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by: quackalakes

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hello and welcome back to their mouth so today we are hatching another dragon and I have to say this dragon has such a cool looking egg like actually I adore the colors on this guy so this is obviously the pig Z dragon from the previous event so don't discount the pig Z dragon simply because of its affinity for fruit it's a kind hearted and optimistic friend who will accompany you on any journey westward or otherwise so of course he's an epic dragon so I'm not gonna suggest for you to use him on an endgame team but he does have a really interesting hoping being fire metal and light not sure what that's about but you know I guess it's because he's like it's just the fact that he has like wind on his design like on his back and on his legs or it looks like a sort of cloud to me so it's like what why is he metal is that is there a reason he's metal maybe it's because he's made out of like porcelain I don't know yeah maybe I'm looking into it too much but either way I love his colors and a pig a pig dragon it's so stupid I love it to know and so this is a little much our pig Z dragon so all that we have left to do is hatch a jade dragon now I know my VIPs are now on my main account I've started having to use VIP to get it so never a good sign when that starts happening so um you know what I think for now what we're gonna do is we're gonna do some arena fight sure that does mean that a couple of these fights might be pretty tough I'm gonna hope that we don't have to use a clan dragon power because I don't want to have to pay for it at least the amount of clan tokens required so one game please give me level 100 fights but make it so that they're not enchanted above me please I would appreciate that too very much and so in the event that's currently going on for that new potion dragon of course like I said I'm not doing it on my main account but on Android account I am almost up to tier 3 now or at least I should be by the time this goes up so and then I it is a ver EP of a previous Sullivan for mini Sullivan so yes I'm a little bit peeved again because we are back to that stage where we're going oh I guess we're not getting any original events again so I don't know maybe it's the fact that they don't want to invest as much people time into making events anymore for DML because you know we keep getting repeat events over and over again and like don't get me wrong I don't mind that events in themselves are repeated and you know certain dragon rewards are repeated I don't even mind that it's just the fact that at the very least we could have changed the points required per level slightly or change the required tasks a little bit or we could have added some event dialogue I would have liked that but it's just the fact that we get nothing like absolutely nothing new it is just repeat copy/paste of the previous event and like I've said before though I do prefer events that are copy pasted without dialogue rather than being copy and pasted with the incorrect dialogue as we've had before but it just makes you think where's the time going into from the development team is it going into bug fixing because I don't see bugs being fixed I mean the arena's bulkier than ever for certain people like apparently for certain people that are in the elite league they're going up against level 30 people like what I have no idea how that is happening but there's been reports of that and obviously we still have some of the really really bad login bugs that are still happening to people to this day like when I couldn't log into my Android account for a month I kept saying to people it might not have happened to you yet but with DML it's all a cycle eventually your problem get hit by it and people like now I've never encountered a bug like that before you're just exaggerating quacks and then lo and behold so not even two weeks after I said it one of those people was like oh I can't access my game anymore and then they you know stirred up a ruckus about it and we're really annoyed but it's like well I'm glad you understand how it feels now not that I would you know wish anyone the inability to access their account but it's just you can't give companies a pass like that when it is literally impossible to log into their game or there are bugs so bad that they are that game breaking that people literally can't even participate in special events it's it's bad times when that happens and usually when you report it eventually you know customer care will get back to you and they will compensate you sometimes for that but the problem is for all the people like me that don't even bother to report it you obviously don't get anything out of it and at the same time it's like if there are that many people already being affected by this bug how do you know because unless people actually report it you're probably not gonna know how many people are actually affected I just think how many new players to DML ended up quitting the game because they couldn't access their game because all I'm gonna say is if I play a new game and there is a game breaking bugs to the point where I literally can't even log in or can't even open up the game I'm probably not going to play it very much just being honest I'm probably not going to bother and I'm surprised that we managed to get that many wins in a row in the arena but hey I will take it I will definitely take it that it's just I don't know how some of the bugs that are still in the game are still here at this point like you just thought that the login bugs in particular would have been phased out by now because they're pretty bad and they've been pretty bad for a long-ass time but what do I know what do I know I just I just go into DM L don't even thing although I will say that I've never really had those bugs on PC DML before it was my Android account that that affected so that's what nobody is is it something that affects mobile devices more frequently like is it a problem with the server's not being able to connect when you're out and stuff like that all very I just lost the connection for enough straight three weeks from home I don't know dudes it's just I I hope from the bottom of my heart that this game doesn't dig its own grave sooner than it needs to and you know with the events repeating and the bugs that really need to be fixed not getting fixed it's just one of those things where it feels like the game is just trying its best to kill itself like don't get me wrong I think DML in general has been sort of you know stagnating look around the same numbers for a little while now I guess you know sorry for the hype of the original divine events over the hype of 2015-2016 DML at this point but that's the trouble I struggled these days to even think of like non main series videos to do because this game is so old now relatively speaking it's been out for years and we're getting less content drops now than we ever did apart from like the first I think six months of the games released there really wasn't a whole lot that was actually added to the game as a whole because I mean they just flung everything into the game everyone needed to break the Dragons and I think the major thing back then used to be breeding a dragon of the month and now I finished breeding dragons of the month usually within the first week so if that was all the content that we were getting now yeah that would suck pretty bad but the problem is now everyone already has the base dragons everyone's got like enchanted stuff some people have max level max enchanted stuff so there's no campaign to do sorry even mate there's more frequent events now I don't think it means there's truly more to do especially when you know the events that were getting are just complete repeats of what we've already had in the past it it just feels like why don't getting anything new like I know a mine over in a frequent like a recent issue patch we did get the social update which was cool although didn't really make a difference to the gameplay itself it was more so just like a here's a cool profile for you we've removed the mentoring system and that was like it huh I'm just trying to think of what what kind of event would I even want what kind of event would you even one it's a toughy because some people like castle events some people like soul events some people hate them both like me some people like the dungeons some people hate the dungeon I hate the dungeon takes forever to clear every time but I do like the fact that the dungeon is different from you know just regular battling like it's a six-man squad especially when you don't have legendaries or fully upgraded dragons doing the dungeon actually requires a lot of strategy depending on team so I can appreciate that part of the dungeons is the problem is just you know it takes forever to do every dungeon run unless you have like an Andy and a joke Oh like I do that just want to show everything I remember dungeon runs on my other account sometimes used to take like who have 20 minutes to complete because I'd just be healing up shielding up Mettling up and it would just be a slog but the only way to do the fights would be to build up dragon fury and then kill the opponents and trust me that is not an enjoyable experience I think that's one of the reasons or one of the main reasons that I just grew to dislike defensive teams because some defensive teams like if you throwing Ares in there or a narwhal or something like that they could be SuperDuper good especially with the buffs to metal and void and all that but they just take bloody forever to win with and you know mate I've said it before and I'll say again I'm a very lazy DML player so I look for every way to do everything as quickly as possible I'm also as optimally as possible whether I do it or not depends on how I feel on the game but knowing that there's a quicker way to do something I'm probably gonna take it so that's another one of the main reasons why aggressive teams are my thing not sure about you it doesn't change how strong the teams are in themselves how quickly they can clarify out but try to stop DML from being super sloppy is important to me is in really really important to me because the game just takes far too long to do anything in most the time I mean we're still here in four years and we're level 136 we have all the dragons because it's literally impossible to have a little them so you know maybe one day maybe one day we'll see a major update that changes that I don't know they'd probably nerf it to the ground if that were to happen anyway but regardless I'm gonna say thank you for joining me good luck in all of your event progress and whatever else you're doing sorry until next time I will see them [Music]


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