get these on myspace remember MySpace I mean it's still there sort of just we aren't twisted is such a bad movie I don't even want to rape it what is that oh I I don't think I'd raped that movie at all the funniest thing about this to me is that you know she's quoting a tweet from some sargon fan who made a joke based on this tweet which is a joke that demonstrates that the word rape in any context is considered misogyny even if you're saying you wouldn't do it also it's cool to see that a slam against a movie directed by Philip Kaufman written by Sara Thorp starring Sam Jackson Andy Garcia and Ashley Judd is the misogynist slam against Ashley Judd and only Ashley Judd I'm not trying to be an armchair psychologist but maybe you think a little higher of yourself than is healthy whatever you do don't tell Ashley judge he'll die alone with a dried out vagina no no the secret's out that was ineffective it's almost like they wanted you to know if I had to fuck an older woman oh my god I would fuck the shit out of Ashley judge that bitch is hot a F the unforgivable shit I would do to her Wow it must be nice to still be getting such flattering compliments at your age I hope men still talk about me this way if I live that much longer I'm quite popular with the boys you see online misogyny is a global gender right tragedy and it is imperative that it ends so to sum it up so far you've got a bunch of personal insults directed at you because you seem like an intolerable narcissist cunt a suggestion that you fuck off if he can't handle words on a screen from anonymous people on the Internet somebody professes he wouldn't perform an impossible sexual act on a movie and somebody wants to fuck you now somebody saying you're the reason women shouldn't vote sounds misogynistic to me but I'm not sure someone expressing that opinion probably not seriously constitutes a global tragedy or that it's imperative that it ends it's just some asshole exercising his freedom of speech so I'd argue it's imperative that it continues you are still hot AF though I mean if I had to fuck an older woman oh yeah yeah sure I'm sure that helps with the fuckin ego girls and women's voices and our allies voices are constrained in ways that are personally economically professionally and politically damaged and when we curb abuse we will expand freedom holy shit I don't know why we don't take Hollywood movie stars more seriously when it comes to social issues she just dropped a fucking bombshell how can we be expected to expand freedom with all this freedom getting in the way by the way add allied to the list of words feminists have raped and left to die in a ditch broken and sobbing I've decided to not really cover what's going on here because she's literally rambling about basketball and some tweet she made about basketball it doesn't seem to relate to anything at all unless she's actually complaining that referees ignore her in the middle of a game funny they're very friendly to me before the opening kit but they really ignore me during the game I mean in which case kill you fuck no why does christopher eccleston keep burning bridges it is routine for me to be treated in the ways I've already described to you it happens to me every single day on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook me too where's my fucking platform oh that's right I don't have a pussy to gush blood every time somebody says something neat about me you can add that to your list if you want since I joined Twitter in 2011 misogyny and misogynist have amply demonstrated they will dog my every step up my spirituality my faith being a hillbilly I can say that you can't all of it is fair game again me too but how is it misogyny when did we redefine misogyny is not being nice to individual women 2012 I bet it was 2012 it was wasn't it listen you're a ridiculous garbage person but that doesn't mean that women are ridiculous garbage people you aren't women anymore than you're that shitty movie I wouldn't even rape and I have responded to this with various strategies I've tried engaging people this one guy was sending me hyper sexual nasty stuff and there was a girl in his avatar and I wrote him back and said is that your daughter I feel a lot of fear that you may think about and talk to women this way and he surprised me by saying you know what you're right I apologize sometimes people want to be held accountable so your very first example of a strategy that you tried was a successful it worked it worked so fuck this one guy was musing - I don't know who that maybe I was a definition of a cunt I was married to a Scot for 14 years so I said cunt means many different things in different countries but I'm pretty sure you epitomize the global standard of a dick and they laughed and laughed so your second strategy is to snap back with some sass and brag about it in a TED talk cool this global tragedy must end it's imperative that it must also I'm pretty sure cunt is universal so she's probably wrong but I think it's funny she attributes this knowledge to having been married to a Scot instead of like you know knowing things independent of her relationship with a man feminism I've tried to rise above it I've tried to get in the trenches but mostly I would scroll through the social media platforms with one eye partially closed trying not to see it but you can't make a cucumber out of the pickle yeah so anyway you lost you lost the battle you are you are weak your weakness mean words on the Internet fuck you Ashley Judd what is seeing in its traumatic people are actually raped okay they don't just get shitty movies they acted in threatened with rape they get raped literally physically this is traumatic to you really there was really some advice earlier I think you need to take you can't handle the Internet fuck off for even I and avowed self-declared feminist he worships at the altar of Gloria awkward laughs from the five people who don't get that she's being serious internalize the patriarchy this is really critical patriarchy is not boys and men it is a system in which we all participate including me patriarchy is a system where men hold all the power and women are largely excluded from it men do not hold all the power and women aren't excluded from it literally at all you can't internalize it it doesn't affect all of us it doesn't affect any of us it doesn't exist not here on that particular day for some reason that particular tweet after the basketball game oh well this seems like out of order but now we're going to figure out what that basketball thing was all about triggered something called a cyber mob this vitriolic global outpouring of the most heinous hate speech death threats rape threats and don't you know when I was sitting at home alone in my nightgown I got a phone call and it was my beloved former husband and he said on a voicemail left one what is happening to you is not okay and there was something about him taking a stand for me that night that allowed me to take a stand for myself and I started to write writing oh god damn it he was trying to fuck you you know go back to the well one more time before your vagina dries up and you die alone I really wish women weren't such useless idiots god I hate them Ashley Judd stupid fucking slut

yeah I guess I could have just posted that clip instead of wasting my time with the shitty video oh well what's done is done uploading now


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Ashley Judd, a rich white famous woman, was deeply traumatized by words to the point where a man helped her understand she didn't have to take it anymore because her feminine brain sucks I guess. So she did what any celebrity desperate to be relevant again would do...a TED talk about feminism. I really wish she'd get in the kitchen, make me a sandwich and then suck my dick. Pay me please. Twitter:



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