5 INSANE Shots We Forgot b/c They Were INSTANTLY One Upped

by: Mike Korzemba

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what's up guys Mike here and today we are still missing a facecam however let's just forget about that for now and instead let's talk about this video because you are about to see five of the most overshadowed / forgotten clutch plays in NBA playoff history trust me when I say this every single one of these shots is ridiculous and if they weren't immediately overshadowed by something else every single one of these plays would be in contention for top 10 NBA plays of all time that's how amazing these shots are but for now let's just stop talking about them and let's get into the video so you can actually see them number 5 Jerry West throughout the history of time Jerry West has been forgotten as one of the NBA's top players I mean the man played 14 seasons was a 14-time all-star 10 time member of the first team all-nba and is currently 4th among retired players and career points per game with 27 so obviously Jerry West was a very very good which is why he also is currently the player used for the NBA's logo and fun fact is the only player to ever be named the NBA Finals MVP a despite playing for the using a team which actually makes sense because Jerry West was one for eight and NBA Finals appearances but that's a story for a different video for now let's go back to the first Finals Jerry West ever played in the 1962 championship against the Boston Celtics and so let's jump to Game three where the series is tied and the game is tied with just seconds remain obviously in this situation because they have the ball it looks like Boston is either going to win the game on a buzzer beater or the game was going to head into overtime however enter Jerry West just watched this movie never for kina began west's between the when he passed away tries to be [Applause] incredibly a West was able to steal the inbounds pass and lay it in just before the buzzer sounds giving us one of the most clutch moments in NBA history this moment should play during every NBA Finals when we look back at past great plays but because this happened in the 60s and because the Lakers would lose to the Celtics in seven games most people have completely forgotten about this which is very unfortunate for the logo but side note it's also unfortunate for Elgin Baylor because of Baylor averaged 40 points and 18 rebounds in these finals and then would go on to end his career with zero NBA championships but again that's a story for another day for now let's fast-forward and Jerry West careered because he has another shot that is forgotten yup we are now in the 1970 NBA Finals and this time the Lakers were matched up against the Knicks we're in Game two here and after David de Buci a drained a crazy shot of his own to put the Knicks up by two with three seconds left Jerry West went out and did this

a 60-foot shot to tie the game in the NBA Finals a shot that would have been a game-winner if there was a three-point line at the time ends because clearly the basketball gods hated Jerry West at this point the Lakers would still go on to lose this series I mean at least Jerry West did win a championship in 1972 but still how unlucky can one man of beat number 4 Chauncey Billups we all remember the 2004 Pistons as the last team to win a championship without a true superstar as they were the definition of team of basketball with that said if we were to point to one man who led this team it would be Chauncey Billups and coincidentally it is Phillips who gives us our next forgotten moment right now we are in Game five of the second round of the 2004 playoffs and the Pistons are matched up against the New Jersey Nets a team that was both the back-to-back Eastern Conference champions the previous two seasons as well as a team that swept the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals just one year before in this game 5 the end of regulation was actually pretty insane altogether as with 30 seconds left where the Pistons were down by one point when Mike James air ball two three and then Chauncey Billups Mystica tested layup and Rasheed Wallace missed the Tippmann this led to some free throws and eventually with around 12 seconds left the Pistons were down too and had to intentionally foul Jason Kidd Kidd would miss both free throws and Chauncey Billups got the ball with a chance to win the game except this was not his clutch moment because Richard Jefferson would make an incredible block and so the Pistons were forced to foul with just 2.9 seconds left if Kerry Kittles made both of these free throws the game would be over and in a sense the Pistons had no timeouts even if Kittles missed the game seemed over anyway however after Kerry Kittles I did miss the first free-throw and then made the second the ball would end up in Chauncey Billups hand and this time since day two three and a half just other three seconds to do it here's Johnson [Music] [Applause] yes Chauncey would make a half-court shot to tie the game and send it to Overton and absurd ending to a crazy sequence of events of course this play is on this list though because the Pistons would actually lose this game in triple overtime but they still would win the 2004 NBA Finals so I don't think Chauncey really means number three Ralph since the Houston Rockets of the late 1980s are one of the NBA's truly lost dynasties due to a lot of their core players ruining their careers through heavy drug use this was a young team that could have made multiple runs to the NBA Finals but instead completely fell apart and while drug use was a huge part of the Rockets demise another main reason these Houston teams have become forgotten was a major injury that ruined Ralph Samson's career because during the 1986 season Sampson would go up for a rebound against the Boston Celtics and fell directly on his back this back injury would lead to multiple follow-up injuries as Samson's career progressed and a player who was named second team all-nba in just his second season would go on to make his final all-star game in his fourth year and was out of the NBA at the age of just 31 coincidentally though the fall that would ruin Samson's career also took place in the same season as his greatest moment as a pro because in the 1986 Western Conference Finals the Rockets would match up against these Showtime Lakers a team that had won the championship in 1985 and would go on to win the championship in 1987 and 1988 this right here is the reason the Rockets are considered a lost dynasty because in the 1986 Western Conference Finals Houston would actually jump out to a three to one series Vida which brings us to Game five here we're on the Lakers home court and score is tied with just one second left if this game went into overtime in the Lakers won they would gain some serious momentum and who knows what would have happened however this game did not go into overtime because Ralph Sampson did this a Crais will inbound one second [Applause] miraculous so just look at this shot it is ridiculous I have no idea how he made this but he did and so yes this young Houston Rockets teams shocked the Lakers at the height of their powers this is why Houston looked like the NBA's next big thing however the Rockets would lose the 1986 finals to the Boston Celtics and again drugs and injuries would ruin it the Rockets would go on to get Redemption almost a decade later as they would win the 1994 and 95 NBA championships but Ralph Sampson was not a part of those teams which is just a shame number 2 Tim Duncan in the 2004 NBA Playoffs the second round matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs was a true battle of early 2000s NBA powerhouses on the one hand we had the Spurs who were defending NBA champions and on the other hand we had the Lakers a team that had three peated between the two thousand and two thousand two seasons before their run of titles was ended by the Spurs in the 2003 playoffs which is why it was no surprise that this 2004 playoff series would be an absolute battle and we would remember Derek fishers iconic point four seconds left a miracle shot in Game five as the moment that swung this series because before this shot the two teams were tied at two games apiece so whoever won this game would have some serious moment the thing is though before Derek Fisher shot Tim Duncan had a ridiculous shot of his own because after Kobe Bryant drained a mid-range jumper to give the Lakers the lead with 11 seconds left the Spurs would call a timeout and eventually with just over five seconds left they would inbound the ball in the game seemingly last possession this is what happened to Duncan he gets double Jack all over

as you can see Tim Duncan tried to find an open man but couldn't so he was forced to take a dis prayer of a shot that Shaq was fingertips away from blocking ends by the grace of God or Gregg Popovich this shot miraculously went in this should have gone down as one of Tim Duncan's most iconic moments however Derrick Fisher would go on to upstage him and the Lakers would win the series the next game of course begging the question what if because if Duncan shot had ended this game the Spurs very well could have won the series and the 2004 NBA championship but instead they would go home early and now we have number one Larry Bird obviously as we all know the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers had somewhat of a rivalry during the 1980s as in the 80s the two teams would combine to win eight out of the decades ten championships and of course as this rivalry between the two teams formed an individual rivalry between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson would also take place Bird and Magic would both win three MVPs throughout their careers but because Magic won five championships compared to birds three ends because the Lakers won two out of the three finals in which they actually played the Celtics it is Magic Johnson who is remembered for having the better career the thing is that all of that could have changed if the Boston Celtics were able to just grab one rebound off a free throw to show you what I mean let's go back to Game four of the 1987 finals where the Celtics trailed the Lakers two games to one in the series in this game Magic Johnson would hit this iconic mini skyhook to win but if we rewind just a little bit with eight seconds left Kareem was at the foul line and needed to make his second free throw to by the gate he would miss but the ball would go out of Bounce and from there a magic would then go on to hit his game would which means already if the Celtics had just grabbed this rebound there is a very good chance they would have won this game however this miss rebound is not the forgotten play for this list because on the play before Kareem was fouled the Celtics were down by one when Larry Bird did this parish playing with five fouls open his age [Applause] seconds left as you can see bird connected on a huge three with just 12 seconds left to get Boston a two point lead which means if the Celtics had just held on and gotten a defensive stop to end this game bird would have added another game-winning shot to his legacy and going even further the Celtics would have had a chance to take on the Lakers in a Game seven because these two teams were so evenly matched that game seven could have gone either way but if it was Boston who came out on top bird would have ended his career with the same amount of Championships as magic and also would have held an individual finals edge over the Lakers that would have been huge for his overall resume as a player however a Boston was not able to get that stop and Larry Bird was also not able to make it this three to win the game again this miss shot is another play that people forget about but for now that wraps up today's video guys I hope you enjoyed this one it was a lot of fun to make and if you enjoyed it make sure to subscribe for more NBA videos like this if you're already subscribed thank you so much for supporting you're the man we all know it and as always have an awesome day and cube that music by the way if you're still here while the music is cute here are two videos I think you are going to love watching all you have to do is just click on either one of them on the screen right here and other than that guys again have a great day and

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