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I swear eternal night culinary phantoms no mother don't you pay what they do family should grill Tamika and I am back with another video back with another video big double upload what super upload if you count the white you know I'm saying if it's your first time here go ahead and smash that subscribe button hit that Bell turn those post notifications on so we could stay connected shout out to the squad S&T I love y'all forever everything you got to notice you got a notice I love you guys so much thank you for coming back listen man we bout to get into my boy paddy Mike the guy video it's crazy that he dropped this video you guys cuz I actually was gonna react to his his perspective from the girls true but then I didn't want to do it because I had already did a reaction video on Clarence perspective and then I was like you know what I'm still a little bit upset because I really feel like people go hard on paddy for absolutely no reason you guys that's the point of a perspective video everybody's gonna go from that perspective it is not hard to fathom that at that time when it was on a girls trip he might not have known that Clarence was really into Queen the way that he was Clarence even admitted in his video you know and I'm saying he didn't really let nobody know see I got a chill on Patty bro I got a chill y'all was not mad at that man when he was giving your nose at school supply on the scenes with Clarence and Queen first started kicking it so don't act like this now y'all come on man that shit is not right y'all gotta grow up man hey mo y'all broke so without further ado we better slide right into this video man [Applause] yeah have got to chill as a union you for me as a unit as a I think we are like 6 million followers as a six million follower or me of people who support my sis and bro and me the trickle-down effect of how many of y'all support me as well before me I appreciate all the up but ya have to chew you foo me like yeah like maybe I'm too real for the royalty squad and I don't really think I can be too real for the rosy squirrel because Queen is as real as they come she's gonna tell you how it is everything and Clarence is as real as they come they gonna tell you real how it is everything so I don't know how I could be real for royalty squad like like Queen inclues check out check real niggas so I really can't understand how yesterday I spent my day dealing with a whole bunch of comments and arguments telling me that I'm ruining a fairy tale story that hadn't even started yet like I really need try to understand the monster of what y'all say so yeah told me not to make a video right everybody's in my Congress like yo you shouldn't be making this video nobody needed your third side of the opinion how was it third side of the story like for me I understand you know that's gotta be crazy you know I'm saying cuz I can remember UHN and I'm saying when Queen and Clarence first started like coming around each other and kicking in and stuff and they always had the same video sometimes from three different perspectives and nobody was saying nothing no bueno you know I'm saying like seriously and it's like now all of a sudden because Queen and Clarence are in a relationship with a son it's like now all of a sudden you know Sam Patti's perspective is pointless come on man I got it shoot these people are a unit regardless if you want to be able to say anything about it or not you I'm saying they came in a spicy gay it's spicy gang forever you know them saying so it's just like your wife I gotta get this man a hard time I really don't get it I don't get it wait I'm giving a third side of a story you fool me their flight by the third side of the story is the truth usually you for me or like beside I don't even know how you give a third side of a story when you was at the fucking story like the I'm trying to explain make it still come I didn't need the third side of the story 4/3 fuckin third side of the story thinking I was there so I have all right to talk about something I was there on so when I'm doing my video I'm not doing my video trying to downplay Queen and make her seem thirsty no original video she was gone in her she was gonna go is goddamn that she we made a video and I said she was Frank's redhot that's all the relationship we have that it's we have no other relationship other than I said she was Frank Prince Frank red hot in the video and now we're seeing each other okay so the first time they had the girls trip they took forever to tell the story the first time they had the question I happened to be there so I spoke from my perspective okay the only perspective I could speak on again again for the last time before you kill me royalty squad swab this one I'm telling ya I have to chill and sometimes we gotta talk and build or build our relationship because I love y'all and I need y'all to you for me the the part of y'all that supports me I love but this is what y'all can't be doing telling me I can't speak on something I was there for so again the letter I was saying on that day when we met Queen me and Clarence the only thing I think I could speak on for that day is my mental perspective of what was going on that day right and what I thought and what my interpretation of Clara's perspective of that day okay boom let's start let's start it on like this another part of story I don't know Clarence don't even like to party Clara's do not like to go to parties that kid is not the bottle talker and miri either really that's kind of where we get along we rather be in the crib doing whatever else playing video games being competitive then at a party so let's let's take you back to really that day since you I want to know what really happened so I can explain to you why I'm giving y'all the perspective I gave y'all which is just my truth they're so crazy about this video that it's really ridiculous that you even had to make this video to begin with like I feel like you know I'm saying we all know who was there so I really don't understand what the problem is really for whom Shannon's perspective I really don't get what the problem is you know I'm saying I don't I really I seen some of the comments that was in excuse me I've seen some of the comments like on some YouTube pages and some people had shared some clips with me and I really didn't understand like why people were so mad at the dude you're not I mean I think that sometimes when Patti's say things he say things very very blunt so sometimes people check it completely different than the way that he's initially trying to say but I just feel like this is crazy as hell that he even had to make a video to you know I'm saying basically explain why he was explaining his side in the first place it's corny it's like this show if you didn't really want to hear his side then you shouldn't just clicked on the video it's that simple like they make this shit so simple for people these days you know I'm saying like if you don't want to partake in a particular video that dad might have some particular content then just don't click on it you know I'm saying it's just that simple book whatever let's proceed and listen everybody was telling me yesterday yo don't argue you fool me you're going down you're gonna go down off of this boom cool every subscriber that wants to leave me for telling the truth and being real I'm gonna give you the next 10 to 20 seconds to leave their lies out right now

that's how stupid yo ass look Patel the nigga who totally true to not tell the truth so let's again go back to that day Solaris didn't even want to go to the party Clarence did not want to go to the party dad wanted to be a father before me that was that's what it really came down to Pat wanted to be a thought and I'm like yo bro we find us we'll go to the party who else am I gonna go to a party with I'm when she wear every day nigga we out to this party lucky for me I'm like we out I beat it I'm beating a nigga and convinced him to go to the party yo B not now not beat on him literally ballet you know like when you thought he front and you trying to weigh him down I'm laying down to this is like uptown party this is like this party about to beat like a tweet just we just was I don't even know if he was getting lit yet but we was just getting like I think our first videos was doing I think he's just getting a little late on the two right so it's like for me my thought the thought in me you for me was trying to go out to see all the joints that we ain't seen since we was like in high school or nothing but to see the solo you can see us having a little like you know a little success or something like that do for me so I was really being at that and I'm like all right I'm trying to go to this party what's up bro like let's go to this party like you clearance the joints love you you moving and I'm blood-in right now these joints ain't seen me since high school and they think I'm doing pretty good let's go beat that boom still my bro came with me on a mission to be at that that was really what like I don't know if he was trying to be at that you're gonna be like Clarence is a nigga that length he gotta be at that for me like the like the girls is gonna he don't gotta be out doing whatever to be at that the girls is gonna be on him regardless of him his energy so again I wasn't even telling you out of my friend without trying to be at that he did have body plans that night but just naturally I'm not understanding is that even if he did so what he was single universe in here just came out of a big relationship him at Quinn's him and Queen was friends yes but nothing had been established like he didn't even really know on city ended the trip that she was somebody that he could be with so like the thing I'm not understanding is I don't understand what the big deal is anyway if Clarence woke up that morning and say you know what I didn't want to go to the party but now I want to go to the party cuz I want to be a thought if that's what he chose to wanna do then he was entitled to be able to do that I don't gun I don't understand right now at this point like what up what the whole point is it is like an somebody dropping in their comments and say what the real problem is I really did not understand why people took this man video like the way to date Sookie did i watch something else like I mean is there another part that I missed like I'm confused as hell right now she looks like a dog like he has the beard the waves that I like if you don't look like the thoughts that thoughts more him to look like a thought so he could run down the hem rain that's the mindset I'm trying to explain to you how my mindset and why I spoke like that in the video that's the mindset we was going I was Navy let me not speak for my board my boy was just going with me I was going the front of the thoughts that used to front on me back in the day it will mean listen was people this day and I didn't even have not yet but I'm just like trying to be lived we all start to spot now right outside the club boom we call him I mean it was my mansion jiggy jiggy party we called him boom da boom boom niggas couldn't come it was a lot going on you forming a party upstairs was actually like it wasn't I don't know if it was stupidly but like like Claire's dingo says cuz there's gonna be too much commotion and really we was already waiting downstairs that people was dumb hard to see Clara's like oh my god he's got the bottom gay people's dumb hype niggas tapping her mom dumb I have to see Clarence you feel me niggas just hide like yeah whatever joints walking in like oh my god you feel me just dumb hype to see Claire we wait in there waiting there and think it's taking so long I'm like y'all next taking so long go to the door to see how much it is do it like fucker we just pay our way in and just fine niggas boom they like it's 30 at the door we like nah I think it's definitely gotta come let us in boom it took so long they took too long they took too long there was a point I'm not I didn't again royalty squat if you gonna kill me for telling the truth to kill me that you fool me there was a point where we was fully gonna go to that party we was inside the door waiting downstairs I'm confused like people are mad I put it in the comments I'm just trying to figure this shit out so was people get mad at Patti because he was trying to make it seem like you know I'm saying Clarence intentions was to go to the party only and not see Queen and the only reason he's seeing Queen was because they didn't want to go to the party is that the read I mean is that what the commotion is about because right now I'm confused because like we've all been in these situations you know I'm saying what we did have like intentions to do this first you know I'm saying Clarence explained in this video queen explained in this video like it was some spirit a moment they linked up that night type of shit it wasn't like there was something that was planned because this man had plans before him and Queen can make plans but the fact of the matter is all Patti is doing is telling you what was going through that brain the the moments before they had an opportunity to go see Queen at the diner and I really don't underst but the big problem is I don't think the demand is trying to ruin their relationship or anything like that he's jealous or anything like that I kind of thought it was dope they kind of see like how Clarence woke up that morning being and then by the end of that night man he went to sleep with queen on his brain like he was really feeling Queen so it was kind of cool to see his perspective but this is just crazy this from see we was waiting for somebody to come get us and we was fully gonna go to that party you fool me in that meantime my mind is fully in that mood I need to get it my mind is fully in that mode because even though Clarence is kind of like not trying to go still I'm trying to go see it you feel me all right I ain't been out and dumb long I don't even go to parties really I'm trying to go upstairs and be a top you for me this is why my story may seem a little aggressive the whole time clearance was all his fault extant and he probably was texted Queen back and forth those niggas love to text back and forth and write messages so now that I'm not as I know them way better you feel me this is getting me speaking from my honest point of view on that day clear was in his phone the whole night texting back and forth boom take some mega for I feel like he had brought up the Queen thing at some point but like we didn't really dive into it because the plan was to go to the party he for me he's like Queens in the city like no Queens out here to like I feel like I remember him mentioning Queen was out here but like I don't remember us centering our plans you know I'm saying but you gotta also look at it from like clearances perspective clans probably had got up that morning or whatever just like patty had just said like you know I'm saying he pretty much talked him into going to the park you know I'm saying period point-blank so even though Clarence might have deep down in his heart really wants to go see Queen he probably felt like damn I'll Robert and their tow son that I'm gonna go to the party with him so no I got to do it not knowing that him and Queen is texting each other this all night trying to link up with each other you know I'm saying it's one of them type of situation char they're like where was a fake thing like patty was not aware of the conversation that Queen and Clarence was having all he knew is that it's homeboy said that he was going to the party so he's sharing his perspective on that now that's how I took it now a lot of people are taking it as if you know I'm saying that he was kind of like being shady in him and if you don't know patty you know I'm saying you don't know the relationship that he shares with Clarence and Queen is probably is you probably would take it that way but I understand like I don't think that's what the dude was trying to do that's just me personally I'm a verbal like patty is and he's just basically the way that he explains some things sometimes it comes out completely blunt and sometimes people kind of look at it like what the fuck is he really trying to say when his intentions don't mean it like that if that makes any sense like cuz I know that I'm rambling a little bit but I really I really really don't know like what people are finding a problem with I really don't and I'm a very very like that vers person like I try to be open-minded I even looked at his reaction video to the girls trip and I watched it a couple times just to make sure that I wasn't missing anything I just think that he was coming from his perspective you know I'm saying in clearance don't share shit you know I mean so he probably did not know that you know saying Clarence really wanted to be with Queen that night you know I mean like who knows but let's proceed and I never sent him my plans around going to see Queen cuz I did because truthfully like the very first time we met Queen wasn't coming to see me you will make women care about Pat to make it acid spicy in the video she really give a fuck about the Frank red hot ticket so all I could speak is on my perspective again Clarence really just been trying to go out to be queen all of those things that you guys want to be true we may absolutely be true royalties brought but you know one thing that I can't speak on what that nigga was thinking and in my head I was trying to go to the party and be a thot and that's because I don't even understand why person would even have a problem with Patti's perspective when Clarence made it perfectly clear in his perspective on how he felt about everything he said it just like that shot it like shit man like I wanted to see Queen you know I'm saying point-blank bottom line you know I'm saying he was like he was trying to be your heart and acting like he wasn't thirst and when in fact he was you don't mean and that's why I feel like in Patty's reaction he was even surprised and shocked by some of the things that Clarence was saying you know them said because I just think the man genuinely did not know what was going on in the brain of Clarence you know what I'm saying like seriously and you got to think about it now if you was just on the couch with your homeboy doing this mashup ass and he was making it seem like this female wasn't even spicy like that but somewhere down the line sunny she started sucking at their heart and now you feel like damn sure she is spicy like he probably will put on a different persona to his homeboys then he do a queen you don't say that's human behavior people like I don't be understanding like why people always take situations that have to do with like the royal family or the spicy gang you know I'm saying and make it seem like it's not over all human behavior is shit we all knew y'all like I don't understand it I don't I don't get it that's why I'm hoping I'm gonna be reading out of these comments cuz I really really want to know like why people were feeling the way that they were feeling I got enough if y'all don't like me and I'm too real for y'all you've put me again I'll gave y'all the door I gave that a door and I gave you out 20 seconds to go leave it in for me take it another 20 to 20 seconds to go leave it if not this not my album is out right now we're the squad and I can use y'all support before me I'm all out to speak my truth my trophy for me there's no cap in my video there's no cap in my breath and it's Martha God and I'm out this bitch alright I'm out this bitch and y'all niggas and world's a squad need to chill cuz I dead ask I love to gather in my heart before me you love my sister love my bro I got a love for y'all on my heart so I don't know why y'all be thinking that there's no look y'all niggas is toxic and a little bit like you for me but not only I don't even wanna I wanna check y'all but like in a little way y'all are toxic y'all like y'all push everybody now push everybody away from from like the family like you I try to do things to separate everybody like instead of embracing the actual real relationships that bro and sis have in life they know they don't have to worry about me it slandering them or not being loyal to them or not doing none of that because that's just not the person I am you feel be like y'all to make me out to be that person all you want but that's genuinely not the person I am and even if I'm not in videos with bro and sis every day like I used to be an old mean I'm not listening to bro sis I don't you know what you know what we're on she's quiet you know what words inspire this isn't words he's well within the royalty spot you for me and I'm a part of that circle and I feel like y'all want to be a part of our circle and that's why I'll kill me but I love you I got love for Queen you for me I got love for y'all later you fo be this is not no hate for the leader I don't heard songs that I wish I could hear you filming Lisa's be bouncing ideas back and forth before me who you think do you think the first person I said Cinderella - because I needed it's a girl source I wanted to get girls just opinion on it says you said me a song that's going crazy can't even hear you I don't tight like Road you squat don't tight you know I be leaking shit you know you know I'm the nigger that don't edit and I might leak some shit but now because I thought y'all treat me I'm not leaking shit before me so royalty squat one more time y'all have got to chill I love Queen like y'all love Queen you for me that's all I saw sit that's what this off that's all spicy my y'all never see number omean Clarence Marco me I'll never be for when it's me it clearly Paco how could we go how can me and him is good harkaman beef ones being clear and then also yeah Iggy one more thing yeah I can't be like yeah just so one-sided in life how you twist things always twist things to make it seem like somebody's trying to be disloyal like I don't even really know the truth of what is going on like y'all just know what we show you so again you have got to chill all right but I do love y'all and I love which I love every single one yeah that loves me and supports me and I even love when y'all hate me Ruffo be which I gotta check man I'm gonna be real with you man I'm happy that peg was able to get whatever he needed to get off his heart but quite frankly if I was him I wouldn't have even addressed this shit because it's completely pointless to me you know I'm saying like Wayne and Clarence already get so much backlash from hate pages and tea pages the last thing that anybody should be doing especially if you're up early it's to be giving energy to some shit that can just contaminate the family you know I'm saying when I say to family I mean spicy Ganga's a union leave patty queen and Clarence you know I'm saying I really don't understand what the up world was about his perspective his perspective was a year ago you guys you know I'm saying and Queen and Clarence are in a happy place with a happy little baby boy you know I'm saying so him and given his perspective on that night I don't understand why everybody was really really aggravated with him about their maybe I just did not see what everybody else seen but I swear to God I watched it a couple of times and I feel like he was just fooling like he always do like patty is like a little brother to Queen and Clarence so he's gonna annoy them just like they're gonna annoy him you know I'm saying and his family is what they do but I do not think that it was big like everybody was making a scene he's really really crazy which brings me to my point like a friend of mine explained this to me and I always it always stood with you like there's a difference between supporters and fans okay like when you're a supporter like myself I would look at Queens videos I would even look at some of the behind the scenes with Queen you know I'm saying inner Queen was to do something that was extremely outlandish I probably would be the first person to say man Yoshii punishing I did that she shouldn't did that but guess what I'm still gonna support her and it does not mean that I love her any less but that's what a supporter do a supporter cares about the well-being of that person so you're gonna look at everything as a whole you're gonna look at everything at face value you know saying like when you're a fan you don't care what that person do you know I'm saying whatever you just gonna support them regardless or you go today you know that person wasn't wrong even when it was wrong and I feel like sometimes that's where them lines get blurred you know I mean you've got to support the person and be real about the situation and I can honestly say that I did see some of the comments that was left and I really don't feel like it was that serious and if you really do love Queen the way that she loved Queen I feel like you should have a certain tech because we are are representations of Queen as well to like don't get me wrong I hate when I hate pages be seeing some of the shit they say and I ain't gonna flexing sometimes I might be in that motherfucker going crazy you don't say but for the most part I try to be you know I'm saying a completely different example of her fan base you know I'm saying sometimes because we can't go crazy are you gonna laugh cuz I did it you're not being like royalty squad don't play that shit wouldn't come down to the Queen and there's no problem with that but we gotta start learning to be a little bit more cooler you know I'm saying or whatever because we all represent her at the same time and I just think that people gave Teddy a real hard time for no reason at all man but I want to know how y'all think you know I'm saying am i reaching please explain to me if I'm reaching maybe you guys can explain some shit to me in the comments that I might have missed or overlooked so I can go back and review and be like oh okay I kind of see what they were saying because as of right now you guys I really do not get it I don't see what everybody is so pissed off about so please like this video drop in the comments what you guys think I'm dying to know I'm about to do all in these comments cuz I definitely need a better understanding of what the hell just went on you don't I'm saying seriously please continue to spread the channel with as many people as you possibly can I am after 15k and after that 20k and after that 50k so I'll beat your honey cake man I'm just gonna keep going crazy that's what I gotta do you know I'm saying and with that being said I'm a catch-all man [Music] for each other that is out of those

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