Intuitive Painting Process - Art Journal Page Tutorial & Arteza Real Brush Pens

by: Susanne Rose

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hi and welcome back everyone to my channel today I'm sharing an intuitive painting journal page in my art channel using stamps from Robert ants [Music] I'm starting the background with the gouache paint from daily art gouache pens are similar to watercolors there are just a lot more opaque but they can be reactivated when you go in with water later


after the background is dry I sprinkle some water droplets onto the background and as this paint reacts with water I can wipe away the paint where the droplets are

you [Music]

I have no idea where I want to go with this page so I'm just adding layer over layer until I'm happy with the result and this takes a time with this page that's what I love about our channeling you can just play with your products and no matter where it takes you you can't go wrong with playing in your channel you just can learn more and practice

I pulled out some round label stickers these are printed with the computer and I used my own artwork to create them that's a nice idea if you have a nice optional page you can scan it to the computer and print it on to some labels and use it later in your artwork the lion is also a stem from rubber dance by the way you will find a free shipping code in the description box for the rubber bands online store these two Hawaiian stickers are printed with the jelly plate and I stamped the image on top I have still no idea what I'm going for but I picked out some contrasting colors this is one of my favorite shades it's a mixture of tailo green I believe and white

[Music] you

[Music] I use a stylus to to add some marks to the web paint [Music]


also one of my favorite colors is the Prussian blue and I try to use different tools to apply it the pain so I can use this technique later on a canvas probably when I like the result

well maybe you see me flipping over the page to another journal spread it's for a nice video hope we will have in August

[Music] I cut out some shapes from an old book and glued down some borders and also two Leafs on the left side [Music] the mask that I'm using now are handmade I just used some stencil material it's called moolah and you will find it on Amazon if you search for it and I just use a craft knife and cut different shapes

[Music] I am still totally unhappy with the page so I go in with some liquitex ink

and I believe that was the point where I started to imagine what this page will be in the end and that's what I love about our journaling and add about intuitive playing in the end most of the time you will have a nice result

I decided I want to go with some flowers so I painted some petals with white chesil flowers are some of my go-to focal points on my art and that's just because it reminds me of my childhood and when I was in my grandmother's garden and smelled a lot of flowers she had there I am scribbling just with a simple pencil into the wet paint

a nice way to add more texture and interest to the background is to add some stamping and I'm using the rabbit and surround and circle stems to do this

I wanted to give the petals some complimentary colors so I colored them in with the new color crayons and I used some orange yellow and also a dark red



to finish up the flowers and using the acrylic fineliner and draw the outlines


I do some mock making on the page I add just some simple black dots here and there and I think this give the page even more depth


now it's time for the main image and therefore I'm using some brand new product I got them from our teaser just to try them out and I'm stamping the beasts they are also from rubber dens on to the art easel watercolor paper and it has kind of a textured surface so it's not so easy to stamp the images so I'm using the Tim Holtz template form to get a good result

when you turn over the paper and use the back side it's a lot smoother but I'm working with the watercolor brush pens from our teaser and I just want to try them on the real a front of the watercolor paper it's the first time that I'm working with our teaser wheel brush pens and I really enjoyed it I don't have any other brush pens like this so I was very happy that they sent them to me and I think they work pretty well





when I'm done with the coloring I cut the piece out in addition to the piece I'm also adding a quote I printed it with the computer and cut it into strips and I'm just looking for the perfect place to adhere them


at least I was very happy with the page I hope you enjoyed it also and I hope you liked the video please give me a thumb up and subscribe to my channel bye


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