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I'm sure your next presenter Jim Marrs his reputation precedes him and I say that affectionately in today's presentation he's going to be talking about EXO politics and secret societies ruling by secrecy there's always been some very powerful financial interests in secret societies it's quite possible that both candidates in the upcoming election will be members of the secret society known as Skull and Bones and Jim will talk about whether or not this is a good idea you may have a feeling wow he feels about that from 1947 to the present day and a new player took the field the secret Empire the intelligence wing of the military-industrial complex and Jim is the author of bestsellers crossfire alien agenda and ruled by secrecy he's written about it all and he'll bring a new perspective to the connection between secrecy extraterrestrial related phenomena and the wealthy elite that would not be us beginning with a documented UFO crash that predates the Wright brothers through the development of the Nazi flying saucers to President Kennedy's UFO connections Jim Marrs will weave together these fascinating topics and he will connect the dots for us Jim has lectured all over the world he's famous for being able to bring humor to the darkest of subjects and we need Jim Marrs

well a Duke all right can everybody hear me all right thank you okay we got a long way to go in a short time to get there and in fact I feel like the fella that says hey you got a minute tell me all you know so without further ado let's just rush on through some of this stuff I do have lots of information as Cheryl said I am going to try to see take what heretofore is thought to be two separate research communities you got the UFO community over here and then you got people that are looking into the New World Order and the secret societies over here and we'll see if we can't show that we're actually talking about the same ball of wax just to get you orientated this morning okay the universe is a big place and when you really look at it we're kind of out in the boondocks here okay so let's don't get any delusions of grandeur you know we tend to have the idea that we're the apex of God's creation but actually I think we we just came down from the trees not too many years ago okay common theme all over the world flight all right from the ancient Syrians to the flying hammers of the Hindus to the dragon chariots of the Chinese on and on and on where'd that come from is that just a natural human thing or is this conscious memory of technology in the past well of course in recent years we know that it's obviously a phenomena that's here with us at this point in time with the advent of the camcorder with people getting pictures every day you know come on folks is there anybody left it doesn't realize that there's something going on in the skies overhead and of course there are a lot of people who are in lockdown you know they don't want to hear about this because it disturbs their little natural world paradigm but you folks are not among them so let's move along you know we get stuff like this who knows can you fake a picture like this yes you can but they're there from all over the world here's Fort Worth my hometown in Texas and just kind of right up the road there is a little place called Aurora Texas okay and the story is that one morning on April the 16th 1897 a silver cigar shaped object floated in kept drawing closer and closer to the ground finally hit a windmill Tower on judge Proctor's property and exploded into pieces and the newspaper story said the pilot whose remains were badly mangled but enough were recovered to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world okay now you've all heard all the arguments against UFOs well it's just you know secret government test craft no and misidentified and aircraft etc etc and I always thought would it be nice if if we had a really documented sighting before all that stuff was in the air well here it is folks seven years before the Wright brothers flew seven years before the California era which was the United States first powered balloon ever lifted off you've got a roar of Texas now the debunkers all the years the story by the way is down here where it says a windmill demolished it this is the entire front page of the Dallas Morning News for April the 19th took a couple of days for the news to get there but it was not only in the Dallas news it was also in the Fort Worth papers and the debunkers can't get away from that okay because the stories are in the paper and they're not there on the front page and they're not done any kind of humorous satirical manner that's it's straight reporting so the their argument has been well it was just a hoax story planted in the news were to draw attention to the little town because it was dying on the vine because the railroad bypassed it well I heard that for many years and that makes some sense so I was certainly open to that until you get the entire front page there are 16 stories on the front page of this Dallas Morning News every single one of them concerned the flying object the great aerial wonderer okay and of course this was the tail end of the great airship mystery of 1896 and 1897 and by the way there's my favorite story is unfortunately off the screen here but it comes from Granbury Texas which is south of Fort Worth and it said the flying Ginny of which we have heard so much lately came over town last night about 9:30 and while nutrition was drilling the riddle rifles whatever that was I guess it was the local militia said Newt being a war some young man and a populist couldn't stand the sight of the Machine so he ordered the company to open fire and they did and soon the whole town was aroused now I'm often asked why don't they just land and say here we are we're friends you know now we know why what is that Newt I don't know shoot it here was the little tombstone and it's been marked with chalk chalk but I assure you this is what was etched on the tombstone and it seems to only actually be half the tombstone and you have this little v-shaped thing and with the three little circles that look like little portholes and that appeared in the Dallas news in 1973 when the story's Bill case it was in aviation writer for the Dallas Times Herald wrote some stories and I did too for the Star Telegram and since the stories appeared there was a big commotion a lot of people went up there to look around they actually placed a police guard on the cemetery for a couple of weeks the very night that they pulled the police guard tombstone went missing and it's not been seen since I can also tell you that from people I live very very close to here I'm about five miles from from Aurora and I can tell you from talking to people that go to my church and people who live around there that government agents have been encountered in the Aurora cemetery in the 50s in the 60s in the 70s in the 80s when man told me he was over there with his metal detector in the 80s and he ran across some guys that were with the government and his quote was he said their metal detectors made my metal detector look like a toy but anyway so this is the story of Aurora fully documented publishing the papers at the time and it was not a hoax another picture of the cemetery and of the little tombstone before it went missing we've got people like Mary Evans who was there at the time and said yes it happened Charley Stephen says yes it happened but the key thing is is that these stories of this silver cigar-shaped object flying around and in landing there were stories of interaction with the crew and this is really fascinating because in one instance they said don't every the the common thread when they had contact with the crew of this thing was don't tell anybody about this okay and one story they said we developed this as a secret laboratory in New York State and we just thought we'd take it out for a spin and we had such success that the next thing we knew we were over Kansas and now we're in here in Texas but don't say anything because we're going to patent this and it's going to revolutionize transportation that was one story but the story I think I liked the best was a track inspector who encountered this thing and a little crew and they said don't say anything about this we're on our way on a secret mission for the government to bomb Havana okay and now what's interesting about that to me is is that the spanish-american war didn't start for another year and that was only after the battleship Maine blew up supposedly a terrorist act that nobody who could anticipate okay sound familiar and these guys are already talking about bombing Havana I think obvious obviously they knew something we didn't know now you've got the great air raid over Los Angeles which has been very seldom looked at - and it was covered in the punt in the papers they exploded over you know several thousand rounds of ammunition when the newly developed radar spotted these thick craft coming in off the West Coast heading towards Los Angeles they put up the searchlights and all night long they were banging away you can see the searchlights are obviously centered on something and you see a little bright spots those are anti-aircraft shells going off at the time they said this is all very real but the next day the War Department superseded everything and Secretary of War Stimson said oh no it's just war jitters and there wasn't anything there you can see the photograph and if you look closely it does look like there's something in there in there searchlights but when you do it to the reverse you can actually see the shape and you've got a saucer-shaped object that was floating in over the over the city better yet we now have government documents that says that they recovered unconventional aircraft off the coast of California and in the San Bernardino Mountains east of Los Angeles also recovered a similar craft that was cannot be identified as conventional aircraft hello they were starting to recover stuff in 1942 what I really find interesting is the bottom thing that says you've got George Marshall chief of staff and he says I further ordered an investigation of War Department files regarding an unconventional aerial whatever reported since 1897 so they knew about the Aurora spaceship crash - so don't think it all started with roswell of course you had the kind of jump through there but you had the Foo Fighters there was a story out of the New York time's 1944 they all thought it was the Nazis newest war device interesting left of the war the Japanese and the Germans all said well we thought it was your secret weapons you know and so obviously it didn't belong to any of the combatants and then we talked about saucers of the Third Reich in his historic fact and when the Allies over in Germany they had on the drawing boards flying saucers and they here's the I believe this is the shriver saucer and you notice it doesn't have any jets on it this thing this thing they were they were already experimenting with electromagnetic forces and they were really far ahead of anything we had and the question is where they get that then of course what really got it going was in the June of 1947 when Kenneth Arnold saw these craft flying over Mount Ranier and of course we're all familiar with the Roswell case where they said the Roswell Army Air Field captures a flying saucer and of course the next day John Raimi says oh no no it's just weather balloon of course now they've changed their story four times it became notices now actually it was a top-secret mobile no no no well actually it was crash dummies you know and by the way have you all ever considered this when the Pentagon holds a news conference as they did in the summer of 1997 and they say it was just crashed dummies at Roswell and then showed us documentation from the late 50s and even the 60s I remember watching that and I think the bottom line of that was came during the question and answer period when one of the few astute news people there said Colonel Johnson said you're telling us that they saw crash dummies in 1947 but everything you're showing this looks like it's from the 50s and the 60s in Colonel Johnson said this is a quote well I really don't know what they saw in 1947 okay thank you colonel sir so what are you here for which is all about it's to pacify the public and you people being the choir that I'm preaching to have you ever stopped to consider that when they come out and set us crash dummies and even in their own report and I think I have this yeah they here we go they said they came out later said as a mobile blend and then they showed us this bit of debris and said no it's just a weather balloon and then he says it's crash dummies and you really expect the the only nuclear equipped bomb group in the United States at that time obviously had some of our top military people there including intelligence officers and you're gonna tell me they can mistake a human sized dummy for a little alien but to keep to it is in their own report right up at the top like any government report it's just chock-full of details and statistics and numbers and everything else and we find that the very first crash dummy test was in 1954 so by their own report case closed they tell us it can't be crashed them he said you know now think about it though say the government is the government of all of us okay not only us who want disclosure who want to know what's going on but also the government of people who don't want to know what's going on alright and they've got an obligation to all of us so when they get up and tell us its crash dummies and then in their own report tell us that the crash dummies test didn't start till 1954 it's like those of us who are aware go holy crud their land to us that means it's real because they're covering up but the people who can't accept it you can't deal with it psychologically they can go to bed at night sleep peacefully and saying well the government said it was crash dummies and then go back to sleep this is actually pretty smart way there they're kind of letting us know yeah it's real for those who are paying attention and thinking and then the rest of them can say well it's kinda nice all right let's move right along I'll tell you where our whole lot of our problems started was in 1947 National Security Act okay and by the way that there had been a lot of talk prior to that about like combining the intelligence services or at least creating a central intelligence agency to coordinate it they'd been love a talk about separating the Air Force from the Army had been the Army Air Corps before that and there was some even some talk about trying to change the name of the the old water department which can a sounds belligerent aggressive to the Defense Department which sounds a whole lot nicer okay but then think about it under the old War Department we'd only had three Wars spanish-american war in World War 1 World War two under the Defense Department I can't even begin to name them all Kosovo grenadiers you know Bosnia the you know you name it an Iraq Afghanistan I think we ought to go back to the War Department okay there's a whole lot less fighting but which so it created the Air Force renamed the War Department created the CIA but the key thing and that most people don't concentrate on is he created the National Security Council now think about it all these little undeclared Wars and fights and skirmishes and things we get into it's always the National Security Council that gives the authorization but who is the National Security Council anybody no probably not it's for people it's the president the vice president secretary of state and Secretary of Defense three of whom are pointed or named by the president this is unprecedented power in the presidency okay and obviously just by the very name if it's anything that smacks of security they're in charge of it and that includes UFOs and this is where they bypassed the Constitution they bypassed Congress they bypassed the media and they bypassed the public and therefore the problem lies folks not with our form of government but with the way they have twisted it around over the years now from that we begin to get all of these documents mj-12 and I'm sure most of you all are for me with that the only one that I would point out as as then number P down here government policy of control and denial okay you didn't see it and if you persist in saying you saw it then you must be a nut and it's really worked well there's still people today who do not want to talk about it and who think there's really nothing to it because the government says there's nothing to it we know about the operations manual and of course there's a lot of controversy about some of these things but that's operational manual is dr. Bob wood and I'm sure and Ryan would tell you they found out was even though it's copies they can't test the paper but they can find out from the typeface that was printed on a government printing press that has not been in use since the mid 50's so if these documents and if this crash retrieval manual is a phony then it's a phony that was done back in the 50s for some unknown and unspecified purpose most of them are just blacked out the one on the crash at Roswell is is extremely explicit gives dates everything else LZ 1 LZ 2 this landing site that has caused some creative problems to everybody keeps saying no it crashed here no it crashed over there true seems to be it hit one place left to Bri and then steam ricocheted off and landed somewhere else we all know that even that even on this report which is dated 1947 they said the first crash investigators from Roswell have thought that landing zone one was the remains of an army airforce top-secret mogul balloon but when scientists from Los Alamos laboratory arrived it became apparent to all concern that what had crashed in the desert was something out of this world now this is the one I like because of my interest in Kennedy became known to the counterintelligence that some of the recovery operation was shared with representative John F Kennedy elected to Congress and 46 son of Jones of Peake Kennedy Commission of the organization the executive branch of the government Kennedy had limited duty as a naval officer assigned to Naval Intelligence during the war and we all knew that John F Kennedy was in Naval Intelligence not very many but it's in this report dated 1947 and it's true and it's believed that the information was obtained from a source and Congress close to the secretary for the Air Force so of all the people in Congress John F Kennedy was one of the few who knew that Roswell really happened and therefore when he became president we've got these documents such as in 1961 where he's a national security memorandum signed by Kennedy like a brief summary from you the review of mj-12 intelligence operations but the one I really like is that this one to the director of central intelligence classification review of all UFO intelligence files affecting national security and it says I discussed with you previously I've initiated and have instructed John James Webb who is head of NASA to develop a program with the Soviet Union and joint space and lunar exploration to be helpful if you would have the high-threat cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona fide as well as classified CIA and USAF sources it's important we make a clear distinction between the knowns and the unknowns in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence gathering of their defense and space program and it's dated November the 12th 1963 now this is one of the documents that does not have any absolute proven it's and yet it looks totally gyp and nobody has really come up with anything saying it's not here's a document national security action memorandum 271 to the administrator for NASA and he says I want you to assume personally initiative and central responsibility for the development of program of substantial cooperative cooperation with the Soviet Union in the field of outer space and it's dated November the 12th obviously that's what he was working on that day and you know that's a story in itself who would have thought in the fall of 1963 that we would be going into joint space exploration with the Soviets that was the height of the Cold War now we've got further stories from Glenn pace and Rufus Bunn who worked at area 51 they had no access to do unconventional aircraft or UFOs but they did have access to the dining room where all the German scientists would come and eat and they tell the story that they were all upset because President Kennedy was coming to visit area 51 but they weren't too concerned because they said they were basically it's like we'll give him the usual song and dance and tell him there's nothing here and you've gone his way a few days later after the visit they were highly incensed because they said Kennedy was threatening to cut their budget why because he goes out there got the usual spiel about nothing happening here no aliens no spacecraft and he knew better so he's threatened to cut their budget we also know that in connection with that Kennedy was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was threatened to spill secrets and among the secrets that she was caught only FBI wiretap talking about was that Kennedy had gone to a secret Air Force Base and viewed things from space and the conversation was between the window Marilyn Monroe's friends in Hollywood and the fame reporter Dorothy Kilgallen now you'd think Dorothy Kilgallen would things from space what are you talking about but no according to transcripts she says so yes I know all about that and she did because here's the story dated 1955 where she quotes a cabinet level Minister in Britain who says that that UFOs are real and they come from another planet it's all there folks it's all just scattered here there and everywhere the problem is everybody wants the major media to tell them yes here it is it's really real here's the press release from the White House and that ain't going to happen now of course we know about the crop circles we I'm sure they're maybe even some of the programs here go into the crop circles and we know yes there are many hoaxes to crop circles okay but there's also many that are not and you the way you tell the difference is real simple if human agencies have gone into a field and mash down the crop to make a crop circle then the the stalks of the wheat or the barley or whatever it is are crushed they're mashed down they die and pretty soon the crop circle is dead in the true crop circles there is cellular damage internally as in as if from intense heat the crop lays over it will not stand up but it does not die it just grows horizontally that's how you can tell it's a real simple but the news media can't seem to snap to that you know it's all Doug and Davis for their concern this also goes way back here's the mowing devil from back in the 1700s so this is not a new phenomenon one of my favorites here is this I think there's a hundred and hundred and forty something circles in a crop circle right across the highway from Stonehenge in fact they all tend to be very close to what what are known as sacred sites actually I think I haven't figured out there just intergalactic corporate logos

we're Fritzl tennis shoes or whatever again now now we know now we know who's really doing this okay unfortunately this is a fake one okay you can see our ragged it looks and somebody's mashed it all down but that's pretty interesting this one however 2002 with an alien face and a little message that says beware of deceivers is not so easy to write off this one has the cropland over I haven't checked up on this recently but the best of my knowledge this is considered to be a legitimate crop circle and as you can see there they're getting more intricate and they're getting more telling now so what's going on here and you know or are we just now being visited no there's stuff all through history here's the ancient artifacts a stone axe that's in rock that was dated back nine ten twenty thousand years ago human some sort of handprint and rock the Baghdad battery if you put the copper inside put a little grape juice in there you get a half volts of electricity we've got the crystal skulls we got the piri Reis maps which showed the exact perfect outline of the coast of Antarctica which has been under house for seven thousand years so they had aerial maps seven thousand years ago you got the perfect round balls of Guatemala that how they make that with just a hammer and a chisel you know so that we've got all of this evidence and these are what science calls anomalies okay which is a highfalutin word meaning we don't know what the agate is or where it came from or how I got here but they're here and that's why they don't like to talk about these things but there's obviously something going on and it's been going on for centuries oops so that leads us to the rule but secrecy well then who's in charge and weren't we being told about all this stuff and why isn't there a concerted effort to find out where did all these artifacts come from and what is flying through our skies people have tried to tell us okay now I'm gonna read all these old quotes but this is one of my favorites Woodrow Wilson who was part of that ruling elite part of that he was the originator of the New World Order when he created the League of Nations which the only reason it didn't work was because the Senate of the United States says I don't think we're ready to give up our national sovereignty just yet but obviously today we are some of the biggest men in the United States are afraid of somebody they're afraid of something they know there's a power somewhere so organized so subtle so watchful so interlocked so complete so for vasive that they'd better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it it's pretty straight for it innit and here's other quotes that you can read from the new york mayor and franklin roosevelt they know they know i mean they're there they're part of it you know conspiracy theorists there you go it's only the people out on the street who you know watched CNN and read the New York Times and they think they're well informed then they go Oh pish-posh no such thing as conspiracies you know it says somebody tell me the other day that they heard imminent commentators talking about the fact that at Lincoln was not killed by a conspiracy what they hung 15 people how can you say that wasn't big conspiracy but that's the mindset now we're back into it we got the trilateral commission found in 1973 but David Rockefeller headed by was even knew Brzezinski and and all of the original members were members of the more secretive Council on Foreign Relations so we know that and look at the stylized swastika I mean the the the logo of the trilateral commission and so it's it's fair to say that this is just a more a little more open offshoot of the Council on Foreign Relations the reason they committed found the trilateral was to bring in the trilateral nations bring in the Asian economies and of course as I said that was just an offshoot of the old CFR the Council on Foreign Relations it was founded in 1921 after it seemed that the League of Nations was not going to work and so they decided and this was their avowed purpose to convince the American people that we needed to go into this global society okay what I find interesting is here's the CFR logo and here is an ancient coin with the logo of the ancient Knights Templars notice sound it's pretty much the same thing and they are the same thing because they track back the people who founded that Council on Foreign Relations are all luminize freemasons and members of Cecil Rhodes Roundtable another secret society and they were all came out of the ranks of Freemasonry the world's largest secret society and the Freemasons tracking you know claim that they can trace their origins all the way back to the Knights Templars the Knights Templars but I get ahead of myself all of this was consolidated John J McCloy coordinated if information of the US government created the framework resulting in the Office of Strategic Services and following the National Security Act of 47 the OSS Central Intelligence became the CIA immune to all civil and criminal laws and under the internet 1950s the first director of the CIA was Walter Bedell Smith who is named as mj-12 and they helped create along with the European allies the group known as the Bilderbergers they're so secretive that they don't even have a name they call Bilderbergers because they were seen at first discovered meeting at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland and they were headed by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who had been a Nazi SS officer then you track them all back to Hitler who was put into power by the Thule gesellschaft or the Thule Society okay who said that the gods in ancient times had come from the sky and given men all this knowledge and had separated the humans into these seven groups the best of which of course was the erienne's okay that's where he got his Aryan philosophy World War one go on the way back to there and you find that they were the same people were running World War and one on both sides for us we had a fella by the name of Paul Warburg who had immigrated from Germany who was member of the First Federal Reserve Board one of the fellows that met on Jekyll Island to create the Federal Reserve which again totally against the wishes of the public wholly totally against the things that happened for a hundred years they they finally installed a central bank in the United States I know for all of my life you never heard it referred to as the central bank but within the past five or ten years all of a sudden even the major news they'll say the central bank today blah blah blah that was one of the biggest bones of contention of the founders of this country was whether or not we needed or wanted a central bank and when they tried it first with the old United States bank and then the bank of America it was a disaster and the little guy got hurt and the rich guys looted the country and that's when Andrew Jackson shut it all down and from that point on we did not have a central bank but we got one now and nobody got to vote on it okay and Paul Warburg was the guy who was very instrumental in pushing this through Warburg's of course we had been the family had been neighbors and close friends to the Rothschilds and they knew banking now back to World War one Paul Warburg is handling all the bond sales and all the financing for America for World War one while in Germany his brother max Warburg was selling all the war bonds and building all the money for Germany's war effort that's kind of cozy isn't it same families same group all through history these are the same people that created communism people back in nineteen eleven understood that here's a car a cartoon from from the st. Louis Post distracts dispatch and we've got JP Morgan and George Perkins his partner Teddy Roosevelt John Ryan on National City Bank john d rockefeller and the Carnegie's and they're all shaking hands with Hallmark's because they knew that Wall Street had financed and created communism in fact it was max Warburg who was not only head of the German central bank but also a ranking member in German intelligence who was part of the effort to get Lenin through Germany in wartime and into Russia so they could stop the war Trotsky the ideological leader of the Communists was in America when the revolution broke out and he was financed by Wall Streeters such as Jacob shift and given millions of dollars in a ship and a boatload of revolutionaries and they set off for Russia to create the communist government there so they could have a balance of power when they got to Canada the Canadian authorities stopped them and said wait a minute we're not gonna let you go over there because you've have publicly evolved that you're going to pull Russia out of the war that's going to free up millions of German soldiers and they're going to come over to the Western Front and kill our guys sounds reasonable to me but they the Canadian authorities were overridden by the British Admiralty and by President Wilson who personally authorized a passport for Trotsky and sent him on over to Russia to create communism the book of boo of the 20th century what's going on folks it's just a deal and all of this was comes back to the to Freemasonry here's George Washington and his freemason apron Freemasons founded this country and they knew that the doctrines of the old Illuminati had been brought over in the ranks of Freemason in a letter in 1782 George Washington says not my intention to doubt the doctrines of the loominatee and not spread the United States on the contrary no one is more fully satisfied of this fact than I am the Illuminati of course was founded by Adam Weiss hop in Germany was outlawed in Germany and the Germany tried to get the other nations now law because he said these people are treasonous they're traitors they are going to try to subvert every constitutional government they're going to try to come to the subvert monarchy and they're subvert religion so we find now that there's a whole power structure here starting with us at the bottom coming up through the mass media and then to the Intelligence Agency's multinational corporations and the banks then you get into the secretive societies the trilateral commission Council on Foreign Relations above them or even more secret societies such as Skull and Bones Bilderbergers Knights of Malta above them was the Illuminati or some people call it a committee of 300 and the question of course is who's above them oh boy all right we got a hurry well let's just keep going then it's all goes back through the Knights Templars you can see that they brought back Architecture from the Middle East they brought back stained glass that even today modern scientists cannot tell us how they're managed to make such this illuminated stained glass we you go all the way back and you look at the similarities between the Egyptian goddesses and carvings in a ninth century Jewish palace and of course it all goes back to Sumeria with the ancient Sumerian tablets which I talked about some yesterday and my talks that will skim them through this you notice that the the names changed but the characters and the personality are all the same we find the story of Noah is actually a story that was repeated in the Sumerian tablets only the name has changed instead of no it's up nope ISKCON we've even now are wondering if Moses was not a name but a title and there's a considerable number of prominent and credible people who believe that Moses was actually Akhenaten the Pharaoh fell out of favor because he worshiped one God and we can see the parallels between Akhenaten and Moses and we also know that the secrets and the knowledge that came from Mesopotamia came from the Sumerian Empire was transferred to Egypt first by Abraham and later by Moses and we've also see that emigration of Western civilization starts in the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia moves north over to the caucus on over to the Celts every you know everybody's into Celtic music and Celtic stuff right now they didn't originate the British Isles they immigrated there from the caucus region it all stemmed from there went to Egypt then to Greece then to Rome up into France it's all the same thing and this knowledge was passed along bits and pieces of it from a previous civilization a lot of it was housed in Solomon's Temple well what happened to the fabulous treasure that they had of not only a gold and silver but of knowledge the Roman of the Jewish revolt Romans sacked it took a good portion of it back to Rome four hundred years later all of the gulf comes in sacks Rome and he takes the treasure and takes it back to southern France right along this way then the Knights Templars that's where the knowledge came in southern France and with her aristocratic French families that there was a treasure still hidden under the Temple in Jerusalem so they fomented the Crusades and they got over there and formed the Knights Templar and they got the rest of the treasure and they took it back to France and that is the basis of the mystery of rennes-le-château father saunière managed to find documents that showed that the treasure was in that location and that's why I by flocked to him and that's why he got rich by the way it Rinzler Chateau forms the westernmost apex of the old ancient temple of Isis what happened to the treasure March 1944 Otto Skorzeny moves into southern France with a battalion of SS troopers they go to the area of rennes-le-chateau and Monsignor and on March the 16th he sends a one-word telegram back to Berlin Eureka found it so the Nazis got Solomon's treasure with the knowledge and the wealth is that where the flying saucers came from it certainly is where they they took it back to Bursar's Garden headed and all the tunnel systems there and then instituted as the war began to wind down action Hydra flew raise an eagle flight they took all flight capital they took all this wealth out of Germany and they and this is the biggest secret of the 20th century we beat the Germans we didn't beat the Nazis we just forced them to move and they came over here and here's how they set it up they had us corporations that were on the Nazi payroll the German corporations the connecting banks and I would direct you to the Union Banking Corporation in late 1942 one of the directors of Union Banking Corporation was prosecuted under the trading with the enemies act for being nothing but a financial frontman for Hitler and the Nazis that was Prescott Bush okay now how come you don't hear a lot about that and how come they didn't do more to him because a Prescott was pretty smart he was pretty smart in the summer of 1942 he helped found the USO United service organization now who's going to prosecute the guy that formed the USO in the middle of wartime so much we could talk about you can see the direct links between all of these secret societies where the secret knowledge came from this leads us to the question of are the ancient Sumerian tablets telling us the truth when they say that these guys the Anunnaki came from space and colonized the earth well there's only two possibilities if they were here these are all left or they all stayed or at least a portion of them stayed on how do we answer that we can you look at the historical record if they all left there should be nothing in the historical record except just the slow evolution of mankind but that's not what we find is it we find saucers and and all kinds of stuff the occult practices and we find sightings abductions we find the the Ezekiel Flynn you know so obviously they're still here so and we also see now that there is a small handful of people who've been trying to run this world ever since time immemorial so there's three possibilities they're the people who are trying to run the world are either trying to contact these ancient creators or - they've already contacted the ancient creators and are being guided or control by them or three they are the ancient creators picture yourself as Charlton Heston on the plan of the Apes you don't want to just be one of the Apes you want to run the place but you can't physically control six billion Apes the only way you can do that is through deceit and secrecy and if you want more details you find them in my book thank you very much hope that gives you some idea




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There have always been powerful financial interests and secret societies. However, from 1947 to the present day a new player took the field - the "Secret Empire" - the intelligence wing of the military/industrial complex. Jim

Marrs, author of the best sellers Crossfire, Alien Agenda and Rule by Secrecy, has written about it all and will bring a new perspective to the connection between secrecy, extraterrestrial related phenomena and the wealthy elite. Beginning

with a documented UFO crash that predates the Wright brothers through the development of Nazi flying saucers to President Kennedy's UFO connections, Marrs will weave together these fascinating topics. 

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