Does God Really Exist? - Pastor Billy Crone

by: Billy Crone

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good morning sunrise hey guys doing hey good to see you guys you can tell it's a jungle out here this morning and it's our annual VBS musical skit little thing and I got a little apologetic study I want to share at the end and take a look at God's existence but that was kind of the theme as you can see looking for God and focusing in on Jesus and with his creation and so we're going to see what the kid's been doing all week and and certainly hopefully have a special time for Father's Day just as a heads-up man don't rush out here too fast because at the end Lord willing that's right what church does something as cool is this sorry to boast but it's also for Father's Day you know sometimes you get those gifts it's like hey thanks for that bookmarker right oh look another pin we got some every guy's gonna enjoy not one but two that's right crispy beef corn dogs will be handed out to every man at the end of the service so stick around something you can use something you could actually enjoy at sunrise but let's go ahead not chicken either that was a demand but anyway because we care at sunrise Bible Church but let's pray father thank you so much for today thank you for a joyous time and frankly a joyous week that we got to be able to share your Gospel through Vacation Bible School and with this theme this year about zooming in on you Jesus and all the great things that you've done that's that that you got are not just real but through Jesus Christ we really can have a personal intimate loving relationship with you the creator of all things animals life universe everything it came from you including us so we just pray that you would bless our time today and we ask all this and your wonderful name in Jesus name and all God's people said amen

well billing it's been one wild adventure I can't believe our time together is almost over we've had a great time being in the wild well said Willy I've experienced the greatest encounters of my life right here at VBS with these awesome kids what do you kids make some noise that's what our theme verse says let's say it together kids

that was awesome what else did you learn this week did you learn it sounds like all of us had a great week we focused in on amazing a real-life encounters with Jesus each one has been like a snapshot captured in Scripture each snapshot of Jesus is an opportunity to respond to the gospel we've encountered him in the temple at the river on the water at the tomb and on the road we can't say it enough it's the gospel truth when Jesus saves us he stays with us life with Jesus is one amazing encounter after another he gives us eternal life as well as a great adventure to live out here and now are you ready for an amazing personal encounter with Jesus

the message of the Bible is that God loves us so much that he sent Jesus to die for us and live again so that we can have a relationship with him that's always been God's message and it will always be God's message and we've had a great time as we've shared that message this week while we've been in the wild let's do this again sometime next summer kids all right do you want to say our motto one more time all right all together boom in focus on Jesus [Applause]


[Music] it's we see in the world [Applause] [Music] in the world [Music]



[Applause] welcome to badger in the wild where we Tromp through the wilderness landscape of this amazing planet from the Arctic to the Amazon and take pictures of God's greatest creations my name is major McDaniel and throughout my years on badger in the wild we've discovered rare and amazing species in their natural habitats and this season I've invited the winners of our network photography contest to join me on an expedition into five of my favorite places on earth so what are we waiting for let's go I can't wait to get started me me me neither

that might be him it is he's jumping out of the helicopter Geronimo Wow

welcome to Yellowstone the first stop on our world tour of the wild sorry I'm just a little bit late I caught a glimpse of a grizzly bear and her cubs just coming out of a cave a few miles back and we just had to get a closer look so I see that you brought your cameras before we set up camp let's take a few pictures that's what I'm talking about before we get started I have just a few rules to go over with you number one stay with a buddy no solos are the wild number two follow your leaders instructions of course that would be me I promise I won't let you down and you can be sure I'll always follow Jesus every step of the way you better believe it every step of the way and finally all the time it's like the violin they'll show us the way that's okay I think you'll understand down the trail just follow me

[Applause] [Music] sometimes we may not understand each detail of God's perfect plan what we do the things we do because his love compels us to [Music] let's go it your leader just like Jesus [Music] he chose to give himself away so we could know Amazing Grace God gave his [Music] only Son [Music] [Applause]

the second stop on Badgers McDaniel into wild Texas

slower South America and the mysterious winding flow of the Amazon River let's join them it doesn't get any WoW than the Amazon Beauty colorful birds dangerous reptiles and undiscovered species this is where I took the first photo ever of the yellow-bellied flat billed lizard our team split up in smaller groups to cover more ground you never know what surprises you'll find so we wanted to make the most of our time this is the perfect spot with our zoom lens if we see a crocodile we're far enough away from danger but we'll be able to zoom right up to them for a high-resolution shot so you're having a great time so far it's been awesome but I have to ask you something sure it seems like everything reminds badger about God doesn't all this beauty and awesomeness out here remind you of God I guess I don't ever think about it well let me tell you what happened a few years ago there was a time when badger was just a regular old guy he did photoshoots for local papers and spent a lot of time building his career as a reporter but then he went on Safari and discovered wildlife he couldn't get enough of it and the more he'd studied the wild the more he began to wonder how did all these miraculous creatures get here he started to search for the creator of it all and one day he read the entire book of John he couldn't put it down he said there is no doubt about it Jesus is the Son of God just like that just like that and the next morning he got up and said today I'm going getting baptized in a river just like Jesus a friend of mine who is also a believer told me that they both went to the Congo River and he was baptized hey guys you'll never believe what I just saw a split toad snout nose green spotted Amazon toad it's down by the river come on [Applause]

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it stopped number three in our world tour of Bajor in the wild and today our amazing team has arrived in the heart of Zambia this is a place of purpose what do you mean every time I come here I see animals that were created a certain way in order to live here you mean like giraffes with their long necks are able to reach those nutritious leaves on the acacia tree precisely and leopards have spots so they can hide in the brush and cheetahs are given powerful hind legs so they can reach speeds of up to 70 miles an hour in just three seconds

rhinos don't often hang out with other rhinos but they do like to hang out with birds the oxpecker will sit on the Rhinos back and eat the bugs that crawl on the Rhinos skin so no wonder the Rhinos like them I'm going to be looking at for a puppy Oh your sentence eh eh what a puppy Oh what son is hey hey stop monkeying around with the with those scientific names and speak English all the animals play a role in God's amazing plan but what's more amazing is that God created you just the way you are because he has a plan for your life

I just I'll just talk about God having a plan for each of us I don't know it seems like back home I just don't fit in sure I know how to use a camera and I got to go around the world on this amazing trip but sooner or later I'm going back to normal life with the same old problems it's a good kind of wild out here in Zambia but it's a bad kind of wild at home bullies expectations stress and problems I know like the dungo at home for me too in Sally hurry up I think we spotted a whole herd of wildebeests on the savanna across the lake also known as by their scientific name Conan chat says Terenas

[Applause] [Music]

laughter spot makes horses neigh and truck gives bees their paws and bears their plows and ladybugs their toss who gives the Zebras stripes which penguins black [Music] your man [Music] that's what your maid [Music] you [Music] she loves you from me [Music]

[Music] that's what you're made for [Music] [Applause] after their adventurous romp in the wilds of Zambia badger McDaniel led his crew of courageous upstart photographers down under it's the world of koalas and kangaroos wombats and wallabies Australia along the banks of Lake Harry after a day of exploration they settled around a campfire to enjoy fresh Kiwis and Vegemite sandwiches a huge crocodile no more than 300 feet from our boat and I was one click away from perfect focus and then it was gone okay first of all he only looked like a crocodile because you thought he had teeth and you were using your HD photos superzoom 200 millimeter lens and the lens was fogged up because you were hyperventilating from reptilian excitement it was just a leatherback sea turtle ok I think that's enough geek talk you're right so often we concentrate on what is in our frame that we miss all the wonders of the wild so big picture what's the greatest lesson you've learned so far

I guess my big discovery is that even though I like the after-effects you can do in photo editing life is just as beautiful without any filters I was worried about how you would all handle so many challenges but you did something unforgettable things in the wild and no one got hurt bouken I get to mom how about you Sally well I started out with lots of little questions how to take great pictures would I seen an endangered animal on each location but I didn't know I'd end up asking more important ones this trip changed me I want to read you all something I wrote last night after we made it here I used to doubt the reasons why the stars shine brightly in the sky how dolphins swim in stormy seas and now how eagles nest in redwood trees I used to think my life was chance just simply random circumstance but now I'm trusting God in all even when I feel so small my doubts are gone he is the one God's love is true he gave his son I'll follow you all my days because you deserve all my praise [Applause] [Music] I see you opened up my eyes

I'm just [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

on the final stop of their round-the-world photo extravaganza badger McDaniel and his team are experiencing a stretch of frustration I guess I've got to apologize we've been here for three days I forgot my jacket and we haven't seen one emperor penguin has not marched by the base at all but it's been an amazing journey has it not I I did print some really great Antarctic pictures let me see sure here's some here's some snow and this is some more snow snow in the evening and this is and this is some snow in the morning some white fluffy snow in here so it all looks like snow to me while we're waiting for the shuttle to the ice airway I want to say to all of you that this has been a once lifetime adventure for me just to have you along and I have a gift for all of you to give you my favorite book it's my companion my fuel and my light and this type of Bible just happens to be waterproof which is really handy when you're shooting in the Everglades or on a coral reef I can't wait to see what adventures are next for each one of you I'd imagine you'll all be hosting your own shows by 2025 but no matter what keep believing and keep trusting in this book

[Applause] [Music] in your heart you can always any target

maybe [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] hey I see something it's a penguin

not just one must be 20 no hundreds of penguins thousands I can't believe it they've arrived and they're marching this way optin nodites forestry the largest of all penguins endemic to Antarctica



[Music] in the world [Applause] [Music] in the world [Music]


in the world [Music] [Applause]

good morning everyone give these kids another round of applause

nice job guys nice job so obviously we had VBS it's been a long week it's been an amazing week and it's been a wild week and so but anyway we always have these these discussions is VBS worth our time exactly amen whether he's whether one child comes to know the Lord or a dozen children we happen to have had three decisions over there and our our mission for the Women's Resource Center there's a little box down underneath here we had a few things collected and we also earned via our collections our offerings each night 367 dollars

so I know it's a bit of a short notice but if you guys can remember that's our mission for this week if you can throw a love offering even if it's not this week do it next week you know that way you have time to do it but keep that in mind we'll beat it will take bottles blankets baby clothes whatever however you've filled you need to help then do it that way so we'll give it till next Sunday to figure out how we're going to you know send all this to them all right let's see here what else do I have oh the helpers the helpers oh my goodness if you are a teacher or helper for VBS this year stand up please

you want to get to know some amazing people pick one of those people that stood up and get to know them from the people that helped with Miss Mary dinner every night amazing Jerry the teachers are music teachers everything was just great okay but it's really hard for a lot of that to happen unless you have a good leader you know I know how much she hates this but I'm gonna ask my wife to come up here and join me for a minute [Applause]

lovingly known as miss VBS around here [Laughter] she is the one behind the scenes I think I live with the woman alright VBS you guys some we go to work for our eight-hour day and whatnot VBS for her is a 12 14 hour day just that week alone trust me I know okay anyway honey thank you for all you do now that we made my wife cry we'll move the box that's usually my goal once a week cry baby cry just kidding just kidding okay I apologize it's getting to offering time and I didn't have a chance to go around and grab some guys so so guys if I can get a few of you to come up for offering Eric I don't like to ask you to come up with Eric does have an announcement regarding the college career

servus want to join us that's our only announcement today so we're gonna go to go to the Lord and give thanks for this week and offering dear Lord father we come to your father and we thank you dear Lord for the what we're gonna call a success of the week father father killed three children coming to know Jesus father even just one is amazing but three so father we just thank you so much for the hearts that that you've touched this week even the joy that it brings to us as a body of Christ father that those that come to know Jesus is there as their Lord and Savior father that hint for us and even more so for you father that's just there's so much joy in knowing that there's one more added to the kingdom so father we just thank you so much for those decisions and now we ask that that those adults that have helped impact those lives that now is the time to reaffirm them father that that we continue to guide them in and raise them up in the in your word father that they will continue after making this decision that they will continue living life through your name father as our verse said that believing father believing that you are that Jesus is your son and that by believing we have life in his name so father we thank you so much for that father we ask that you be with those that aren't here with us this morning father we think of Orson dear Lord that we ask that you be with him father I know Jeanette's here this morning father and and we just thank you so much for allowing us allowing her to join us this morning but father we ask that you be with Orson in the family through this time and and thank you so much for that love that you've shown them father we also ask any others that aren't here this morning father with whether it be traveling or health reasons we ask that you be with them as well dear Lord that that you guide them protect them bring them back safely father and father we also ask now that you'd be with pastor Billy and and bless the words that you've given him through this message this morning that father maybe somebody else will come to know your son Jesus this week father just through today's message and as we always pray dear Lord before it's too late father we also thank you for this offering that we're about to receive father we ask that you bless the gift and the giver and have it multiplied in the needs of this place we call sunrise dear father that we can be good stewards with it so father and it just provides any needs that we that we need right now father so dear Lord we just again we love you dear Lord we thank you so much for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and we ask all things in his name Jesus amen


all righty how you guys doing good to see is it just means to feel like somebody's looking at you I don't know we dealt with Big Brother the last couple of weeks and but hey give it a once again for our PBS Kids all the helpers everything so great time and but hey it's that time kids you are gonna remain in the sanctuary with us I get a little shorter message prepared for today however those of you who would utilize so I would like to utilize the cry room or the nursery that's available now you can go ahead and head out the doors there and follow the signs there should have the live servers piped in there for you but the rest of us let's go ahead and get the theme started not the VBS theme the Father's Day theme stand up and turn this it might say hey I'm going to get some corn dogs in 25 minutes


Sciences reveal the details an entire system of information processing that bears the hallmarks within telogen desires [Music]

[Applause] thank you

[Music] all righty well hey if you're gonna get that corndog not one but two extra crispy we gotta get started so anyway let's see if adults we could see some evidence like the kids saw this week about the existence of God what do you guys think hey man hey praise God I'm gonna do it anyway but thank you for your vote of confidence but let's go ahead and pray father thank you so much for today and again just another great week that you've given us as a church family to to focus in and zooming in on Jesus and as the kids got to see proof of your existence through nature help us now as adults God as we take a look at two other aspects the universe and the human body that no matter where we focus in if we have eyes to see we will see you everywhere your handiwork because everything came from you and as always God even as bill hood prayed if there's anybody here even as an adult or another child who does not know you Jesus as their personal Savior who has not entered in to that beautiful loving relationship with you the creator of all things may today be their day especially as a father may they receive the greatest Father's Day present of all the gospel that comes from you our Heavenly Father may today be that day as well please bless our study even now we ask all this in your wonderful name in Jesus name and all God's people said amen well hey that's right how many guys realize that pastors have a tendency to blab on and on you know I'm saying just in fact have you noticed a little trick that they do they say oh I just got one more point which really means 20 more minutes if you notice that well believe it or not I had four that's right not one not two for those of you hooked on math for points in my sermon but for the sake of time and the urgency of those corn dogs I'm gonna strip it down to the fourth and final point as we take a look at the existence and the proof of the existence of God right now the first point that I was going to share with you is what's called the argument of be okay not jellybeans okay beam okay and it's called the ontological argument the classical argument for the existence of God basically how that one went in a nutshell is basically the very fact that we even admit that there is a God and believe that there is a God okay and have the concept of God means that God has to exist and you say well really well do you think about it why is it that every culture on the planet has this innate desire to worship something or someone higher above themselves where'd that come from came from God who created us in His image okay so that's what that argument was about the second one was the argument of beginnings right how many guys had a birthday raise your him now those you didn't raise your hand you scare me right now okay unless you're mannequins and we're just loading up for the number count and faking the roll but anyway no but what do we do when we celebrate her birthday we're celebrating our birth our beginning point right why because the logic is this did you realize that if ever there was a time when there was nothing nothing would exist right so in other words you had to have a beginning a beginning implies a beginner ie God and when we celebrate our birthday we're celebrating our beginners that our parents right and again as I've shared before did you know it's scientifically proven that if your parents don't have any kids you won't either that's very profound but let's move on now the next point I was going to talk about was the argument of morals right and that's basically why is it that we see every culture on the planet automatically knows inherently that it's wrong to murder it's wrong to steal now granted over time you can have a hard heart and you could try to justify that and and and it'd be callous about it but inherently every culture knows it's wrong to murder it's wrong to lie it's wrong to steal but basically I'm just going through the Ten Commandments they've never seen the copy of the Bible none of that stuff where did that come from well universal moral loss must have come from a universal moral law giver so the one that I'm going to focus on him and to me is just really exciting and it fits the theme certainly with VBS the kids looked in nature let's take a look at God's handiwork and that's the argument of design how do we know God exists man you'd look anywhere you want to do in this way that way whatever man you see God's handiwork all over the place okay but open your Bibles to Romans chapter 1 that's our text and this is what God says he says man I've given you so much evidence for my existence specifically let's even skip over the first three but this one you got no excuse no I didn't say that God did we romans chapter 1 we're gonna take a look at verse 18 and it's where we're gonna start read a couple verses but let's go ahead and stand as we read God's Holy Word but Romans chapter 1 verse 18 here's what God says to us the wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who what who suppress the truth by their wickedness so what are they doing they're suppressing the truth do we live in a society today that is desperately trying to suppress the truth and the evidence of God's existence yeah it's everywhere and the big guilty culprit is evolution the live evolution but it says there since what may be known about God is plain to them because God has made a plain to them well how do you do that well he fills in the blank for since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen being understood from what has been what made why so that men are without excuse you may be seated ok basically we've seen this text many times before here at sunrise but basically God is saying that there is not one person on the planet that has any excuse to say I just didn't have enough proof I didn't know God exists are you kidding me right anybody I don't care what steal guy what about that guy in the desert island what about that monk on a mountain who never heard about gee excuse me God tells you right here you're all accountable because I've given you so much evidence for my existence in my creation okay and that's pretty evident and it's basically the argument of design if you see design in something it implies a web designer and again I've shared this analogy boodles of time okay it basically if I were to say in all seriousness and I really meant this if I already say on the way to services today right for our media special this week that I was driving them to the Ava's here or any park and right over here in the ditch over here I saw something catch my eye gleamed in the in the sunlight there and what it was is this watch right here can you believe this and you know what that watch spontaneously erupted over millions and billions of years it just popped into existence randomly completely by chance right and the reason why is because over millions and billions of years there was this primordial soup going on over here in this ditch and it combined with the rock in the the wind and erosion and lightning bolts hit it periodically and then all of a sudden it started in - first of all the watch band and then the watch band slowly evolved into this glass piece but then over millions and millions of years we saw it - the intricate parts with the gears evolved in hey it works and I got it save ten bucks now if I really truly truly believe that what would you say honey grab the corn dogs let's get out of here this guy's a wacko no why would you say that and rightly so by the way because come on watches don't make themselves watches are what designed by watchmakers right and that's about 12 moving parts then how goofy it is for our world our complexity of life our very body that has about fifty trillion cells to say that that was by chance but she won't believe watch and so that's what we're gonna take a look at two ways to God demonstrates Romans chapter one nobody's got an excuse all the creation I've given you evidence you may not see me now but you can see my handiwork and what I have made okay the kids dealt with the animals this week let's deal first of all with the outer spectrum the universe right you guys ready to go where no man has gone before all two of you Star Trek YZ but let's just move on right but let's take a look at some of that universe the force of gravity everything is precisely tuned in by God if the force of gravity was 1% higher our Sun would be bigger and life on Earth would cook how many guys would say that would ruin your corndog yeah okay but flipping around if it was less 1% less and be too small we would freeze right is precisely tuned every element of the universe has to be dialed in where it is or you cannot have life how about the nuclear force if there was a very slight increase in the nuclear force then the chemicals of life oxygen hydrogen Carbon would be almost non-existent then if you flip it around a slight decrease the only element and the universe would be hydrogen either way no life even the things we can't see the way they are organized has to be where they are now here's one the electromagnetic coupling constant Noah's be honest how many guys woke up this morning said I've got to understand the electromagnetic coupling constant well for all none of you hey one of you praise God this is your day give it up for brother Brian that's right well hey this is a pic case you're wondering this is that force which causes like charges to repel and opposite charges to attract you know kind of getting married that how did that happen well you can blame it on this I don't know all right but here's the point if this constant were slightly stronger it would keep the molecules from existing and hence you would have no life but if it was slightly smaller than the electrons would leave the nucleus producing the same result no life it has to be exactly what it is how about the expansion rate of the universe right God caused everything in existence with a word Genesis 1:1 okay in the beginning God is the one who made the heavens the earth well it's still going watch this if this rate were a few percent slower then all the matter and the universe would collapse into a ball okay which again would ruin your corndog okay for those who wondered now if it were slightly faster then the galaxies and stars would not have form just without the existence either way even the speed of travel that things are expanding has to be the way it is the distance between the stars watch this if the distance between the Stars was just a few percent closer or further away either in then this would destabilize the planetary orbits around the Sun the earth would not be capable of supporting the life based on scientific research it's almost like somebody popped him in exactly where they need to be for life to exist I wonder who that is science is catching up to what God said all the time the Earth's distance from the Sun this is common sense if the Sun was a little bit further than it is from the earth then we would obviously freeze over if it was again closer the waters of the earth would boil again ruin your corndog okay because that's important to size the moon that's not by chance right if the moon were slightly smaller then tides and winds will be too small the earth would overheat we've got to not just have the moon it's got to be exactly where it's at for our existence and if the moon was slightly bigger this would result in ferocious winds listen it would create massive tides that would flood the whole earth twice a day and again folks has been scientifically proven that you can only drown comfortably once a day right so again there's no way it is and again what's the whole person evolution is just randomly chaotic blue oh by the way what blew up they said a ball of dirt now that ball of dirt has changed over the years because that's what they do they just keep change of things they make it up as they go used to be millions of miles across but now if you look in the textbooks where they're lying they say it's this infinitesimal little tiny dot it's a little teeny tiny ball of dirt well that's neat can I ask you the next question we're at the dirt come from who made the dirt right something you can't come from nothing right well it came from God movies so they say it blew up right but again they say it's just some random chaotic thing are you kidding me the stars are exactly where they are the earth and the distance from the Sun is exactly where they're even the moon didn't just randomly stop by hi can I hang out with you it's exactly where it has to be precisely time by the hand of God now how many guys would say there's no way that's my chance yeah exactly okay now that's just taking a look at the universe we're zooming in if you will in that direction now let's go inside you and I okay as cool as this is now be careful because Rob and his family just got back from Korea if you look too close you might see some sea squirt that he was eating this is still there dude I don't know I just had to throw that in there but he ate some of that stuff I mean I've ever had sea squirt talk to Rob later he'll fill you in on what that is but but let's take a look at the human body inside of us you tell me if we evolved by chance no way in the world let's take a look at the human body this is wild right take a look at this our internal organs did you know our kidneys contain approximately 280 miles of tubes they filter a hundred and eighty-five quarts of water a day from our blood and that's just all random just happen to be there or which by the way last time I checked all of our body parts all have to be there at the same time in order to live which is this one thing how many guys would say that's a pretty complex plumbing system and we all know that when we bought our house it was just some random chaotic events that when it was being built it was a random occurrence right and somebody backed up a truck you know of a piping and they just dumped in the driveway somebody put a stick of dynamite in there and then it it went into our house automatically perfectly working that's how our plumbing it no that's all designed right same thing inside of us folks did you know the heart pumps 5,000 gallons of blood a day it beats approximately one hundred eight hundred thousand times a day two billion 500 times in average lifetime how many guys I'd like to have an engine that ran that efficient oh and by the way it there's no oil change God did and that's how we get our engines for our vehicles right and just somebody backs up to the junkyard once again throws a m-80 in there look I got a motor big 350 four-barrel random occurrence I praise God I'm saving money no I don't think so excuse me did you know our bodies replace over 1 trillion cells a day the lining of the digestive tract overturns about every two days faster if you eat spicy Mexican food so maybe it's quadruple if you have sea squirt Rob okay I don't know we'll talk about that later let's move on did you know that our bodies make about two to ten million blood cells every second and if you lined up the red blood cells in one person's body if I'm in the end they go around the equator four times that's pretty complex hey our skin did you know the lining of our skin turns over about two to four weeks every two to four weeks we shed about 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime yeah well me personally that's why I don't have a diet I don't need one if I keep sucking air man I'm gonna lose 40 pounds automatically yeah skins coming off all right knowing that hey maybe that's why old couches weigh so much you've ever bought one into garage sales like nine you need a forklift right and only that hey folks this is kind of gross but think about it how much dead skin is on that Peter sitting in right now yeah Deacon Jones is still there from 1970 that's gross let's move on hadar brains did you know that the average brain weighs about three pounds contains 12 billion cells each of which connected to 10,000 of the brain cells making a hundred and twenty trillion connections the brain controls hearing sight smell speech eating resting learning stores so much memory data that just by the age of 40 it would take the Empire State Building full of computers just to store the same amount of information yeah you can see it there some people maybe it's a shed in the backyard we're not going to go there because we're keeping unity in the body of Christ DNA hey check this out did you know the DNA molecule in our bodies is the most complex molecule in the universe it's code is so unbelievably complex if you type the whole thing out it would fill the Grand Canyon 40 times the books that is just the teen a molecule folks there's no way that was by chance in fact our body has 50 trillion cells each cell has 46 chromosomes if you took all the chromosomes out of your body and fill up just two tablespoons yet watch this if you stretch them out tied them all together one person's chromosomes would reach from the earth to the moon five million times that is super super complex in fact speaking of it's a cell remember they say the sale everything we came from the goo to the zoo to mean you or some supposed to simple sale there is no such thing as a simple cell watch this the cell is literally just a single cell is a factory containing an elaborate network of interlocking assembly lines each which is composed a large protein machines bristling with high-tech machinery on the outside the cell our sensors gates pumps identification markers it's inside is jam-packed with listen power plants automated workshops recycling units in fact they have miniature as you can see they're depicted miniature monorails that whisk materials from elongate one location and then all that going on in just one cell there's nothing simple about at all and that's why it's been said that even the most advanced automated modern Factory with his computers and robots even Amazon that's right all coordinated on a precise time schedule listen is less complex than the inner workings of a single cell they now know with modern technology there is no such thing as a simple cell watch this video folks this thing is so complex by the hand of God as if we have an excuse not to know this had to come from him but let's take a look at that science has revealed the details of an entire system of information processing that bears the hallmarks of intelligent design [Music] with computer animation we can enter the cell to view this remarkable system at work [Music]

after entering the heart of the cell we see the tightly wound strands of DNA storehouses for the instructions necessary to build every protein in an organism [Music] in a process known as transcription a molecular machine first unwinds a section of the DNA helix to expose the genetic instructions needed to assemble a specific protein molecule another machine then copies these instructions to form a molecule known as messenger RNA [Music] when transcription is complete the slender RNA strand carries the genetic information through the nuclear pore complex the gatekeeper for traffic in and out of the cell nucleus [Music]

the messenger RNA strand is directed to a two-part molecular factory called a ribosome after attaching itself securely the process of translation begins [Music]

inside the ribosome a molecular assembly line builds a specifically sequenced chain of amino acids these amino acids are transported from other parts of the cell and then linked into chains often hundreds of units long they're sequential arrangement determines the type of protein manufactured [Music] when the chain is finished it is moved from the ribosome to a barrel-shaped machine that helps fold it into the precise shape critical to its function [Music]

[Music] after the chain is folded into a protein it is then released and shepherded by another molecular machine to the exact location word is needed this is absolutely mind-boggling to perceive at this scale of size such a finely tuned apparatus a device that's that bears the marks of intelligent design and manufactured in other words there's no way that happened my chance so much for a simple cell okay and this is why the so-called simplest of cells you can see depicted on the top that's not a shoe print with a gum on it if you're wondering that's called a Paramecium right it's actually more complex in the space shuttle which by the way last my check was designed by engineers okay now one more to go bacterial flagellum this is the tail like structure that propels the e.coli bacteria through its microscopic world isn't this exciting we get to study ecoli now not just the whole thing I just want to zoom in just on the little tail that basically whips this baby around watch this not even that's by chance right it consists of 40 individual protein parts including as depicted here a satyr a rotor a driveshaft a u-joint a propeller that makes it a literal microscopic outboard motor well you say well how does it run well it creates its own electrical power to run the motor by developing a voltage difference across the cell membrane well is it a good motor aha this motor runs at a hundred thousand rpm it could stop on a microscopic dime make a quarter turn shift directions start spinning a hundred thousand miles rpm in the opposite direction we can't design stuff like that that lets shift the gears any all day long right in fact it's not only water-cooled with two gears for in Reverse but it travels about one micron per second and you go well that's neat well watch this that doesn't sound like much but that's the equivalent of you and I swimming sixty miles an hour through peanut butter that's got some amazing torque it's just a little tail on a little bacteria oh by the way this used to be showed on PBS they yanked it from their website it used to be called unlocking the mystery of life okay and they yanked it because guess what what's the logical there's no way this thing happen by chance okay but here's what they didn't want you to see take a look at this there are as many molecular machines in the human body as there are functions that the body has to do so if you think about hearing seeing smelling tasting feeling blood clotting respiratory action the immune response all of those require a host of machines when we look at these machines we ask ourselves where do they come from and the standard answer Darwinian evolution is very inadequate in my view in speaking on the topic scientific naturalism and during the early 1990s at a series of academic conferences be he first shared his doubts about the ability of natural selection to construct complex molecular machines one machine particularly attracted his attention I remember the first time I looked in a biochemistry textbook and I saw a drawing of something called a bacterial flagellum with all of its parts in all of its glory and had a propeller and hook region and the the drive shaft and the motor and so on I looked at that and I said that's an outboard motor that that's designed you know that's no chance assemblage of parts bees reaction was not surprising for the molecular motors that drive bacteria through liquid each depend upon a system of intricately arranged mechanical parts these parts come into focus when portions of a cell are magnified fifty thousand times [Music] biochemists have used electron micrographs like this one to identify the parts and three-dimensional structure of the flagellar motor

in the process they have revealed a marvel of engineering on a miniaturized scale howard burg at harvard has labeled it the most efficient machine in the universe these machines some of them are running at a hundred thousand rpms and are hardwired into a signal transduction or sensory mechanism so that it's getting feedback from the environment and even though they're spinning that fast they can stop on a dime it only takes a quarter turn for them to stop and ship directions and start spinning a hundred thousand rpm in the other direction and just like outboard motors on motor boats it has a large number of parts which are necessary for the motor to work the bacterial flagellum the two gears forward reverse water-cooled proton motive force it has the stator it has a rotor it has a u-joint it has a driveshaft it has a propeller and they function as these parts of machines is you know it's not convenient that we give them these names that's truly their function since its discovery scientists have tried to understand how a rotary motor could have arisen through natural selection as yet they have failed to offer any detailed Darwinian explanation can I translate that for you they don't want to admit what it implies in fact the reason why we know they don't is because they yank this program from their website they refuse to show it ever again why well what was the other part that we saw in Romans chapter 1 it's not just that nobody's got an excuse whether you look at a piece of bacteria or you look at the stars in the sky you look at the animals you look at our body whatever it is you're gonna see the handiwork of God but the very fact that they purposely pulled that what kind of a society is it that we're living in what they do they knew that there was a god but they what they suppress the truth about his existence our society is doing just that and they are suppressing the truth of God's existence NASA PhD scientists he says this about the evolution so who would do that he says this for the scientist who is lived by his faith in the power of reason the story ends like a bad dream he has scaled the mountains of ignorance he's about to conquer the highest peak he pulls himself over the final rock and he's greeted by a band of theologians who've been sitting there for centuries in other words are you gonna are you done suppressing the truth God really does exist as we saw with VBS and we certainly not just with VBS we see that all throughout the scripture Old Testament New Testament God exists and here's the good news even as immense and huge and awesome and powerful as he is even though you and I have blown it we are disqualified we've sinned God is holy we're not we deserve to go to hell but you know God did God as big as he is he came to this little speck called Earth he sent his son to die for you and I that we could have listened a relationship with him the creator of the universe isn't that amazing it makes you wonder like the psalmist says what is man but you were even mindful of him as huge powerful as God is and we're just in the grand scheme of things were just a teeny tiny speck earth and then were even smaller he knows every hair on her head he knows everything about us and he still sent Jesus to die for us it's like this video we've seen before but we'll close in prayer after this [Music] this is our galaxy the Milky Way it spans 80 thousand light-years across and contains more than 100 billion stars the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy the brightest stars are concentrated in two arms that wrap around the disk since our solar system is within this disk we see the Milky Way as a cloudy band in our night sky no human being or spacecraft has seen our galaxy from the outside as shown here it is difficult to grasp just how large our galaxy is our solar system is located here in fact with the exception of M for all the stars and planets we visited are within this little ring the Milky Way is a remarkable demonstration of God's power but what's even more amazing is that our galaxy is merely one of billions every one of these faint clouds is an entire galaxy as we pan upward we see a strange band where galaxies seem to be missing this is called the zone of avoidance and is aligned with the disk of our galaxy although many galaxies are undoubtedly in this region gas and dust in our own galaxy prevent us from seeing them

further up we see a massive grouping of galaxies called the Virgo cluster it contains over 2,000 galaxies and is 50 million light years away from Earth how entire galaxy appears as a grain of sand lost in the vast ocean of galaxies yet the galaxies shown here are only a small portion of the cosmos beyond this distance astronomers have catalogued only certain regions of the visible universe at last we begin to see the large-scale structure of the universe the galaxies are organized into a complete tapestry of strings and voids for clarity only a few selected regions are shown here this is the universe or at least as much of it as our present understanding makes possible just imagine the power involved as all these galaxies left into existence at God's command and yet the Bible describes the creation of all this with a single phrase he made the stars also the psalmist writes when I consider your heavens the work of your fingers the moon and the stars which you have ordained what is man that you are mindful of him and the son of man that you visit him the earth may seem an insignificant speck compared to all that God created yet this tiny world is where God placed the crowning jewels of his creation of all that the Lord created human beings alone that the privilege of being made in God's own image and though we have rebelled against our creator he's paid the penalty for our treason it was on this small planet where the creator of the universe became a man and died our death he then rose again and has offered forgiveness for all who call upon his name it is fitting that we should honor God for who he is and for what he has done [Music] Wow the God would even know who we are that God would even care but God is as big as an immense as that is as it says he just spoke a word all that came into existence including the earth our little speck all of life including us and yet on top of that we had the audacity to rebel against him can you imagine if you were God what would you do time to start all over excuse me nuke the place and start and he would be just but yet you know what God did he sent His Son Jesus Christ to this tiny little speck in the universe to take our punishment in our place so that if we would receive that by faith because we can't earn it it's a gift that he says you know what I will not only forgive you I will completely forgive you I will wipe you clean of everything you've ever done wrong why because the Bible says God's not just that powerful he's holy which means without sin and that's the dilemma how are we who have sinned gonna have a relationship with him who has no sin and he's that big and whoa we're in trouble well that's what Jesus said he took the death penalty in our place that we could be completely forgiven that God would make us into his children that God as big as he is as powerful as he is as holy as he is has made a way through his own son that listen we could have an intimate beautiful loving personal relationship with him and there I say even Christians who know that and who have received that how in the world could we ever give the loss the impression that having a relationship with Jesus is borning or a drudgery excuse me being able to talk personally one-on-one with that God the one and only God as huge as he is that still is a thrill to me and I hope it is for you because we need to let people know that amen but if you're here today and you haven't done that man today's your day you have no excuse I'm gonna stand before God you're gonna stand before God but you can't say hey God I didn't have enough proof of your existence III didn't know how to get out of this predicament yeah you did you have plenty of evidence and you even heard today that there's a way out of this predicament his name is Jesus Christ so what the kids learn three kids respond and praise God how much you the greatest if you're a father here to tell you the greatest Father's Day present you could ever receive is the gift of eternal life from our Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ amen let's pray father we just thank you again for today this whole week thank you for getting to just study about you and just the the abundant proof of your existence but it's not just enough knowing that you're real it's how to have a real relationship with you and you've made that abundantly clear there's only one way it's through your son Jesus Christ we can't earn it because none of us can take away the sin on our own were stained but through Jesus he took our punishment our place and through Jesus death on the cross he'll wife is clean he'll make us holy so that we can have that relationship with you now even before we get to heaven through him God if there's anybody here please arrest their heart and mind help them to understand it's not enough to just know that there is a God that you are real you tell us in your word that even the demons believe in God and they shudder Demon's know you exist demons know about Jesus but that's not what it means to be saved help them God to be saved from this horrible dilemma help them to cry out to you Jesus to ask you even now to forgive them of all their sins that they would confess you Jesus as Lord that they would believe in their heart that you were raised from the grave because you tell us if we do that we will be saved God pleased if anybody's in that predicament today mates maybe their day God we love you again we thank you so much and we just pray and ask this whole week that in today's study and the musical and everything that it would just be a great time that we honor you and that God you would spiritually impact us and cause us to be faithful with what time we have left but thank you for the hope that we have in you for all eternity we love you and pray and ask all these things in your wonderful name in Jesus name and all God's people said hey well hi this is Billy Crone of getalife ministries and I hope you enjoyed today's study but in closing let me ask you one final question are you sure that if you were to die today that you go to heaven and not hell now before you answer that let me share with you a couple things that the Bible says the Bible says that God is holy and that we are not and the wages of our sin or unholiness is death we don't deserve to go to heaven when we die we deserve to go down we deserve to go to hell now to make matters worse we don't even want to admit this problem that we have that we're separated from God knowing now but we're going to be separated from him for all eternity in a place called hell we don't even want to admit that so once again out of love God gives us what's called the ten commandments the Ten Commandments were God's x-ray if you will divine x-ray to to get us to admit the problem that we have inside that's separating us from him let's take a look at a few of those of God's divine x-ray for instance if you think that you're worthy on your own you don't need a savior you're gonna get to heaven all by yourself then let's take a look at God's tests they're the ten commands the ninth one says you shall not bear false witness that means light how many of you've ever told a lie before raise your hand okay if you didn't raise your hand you just told one but folks we've all done that that makes us a liar the Ten Commandments God's x-rays showing us that we have sin that's separating us from him we're not wholly imperfect like him the fifth commandment says that you shall not steal don't ever wants to take anything without permission how many view ever done that well if we're not gonna tell another why we we should all admit that as well well that makes us a thief now the Bible says that God is so holy even his name is holy and that's why the Ten Commandments says you shall not use the Lord's name in vain and for honest again folks hey a lot of us how many of us have used the blessed name of Jesus Christ the only name the Bible says under heaven that men might be saved we've now turned it into a common cuss word if you can believe that the Bible says that's the sin of blasphemy the Bible also says hey show you want to show God you're so perfect you have no sin then don't ever once commit adultery you might say well I've never done that really Jesus lays the standard before us God looks at the heart man looks on the outside jesus said if you ever looked with lust in your eye at another person you've committed adultery in your heart that's his holy standard one more the mama says okay you think you're so good then don't ever once commit murder you shall not murder and you might say well hey at least I haven't done that one really the Bible again says that the sin of hatred wishing someone was dead is akin to the sin of murder it's just if you will you pulled the trigger in your heart so so how are you doing that's just five out of ten of God's divine x-ray by the way showing us the problem how are you doing not if but when your time comes we're all going to stand before God you'll be forced to admit what he already knows hey God let me in let me in I'm a liar I'm a I'm a thief I'm a blasphemer an adult or an a murder and the Bible is clear such people as these will not inherit the kingdom of heaven you're not headed to heaven in that state you're headed to hell but here's the good news God said if we would just admit this number one then he could fix it and it gets fixed only one way and that's through Jesus Christ Jesus said in the book of John chapter 14 verse 6 he says I am the way v-line and the truth and nobody comes to the Father but by me why because only Jesus lived the perfect life in our place and Jesus died on the cross he took the death penalty in our place so that we could be set free and since we weren't there and since it's a gift and we can't earn it we have to receive that wonderful gift by faith and the Bible says God will pardon us for our crimes our sins against him and you could actually see this analogy working in the natural in the normal world we see this actually in the courtroom for instance if a person is guilty and and everybody knows they're guilty they've committed a horrible crime and and and that the sentence has passed the judge has knocked down the gavel and says hey you are going to jail you are going to the death penalty for that crime and we know that people that happens all the time and they go to jail but believe it or not did you know there's a way for that person even though they're guilty to actually be set free from that crime it's called a pardon and the one in authority the governor has the part out of mercy out of goodness certainly nothing that that person did in jail they can't undo the crime it's too late but out of mercy the governor could go down there and grant that person in jail a full pardon for their crimes and by receiving that pardon the doors come open and they are set free and they're rescued from the death penalty folks that's what God is doing every single day with us spiritually he has allowed his son Jesus Christ to take the death penalty in our place he's pardoned us but a pardon does you no good unless you reach out and receive it and it's actually been on historical record that there had been people on death row who a governor has gone down at a mercy and extends that him a full pardon but they've rejected it and by their own doing they went to the death penalty folks don't make that same mistake for all eternity God loves you he's willing to forgive you of anything and everything you've ever done all of it even the sins we don't even know about he wants to pardon you and forgive you but you must receive that by faith today the Bible says if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ if you call upon his name ask him to forgive evolve err since believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be safe please do that now please do that today because tomorrow may be too late well this has been Billy Crone and getalife ministries again thank you for joining us if there's anything that you need if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us our information and number and things will pop up here on the screen here shortly and remember

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