《BEST》 I Have a Lover 애인있어요|이규한, 김현주에 사실 고백 후 눈물 EP24 20151122

by: SBS Drama

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SBS drama 'I Have a Lover(애인있어요)' is about the turbulent life story of twin sister who destined to meet again at the edge of despair. Do Hae Gang(Kim Hyun Joo) is ambiguous successful attorney whose marriage suffers because her husband, Choi Jin Eon(Ji Jin Hee) cheated on her. As married couples drift apart, Jin Eon has an affair with Kang Seol Ri(Park Han Byul). At last Hae Gang and Jin Eon divorce and Jin Eon marries Seol Ri. Then Hae Gang gets into a car accident and loses her memory and live her unknown twin sister, Dok Go Yong Gi's life. Baek Seok(Lee Kyu Han) is Yong Gi's first love who still has feelings for her. Yet Yong Gi(Hae Gang) falls love with her ex-husband Jin Eon. 'I Have a Lover' airs on Saturday and Sunday 22:00pm. I Have a Lover 애인있어요 EP24 20151122 SBS 이규한(백석)은 김현주(도해강)에게 본래의 이름을 언급하며 사실을 이야기했고 곧이어 이규한은 사과를 해야 하는 상황에 서러워지는 이유를 모르겠다고 심정을 밝힌다. → (애인있어요 홈페이지) See more official information and clip of 'I Have a Lover': http://goo.gl/SEuCO7

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