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you have to go to sleep because guess who's coming oh my goodness okay guys it is morning here yeah I'm girls in the same dresses that they were last year because I love them so much and they were really long so I think I might even be able to get one more year out of these dresses they're my favorite and we just took the cutest pictures I'm going to show you a little bit of what we just took right here [Music]

we're those seriously not the cutest pictures you've ever seen I think that they were so adorable okay this morning we have Tyson's whole family coming over for Christmas Eve lunch I guess is what it is and we're going to do our gift exchange with them this morning and just spend some time and then later tonight my family's coming over and we're gonna do it all over again so today we are cooking a ham potatoes yams everything for lunch it's like a big Christmas dinner then we're gonna clean everything up and then my family's gonna come over and we're gonna cook a ham and a turkey and stuffing everything again for dinner and then we're gonna clean all that up okay so we are party central in our house today Christmas central over here and I am really excited I cannot wait for Santa to come tomorrow morning by the time you guys have watched the Santa it will have already come to everyone's houses Jack and Rachel's got here baby mac and the girls just took a picture with them and it's so cute one of our followers just said these headbands to him last week and there was like they're amazing they're seriously yep you do look like a princess you're so right thank you so much - whoever Cindy's I love them [Music]

all right guys so we were in the kitchen finishing up getting lunch ready mom's getting the rolls done India is helping daddy with the sweet potatoes so we're getting him out getting all the skins off and then I put them in this pan and I put butter and brown sugar on them and then we bake them in the oven for just a little bit so there's that little crispy so delicious and India is gonna put her touches on it this Christmas they're gonna be the best yet aren't they aren't they happy Chris

she's gonna take it out oh okay we just got done cooking the ham we're all out of that word we're doing we're all together the girls are on their new stools those stools came just in time for Christmas Eve and we are getting ready to eat dinner eating all your dinner so yummy you like mommy's rolls yeah [Music]

what are you gonna your live you got potatoes on your list those look yummy you guys sweet potatoes we're having lunch with Oakland is it your best friend yeah okay everybody's gathered around ready to start our gift exchange who's that for give it to mom and she'll tell you who it's for baby got you right open your gift I think it's almost your turn I'm gonna clue she's gonna help him open it scarlet scarlet you want to help him open it

yeah yeah thank you grandma


all right




not a creature was stirring not even a mouse its silence everybody has gone home we have re cleaned up and we are preparing for party number two my parents are here I'll whip really fast so you don't see my mom my mom is getting all the stuff ready right now for the Nativity the girls are going to be a little choir of angels and my dad just cooked why he so lovingly calls the gizzards of the turkey and ate them all dad how are your gizzards Hey I think that's gross anyways glad he enjoyed it we are just sitting here prepare we got the turkey in Tyson's gonna put the ham in he has been cooking the hams to perfection lately so good I've got another batch of rolls out we already had one this morning and they were delightful so I put some more out for my family and we're just waiting we're waiting for people to show up so this has been a fun productive Christmas Eve so far and now we are going to commence Christmas Eve night the girls are napping which is great because then they're gonna have awesome energy for tonight we're gonna have a lot of fun stuff coming your guys's weigh in just a minute okay yeah Ozzy's helping daddy get some ham done push it Pat it market with the bees that's right walk with an ease yeah hey now it's ready to go in the oven you did something

already yummy probably the girl's favorite part of the dinner and your every are you having fun likes being the only child I've been safe getting one-on-one time why everybody's napping you know what she was doing I am evie are you helping dad or are you just eating all the food which one is it you're eating all the whipped creams are we gonna have any left for the fruit salad what do you think did you you're licking it okay the one daddy just to leave you alone so you can eat it I love you so much I love that face so much she's so beautiful okay round two we are preparing for dinner with everybody there's a lot like it here lastly my mom got all the girls here but some dinner

who are you


my goodness are you showing me that I love that so much what are you like are you an angel you're so pretty you guys are so cute arms behind your back

[Music] we have imaging Hoodman going on over here are you being imaging herdmen are you protesting
















he's not trying not to repeat okay she's like I don't know what to do




it's a new dress it's play makeup don't worry little it's not real


cat's cradle the best to helping to

okay the kids are all decorating cookies for Santa Claus tonight we've got white frosting green frosting red frosting sprinkles we got little Christmas trees okay we'll get you some green frosting good job - now max is gonna make a special one for Santa Steve elmy typify ya down here on the end girls are you making cookies for Santa are you making cookies for Santa oh you're just sampling it first let's decorate it for Santa and then we'll make one for us Hey starting Evie Oh Evie


okay mama spread it for you okay oh let's read it spread it spread it good job but everybody's having fun right everyone's having fun that's all that matters right Merry Christmas



I can see that I believe means over here okay all right who's next who's next okay these are the cookies that are gonna go to Santa they look delicious put your cookie on the plate

they've all been sampled they've all been taste tested


okay girl they're all brushing their teeth they got to get all that frosting

they have so much fun alone when they weren't about all they were talking about was frosting Santa's cookies cookies for Santa what Santa gonna bring you bring you presents what kind of presents Oh candy okay awesome I love you oh she wants got keys those are suckers what else do you want Jackie oh just got these and candy okay all right I'll tell Santa to not leave any toys here kay Evie Evie what Santa gonna bring you I've got a gucky what kind of toy is he gonna bring you me and it got a dolly and a gun yeah oh you've been a very good girl I think he might we'll have to find out tomorrow huh you have to go to speed okay you're all Santa's gonna pass our house I love you I said that IND Merry Christmas Eve Santa what sands are gonna bring you and I know he's gonna bring you cookies I think we made him cookies huh what's he gonna bring you boy what kind of toy babies babies you're not baby does Hank he's - I love you purple paper all right I love you hey you can't go to sleep so Santa welcome okay [Music]

as he what Santa gonna bring you baby doll these what else hey X okay when else isn't gonna bring you what did you make sense tonight I can't yeah you did make a mess but that's okay huh I love you say Merry Christmas Eve I think can you say Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night everyone went home and everything's all cleaned up we put our presents under the tree for the girls and we're getting ready to go to bed and we look outside and what do we see he gets it it's snow you know my Christmas I don't know if you can see it but it is coming down and those snowflakes are huge it's pretty big Carol I see what's so pretty like there is nothing I love more than to wake up on Christmas morning and have it just be like fresh everything would end snowy is worried quiet and peaceful I know we haven't really had it's better really dry November December yes oh this is so beautiful this is exactly how I like it and then after tomorrow I'm good we'll enjoy it tonight and we'll enjoy tomorrow though hope you guys are all flakes are from his back okay BG he's enjoying it hey hope you guys all have a very Merry Christmas and you're spending time with your loved ones and your friends and your loved puppies - we love you guys all so much merry Christmas from the gardener's we'll see y'all tomorrow

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This year we got to host both family parties at our house! I loved it so much! It was so much work but so worth it all to be together this holiday! I loved making all these memories in our new home with what is most! Hope you all are having a beautiful christmas! ***Facebook***


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