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listen people I watched my mom would get her ass beat I watched my I to get her ass beat I know two characteristics of a battered woman in rule number one a battered woman won't show her scars the last thing Queen would it be that she was getting her ass beat with Clare is wear short sleeve shirt I started an affair don't you what it do family is a girl Tamika and I are back I am back I am back with another video y'all novels gonna come back with another video you listen the official first time here go ahead and smash that subscribe button turn those post notifications on you got to hit that Bell so that we can always stay connected then since he squat I love you guys from the bottom thank you guys so much for all of the support my wife and I truly truly appreciate it we couldn't be none of this shit without you guys thank you so much listen man this video that I'm about to do I was actually very very reluctant to do and the reason being is because sometimes you don't want to give negative shit attention because all it does is cause more attention to the situation you know what I'm saying I had a lot of people hit my bm's you don't stand saying reactor team hey squad I want you to react to this young lady I want you to react to this young lady and quite frankly I kind of I kind of ignored it you know I'm saying I ignored it for a number of reasons I ignored it because I really don't give a fuck what somebody else is doing on their tongue and and secondly I've already seen clips from these people that I don't agree with so instead of coming on my channel and talk about the things that I don't know don't agree with with them sometimes I was a does it's cause more traffic to hit their child so that more lives can be spread okay and I save lives because of the super fact that nothing on YouTube right now is the truth because no one would facts or no one factual have said I don't agree with sources I don't agree with third parties I agree from hearing it from the horse's mouth and not the haystack that's just that's just how I operate I just want to say like when we decide to do YouTube and we decide to have a platform we have a moral obligation we have a moral responsibility so the things that we say because with the internet there's no reckoning there's no getting it back is completely permanent so as people who have a platform you have to be very very careful of the power of the tongue the tongue is a very very powerful and I think that sometimes people fail to forget that but without being said man we're going to get into this video and I'll explain everything a little bit further so without further ado man this shit man before I get into this video I just want to make something very very clear okay I've always made it very very clear that I was a huge fan of the royal family or whatever but I want people to understand just because you can support somebody doesn't mean that you're blind to the wrong that that person may do okay I'm very very grown people I support Queen I love Queen I love her music I love a lot of things that Queen does you know sent as far as our heart is concerned or whatever but if Queen there's something wrong I would definitely point it out okay now I say that to say this I mean in my comments is full of oh man you did right when you did grab clearance yada yada yeah I truly don't give a fuck about which I people are saying because if we subtract Queen and clearance from the situation let's take them out of the situation and just focus on the situation I would still think it was wrong if it was Karen and Clyde Bonnie and Clyde Martin and Gina I just do not agree with the person spreading a story that they have not verified with the primary persons I don't want to hear it from a best friend I don't want to hear from an ex friend I don't want to hear from a source of a friend I don't want to hear from a source and somebody's camp to me that holds no mirror to me I'm sorry we live in a different age of social media where everything can be manipulating and I'm sorry if I'm just not naive to where I'm just gonna be so easy to believe someone because they said it's from a source of someone do you understand have the fuck that sounds to me that's what the people uses standard tabloids when they really didn't have legitimate proof but they wanted to be able to run a story what if I woke up today you know I'm saying and said you know a source it was close to TN Case Squad said there was Ryan Queens next that story can't be verified cuz the source can be any fucking body you know I'm saying like that at Sears how do I even feel comfortable running some shit like that that can't be validated that's my issue that I have people you know I'm saying that's exactly the issue that I have there is three thousand fucking stories on the internet right now talking about what clean does what clearing does and guess what ain't none of this shit verified by the primary persons that's my issue so what I'm gonna do today is I am gonna react to 10k squad I'm gonna give you guys everything y'all fuckin warning and honestly because I'm gonna do it because I was honestly bothered by some of the tweets that we put out today alright so we're gonna check everything step by step and what's he in case while I was talking about and I want to start about this clip that they referred to on t on POS page

accounting stuff I have particularly played that clip because in that clip I think that teen Case Squad was actually trying to validate lis controlling Queens money okay and I chose that particular clip because it was very very odd to me because Lee said I pulled up to the hotel I did some accounting things yada yada yada I did some accounting things yada yada yada I keep saying that because her saying that she did some accounting things does not mean in any way whatsoever that she controls Queen Wonder I'm breaking down a little bit further so they're gonna be on the same page the word manager I'm going to actually put a piss on you guys to see it all right and he usually stays stagnant all the way across the board it doesn't matter if you're a general manager of retail it is a matter for your general manager of an art gallery it doesn't matter if you are a manager of the artist okay usually the word manager stays stagnant cross the board meaning that the rows are pretty much going to stay the same all across the board here and there okay but one thing that we all state is saying in the word manager is that we do have to do with counting things now I say that it is to say this I am a general manager okay and I do accounting things because I have to make sure that I had taken an account for all the monies that's in my store it doesn't mean that I have access to all of my fucking company's money but that means that I'm held accountable for certain accounting things now let me also break it down a little further so when Lee said I pulled up to the hotel I did some accountant things that's her role as a manager it does not mean that she controlled Queens learning what it does mean is that she has to take into account the gas and Couture bless use the hotels that they stayed in the food that they ate the Wardrobe that Queen might have to wear and I say this because the label gets leaked like X amount of dollars for her artists okay and everything that they do while I enjoy while I want to work has to be in account for so those are the accounting things that she was speaking of it does not mean that she controls Queens money okay in any business where there's money being made there's gonna be two people there's gonna be the content in the controller okay let's say T and K squad is right and Lee is the accountant hypothetically an accountant is a professional who performs accountant functions such as audits or financial statement analysis okay then we have the controller which in this case will be the label okay they will oversee what Lee submits to them verify that everything was in a timely fashion verify that it was accurate but they are the person who controls Queens funds once they verified everything that least submitted is correct they then will write a check not too spicy management but to Queen Naja bulls Travis you was in the music industry so you know how that work you know good and well that accountability and doing accounting things does not mean that our manager controls our pocket idea music - so I'm not buying into that sheet I don't really want to hear that shit and that was very very wrong to keep putting that loud there when it cannot be validated see this is what pisses me off is that the fact that you can run a story like this but it cannot be validated how in the hell can you say that she's controlling Queen money because she said that she did accountant things that is in the role and the responsibilities of a manager shame on you bro shame on you so let's move on alone okay we're gonna get into this next thing that I've been seeing floating around we're gonna talk about this bruise then everybody's trying to send me pictures of and things of that of that nature listen people let's let's talk about this thing queen is anemic I'm anemic you can pinch me right now on our bruiser okay but I know that this is my words it's not gonna be good enough so you best believe I'm gonna bring a receipt okay anybody who's been into a hospital okay and in and out I'm not clarifying this is because I've heard not seeing things but people saying oh yeah it couldn't have been from her IV because you know the IV was in her hand it couldn't be for this it could be for that people well you're having a baby in a cesarean at that these nurses might pull blood from you okay it take blood alright what I'm going to show both is going to show pictures of women just having babies who had their blood drawn okay and I want you to look at the fucking scars that the blood drawn left okay and I want you to see how here is similar it is to Queen and guess what people the rules don't happen right away sometimes they take two to three days will approve the surface because your blood has to circulate okay I'm sorry then I'm breaking it shit down the layman's terms but it's ridiculous to me that you guys to sit up here and take this minut shit and make these big ass conspiracy theories out of it first of all let me explain something to you Clarence know right now that all Rises on him do you think this man would be stupid enough to put his hands on Queen do you really think that shit listen people I watched my mom would get her ass beat I watched my I to get her ass beat I know two characteristics of a battered woman and rule number one a battered woman won't show her scars the last thing Queen would it be that she was getting her ass beat with Clare it's where short sleeve shirt so the motherfucking public would be able to see she would have had on a long-sleeve shirt like a motherfucker victims do not show their scars they hide them Google that shit it's is you know this stuff is really starting to piss me off because y'all don't understand that y'all fucking with somebody's life y'all fucking with somebody's like it's so much power in the Sun y'all are fucking with somebody's life for a whole year I'm gonna put this on here I'm gonna put this up here too for a whole year tn Case Squad has been dragging Queen night and I don't really want to hear that shit about how they be saying oh you got no problems Queen we got no problems with Queen anybody can see through that shit and I will write it you guys who say my kind of like that brother the same way I just came out and said then I you I don't like Chrissie ain't gonna sugarcoat that shit I'm gonna be real with that shit you don't sing and I feel like that's what people do not do you guys want to concoct me stories bro that has no mirror and I can't respect anything like that because when you have a platform you have a responsibility y'all don't give a fuck bitch I'll fucking up this girl life yeah I don't care about that yeah I don't care about none of that shit y'all gonna understand that one day see James got to grow up so the first thing legend gotta read is that oh yeah he was beating his his daddy was beating his mama's ass because y'all want us abusing it some lights man y'all fucking people lives up with this type of shit well young life y'all I actually making stories that this man is putting his hands on this woman like meaning in the middle of a motherfucking me to movement y'all shut it like that that's crazy to me that's crazy to me but let's move on along these are some sweets from Queen I'm gonna put him up above so you guys can read them if you haven't read them already but there was two in particular that stood out to me one was she said that she's scared of telling her truth because she's scared of what can happen cuz let's be honest telling her truth she might throw her mother under the bus she might throw her sister under the bus even though they didn't have any problem doing that to her but then let's be honest again all you guys gonna do is find some type of reason to type clearancing why see to her truth which is sad as hell people she went on to say that she don't know when she's gonna post on YouTube again and as much as I love watching vlogs from the Royal Family I really wish she would go dark and it's gonna be a lot of you people that's not gonna be making no points you know I mean cuz all y'all do is take a regular of law take some clips from it put a negative connotation tool for your headlines so y'all can get like some views it's sad as hell out here in this world out people Clarence went on a tweet don't get mad at the rumors just laughs I'm sorry Clarence but this shit is not a laughing matter cyberbullying is real people and people die from this shit you're not I mean depression is real he didn't also went on suppose some wart sweets you know what I mean and basically it doesn't matter how well this man character is all you're gonna do is find some type of way to debunk everything that this man is trying to stand for cuz y'all don't care all y'all care about his views and likes man and she said I want you guys to take a look at what negative headlines give you 22 K when they put out about Queenie you're not I mean disrespecting her mama you know I mean or move normal vlogs through 2.3 k 3 point 6 K 2 point 3 K 9 point 4 K but one is about Queen knives look at this 50 2k 35 K you don't I mean like they get into the cheddar man you know I mean and all they gotta do is drag a woman there was another thing on the TN k squad video that I wanted that I wanted to talk about as well it was when it was actually reacting to patty and Leon at eat on POS China and they were discussing basically how or what happened when they first found out that Queen and Clarence was expecting so patty said something along the lines that he approached clearance and was like man what's going on with you on Queen and Clarence says something like man ain't nothing going on the being queen man she only showing me how to edit man she only showing me how good the ropes with this YouTube or whatever and I was really bad for why y'all brought that up like they be like that like patty was laughing that down or that was like the first indication that Clarence didn't want nothing to do with Queen and some shit like are y'all serious like listen man everybody has been in this situation where they're kickin when somebody and they'd not quite ready to tell people that they kick it over that person so when a person might kind of get a little indication that they might be kickin it with that person they might say hey man what's up with you a son and you might be like man ain't nothing going on man there's my friend man that's my best I mean that's what people are doing man shame on y'all man y'all are true are you serious man y'all are tripping me the hell out bro shame on y'all listen man I know continue with this negativity the royal family has went dark and y'all probably have deprived us of today video so shame on y'all again but we're gonna end this video on a positive note okay I got some clips from a lot of different genres I'm a lot of different ages now people just want to spend some some inspiration and just some good vibrations to clean all right so I'm gonna let y'all take a look at these clips cuz it's adorable as hell man

basically I just want to say then you are such a light you are such an inspiration you are such a breath of fresh air you are so relatable and you are so like you have a light and the spirit about you I just want to say be encouraged be encouraged even if you have to encourage yourself please don't let the opinions and thoughts of other people to tear you from the the plan or the destiny that God has already laid out for you man queen and clarence man put here my song on the e folks man fucking folks man with his niggas shit happy Valentine's Day Queen this is your girl fleur de Guerre go for Instagram let you you know that you are loved you are beautiful you are blessed you're a gifted Queen you keep doing you honey to get these haters don't pay attention like you've been doing to all these negative comments and if you feel like stopping YouTube or something that you want to do and I will give you you know comfort and ease and you know if you just live your life in not have to deal with as much stress then by all means do what you got to do for you and your family at the end of the day it's your life this is your path this is your journey that you are going on and everything that everybody else is saying about you the negatives stuff it's irrelevant and it doesn't even matter except the end of the day you know your worth you know that you're happy you have a gift to touch people without touching people and it's very unique and it's very organic and I think it's like probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever been able to win this whenever you are anointed and God puts something on your life to do great things to touch many people like your singing your videos whenever you are put on this earth to do many things and touch many people the enemy sends others to attack because he's scared he's afraid of the anointing that God has already on your life deeply clear we love you Claire I stand for you okay we love you guys we appreciate you guys and I pray for you I pray for you like I pray for my family and like I pray for my friends I started watching you because you were so transparent you won a bad bitch you know I'm saying he was like that girl next door I made you beautiful don't get it twisted but what I'm seeing you let your insecurities hang out and that was something that I could identify with man I've been rocking with you for years brought I'm always gonna rock keep your head up you'll obviously keep doing you honey we love you 1 million percent and we're always gonna support you 1 million percent and you're just gonna keep growing and keep glowing and God has got you baby you got this lucky queen you know what I mean sting you're like Queen sting your purpose Clarence Tang you're like staying your purpose and please guys no matter what stay down for each other stay strong you're a team y'all got this we got y'all back man you know we got y'all we be up all hours of the night we got your butt you know I'm saying do the dirty work ya doin today I please do not succumb to that foolishness in the Word of God in the Bible it says whatever is bound whatever is bound on earth will be bound in heaven so I just asked that the Lord please bind up hatred bind up anxiety bind up lies that I just act that he bind up all the false accusations being put out into the atmosphere and in his word he also says whatever is loosed in heaven will be loosed on earth and I just pray Lord God that you just lose peace love happiness good health and wealth in all over Queens like Lord God these things we ask them to you stay encouraged sweet girls stay encouraged they blessed and just know that you have way more people that love you than hate you we are here for you we write for you and we are examp that you always peace and love blessings to you look Queen this is just a handful of people that love and support you that want to sing good wishes and positive vibrations at the end of the day this video was not even designed to bashing email it's actually to point out some things and let you know how powerful the tongue really is and it is not cool to be able to spread these stories and include this girl and wicked headlines and things of that nature you know I'm saying without proper validation it is just not fair you know saying people think that when we decide to do you too you know I'm saying we decide to jump on these platforms now we automatically come equipped with alligator skin and I'm sorry people but it just does not work that way we all have hearts that beep we all have hearts that feel and at the end of the day we are human beings for real feelings and it's just not fair to do so in that way when I just went on my rent last month with Chris Sales and no matter how I feel how wrong he was to CJ I still sent him an Instagram message before he got booted off to let him know that damn dog I probably could have toned it down a notch even though he had pissed me off I'm not very very fond of Chris but I respect that man to be able to say damn sorry I could have toned it down a notch I'm not perfect people and I don't pretend to be but I do care and I do want to and I do think that it starts individually you could try to make change you know I'm saying and it's gonna get worse before it get better we got to understand man we all we got at the end of the day bro Trump is fucking shit up in this world and we need each other more not in everything so with that being said man give this video a thumbs up you're not I mean or not it really doesn't matter because this is really just like a public service announcement but you can give it a thumbs up share this video at the end of the day do we just gotta be better by people you know what's that being save and imma change

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