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it's cocktail time [Music] okay we are going into Cosco we're looking at all the toys all the price comparisons I got my price scanner apps up to date I picked out the best so let's get in there and see what kind of toys they got if this is your first time watching me hello welcome to my channel my name is Jia and I'm obsessive topsail didn't know but today it's all about toys I'm gonna look at every toy paschal has for the holiday season we are going to try some scan it to check to see and cops'll have with us right before we get to the toys now I told myself I was gonna go straight to the toys and not stop at anything I saw this isn't this nice but it's 59.99 it's by Kohler really nice showerhead right mrs. detaches I think I don't know how but it detaches if I see a repair but this is really nice first up this American Girl doll force now we're not over in those on in the toy section yet but they have this out in the front at Costco here its $49.99 about to scan it and see how much it comes out all right I had to google it because the price checker wasn't working but this horse is 99.99 at Walmart so it's best

err aerial camera bundle drone okay I know nothing about John I think they're beautiful watching times on YouTube but this drone here at Costco is $7.99 and what I google it because it doesn't have anything that can scan because you just have to pick it up like that like $7.99 at Best Buy seven-ninety-nine ninety-five at Apple so we're on the same price okay up next we have this propel ultra ex-wife i HD video drone $79.99 here at costco and when i did in on my it is $99 at eBay that's only place that they found it so better price here at costco up next they have this skype anthem live stream video drone on sale $23.99 so cheaper one let's see this annex Wow 40 to 95 on ebay so it's definitely a better price here at Costco okay laser X real life gaming experience $49.99 mera Costco but when I googled it it's actually 39.99 at Kohl's Barnes & Noble Walmart is 2706 so definitely a better price if you go someplace else up next we've got the rival nerf rival Atlas blaster it's 2699 here at Costco I remember they had this last year this is the automatic power popper battle pack sets 14.99 here at Costco okay so here it is online $21.99 $35.99 $28.99 so it's definitely a much better pricier at Costco $14.99 okay up next we have the Avengers infinity war Titan hero series and looks like you can get different kinds different characters in each one there four characters in each one anyway $24.99 here at Costco and when I searched it it was like it's like $99 on eBay which is crazy to me but I can't find this exact one but to me for $24.99 you get four different characters and a little thing here I think that's probably your best price Oh Charles just found it on eBay for thirty-six dollars and forty-five cents Star Wars six-pack figures epic rivals it's $29.99 here at Costco so I can't find this exact one online I found this on Amazon for $40 and 59 cents so I'm assuming this is a really good price again I'm a girl mom so I don't know my girls aren't into Star Wars so I have no idea but this is the price here at Costco they have this one two three four five six pack of dinosaurs I can tell you this is a really good part it's only $13.99 I actually recently bought this for a birthday party that we went to $13.99 for these six dinosaurs and they like move and stuff while the same exact dinosaur set is 39.99 at Walmart and it's only $13.99 here at y'all so that's the best deal all right so we got a dashboard boogie board which is cool I bought a boogie board from here not too long ago for my girls but it was like more kid like it wasn't like this is like adults can use it you could just have a to-do list here rosco it's cute and then it just erases how do you erase it you know oh here it is erases like that so anyway this boogie board let's see how much it is it is 24.95 at Amazon next they have this bee blade burst evolution shadow snake pick okay we're here I don't know what this is no idea anyway $17.99 here but when I look online at Walmart it's 35 forty nine so that's a huge price difference I would definitely come here to get this up next we have this my posts are while we might pulsar what is that it's the future prehistoric oh you can train tame and play games with it how cute is that anyway here at hospitals 49.99 and Charles looked it up and it is it's only 18 dollars at Target that's a minute oh that's them anyone okay Walmart it's 79 so that's about definitely a better deal here next we have these maystow special edition diecast cars okay they are $14.99 here at Costco and at Amazon they're 37 dollars and 13 cents so definitely a better deal here up next we have this cyclone Pro all-terrain vehicle okay what is it automatic I mean what is it it just goes on its own anyway it's 29.99 here it's definitely cheaper at other places I'm not sure because I can't tell if it's the exact same thing it's $29.99 here but it's like everywhere from 1199 to 4450 online so not sure up next we have these Tonka mighty motorized vehicles okay these are really cute just this little section here and it's 1999 here and I can tell you it's a better price here at Costco because at Walmart the cop car is 27:48 it ranges from twenty seven forty eight to thirty six seventy four for this exact same truck it's thirty six seventy four at Walmart here it's 1999 up next we have this Transformers bumblebee volkswagen beetle beetle and I guess it can stand up and be a transformer no yeah anyway its $49.99 here at Costco and it is off and it is also 49.99 at Target so whoa yeah so it looks like it's about the same price up next we've got this max power Drive Arcee rock climber for it's pretty big and at Walmart it's wet babe 59.99 at Walmart so it's a better price at home so next we have the Hot Wheels jumbo stunt box here at Costco it is $49.99 oops well it looks like they all range from prices I guess it depends on how big they are but this big one here is 99-97 I don't believe it's the same one so in this jumbo stunt box that looks like this that's how big it is so and it's 49.99 okay and the last for this aisle is it's nerve X micro blaster well it's too like this one or this one I can't tell from the signage but when I looked it up online it's 29.99 but here at Conoco its $14.99 so it's definitely have a better price here next we have these breakout beasts 3-pack here I'd never heard of this oh it's slime inside okay oh I see slime dinosaurs very interesting anyways 1969 here at Costco Oh evening it's really expensive its $49.99 in eBay but for one it's 1099 at toy whiz Oh cost coats $9.99 I don't know if that's the same thing because my app doesn't work unfortunately my price scanner app isn't working yeah $9.99 for one okay up next we got the Lego creator cruising adventures three-in-one $42.99 here and at Target its $49.99 so a small price difference and at Walmart its $49.99 okay up next we have the lego super heroes marvelous or assortment $15.99 here at Costco Target it's 59 $15.99 same price up next we have the Star Wars 2 pack set assortment $23.99 Wow Walmart had it for $44.99 eBay $28.99 okay Star Wars Lego x-wing Starfighter Costco $64.99 it's currently on sale at Target for $63.99 from $80 Wow or at Walmart is $49.99 so Walmart is a different a better price oh sorry that wasn't Walmart that's Gera art I never heard of that Walmart has it for $63.99 so same price okay so this little bit Star Wars deluxe joyed inventor kit is $99.99 here at Costco and at Walmart it's actually 7495 so that's a better much better price outlaw wearing oh that's a little isn't that a different little bit or is it the same thing oh no it's the same thing 7495 okay better price at Walmart up next we have a 2-pack Hexbug vex robotics bundle pack which is really cool I think it's really cool that comes with two anyway its 39.99 here and for one on Amazon it's 2780 so it's a better price to get it here at Costco even though you're gonna spend a little bit more but you get two different ones okay up next we have the learning journey techno here's two pack very very cute that's what they look like those two packs there at Walmart it is 42 42 75 if it's only 1999 best price here at Costco okay we got the smashers super smash 30 pack I have no idea what that is anyway it's 1899 here and on toy whiz comm it's $34.99 that's really the only place I can find it that's something different there from Amazon so better price here at Costco up next they have the Imaginext Jurassic world walking Indo Raptor set $49.99 here at Costco and it is $55.99 at Walmart so better price here we got the black & decker junior builder workbench it's 39.99 here at Costco and Target it's 39.99 so same price I can't seem to find these online but they're basically like light and sound musical palace it's kind of I don't know what else be a nightlight oh no I guess you just hit it and then your princess comes and sings same with paw patrol okay they are $19.99 a piece okay we have everybody's favorite annoying toy fingerlings now we're getting into the stuff I know a little bit about so I don't really have to price check these if I know that the price is good okay you get to fingerlings here for 1997 and you get this little and you get this little playset here now I know for a fact this is a great price see this is what you get I know in fact this is a very personally a target and I think one fingerling is was like 10 bucks so I think for one fingerling so this is definitely a good price here at Costco just to confirm this exact set at Walmart with just one fingerling is $13 so you get two fingerlings with this set and it's 1997 okay we have an assortment of LEGO Friends here my daughter is really into the LEGO Friends my oldest Sarah who is six we love doing it together and I can tell you if this is a good price or not they have all different types here there are 22 99 that's definitely a good price these are a third between 30 and 40 dollars at Target and regular price unless you find it on clearance or something like that but this is definitely good price like I said for these LEGO Friends how cute is this KidKraft multi ultimate snacks and cute and that comes with all the little fake food and stuff like that anyway it's $89.99 I can't find this exact one online so I can't tell you if this is a good person or not but definitely do some you know research to see if it is okay next we've got this monster of a space killer here this kid crap grows with mansion dollhouse it's one $49.99 now we can't find this exact one online I know they have a three-story one kid craft one at Walmart 401 43 so again kid crap has so many different styles some of these may be exclusive to Costco but this takes up a lot of space just FYI ahead of time they even have a garage that's intense but anyway then all the pieces that you see here come with this dollhouse next again we can't find this exact one but this is the kid craft Zowie dollhouse it's a little smaller if you're tight on space and it comes with about all the items that you see here here it is in the box and it is 99.99 cannot find this online this might be exclusive to Costco as well but this American Girl activity book and plush toy is $29.99 up next we have these kid VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch dx2 and they have it in purple and blue I said I wanted to get the girls one of these another one of these for Christmas it's 39.99 here at Costco and at Walmart they are 4944 so it's definitely a better price here at Costco up next I know my oldest daughter personally wants this for Christmas because I talked about it in my last coastal haul but these Hachem old fabula forest plus to Hachem oles collectibles I really honestly don't even know what it is a stuffed animal that hatches out of here here at Costco it's $45.99 now I just have a problem with that like why am I paying 40 $4.99 for a freaking stuffed animal in this plastic egg that's done that you just throw away unless there's something new to it that I'm missing leave a comment down below let me know what is so big about this it's kind of like similar to the lol dolls anyway okay at Kohl's it's $44.99 target is $54.99 another target one here is 48 99 I honestly don't know what the difference is here between these oh wow Best Buy has some fun $39.99 so I would definitely shop around for this alright just taking a quick break please give me a thumbs up and like this video y'all because a lot of work girl a lot of work trying to find these prices for you guys so let's see what's up next up next we have this baby alive cookin care three-in-one set here at Costco I cannot see what the sign says $39.99 okay so at Walmart it's thirty nine ninety seven at Target it's 20 dollars and ninety nine cents I wonder if it's the same though like if you get as many balls or whatever with it I'm not sure but here it's twenty six ninety nine so it looks a little different that's her this one looks a little different this target won't see I don't know I don't know much about nerf gun so you'd have to take your pick Wow so at overstock its eighty $1.99 at Target at what was it overstock its eighty one ninety nine the camera is not focusing on this phone and Target and Walmart at 69 so this is definitely a best price here at Costco okay so they got the American Girl Kittridge doll plus all these clothes and accessory I can tell you right now this is the best price you're not gonna find anything cheaper than this that comes with all of this stuff it is one $19.99 because usually for the doll alone its 119 and then you know American Girl doll their accessories are like hi I mean you would think you're buying for a human person it's so expensive so anyway that this is definitely the best price they also have the Biddy baby set where it's a little baby and all of this stuff that comes with it and this is the best price I can tell you that it's $99.99 because the bitty babies alone or $99.99 at the American Girl doll store next they have these Disney Princess toddler dolls I got one for Ava last year they're cute but the little pieces just you end up losing all the little pieces and they just end up playing with the dog I got her Elena last year I usually like a couple I like a month ago when I was here at Costco they had way more dolls so definitely are definitely selling out they are 15.99 here we can't find this exact doll online but I think it's a pretty good price because it comes with these little accessories that get all over the place so it is what it is up next we've got the Baby Alive Darcy's dance class $19.99 now this is a good price because Baby Alive dolls are pretty expensive I don't know if this one does anything in particular it looks like you could feed her and she has diapers so she poops and pees which is just just wonderful anyway it's only $19.99 and I must be trippin because when I googled this because our price scanner apps aren't really working for these toys a hundred and six dollars who's paying though for Baby Alive why are they so expensive I don't understand hmm I'm some kind of Amazon right here it is 47:58 on Amazon y'all so make sure you come and get this if you're looking to get Baby Alive doll can't find this exact stroller online but they have this baby doll stroller comes you can do this this it's almost like a real-life stroller packs down like that really cute 29.99 Wow y'all this is an excellent price for a well wisher with the toys and all with the accessories and all $79.99 that's really cheap the well-wishers are I want to say $99 alone so it's like they just have Kindle left my girls got some Bollywood shoes last year but I don't let them play with them because they're just to rock with their dolls uh-huh right now so to take care of $100 doll you know what I mean Minnie Mouse snap and pose let's see Fashion Show Pet Fashion Show it's 1899 come this on the Mattel website only for $19.99 so looks like it's the same but honestly you're probably not going to find a cheaper up next we got these little people Disney princess parade set now comes with all six Disney Princesses okay very cute all seven Disney Princesses no eight sorry eight Disney princesses anyway it's 39.99 a you'll probably think a lot of us it expensive but actually these little people things are really really pricey it's like see how they all connect here anyway on eBay it's $52 okay on target just for the people it's 1999 and then each individual little parade thing they sell them individually at Walmart so just for this pumpkin and a Cinderella it's 532 so you know 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 I you know you're gonna probably spend around the same price so it's probably easier to just buy them all in one set any week $39.99 up next we've got the My Little Pony magic of everybody 6-pack collection it's 29.99 here at costco and it's 39.99 at Target so it's a better price here I can tell you this is a good deal play-doh 50 count fun pack there's a little mini sizes it's $9.99 for 50 packs so it's good up next they have the play-doh kitchen creations 40 pieces again I don't like buying stuff like this because all of these little itty bitty pieces get everywhere unless it comes in a contained like box or something I don't want it in my house baby but it is cute I know my girls would love it $19.99 for this whole huge set let's see how much it is elsewhere Wow y'all it's definitely a better price here because at Walmart it's $49.99 oh definitely from the Costco if that's what you're looking for I can tell you this is a really great price right now it's on sale $10 off $19.99 for this step to ezel all around easel for two so there are two sides there to use and then you can keep all your supplies here we've got the Disney Incredibles to family and vehicle set $23.99 and you get all of this here definitely a better price here at Costco because my it's it's 39.99 at Walmart and for 246 on eBay up next they have the pop fizz scented surprise bath bombs here at Costco it's $13.99 you can create 20 bath bombs the exact same thing at mark is 29.99 so definitely a better price here next we've got the Polar Express ready to play Train Set this is a really nice train set here 59.99 here and at Target it's $89.99 so definitely a better price here I can't find this exact mega Fun Pack online but this 30 pack of mega Fun Pack 4 shopkins is $19.99 here okay we got the paw patrol remote-control helicopter Skye that's my girl's favorite or at least Ava cuz she still kind of watches it paw patrol it's 1999 I can't find this exact one online but you know anything paw patrol is pretty usually exceeded over price so I bet this is a good price okay up next we've got 15 pieces American Girl doll ballet bar and outfit set okay this is just for the outfits and the bar and her little accessory system this does not include the doll anyway it $69.99 I just don't know who it's in that like I just don't know that my girls aren't into it but they do have this on the American Girl doll website for $58 so I don't know if that's the exact same thing it doesn't come with her outfit so this is just for the bar and little water bottle and towel that's it Barbie dream topia sweet village carriage and princess B comes with two Barbies and the carriage now I was just here at Costco maybe a couple of weeks ago and this was I think $49.99 right now it's $29.99 so that's a pretty good price for the Barbie Dream topia okay on Ebates 39.99 so definitely a better price here we can't find this particular one that comes with looks like two bites a little minibike and a scooter it's $36.99 here and it comes with four four dolls and a little puppy so again probably the best price to get them all in one package next we have this Power Wheels little Jeep so cute Jeep Wrangler here at Costco it's told to $49.99 it looks like they're all pretty much 249 we can't find the exact one the best run around the price that you would pay for this so about the same there's how it looks okay because we've had trouble finding the KidKraft products in the past look at this so cute right oh that's cute anyway so I'm not gonna try to price check this one but this is the tipper chefs cook and create Island kitchen is one 29.99 house it this tool I think this is adorable this is how it looks next we have our kid crafts my own city vehicle and activity table I think I saw this here last year one $29.99 super cute three-in-one all-terrain ez fold wagon with the canopy here's how here's how it looks super cute I like that they have little pockets here anyway it's 89 99 119 on Radio Flyer comm up next we have this nerf battle racer FY 19 won $49.99 here at Costco this is what it looks like at JC Penney's this is one 99.99 so it's definitely a better price here at Costco up next we have this lightweight balance right now this is the best way to teach your child how to ride a bike if they're small enough because this only goes up to your the height is 41 inches weeks are still doesn't know how to ride our bike without training well that's horrible I know we're working on it though anyway this is $49.99 here at Cusco so at Target the same bike is 1699 all right y'all praise the Lord we made it through the normal toys we literally checked every single toy y'all alright so now I'm going to show you some of the stuff they have and some of the other aisles I'm gonna show you some of the books and I'm just gonna tell you the price here and if it's something that you want to research on your own you're more than welcome to but I just thought I'd share you have this singing sound machine that's really cool 160 499 Disney Princess license art case $24.99 for this case I love that it all contains in this case you can just put it back in this case when they're done playing with it and then I could set it's $24.99 some board books here my girls have a couple of these these are $7.99 here Disney mini Avengers or not Avengers incredible captain take pull-apart buddies and tool team deluxe set now this looks like a normal toy let me go ahead and feed price just check this free verse just for this on Amazon 1666 but here its 1799 for all of it you get all the tools with it so this is cute looks like they have to use the toys for the younger kids here they have this paw patrol set one two three four presidents Wow it's 4421 on amazon.com so it's definitely a better price here for $23.99 we got the DUPLO LEGO assortment set had my girl I thought my girls this I can't remember how about from here enough it was a couple years ago it's $17.99 here they got the stack and spin gears mega sense it is 1297 the toddler would love this kind of stuff love it cuz they could just spin spin and spin like that anyway this exact set well first a lot Walmart at Walmart at 1785 but here this set is only 12 this set is only 12 97 it's a great price we got the cat take apart buddies and tool team deluxe set again well you know this is the wrong sign that sign should be over there I don't know how much is this here okay well the fisher-price little people going places travel set put the plane in the truck I mean it's under this sign for $17.99 I don't know if that's right but this same exact toy at Walmart is $42.99 wow this Melissa and Doug deluxe pet care set it comes with all of this here you guys know how much how expensive Melissa and Doug can be at times but anyway it's on sale seven dollars off $19.99 online see on eBay it's 3201 oh it Best Buy oh now that's something different yeah I just saw I can find it here so 1999 we also have this fisher-price classic infant 3 piece gift set toy box cloth plastics it is 16.99 here at Cusco and then Wow $29.99 at Target so definitely better break here okay we've got the Disney four and one lights and sounds activity right on $32.99 you're at Costco and they have different kinds of mini they have Mickey I think they just have Minnie and Mickey him anyway like I said a 3299 here okay we can't find this exact same one but again this to your research is $32.99 here we also have this a baby disney baby ball grow grippers and it's a bounce around and play set mac that comes with it as well wow I didn't realize a place set that came with it it looks like this now when I google it for just the baby go grippers which is just this plaything not the mat and not the little balls it's 1999 from Target but here it's 39.99 for it all which is a little expensive to me I don't know I guess it comes with the playset the foam mat and for cars we've got the squish Mallos they are $17.99 for an eight pack of plush sets I don't what is so big about these though like what do they do you just squish them anyway let me look it up the price Wow my car mark re it's $30 it's $39.99 on ebay that's Amazon Canada so it'll be in Canadian dollars I don't know if that's a good price or not because I don't know anything about these I'm here to go WOW 3299 hmm they're machine washable which is a plus but what what is the big rage though about them I don't understand anyway so they have them here Wow they have the prismacolor premier 52 count color set and it comes with markers to 49.99 here and this super creative Crayola activity kit it comes with crayons and markers and paint and paper and I love that it comes in this container so everything can be put back and easily stored it's 1999 hair they have this Casio 61 lie to keep keyboard with the stands it's $99.99 and they have this Yamaha 88 key digital piano for $4.99 well they have this black panther costume 1997 until these are all the Halloween costumes that they have left they have scrabble silver edition silver silver edition and monopoly silver edition online there each $13.99 that's a good price berth another Monopoly and then ultimate operation escape room this game $29.99 and the Mattel card games a mega pack $19.99 for all these card games I have tons and tons of books they vary from prices like this five-minute princess book that comes with 12 stories is $19.99 but just books that you can read to your children and books that they can start reading different collections alright guys so that is it that was all the toys that my Costco had to offer at this time so leave a comment down below and let me know what did you think was the best deal that I show today I mean there were so many I can't even think of which one was the best you know and I will be going back to high school in a few weeks and if I see anything new I will Destin definitely film it then so make sure you guys are subscribed make sure you hit the notification button and give me a thumbs up if you like this type of video thank you guys so much for watching and I'll

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